The Amazon River Spirit (aka Dot or HUD)

The Amazon 'spirit'  - the coloured dot - will auto-attach above your head on arrival at the Amazon (provided you have accepted the Experience Permissions).

The spirit provides the same functionality as the old HUD with some minor variations.  The following sections explain how the spirit works.

To access your own spirit simply click it - or type /1 spirit in local chat - you will be presented with a menu.  Note: some special roles get additional options.

Food - allows you to eat to increase your health. Follow the instructions given in local chat.

Teleports - brings up a list of standard Teleport destinations within the Amazon and the surroundings. Using the Spirit Teleport costs you 0.5 HP. To travel for 'free' - use the network of tunnels - entrances to the tunnel network are at all the standard Spirit destinations. Simply walk into the entrance and then find the exit you want from the tunnel system.

Home - allows you to set your 'home point' within the Amazon and to TP directly to it.

Who am I - reports to local chat your current 'stats' - health, shots etc

PrimCount - provides list of land impact used by you in the various Amazon regions.

Compass - provides 'map' of the current region with dots representing items of interest.

Radar - reports points of interest close to you (current sim only)

Appear As - allows you to switch between human and animal modes.  Selecting this will force TP you to the Landing Zone to avoid cheats during fights.

Condition - allows you to switch between 'green' (no metered combat) or 'yellow' (open to metered combat).  If you are equipped with RLV and the female Mama Allpa Hud with 'force' enabled, you can choose also 'purple'.  If you wear the male Mama Allpa hud, you can choose also 'red'.  Red and purple facilitate sexual capture roleplay - and a red inflicts more damage on a purple dot. Purple dots have 'light' RLV restrictions applied - limited names/no maps. Changing condition will force TP you to the Landing Zone to avoid cheating during fights.

A 'green' dot can chose not to engage in any form of combat (make an appropriate entry in your profile) or engage in non-metered confrontations, relying solely on roleplay (or the Amazon Dice built in to the spirit) for resolution.

To access someone else's spirit, simply click it. Again, options will vary according to your role, and also if the individual is downed or not.  In most circumstances a click on someone else's spirit will report their statistics to you - health, status, shots etc.  For example:

 Amazon Experience V4.9:
<display name>
status: Explorer, combat is an option
Ammo loaded: 0
Curare Arrows: 0
Health: 7.158206
Strength: 0
5 ft. 8in.  tall, that equals 1.739470 m 

Your height affects how much food you need - if you are taller than 2m you will need to eat more often to maintain your health.  Strength is similar to Health - and can be increased through quests.  If you have Strength, that diminishes when you are shot before your Health is affected.  If you have zeo Strength, your Health is affected directly by any successful hit.

In some circumstances a menu will be presented:-

Bind - allows you to bind someone who is down

Leash - leashes the person to you

Unleash - releases the leash

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