Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Voting on appearance

The poll result reads 25h after starting the poll:
145 votes for "no fantasy traits"
148 votes for "mild fantasy traits"
19 votes for "full on fantasy traits"

It mirrors by that the mood that i anyway captured already amongst the residents: many ran some fantasy appearance - and many of those also did so secretly ("Is Tantrica around? No? Phew! Let me wear my pointy ears!")

I recognize of course also that 46.4% voted "no fantasy traits" but i would like to encourage those 145 voters to take a closer look at their own SL.

As i wrote already earlier in Amazon Chat - it is tricky in  a world like Second Life to draw a line on "100% realism". Starting it very simple: most of us don't have that perfect Barbie- or Ken body that our pixel-selves in SL have. So, is already the sixpack of John Doe fantasy? Or the triple-D-cup of Jane Doe? I saw just today in the jungle someone voting "No fantasy traits" while wearing steampunk-headphones, naked legs, with kneepads, and comic-coloured boots. and that is the outfit this voter wears regularly in the jungle... no fantasy? then we would need to put our foot down on such too?

So, the official approach on appearance is as follows: you can have mild fantasy traits on your body. That means, you can have pointy ears - or a colourful skin. or both. However, these conditions must be obeyed:
your appearance is humanoid in that.
Dragons, werewolfs, centaurs, furries or anything else not humanoid won't get promoted and will be demoted. they can roam as guests (that has always been so) but that's it about.
Wings and tails are not allowed. The imp is the only exception here to the rule.
you are not allowed to claim any extra powers. Not in roleplay and also not via any "magic HUDs" or the like. Your powers are exactly 100% the same like with the average John or Jane Doe: human.
If you roleplay an animal, your powers are those of that typical animal (e.g. Jaguar).

Bottom line: this is actually how it has been unofficially already since a while. The voting just expressed the situation as it was.

I thank you all for voting - and i do not want to see any "sore losers" - it was, after all, just a voting on pointy ears - and not a democratic election of a president or anything like that. Keep perspective and embrace creativity


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