Saturday, October 27, 2018

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Exclusive Interview With Huffy

I had the chance to catch up with Huffy, and asked him a few questions about his time in the Amazon so far. Huffy is in a league of is own, and somewhat of a me. A chance to actually talk with him, took place late into the early hours, just as the orange skies finally sunk behind the mountains. He sat across from me, with a red velvet crown upon his head, a fine suit and perched on his lap sat a beautiful female named Mika.

Aα尺α: "Thank you for taking some time with me today, this publication will be broadcast across all of the Amazon River for all rogues and natives to read!" *giggles*

Aα尺α: smiles across to Huffy, "Now then, word has it that you have been in this jungle for years, you must have seen and done some exciting things in your time in such a dangerous place, tell us...maybe one or two of your most fondest memories here?"

Huffy chewing on the end of a cigar, "Let's get this show on the road though. I got places to go and people to intimidate.", laughing. "I mean uh... talk to.", hearing her first question. Thinking a few moments further, "Hmm, that's a good one.  My favourite memory of this place was probably when I ended up with a cement mixer and filled the Raider's cave up with cement.  That was such a mess for them.  Pretty sure they packed everything up and moved to where they are now."

Huffy paused a few more minutes to think about another time.

I breathed out slowly trying to hold in a laugh...

Huffy: "Ah I do remember when I was offing seekers as well.  I had probably the biggest bounty in Amazon history.  Fifteen thousand coins and a couple hundred soups for my capture.  I had three or four groups after me and I had some of the best fighters in Amazon protecting me."

Aα尺α: "Thats pretty impressive...not sure if its the truth but hey I take ya words" *snickers* "How long exactly have you been here and what was the first thing you learned when arriving?", she asked.  *pops a cherry into her mouth*

Huffy takes along drag of his cigar before exhaling above him to avoid blowing it in Mika's face, "Hey all ya gotta do is ask Widow for the truth on that one.  She was the one who stabbed me in the back and turned me in for the bounty.", looking quite angered still by that reminder.  "I've been here for, oh three and a half years or so.", dabbing his cigar ash to his side..."and the first thing I learned here was to avoid the Bandits at all cost.  But, I eventually learned they are about as scary as a room full of unicorns."

Aα尺α placed a finger to her lips realising she lost her scrappy paper now in the grass, raking her fingers to find it, smiled and then wrinkles her nose, "I see! Good stuff! *clears her throat to continue* "So what would you say keeps you coming back after all this time...and what would you say, to keep the longevity of the average Amazonian going?"

Huffy looks around and then to Aara, "Have you seen this place?  Why would you ever leave it?  It has a little bit of everything that makes the best places special and it kinda comes together.  It's always said this is Hotel Amazon, like that song from before my time.  You can check-out anytime you like but you can't ever really leave.", thinking of the lyrics.  "To keep things fresh and exciting, at least for me is if things get stale.  Reinvent yourself.  I've been everything from a Bandit, to a Raider, to a World Wildlife Fund representative, smuggler, and logger.  If something isn't working for you, just find something that does here.  There is plenty of room for change for anyone here."

Aα尺α: "I must admit that I have to agree with you on that, Huffy.  Okies, moving to the combat action we see on a daily basis here, you have been mentioned by quite a few people in the jungle as being one who knows his way around a weapon...tell us, what are, in your opinion, the best and worst aspects of having so much combat in these lands?"

Huffy gets his patented cocky smile like always when he's praised for his abilities, "There's people that said that about me?", building himself up further with his ego.  "Well I think being able to have the ability to get shit done and influence the weaker people is something you absolutely need.  It's live or let die out there in the jungle.  Survival of the fittest.", looking to Mika to plant a kiss on her cheek.  "And well I think the worst thing about it all is some get too carried away by it.  So much so that I can't even walk up to someone without having a gun pulled on me even if I don't visibly have a weapon on me and it's not just me, it's anyone.  Nobody can trust anyone or talk to another before they are laying waste at each other."

Aα尺α shuffled her perky curves a little then averted her eyes to meet his stare, "Aye they really did, it's surprising what people say behind your back" *laughed out* "One last question, can you name three people who you will always remember even if its......for good or bad reasons?"

Huffy laughed to himself, "Oh that one is easy.  Syd and Jewel, because I put em through so much hell since I came here and I don't think anyone could ever forget Harold and his Afro the size of a Mini Cooper on his head.  I'm so glad he finally shaved that thing off."

Aα尺α: "Huffy!  Thank you, you are the first in line to speak with me so all I have to say it this..." *paused and inhaled deeper* "ALL HAIL KING HUFFY!"

Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost

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