Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Deep In The Amazon Jungle

Tribes-The Xoco

The first signs of a new day arose, igniting the autumn colours of the tree tops; the place where I rest my weary head.  The light creating a beautiful canvas, I feel my eyes smile arising a cosiness to my inner core.  My mind wandered to those of the Xoco tribe, turning my gaze to face the warmth of the orange glow and before I knew it, I was on my feet in the heart of their camp.

Khaing soon emerged from the canopy of the arms of the trees as beams of light outlined her feminine curves...she neared closer to me "Welcome Aara."  I asked to know about  the Xoco tribal history.  She seemed to lighten with joy at my interest as more of the Xoco people awoke to the sound of our voices.

"It's one of the oldest tribes in Amazon and our name 'Xoco' actually means 'Little sisters' in Nahualtl, the ancient Aztec language", she began to tell me.  "I can also answer other questions, AaRa.  Our language is sadly largely extinct and Xoco speak Portuguese mostly", she said.  I nodded to her, listening intently as others joined to listen to their Chieftess.  "The really significant word the Xoco gave the world is 'Xoco-latl', meaning chocolate", although I had never tasted such.

The name Xoco pronounced "Cho-co" or "Sho-co" derives from Nahuatl in origin.  This tribe of Xoco is therefore the tribe of young sisters, an all-female tribe and one of the oldest in the Amazon.  "One big tradition we have is our Tore, a big dance with body-paint and often ending naked.  All are welcome to our dances, which are wild.  We get into a kind of trance that gives us good spirits that last for days afterward", Khaing said.  I smiled over to her.  "Aye!  I do enjoy your dances!", I responded with a small laugh.

Khaing spoke again, "We have a room dedicated to the Amazon gods, chiefly Inti, the Sun God...but we also worship the Balams, the four gods who made possible the creation of man after two previous failed attempts...they are known as B'alam Agab.", she advised me.  "Our tribe went through a decline but has gone through a huge revival this year and since February, has grown to over one hundred natives." she informed me.  This talk we shared was fascinating.

Drawn By Our Secret Amazon Artist

So here we have one of a large group of indigenous tribes and an all-female tribe, located far in the North. To those that know them well, they are friendly in their welcome leaving with you a spark of wonder. I stand rooted, soaking in the warmth of the sun as they dance in a wave like tomorrow is guaranteed. They flow with feelings, pouring forth an outburst of emotions with their movements in dance.....and i was tempted to jump in. I can barely look without hiding my tears of joy, for they are the blooms that move in the wind, a living river of light.

Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost

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