Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Council Meeting: 29 September 2014 2pm SLT

[2014/09/29 14:02]  YT Recreant: first thank you all for coming..
[2014/09/29 14:02]  YT Recreant: we wil conduct this meeting as the other two before (the buidler meeting and the class yetserday)...
[[2014/09/29 14:03]  YT Recreant: meaning: questions, please only make a sign "?" and wait till you are called, that way we can avoid double and crossposts and all that
[2014/09/29 14:03]  YT Recreant: typos, if you find them, you can keep
[2014/09/29 14:03]  YT Recreant: a transcript of this meeting will go to the blog
[2014/09/29 14:03]  YT Recreant: soooo
[2014/09/29 14:03]  YT Recreant: for the start i want to clarify some rules, roles, definitions
[2014/09/29 14:04]  YT Recreant: as i noticed, people confuse them, which is quite understandable, we never explaiend them really
[2014/09/29 14:04]  YT Recreant: so, we start with "supporters"
[2014/09/29 14:04]  YT Recreant: supporters contribute, financially and also with their time and builds, to the region. in return, they get a prim allowance, and they get ban/eject rights..
[2014/09/29 14:04]  YT Recreant: like one would expect also when renting a piece of land somewhere on a region
[2014/09/29 14:05]  YT Recreant: these ban/eject rights are meant for situations like, they make their own home here, want to spend qualitiy time there, and some guest refueses to leave
[2014/09/29 14:05]  YT Recreant: so, pretty much OOC rights
[2014/09/29 14:05]  YT Recreant: they have no bearings in how the roleplay flows at the amazon, these extra rights
[2014/09/29 14:05]  YT Recreant: the next thing is the council
[2014/09/29 14:06]  YT Recreant: council is what you would call in RL the court...
[2014/09/29 14:06]  YT Recreant: the people who are members in the council are recrutied from the supporters
[2014/09/29 14:06]  YT Recreant: because, beign a suporter gives them already extra power, in OOC, and with the council it makes it easier for them to use these IC too
[2014/09/29 14:06]  YT Recreant: and then we have the guards... the guards are what you would call in RL the polive
[2014/09/29 14:06]  YT Recreant: *police, too
[2014/09/29 14:07]  YT Recreant: they have a look that all flows nicely, and if it does not flow nicely, they can step in
[2014/09/29 14:07]  YT Recreant: guards get an extra pack of ammo, 25 shots
[2014/09/29 14:07]  YT Recreant: there is a reason for that
[2014/09/29 14:07]  YT Recreant: if you are a normal resident and receive two hits in fast order .. you are downed
[2014/09/29 14:07]  YT Recreant: if you receive 12 hits in fast order, you are "dead"
[2014/09/29 14:08]  YT Recreant: dead means, locekd from the region for 1 hour
[2014/09/29 14:08]  YT Recreant: the system wil TP you away
[2014/09/29 14:08]  YT Recreant: a normal resident has only 10 shots, so they can't kill ,usually
[2014/09/29 14:08]  YT Recreant: guards can
[2014/09/29 14:08]  YT Recreant: and that way they can punish people who really behave badly, straight and swiftly IC
[2014/09/29 14:08]  YT Recreant: that is the idea. so far
[2014/09/29 14:09]  YT Recreant: i admit, we are new inthis idea.. we are willing to adjsut it, and to extend, enhance or rewrite parts...
[2014/09/29 14:09]  Magidon: ?
[2014/09/29 14:09]  Sheny Amat: I think you bring guards in strange positions by having them operate IC
[2014/09/29 14:09]  YT Recreant: but one needs a start soemwhere, and that start we are going to do now
[2014/09/29 14:09]  YT Recreant: sheny...
