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Treats (spirit update)

We are pleased to announce the rollout of 'treats' - wine, beer, joints, chocolate, ice cream!  You can get them from the trade shack near the Wisdom Cave entrance.

They are important, as treats contribute to your well-being.  When you click your Spirit and ask "Who am I?" you will now also see your well-being score.  If your well-being is 'balanced' then all is good - but if it is too low, or too high - it will affect how often you need to eat.
So - treat yourself! A joint - some wine - a nibble of chocolate - or perhaps an ice cream or a beer will soon make you feel better and more balanced. Don't over-indulge though - because that can also put you out of balance!
Treats have no coin value or health value (other than affecting your appetite) and can be transferred to others. Always 'wear/add' your treats - if you rez them to the ground they will be lost!
Have fun!

PS: having sex (with the Mama Allpa HUDs) will also influence your …