Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Deep In The Amazon Jungle


A Trio Unites Two Tribes

It's a Girl! Girl and Boy!

The melody lingered into my dream state as though i had been touched deep within, it thrilled me with so many pleasant emotions into the waking world. It did not disappear, but grew louder encouraging my eyes to greet the sunshine, my heart and lungs expanding. I wake in the same way the Gods welcome a new day and the anticipation of what the world will bring. I gazed out at the vivid light that extended across the river, for that sweet-tempered tune captivated the very heart of my being to seek out it's location.

Tapirape Tribe was bustling in dance, everyone was a little more hyped up than their normal musical gatherings.

Aα尺α (aara.iceghost): 'Are we celebrating something?' As i stood using one hand to lean against the camp tree. 

The first to person to give me a sign of welcoming was Diana, shortly followed by Chieftess Evasanz, and then in turn all who gathered there. A smile painted on my face as the Chieftess began to recite from memory of the Ritual Celebrations that had taken place earlier in the day.

evasanz25 Verino: ' We are celebrating the arrival of triplets, that of Gulf and Huyana to which Cuba Peace Healer of Tapirape performed the ceremony ', She spoke with an excited tone, i listened intently.

The Ritual gathering had taken place riverside to Tapirape Camp, where all had assembled together to witness a birthing ceremony of three new born babies. Cuba Peace stood next to Chieftess Evasanz on the riverbank, while standing ankle deep in the River Solimoes waded Gulfstream, Diana and Huyana each cradling in their arms a newborn baby.

Cuba Peace: ' We are gathered here to celebrate the bathing of these babies. These babies were born in the jungle uniting two different Tribes, fruit of the love of two Natives Gulf an Huyana. Envy of the sun and the moon for the love they process '  She announced clearly for all to hear.

Cuba Peace: 'Now that they have arrived into this world, their parents will give them food, protection and warmth, just like any Native who arrives for the first time when he is born' She expressed

Cuba Peace: ' Today is the day when the stars are going to witness the brotherhood of three babies. We will bathe you in the River Solimoes, to make you brother of the trees, of the animals and of all living beings of Amazonian Jungle. Our new sister Tapirape Unity was born to see life grow, to give love to everything that is born new, to create offspring and one day reach the starry sky. Above all else to unite our Tribes even more' All was silently listening.

Cuba Peace: ' Two females and a male, named White Eagle who will make our Native stock prevail against white man, who wants to invade our lands' As she finished Chieftess spoke.

evasanz25 Verino: 'Zola, Zuri and White Eagle ' Raising her voice for all that had gathered around to hear.

Cuba Peace: ' Force, courage, astuteness and loyalty i give you for one day, your brothers and sisters will need you, and you will be there to help them. Woman Zola into the water, blessed are you for the grace of the Gods of Tapirape. God of sun Inti and God of Hurricane who created the four men of corn. Iquib Balam, Balamquiitze, Mahukutah and Balam Agab, you are now sister of the jungle ' Cuba then continued the same blessing for the next female child and last but not least the male newborn baby.

Cuba Peace: ' God of Rain, Thunder and Wind, you are all witnesses ' Throwing her voice out to all here the last part of the Ritual.....and that is when she shouted to all ' Now lets party '.

Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost

Monday, April 8, 2019

Deep In The Amazon Jungle


Contagious Outbreak

Including An Exclusive Interview With Chad Sheriffe

It spread from one person to another, this rare strain of infestation reared it's ugly head infecting anyone within arms reach of the agent carriers. Where it started from and whom was the first person to contract such a highly verminous transmission is unknown, but the disease began to spread among the strong and healthy at rapid speeds.It exemplified a typical example of the rule, as mass's of people quickly fled, in what i can only describe as a nightmarish and chaotic scene.They scattered in various directions deep into the heart of the jungle like cockroaches, avoiding those displaying signs of any contagious symptoms....but it was too late!