[2014/09/29 14:09]  YT Recreant: please questions in ? first
[2014/09/29 14:09]  YT Recreant: thank you
[2014/09/29 14:10]  YT Recreant: so where was i
[2014/09/29 14:10]  YT Recreant: ah yes
[2014/09/29 14:10]  YT Recreant: why are we doing this all
[2014/09/29 14:10]  YT Recreant: we want to introduce soemthing here, that is different from all oher RP areas that you maybe know
[2014/09/29 14:10]  YT Recreant: i do not expect it to run smoothly in the start because we are all used to patterns of behaviour and rules, but i am sure, if we look into this with patience and time, it wil be great
[2014/09/29 14:11]  YT Recreant: let me explain
[2014/09/29 14:11]  YT Recreant: in a normal RP area you have rules
[2014/09/29 14:11]  YT Recreant: IC rules and OOC rules
[2014/09/29 14:11]  YT Recreant: we, here at Amazon have only 1 OOC rule
[2014/09/29 14:11]  YT Recreant: wear the HUD
[2014/09/29 14:11]  YT Recreant: if you dont, we, Winter and i, kick you. period
[2014/09/29 14:11]  YT Recreant: that is the only OOC rule we really enforce
[2014/09/29 14:11]  YT Recreant: in other regions then you have looong lists of "allowed weapons" for example
[2014/09/29 14:12]  YT Recreant: then you have rules like "if a prey is tied up you can't run"
[2014/09/29 14:12]  YT Recreant: and "if the sun is shining you can only jump 3 meters high
[2014/09/29 14:12]  YT Recreant: etc etc
[2014/09/29 14:12]  YT Recreant: but what is the result?
[2014/09/29 14:12]  YT Recreant: people yell all the time for admins and moreators
[2014/09/29 14:12]  YT Recreant: how many great raids in Gor went totally south because one guy was standing up, yelling "INVALID"
[2014/09/29 14:12]  YT Recreant: i lost count
[2014/09/29 14:12]  YT Recreant: and its boring, really
[2014/09/29 14:13]  YT Recreant: here, i want actions, that define your consequences...
[2014/09/29 14:13]  YT Recreant: example
[2014/09/29 14:13]  YT Recreant: person A captures person B
[2014/09/29 14:13]  YT Recreant: but C also wanted to capture B
[2014/09/29 14:13]  YT Recreant: just, A was faster
[2014/09/29 14:13]  YT Recreant: however.. where is it written, that C is not allowed to shot down A ? and then capture B and run ?
[2014/09/29 14:14]  YT Recreant: that A is then upset, is clear
[2014/09/29 14:14]  YT Recreant: in "old style" A would yell "INVALID" stomp feet and run out
[2014/09/29 14:14]  YT Recreant: in here, A can whine, or follow up C and take thme down, or target a new prey
[2014/09/29 14:14]  YT Recreant: like it would be in RL
[2014/09/29 14:14]  Sheny Amat: *smiles
[2014/09/29 14:15]  YT Recreant: with hat, and here we come to the hint from just a few minutes ago about how guards wouldbe in strange positions etc...
[2014/09/29 14:15]  YT Recreant: with hat, we avoid exactly that: guards being mistaken as moderators
[2014/09/29 14:15]  YT Recreant: the guards wil never hold hand and explain rules
[2014/09/29 14:15]  YT Recreant: they will step in if they see somethign that needs to be taken care of
[2014/09/29 14:15]  YT Recreant: but they will not moderate - ever
[2014/09/29 14:15]  YT Recreant: (or should not, really, if they stll do, it is their headache
[2014/09/29 14:16]  YT Recreant: sheny
[2014/09/29 14:16]  YT Recreant: if youwant to ask
[2014/09/29 14:16]  YT Recreant: please send a ? first
[2014/09/29 14:16]  YT Recreant: it is not lost, also the earlier ? not
[2014/09/29 14:16]  YT Recreant: i just want to finish my thoughts first
[2014/09/29 14:16]  Sheny Amat: yes sir >>> sorry
[2014/09/29 14:16]  YT Recreant: ty
[2014/09/29 14:16]  YT Recreant: so, let me for example tell about an incident recently
[2014/09/29 14:17]  YT Recreant: there was a party, here on the region
[2014/09/29 14:17]  YT Recreant: some guets thoguth it was fun to throw items onto the guests
[2014/09/29 14:17]  YT Recreant: the call for a moderator was imminent
[2014/09/29 14:17]  YT Recreant: and the party ended
[2014/09/29 14:17]  YT Recreant: once we have our structure running, the party people can call guards and the guards clean up
[2014/09/29 14:17]  YT Recreant: or the guards see it on their own initiative
[2014/09/29 14:17]  YT Recreant: and clean up
[2014/09/29 14:18]  YT Recreant: another example...
