Monday, October 15, 2018

Deep In The Amazon Jungle

"A New Life, It's a Girl!"

Late last night saw the arrival of a new baby girl, Nadia Alvez at 8lbs 2 ozs and measuring 21 inches long to mother Rain Alvez and proud father Andy Alvez.  She was born at 7:37pm on the 14th day of October with the help of Midwife Jᴏᴊᴏ Rʜᴀᴘsᴏᴅʏ-Kʀᴜᴢ̌ɪᴄ.  Assisting in the birthing was Ɗɼ. Ĥȧɼoレđ ƑƦƟϻǟƝ, but according to Andy.....he mostly danced.  *coughs shuffling her scraps of paper*  Also present was Skye Rʜᴀᴘsᴏᴅʏ-ɹoıslǝɔxǝ Within and  Ĵαẕ вøṉεʐ Čόόρέŕşţόήέ'.

I had the pleasure of witnessing the first stages of labor and that it is NOT as fun, when the newborn wants out...*shudders*  The birth took place in the jungle hospital located at crocodile swamp named "AR Medical Services".  I also had the pleasure of saving my ears from Rain's loud vocal cords, heading off as help arrived in the form of JoJo and Harold...that woman sure can scream!

As Harold performed a Tribal Birthing dance and offered drugs around, I wish I had stayed a tad longer. *giggles*

Congratulations to you both!


Your friendly jungle reporter, Aara Iceghost

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