Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Deep In The Amazon Jungle

Landscape and Wildlife

It delicately charmed with beauty, a breathtaking landscape gently mannered. Flat and low-lying sandy shores that hug line its longest and most majestic rivers, prospectively populous by its fruitful trees, shrubs and wildlife. It downpours rain in some parts, but without this life could not be sustained. Enjoy the Amazon for its majestic mountains, impressive towering trees that grow from every angle.
Navigate the waterways by boat, you are likely to see tropical birds, river snakes, energetic and enormous crocodiles. Travel on foot to see much more wildlife up-close, formidable jaguars, monkeys and not forgetting frail light-hearted colourful butterflies.
But explore you must! be adventurous...and step into the undergrowth....but! beware not to step on a snake.


Just try to find two trees of the same species within a few minutes in the Rain-forest, you will just keep walking across different species a term called biodiversity. So what kinds of trees are there? as many as 80,000 plant species from which more than 40,000 species play a critical role.
But the greatest riches maybe the compounds they produce, some of which are used for medicine. For the Amazon people, Native and new explorers, plants and trees are a food source. Widely scattered around all of the Amazon, surely no one could go hungry? could they?

Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost

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