[2014/09/29 14:18]  YT Recreant: i see soemtimes people with boats, that really make no sense here
[2014/09/29 14:18]  YT Recreant: like "high sea, over sea yachts, with huge sails"
[2014/09/29 14:18]  YT Recreant: they get stuck everywhere and all that
[2014/09/29 14:18]  YT Recreant: right now, i right click the boat and return it
[2014/09/29 14:18]  YT Recreant: a guard, could as well just use their weapon, turn the yacht owner int a pin cushion - fixed
[2014/09/29 14:19]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): me grins
[2014/09/29 14:19]  YT Recreant: these are examples, where i think they can ilustrate a bit what i mean
[2014/09/29 14:19]  YT Recreant: now, we had two questions. Magidon first
[2014/09/29 14:19]  Magidon: Thanks, Could you please elaborate on the Restrictions for guards and
[2014/09/29 14:20]  Magidon: what about the guard getting taken down by 2 shots?
[2014/09/29 14:20]  Magidon: Limits, RP limits...
[2014/09/29 14:20]  YT Recreant: a guard is like a police officer .. and in RL also police officers are not makign the law, but just controlling it
[2014/09/29 14:20]  YT Recreant: if we catch a guard to be abusive, he/she was guard
[2014/09/29 14:21]  YT Recreant: also a guard is not allowed to be member of a tribe - to avoid conflict of interst
[2014/09/29 14:21]  YT Recreant: and a guard has higher stamina, it takes more shots to down them
[2014/09/29 14:21]  YT Recreant: how many, you can find out, if you dare
[2014/09/29 14:21]  Magidon: /me chuckles
[2014/09/29 14:21]  YT Recreant: the guards are well selected
[2014/09/29 14:21]  ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): ?
[2014/09/29 14:21]  YT Recreant: hence we require, in futre, two council embers to vote for them
[2014/09/29 14:22]  YT Recreant: ok.. the next was Sh... ..(i forgot the name.. sorry. no intention..
[2014/09/29 14:22]  YT Recreant: ..
[2014/09/29 14:22]  YT Recreant: Winter, who was the next?
[2014/09/29 14:22]  Winter (winterthyme): Sheny
[2014/09/29 14:22]  YT Recreant: Sheny!
[2014/09/29 14:22]  YT Recreant: :D
[2014/09/29 14:22]  YT Recreant: sorry :)
[2014/09/29 14:22]  YT Recreant: your turn, Sheny
[2014/09/29 14:24]  Sheny Amat: it was not a question , but more a remark ... still the question ,,.. guards in RP is a dangerous concept...it can work, but we all concluded before sometimes we have to deal with baby's screaming for moderators... what kind of respect they have, and what to enforce that ... is what you think enough ?
[2014/09/29 14:24]  YT Recreant: /me smiles
[2014/09/29 14:24]  YT Recreant: thank you for the input...
[2014/09/29 14:24]  YT Recreant: and yes, as i said, we will need time to get the concept into the heads ...
[2014/09/29 14:25]  YT Recreant: however, those amongst you who are with us already a few months, know, how Winter and I handled so far the calls for moderator
[2014/09/29 14:25]  YT Recreant: they went, quite frankly, into the dustbin
[2014/09/29 14:25]  YT Recreant: unread
[2014/09/29 14:25]  YT Recreant: and?
[2014/09/29 14:25]  YT Recreant: we are still alive and kicking
[2014/09/29 14:25]  YT Recreant: because, lets face it:
[2014/09/29 14:25]  village bike (brianna.aldridge): ?
[2014/09/29 14:25]  YT Recreant: the calls for moderators are often just frustrations out of the heat of the moment
[2014/09/29 14:25]  Sheny Amat: *smiles
[2014/09/29 14:25]  YT Recreant: a guard will not moderate also
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: let me explain anotehr thing, also to make clear, what we want council for
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: lets say..
