Friday, September 28, 2018

                            Deep In The Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Rain-forest has always have a lot to offer. Diversity, beauty, creative inspiration! Sustainable life, dense vegetation, and a place we can make and call home.  I am going to work my way through the jungle on a solo expedition to see what kind of amazing stories i can discover using it as my muse.
What kind of plants and animals will you find? Are there any dangers? Who is who? Tribes and groups? Marriages and Births?

    And who was it.....that stole my batch of cherries? Was it that Grumpy Chief Maccus that i adore so much?

Contact me if you have any interesting stories, in-world, in role-play.
Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost 


Roleplay class from Tuesday, January 15 2019 - developing a character

[14:50] spirit : 0.5 HP deducted for spirit teleport [14:50] Persephone Bolero: Hello Mad. Thanks for coming. [14:50] Dawn (dawningsmist): ...