New Trade System - Expiring Items.

Collecting Trade Items

Items will no longer be found in the 'usual spots'.  Instead the 'givers' will be distributed over all regions (except Glint and Mama Allpa) periodically.  The givers will remain in place for 30 minutes and are marked by a flock of circling birds (and an indicator in your spirit's Compass) until someone clicks them to receive an item.  There may be a short delay between clicking the giver and receiving your item - this is normal.

Trade Items

Previously trade items (bananas, chickens, corncobs etc) lasted indefinitely.  Under the new system each trade item has a shelf-life, after which it expires and turns to dust.  Think of it as a Best Before Date.

When you click a rezzed trade item it will report to you a number of statistics.  These are self-explanatory but for clarity an example is detailed below:-

Genuine: Intestine  <<What item it is and whether it is genuine>>
Owner: Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) <<Who the item belongs to - the name is clickable>>
Nominal value:2  <<The nominal coin value of the item>>
Food value:2  <<The nominal food value of the item>>
Shelf life:10 days. <<The shelf life of the item - when it was created>>
Remaining: ~9 days (857799 secs.)  <<The remaining life of the item - right now>>

Important: the values are not fixed but may vary from day to day.  For example, some days a banana may have a shelf life of 3 days and a value of 2 coins - other days it may have a shelf life of 10 days and be worth 10 coins.

From the moment a 'fresh' trade item is created the clock starts ticking!  It continues to click when the item is stored in your inventory (or elsewhere).  The clock continues to run when you pass the trade item to someone else (it does not reset).

If you rez a trade item that is past its 'best before date' - it will vanish into a dust. If a trade item is already rezzed and passes its best before date, it will vanish in to dust as soon as anyone interacts with it (clicks it, or tries to trade it etc.).

You can exchange the items for coin at the new trading table or trade them with other Amazon residents.  When you trade with another player it would be wise to check the values of the item - a banana that has 180 seconds left to 'live' is of less value to you than one which has 2 days left!

Trade Tables

The new trade tables work in much the same way as the old although you should find them faster to use.  Daily trading limits are not enforced - you can trade any item at any time - but the price offered for items will vary according to market conditions:  you may receive the nominal value of the item or you may get a bonus payment or an underpayment.

A trade table is available in each region:
Rio Tapajo (trade area)
Glint (Blue House)
Parana (Blue House)
Rio Grande (ruined temple)
Rio Solimoes (Temple of Winds)
Nayeli (Skull Cave)
Lago Marimba (Mouthpiece Temple)
Baia Santa Rosa  (near fishing huts.)


A new Amazon Fishing Spear replaces the old Amazon Fishing Rod.  It works in much the same way - you must stand in the water to fish.  You can fish in any 'real' water in any Amazon region.  The new spear is 'quiet' - messages are sent to the Owner only rather than in local chat.  When you catch a fish there may be a short delay before you receive it.  Like all new trade items, fish you catch will expire in time.

Your fishing spear is good for 100 catches - after that you will need to buy a new one.

Making Soup

A new Amazon Soup Maker replaces the old soup pan.  The method for making soup remains broadly the same, with a few minor differences.  Once rezzed the pan will prompt you to rez ingredients to make the soup.  Be sure to rez them close to the pan, and have your ingredients 'ready' as you have only a limited time to rez them.  Always rez the item first, then click the pan.

If you rez an item that is not required for the soup, it will still be consumed but will not be credited to your soup making.  If you rez two items of the same type, the second will be consumed but with no credit to your soup.

When you have added all the ingredients you will receive a soup-stirrer and you should remain next to your soup while it cooks - no more than 3m away.  If you leave your soup unattended it will 'boil over' and be spoiled. Soup takes 5 minutes to cook (300 seconds) - a counter will show over the pan, updated every 10 seconds.  You can - if you wish - 'sit' on the pan once the soup starts cooking - the animation looks 'better' and it means the pan won't de-rez if you were slow adding ingredients.

When the soup is done, your soup will be sent to you and your pan will be ready to make another batch.  You cannot use the same ingredient(s) to 'feed' more than one soup pan - each pan requires its own set of ingredients. You can however get multiple people to contribute ingredients to the soup - e.g. a fish from Person A, a piece of meat from Person B etc. - but the soup will still be sent to the owner of the pan.

If you leave your soup pan rezzed, it will periodically report its location to you so you can return to collect it.  Please avoid leaving soup pans perma-rezzed.

Your soup pan is good for a maximum of 50 batches of soup - after that you will need to buy a new one.

Exchange Table

For a limited period of time you can exchange 'old' trade items for 'new' at the Exchange Table.  Exchanged items have a longer shelf-life but will still expire in due course.  This is to allow people who have stock piled items to convert them to the new system. Please do not 'hog' the Exchange Tables - give everyone a fair chance to make their exchanges.


  1. I have a whole load of 'old' trade items stored - what happens to them?

    The Gods have provided a number of exchange tables which allow you to 'swap' your old trade items for new ones.  These exchange tables will remain in place for around 1 month and the items they give you have an extended shelf-life.  However - exchange your items sooner rather than later!  Each day that passes reduces the shelf-life of the new trade items you will get in exchange for old!
  2. I already paid for a fishing rod and a soup pan - do I have to pay again?

    No - for a limited time the 'new arrivals' pack will be open to everyone and will include a bonus 200 coins which you can use to buy the new soup pan (100 coin) and the new fishing rod (100 coin).
  3. When I rez a new trade item it vanishes!

    The item has reached the end of its life and has dissolved into dust.
  4. Where is the best place to fish to ensure I catch a lot?

    It makes no difference - all 'real' water in any Amazon regions gives you the same chance of catching a fish.
  5. When I enter the water with my fishing spear, nothing happens - what's going on?

    The spear checks every 10 seconds to see if you are in water - trying walking in a bit deeper, but be careful not to drown! Be patient and try turning off your AO if the fishing animation does not kick in.
  6. I am a trader and sell soup and other items - what happens to my business?

    We will soon provide a mechanism that allows recognised traders to preserve the items they sell - watch this space!
  7.  What happens to coins and arrows/shots under this new system?

    There is no change to coins or to arrows/shots.
  8. What happens to diamonds, gold etc. ?
    These items will be replaced in due course. For the moment do not attempt to exchange them.
  9. Is there any way I can extend the life of items?
    Yes! You can mine for salt using the Amazon Pickaxe (available in Tapajos),  Use your radar button on the HUD to find the salt deposits.  Salting at item extends its life by 20 days.  You can also smoke salted items by using the Amazon Smoker (available from the gardening hut in Lago Marimba) - smoked items gain a further 20 days shelf life.

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