Amazon Roles and How They Work

Amazon Roles vs. Tribe/Faction Roles

The Amazon River group is the 'official' group of the Amazon River - anyone who visits here regularly should join the Amazon River group so that:
  1. You can receive an official Amazon River role
  2. You can participate in Amazon River chat (a useful way to learn about the place and to socialise)
  3. You can receive notices and news about the Amazon River - e.g. new quest information, Amazon HUD updates, availability of Supporter panels etc.
A large number of tribe/faction groups exist within the Amazon River - these are owned and operated by residents and are used primarily to support tribe/faction roleplay - e.g. Wari Tribe, Tapirape Tribe, Bandit Faction, KiiWik Marketplace.

How to get an Amazon Role

Everyone starts as Amazon Explorer.  To get a new role you need to find a Seeker and roleplay with them in local chat.  Make sure your appearance and your roleplay match the role you want - and make sure you have completed the quest at the Cave of Wisdom before you approach a Seeker, so that you understand some of the more detailed information about the HUD and other technicalities.  When you are ready to approach a Seeker, remain in character - see examples below:
  • Good Approaches:
    • Lost: "I have been wandering this jungle for weeks since I was stranded, I hope you can help me..."
    • Native: "I have returned to the land of my birth after wandering the world beyond..."
    • Rogue: "This place is rich with opportunity - and I intend to grab it, along with my fellow gang members..."
    • Settler: "The jungle is rich is flora and fauna, and I am here to conduct a detailed survey..."
  • Bad Approaches:
    • Lost: "OMG my heels got broken. Can you give me a lost tag or whatever it is called?"
    • Native: "You are a Seeker right? Can I have an Indian tag?"
    • Rogue: "I want to be a Rogue. Please would you help me, if that is not too much trouble?"
    • Settler: "can you tell me if you think I would make a good settler?"

Amazon Roles

The official Amazon Roles are directly linked to your roleplay in the Amazon, and the abilities you get via the Amazon HUD.  Different roles have different abilities - e.g. health points or number of shots.  The Amazon Roles are listed below: 
  • Amazon Explorer - the default role - key words:wanderer, visitor, adventure holidaymaker
  • Amazon Native - a 'native' from the Amazon - key words: tribe, Mayan, 'primitive'
  • Amazon Rogue - a 'predator' role - key words: logger, bandit, pirate etc.
  • Amazon Lost - a 'prey' role - key words: shipwrecked, plane crash survivor, lost in the jungle
  • Amazon Settler - a non-native settler - key words: hippy, drop-out, scientist, trader, photographer
  • Amazon Wildlife - an animal in the jungle - key words: realistic, dog, jaguar, crocodile
  • Amazon Healer - any human role as above but with healing powers
  • Amazon Guard - an Amazon Native with no tribe allegiance who enforces the Laws (must be proposed by two Council Members)
  • Amazon Seeker - a human role with powers to award the roles above (Invite Only)
  • Amazon Council - a human role with powers to shape the Laws (Amazon Supporters Only) 
These roles are discussed in more detail below.

Amazon Explorer

This is the 'default' role in the Amazon.  Everyone starts here as an Amazon Explorer: natives, non-natives, animals... everyone.  The high number of health points and the low number of shots mean that this role is not ideal for those who wish to fight here.
  • Roleplay: any - you are exploring the Amazon, create your own back-story. Perhaps a native visiting from another jungle, perhaps a holiday maker, perhaps a scientist, perhaps a hunter (of animals or people!) - the choice is yours.
  • Appearance:  any attire suitable to the roleplay you have chosen.
  • Weapons: any appropriate to the roleplay you have chosen (or none)
  • Health: 10 HP
  • Shots: 5 + melee

Amazon Native

This is a role for those who roleplay as a native, born in the Amazon or surroundings.
  • Roleplay: you are a jungle native - wise in the ways of the Amazon - hunting, fishing, gathering fruits and berries, perhaps even growing a small plot of crops.  You can be peaceful or aggressive - a member of a tribe or live alone.
  • Appearance:  dark-skinned, dark-haired.  Tribal dress (loin-cloth, furs etc) or naked.
  • Weapons: traditional (bows, spears, blowpipes).
  • Health: 8 HP
  • Shots: 15 + melee