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: how it is today:
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: today, we have several villages
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: and some have Notecards, like "do not raid here"
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: some have notecards "we have no safezone"
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: and some have no noteards
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: the council task is, to set "laws"
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: laws are NOT OOC requirements
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: this is now the key part
[2014/09/29 14:26]  YT Recreant: important!
[2014/09/29 14:27]  YT Recreant: an OOC requirement is the HUD ... no HUD=kick
[2014/09/29 14:27]  YT Recreant: lets say, the council makes a LAW
[2014/09/29 14:27]  YT Recreant: a law that says "all villages are never to be raided at 1 PM to 2 PM coz siesta and all
[2014/09/29 14:27]  YT Recreant: now we have a raider who wants to raid, and it is siesta time
[2014/09/29 14:27]  YT Recreant: this will go pretty much like RL
[2014/09/29 14:27]  YT Recreant: he/she can raid, at 1:30 PM
[2014/09/29 14:28]  YT Recreant: if caught. the guard and council will teach the consequences
[2014/09/29 14:28]  YT Recreant: if not caught - well, lucky raider
[2014/09/29 14:28]  YT Recreant: the council makes maybe a law "Do not use jump extenders"
[2014/09/29 14:28]  YT Recreant: then there is a person, using them
[2014/09/29 14:28]  YT Recreant: if a council or guard seess that - the person with the jump extender will learn the consequences
[2014/09/29 14:28]  YT Recreant: if no one notices - well?
[2014/09/29 14:29]  YT Recreant: Primo had a question
[2014/09/29 14:30]  ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): Again more of a concern than a question,,,,,,, the guard job is a tough one if faced with many offenders at once, I would suggest making them health wise even stronger than say a shaman or council for IC reasons
[2014/09/29 14:31]  YT Recreant: thank you :) and we can do that.... i want to point out again also: we are open to all kinds of suggestions and tweaks and tunings,. this is an experiment, like "let everyone build where the want" is an expriment too.. the first one went great, and i am sure, this will too :)
[2014/09/29 14:31]  YT Recreant: so, how many health points the guards get, we can determine together
[2014/09/29 14:31]  YT Recreant: and vb ?
[2014/09/29 14:31]  village bike (brianna.aldridge): If I understand this correctly, someone who wants to be a Guard needs to procure the votes of two standing council members, then they have to seek out a seeker and ICily get the seeker to grant them the right to be a guard, correct? How is the seeker to know if the prospective guard actually has the votes of two counsel members?
[2014/09/29 14:32]  YT Recreant: the seeke can put the guard-aspiring person on hold and get reassurance from the two named council members
[2014/09/29 14:32]  village bike (brianna.aldridge): ㋡
[2014/09/29 14:32]  YT Recreant: also:
[2014/09/29 14:32]  YT Recreant: it can work this way...
[2014/09/29 14:32]  YT Recreant: council says to seeker "seek person A, make them guard if they want
[2014/09/29 14:33]  YT Recreant: then seeker goes and seekes A and asks
[2014/09/29 14:33]  village bike (brianna.aldridge): ㋡ ㋡
[2014/09/29 14:33]  Talulu Ohmai: ?
[2014/09/29 14:33]  YT Recreant: Talulu?
[2014/09/29 14:33]  Talulu Ohmai: How often do Seekers wander the lands?
[2014/09/29 14:33]  YT Recreant: uhm we have no time table :)
[2014/09/29 14:34]  YT Recreant: and no union either
[2014/09/29 14:34]  YT Recreant: there are 4 seekers
[2014/09/29 14:34]  YT Recreant: sometimes all are out and about, sometiems none
[2014/09/29 14:34]  YT Recreant: we seek seekers also, but we will pick them silently
[2014/09/29 14:34]  YT Recreant: so this is the point...
