What can one do here?

>>What can one do here?

You do not have to read anything of the following. This is only to explain for those who have questions.
The Amazon River in SL is meant as a fun and recreation area. I do not claim by any means to be authentic in a scientifically correct way with that region. Having that said, you can explore, alone or with a friend, or a group even. The region is rated "adult", so you are welcome to enjoy all sorts of adult activities.

>>Do i have to?

No! You do not have to do anything :) You can hunt - or not. You can explore - or not. The only thing we ask is that you respect the doings of the others around you.

>>Is there Roleplay?

Why yes! Everyone who visits here is required to wear the Amazon River Hud - this provides information about the regions and also supports the roleplay here.  Explore this vast rainforest with native tribes, explorers, raiders and wild animals: it can be a perilous place!

>>How do i know who wants to Roleplay?

Simple: read their profiles.

>>Is there CaRP too? (Capture Roleplay)

Yes. The Amazon River Hud provides capabilities for both “attackers” and “victims” as well as the option to be a 'non-combatant'.

>>How do I hunt?

The Amazon River Hud provides full support for Predators/Prey, including “downing”, capturing and leashing.  See here for more detail - Amazon Spirit. Other capture huds (such as GM - Gorean Meter) are not used in the Amazon, and you will be asked to remove them if worn. All “usual” weapons, that fit with the atmosphere here, will work with the Amazon River Hud - e.g. bows, guns etc. - but the number of “shots” you have is limited, to discourage “pew pew” fighting.

You can use any reasonable weapon, the Amazon River HUD has a meter built in - but every attack should come for a cause. Attacking without any cause can lead to having your number of shots per day reduced to zero!  The same goes if you are caught using Evil Magic ((Shield HUDs etc)) If the Leaders learn about such actions from you, you will have to answer to the Council.  We will give you a chance to settle wrong behavior ICly. If you are here for griefing though, you learn fast that we can also use OOC powers!

Titles and tags

The Amazon River Group provides the following titles which support CaRP, which you can enquire for after having joined the group. All the roles are described here


Anyone can be arrested and caged by Guards for law breaking.

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  1. Well done and organized . Thank's for all the hard work.You are doing such a amazing good job.


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