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Council Meeting: 29 September 2014 2pm SLT

[2014/09/29 14:02]  YT Recreant: first thank you all for coming..
[2014/09/29 14:02]  YT Recreant: we wil conduct this meeting as the other two before (the buidler meeting and the class yetserday)...
[[2014/09/29 14:03]  YT Recreant: meaning: questions, please only make a sign "?" and wait till you are called, that way we can avoid double and crossposts and all that
[2014/09/29 14:03]  YT Recreant: typos, if you find them, you can keep
[2014/09/29 14:03]  YT Recreant: a transcript of this meeting will go to the blog
[2014/09/29 14:03]  YT Recreant: soooo
[2014/09/29 14:03]  YT Recreant: for the start i want to clarify some rules, roles, definitions
[2014/09/29 14:04]  YT Recreant: as i noticed, people confuse them, which is quite understandable, we never explaiend them really
[2014/09/29 14:04]  YT Recreant: so, we start with "supporters"
[2014/09/29 14:04]  YT Recreant: supporters contribute, financially and also with their time and builds, to the region. in retur…

Meeting: 26 September 2pm SLT

Here is the transcript of the meeting on the above date:

[14:00] YT Recreant: Hello and thank you for coming.....
[14:00] YT Recreant: Before we start I want to outline a simple rule we go by, so we safe time and keep a clear track of our talks. The rule is: if someone has a question, please do NOT ask.
[14:00] YT Recreant: Instead, make a note in chat, for example “question” or “?”. In case I talk, Winter will collect the names, and if he talks, I will collect them.
[14:00] YT Recreant: When you made your sign, write ahead, but do NOT send it. Then when the time is right, we will call your name and you send the message. That way, we can all finish our thoughts and questions are not asked twice or triple.
[14:01] YT Recreant smiles
[14:01] YT Recreant: now, for today. ...
[14:01] YT Recreant: I want to point out, that I am amazed. Actually, we are amazed, Winter and I.
[14:01] YT Recreant: This is, to my knowledge, the only area in Second Life, where residents can build, unlimited by …