Amazon Rogue

This is a role for those who wish to play as predators.  You are a bandit, a logger, a drug-dealer.  You are self-confident, assertive, aggressive - you may be a member of a gang, or a lone wolf.  People eye you warily.
  • Roleplay: assertive and self-confident you see the jungle and the people there as 'resources' you can exploit for your own gain.  You can work with a 'gang' of other Rogues or be a loner.
  • Appearance:  military in flavour - combats, fatigues.
  • Weapons: guns, heavy-duty bows, machetes etc.
  • Health: 8 HP
  • Shots: 15 + melee

Amazon Lost

This is a role for those who wish to play as prey.  You are lost in the Amazon - perhaps you wandered off from a tour party, or were shipwrecked or survived a plane crash.  You are fearful, vulnerable and ....lost!
  • Roleplay: fearful, anxious, vulnerable.  You may be fortunate enough to find someone else who is also lost, but typically you will be alone in the jungle
  • Appearance:  tattered and torn, or naked.
  • Weapons: minimal - perhaps a simple bow or a spear.
  • Health: 8 HP
  • Shots: 15 + melee

Amazon Settler

This is a role for non-natives who wish to settle in the jungle.  You can create any realistic scenario - hippy/drop-out to missionary, research scientist to documentary film-maker. 
  • Roleplay: whatever fits with the role you have chosen.  You can live alone, or with a group of other Settlers, as befits your role.
  • Appearance:  whatever fits with the role you have chosen
  • Weapons: whatever fits with the role you have chosen
  • Health: 8 HP
  • Shots: 15 + melee

Amazon Wildlife

This is a role for those who wish to play as realistic animals.  You must have a good justification for how your animal 'fits' in the Amazon - e.g. lions are not seen in South America, jaguars are! Wildlife can fly, jump high and swim unaided (unlike humans) - but animals cannot talk.  You ability to talk is restricted by the HUD - you need to emote instead (/me growls, tail lashing) and then only in relatively short phrases.
  • Roleplay: whatever fits with your animal.  You may live alone, or in a pack/flock as appropriate.
  • Appearance:  realistic animals only please
  • Weapons: none - melee only.
  • Health: 8 HP
  • Shots: none - melee only

Amazon Healer

This is a role for those who wish to play as healers - either native or non-native.  You are spiritual and wise in your knowledge of herbs and potions.  
  • Roleplay: your focus is healing and caring for others.
  • Appearance:  if native then as for Amazon Native, otherwise whatever fits your roleplay scenario.  You may be a member of a tribe/faction or live alone.
  • Weapons: None - hand to hand only
  • Health: 15 HP
  • Shots: none

Amazon Guard

This role is available only if two Council member propose you.  Amazon Guards enforce the will of the Amazon Council and the Laws of the Jungle. Amazon Guards are always natives.  Guards have high health and a large number of shots, as well as additional OOC powers to deal with troublemakers.
  • Roleplay: you are constantly alert.  Some Guards are helpful and friendly - some may be corrupt and unfair.
  • Appearance:  as for Amazon Native.  You may not be a member of a tribe.
  • Weapons: Native weapons - bows, spears, blowpipes etc.
  • Health: 12 HP
  • Shots: 50 + melee

Amazon Seeker

This role is by invitation only. Amazon Seekers roam the jungle and help those they encounter through advice and by 'promoting' them to new roles, provided they meet the roleplay and appearance criteria.  Seekers never respond to IMs or Group Chat requests - local chat roleplay only.
  • Roleplay: you are the heart of the jungle, at one with all that happens here.
  • Appearance:  always female, and always largely naked save for a slingshot.
  • Weapons: slingshot.
  • Health: 8 HP
  • Shots: 15 + melee

Amazon Council

This role is open to Amazon Supporters only. A Council member as an important roel to play in shaping and driving the roleplay in the Amazon.  With fellow Council Members they meet to discuss problems, to set or amend the Laws, and to maintain the health and vigour of the community here. You may be native or non-native.
  • Roleplay: as fits with your primary role (Native, Settler, Rogue etc)
  • Appearance:  as fits with your primary role (Native, Settler, Rogue etc)
  • Weapons: as fits with your primary role (Native, Settler, Rogue etc)
  • Health: 8 HP
  • Shots: 15 + melee


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