This kind of disaster rippled, turning this fleeing crowd of people into a raging dangerous infectious group,the majority acted fast in a gathering towards known healers,but some behaviours of individuals where different.They ignored a chance to be quickly cured and proceeded to contaminate anyone that crossed their path purposely using themselves as a new weapon.
In such situations of vulnerability witnessing possible agents of contamination who took the opportunity to use this for their own game, now became the hunted. The fear that drove us would indeed justify the logic of us preventing a further wide scale epidemic by eliminating anyone purposely being negligent, by means of forced capture.

I could feel the cold move in to meet the warmth of my blood, scared to death of venturing out. The truth is, as hard as it is, our natural survival instincts kick-in. That cold wind of fear washed over my skin, only to be met by the hard pounding of my erratic heart, over and over. I had to help!, at least to gather as many herbs as possible to start the process in creating a cure. 
As the second stage unfolded in a form of telepathic communication, where the survivors of this terrifying ordeal all began rip through the heart of our beloved Amazon Jungle in search of herbs. Now again, displayed was a situation where a high number of people all acting the same way, surely this was good to see? or was it in-fact now impossible to aid for over-cropping of freshly grow batches of herbs?

Needless to say, i was off in search of answers to a thousand imaginable questions......

Exclusive Interview With Chad Sheriffe

Aα尺α (aara.iceghost): Clears her throat ' What impact has this new virus had on the jungle, i would like to know exactly what you have witnessed?'

ĆĦΔĐ (chad.sheriffe) nodded, "Sure, sure.  Well it all started for me yesterday, I awoke to quite a stir at the Raider Inn.  I heard a shout, a female voice.   I walked outside to see Kaela holding her stomach in an obvious, grimacing discomfort.", he coughed and cleared his throat to continue, "I knew something was bad for a Bandit to come to Raiders camp to get help, so I invited her in.  A mere few minutes later, we're both in a terrible agony of digestive pain, sharing the toilet as best we can, crapping our brains out.  The contagiousness of this bug was brutal, but in the end, as sick as she was, she healed me and then I healed her.  Strong woman, that girl.  She could have shit all over the walls but she held on."
Aα尺α (aara.iceghost): I couldn't help line a deep frown across my forehead as he told me of stomach cramps, and more seriously of them both sharing a room to relieve themselves ' The smell must have been.....Uurggh! ' I heaved before i could finish the sentence cupping a hand over my mouth ' Uur! sorry ' Taking a deep breathe ' So a bandit came over to Raiders! now that in itself rings a loud bell, that something is not quite right.... we all get stomach cramps, trust me i know! I've had them more than i would like to count, but why do you think that all of a sudden this normal sickness has become contagious?'

ĆĦΔĐ (chad.sheriffe) nodded again, "It was awful, the bathroom is very small, the smell wasn't going anywhere but we were both dying to relieve the cramping and pressures.  Once it was all over, we both felt better we picked some herbs and then went our separate ways.  That's when it all started, when I realised we had an outbreak on our hands...I heard voices shouting in the jungle for help I hadn't heard before.  From all directions.  People running up to me asking for help, to help them find a doctor, it was just nuts.  It seemed that all the usual daily conflicts died off in lieu of this haste to heal people left and right...", he said with a sigh.

Aα尺α (aara.iceghost): Flurried my brow with a worried expression ' For anyone to run up to you of all people Chad! asking for help certainly is a cause to find out exactly what is going on ' I spoke further ' I had spoken to one male, right now i am not going to mention his name, he reported to me that horrifying as it seems! a few people who where in-fact high infectious seem to be spreading this further across the jungle on purpose? did you hear of any incidents?'

ĆĦΔĐ (chad.sheriffe): "Oh for sure, I made it back to the Raider camp, I healed a few people then I would come down with the same symptoms they had.  I was sick myself most of the day, trying to ignore it and focus on the patients.  I fixed up Vris and this sweet girl by the name of Fire.  Sadly, I was too busy to stay and chat with them, I was just all over the place.  At first, I tried to charge for my services but apparently these people have no coins, so my logic was well if they don't get a cute they will just infect more and more and this will not die down anytime soon.  One girl I passed on the pathways was too ill to even stand but when I offered my services she refused, she told me she was too far gone, to heal the women and children first....", he said with a shrug, recounting the crazy ordeal and all of the infected...

