Amazon Roles (new)

There are two primary roles in the Amazon River:  Explorer (a casual visitor) and Local (someone who lives here or visits regularly).  In addition there are a number of special roles that denote particular powers or skills: Priestess, Shaman/Healer, Guard, Seeker, Wildlife.

This role is the default for people who visit here casually - perhaps just to roam around, or to take photos/machinima.  An Explorer can take any appearance, although we prefer to try to keep things 'real' here - so exotic or unusual appearance may attract suspicion and even aggression.  Remember - everyone at the Amazon, Explorers and Locals alike, wears the Amazon HUD and is part of the community here.  There is no 'opt out of RP' at the Amazon :-)

This role is for people who play here regularly or live here. All locals (except the Deities and Wildlife) are humanoid.  This is the Amazon River in the modern day, so please dress accordingly, using the examples given below as guidance - this is not medieval, it is not Gor, it is not science fiction :-) Your overall 'look' and 'approach' is dictated by who you have chosen to be - some examples are given below but feel free to develop any character that fits and makes sense within the overall scope of the Amazon.

You can have mild fantasy traits on your body. That means, you can have pointy ears - or a colourful skin, or both. However, these conditions must be obeyed:
  • Your appearance is humanoid
  • Dragons, werewolfs, centaurs, furries, cartoon figures, mer-people or anything else not humanoid won't get promoted and will be demoted. They can roam as guests (that has always been so) but that's about it.
  • Wings and tails for locals are not allowed. The imp is the only exception here to the rule.
  • You are not allowed to claim any extra powers: not in roleplay and also not via any "magic HUDs" or the like. Your powers are exactly 100% the same like with the average John or Jane Doe: human.
  • If you roleplay an animal, your powers are those of that typical animal (e.g. Jaguar).

e.g. Native - will wear tribal style clothes (or none!), your skin and hair will be dark, and you will typically use  native weapons (bows, spears, blowpipes etc).  You may be warlike, or you may prefer to lead a simple life tending crops etc. Native means 'indigenous' - those with the native tag cannot be fair-skinned or blue-eyed: if you are such, you are a Settler, although you can of course live a native 'life'.

e.g. Settler - you wear suitable 'jungle' clothing, you can be of any ethnic background, your weapons can be appropriate to who you are, if you choose to arm yourself at all.  Your approach will be dictated by your reason for being in the jungle - perhaps you are a scientist, or a photographer, or maybe something more sinister - evading taxes, or on the run for some reason.

e.g. Rogue - you will likely be wearing combats or fatigues of some sort,  you can be of any ethnic background, you are likely to be heavily armed.  Your approach will be assertive and/or devious.

Deviation from these suggestions are possible but not recommended. If you must deviate (are we craving attention badly?) be prepared to explain your appearance over and over again, daily.

There are a number of specific roles that are granted to Locals - each of these roles has particular special powers.

Guard - generally native in appearance but not aligned with any tribe or faction.  Guards have more health (HP) and more ammo than others.

Wildlife - always animal in appearance (and a realistic/authentic animal that one might find in a jungle - no centaurs, dragons, dinosaurs please!).  Animals cannot speak, and the Gods punish speaking animals as an 'abomination' - they can however emote in short sentences.  The Amazon HUD has a special 'animal mode' - experiment with it.

Shaman/Healer - this role has special healing powers to help those who have been downed in fights.  The role can be used either by those who are native in appearance (Shaman) or by others (Healer).

Seeker - all seekers are appointed by the Gods. They are always female, always naked, and always carry a slingshot.  A seeker acts on behalf of the Gods, nurturing the Amazon and those who visit here.  Seekers can reward good roleplayers with extra health (HP) or extra ammo - whichever the individual prefers. Be warned though! Do not approach a Seeker and ask for these gifts - the Seekers will come to you when the time is right.

Priest/Priestess - this is a special role by invitation only. The Priesthood organise rituals and celebrations, acting on behalf of the Gods - they look after the people of the jungle as intervene to keep the peace and guide those who need it. They dress in robes or other suitably priestly attire.

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