Saturday, October 27, 2018

Deep In The Amazon Jungle

Up Coming Events- Día de Muertos

It's not often you get to actually get to wander the Rain-Forest in peace, without a few encounters along the way. My journey tonight took me across the rivers and vast landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see.

 First stop was Kamayura Tribe that nestles closely to Crocodile swamp in the Northwest, they have been busy at work decorating the entire Tribe for Dia de Muertos.
 Next stop, Makatarli Tribe, who by far was one of the first that i had noticed in honouring the Day Of The Dead.
  My journey took me far North, Bandit Territory high upon the rocky cliffs.....and the one place you can get a decent drink around here *Grins*...That's if Beast hasn't sipped the last of the supplies.
  And last but not least backtracking over to the towering mountains that sits shadowing the Kamayura Tribe , where another group known as the Raiders are located. I seized the opportunity to take a quick look at their base to respectfully admire, with a warm approval how they have taken the time to join in on the up-coming celebrations.

I am hoping, that in the days and nights to come....more will take part for The Day Of The Dead Celebrations.

Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost

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