Aα尺α (aara.iceghost): I was increasing concerned as he spoke further ' I believe we are not out of dangerous waters yet, and it would be naive to think we are ' I spoke with sincerity ' To be honest! i am more than freaked out by this bug, it a strain of bacteria that are normally resistant to a majority of cures and from what you have told me, this is a super-bug because once a person was helped by a Healer they were still subject in contracting the virus again if they get too close to anyone who is contagious. I would like to know what methods you think should be taken to keep us safe ?'

ĆĦΔĐ (chad.sheriffe) nodded with a higher focus on her words, "Right, exactly.  I was healing this poor native girl out by the banana tree, again someone I hadn't seen before somehow became sick and she was terrified of taking it back to her tribe so she isolated herself out on the beach where I found her, I remember telling her this bacteria, virus, whatever this is...it's out of this world...that made me wonder, maybe this is some kind of new strain, I mean we've had that crash site in the woods for a while now and I don't know if anyone has checked it for living organisms from...outer space...", he said with wide eyes

Aα尺α (aara.iceghost): He nudged my thinking ' Hmm! now that's one thing i didn't think about, it's been a long time since i was around the crash site and maybe you have possibly identified a possible cause. This is a new strain! and from what I've seen most are either gathered in groups protecting their tribal camps from any outsiders that wander too close in fear they have this virus, or they are purposely isolating themselves like you say! scared to come close to anyone ' I uttered ' Just one more thing i need to ask you, do you think with the Amazon having so many talented Healers, will be able to somehow come up with a vaccine?'

ĆĦΔĐ (chad.sheriffe) shrugged, his hand came off the arm rest of the chair, "I think that is how it usually goes.  I think we're living in an age where the bacterium are evolving past what the native herbs and remedies can heal.  If that is the case, someone, maybe a group of us, will have to travel to the mainland in search of stronger drugs, or this entire region would be wiped out, if not have a severe reduction in the population...and maybe that is its own undoing, you know what I mean?", he asked pausing, "Less people, less people to transmit it, more space for each person as the bacteria slowly dies off someone out in the jungle without a host to latch onto to continue its rampage...", he said, "Sheesh...that's horrible and scary all at once to even imagine..."

Aα尺α (aara.iceghost): I was lost in some of his words, due to the fact i had a million thoughts running through my mind ' Scary yes! Terrifying yes, and with the sheer will and determination of all those that inhabit our beautiful lands, can we find a cure before it wipes out life, humans and wildlife in a devastating wave? I hope so.....i really hope so '

ĆĦΔĐ (chad.sheriffe): "I hope so.  Us healers can only do so much here with herbal remedies, granted they heal a wide range of ailments and do so naturally, but modern medicine from developed countries could only suit to help us should we be facing some kind of major outbreak here.  The symptoms so far have been mild to moderate and I don't know of any casualties or if a deceased body would transmit into the air and become airborne or something.  There's still a lot we don't know, but yesterday it hit us in the gut all at once for sure...", he said with a huff of an exhale.  "The good news is we seem to have a strong group here that has the ability to heal, they're fast on their feet and seem to know well how to maneuver through the jungle to get what they need and how to ration what is available for the next person...so that is all very good to see..."

Aα尺α (aara.iceghost): I did agree with one thing as i held up a finger just as he spoke ' They are very agile and quick on their feet!, and they had to be....I've never seen an outbreak like this ever it spread like wildfire, everyone running to the safety of our great Healers who managed to group all the sick together in one area to cure in a final sweep. I heard that Shel Blindside was out gathering freshly grown herbs while Melissa and someone named Stiofan was doing group heals, i cannot image how hard they all work and to be that organised in chaos? I am more than impressed how everyone pulled together, it could be just the start of it all '

So is this a beginning to an end? or are we able to work towards finding a feasible answer to a cure? Can it be possible that the crash site and this outbreak are linked? Is it safe to go out?

Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost

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