[2014/09/29 14:34]  YT Recreant: council makes laws
[2014/09/29 14:34]  YT Recreant: we have kept the laws on our blog puposely very general
[2014/09/29 14:35]  YT Recreant: like more or less "do not use any superpowers"
[2014/09/29 14:35]  YT Recreant: the council has the task to a. refine them, and make new ones if needd and skip old ones
[2014/09/29 14:35]  YT Recreant: b.) decide in cases that requuire more attention - about a proper reaction
[2014/09/29 14:35]  YT Recreant: so, like in RL again too:
[2014/09/29 14:36]  YT Recreant: a police officer gets you for overspeeding
[2014/09/29 14:36]  YT Recreant: if you were just overspeeding, you pay a fine - and thats it
[2014/09/29 14:36]  YT Recreant: if you were overspeeding, drunk, drugged and run over a cat...
[2014/09/29 14:36]  YT Recreant: the judge will talk to you
[2014/09/29 14:36]  YT Recreant: the police will arrest you until then
[2014/09/29 14:36]  Sheny Amat: the main point is ... when the level of irritation has been exceeded , the guards must have a possibility to deal with the problem the hard way ... (24 hour ban ?) sometime a speeding driver makes more trouble as is stricktly neccessary
[2014/09/29 14:36]  YT Recreant: this is what i imagine for here too
[2014/09/29 14:36]  YT Recreant: thank you Sheny for doing the ? trick
[2014/09/29 14:37]  YT Recreant: can we agree on keeping a structure, Sheny?
[2014/09/29 14:37]  Winter (winterthyme): ((Sheny - if you have a comment please just say "?" in chat until you are asked to speak))
[2014/09/29 14:37]  Sheny Amat: ((eeps ... sorry again ..))
[2014/09/29 14:37]  Gwennydoll: ?
[2014/09/29 14:37]  YT Recreant: a guard can ban 1 hour...
[2014/09/29 14:37]  YT Recreant: then talk to council
[2014/09/29 14:37]  YT Recreant: Gewnnydoll?
[2014/09/29 14:38]  YT Recreant: *Gwennydoll
[2014/09/29 14:38]  Gwennydoll: has there been a lot of complaints and/or problems
[2014/09/29 14:38]  Gwennydoll: i am not seeing htem
[2014/09/29 14:38]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): ?
[2014/09/29 14:38]  YT Recreant: on IC level mostly not, which is why i think we can do this here
[2014/09/29 14:38]  YT Recreant: the amazon RP area is a very mature and developed one
[2014/09/29 14:39]  YT Recreant: but
[2014/09/29 14:39]  YT Recreant: and yah, some will groan now :)....
[2014/09/29 14:39]  YT Recreant: however, but...
[2014/09/29 14:39]  YT Recreant: i have to line out:
[2014/09/29 14:39]  YT Recreant: changing the meter had a huge impact on the peace that we enjoy now, in a positive way
[2014/09/29 14:39]  YT Recreant: before that, with GM, it was wild west
[2014/09/29 14:39]  Winter (winterthyme): /me grins
[2014/09/29 14:39]  YT Recreant: this has stopped, and now we improve more
[2014/09/29 14:39]  Snuff (amordoq): ㋡
[2014/09/29 14:39]  YT Recreant: so that when all is running, we have a really working almost 100% IC world
[2014/09/29 14:40]  YT Recreant: Leilah?
[2014/09/29 14:40]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): will the council be able to act on Hud level, stripping ammo, or only on the powers the have as supporters
[2014/09/29 14:40]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): they*
[2014/09/29 14:40]  YT Recreant: the council wil get th eoption to reduce the ammo a person can carry, to zero...
[2014/09/29 14:40]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): kk
[2014/09/29 14:40]  YT Recreant: and, since i was too lazy to script a timer into it, the striped person has to ask council nicely to get it back, ever
[2014/09/29 14:41]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): /me grins
[2014/09/29 14:41]  YT Recreant: :)
[2014/09/29 14:41]  YT Recreant: now..
[2014/09/29 14:41]  YT Recreant: please consider again:
[2014/09/29 14:41]  YT Recreant: i understand if people raise brows and think "omg, willneverworkwwhatisthisagainthis wassonice"....
[2014/09/29 14:41]  YT Recreant: but .. trust us.. it wil be nice, because, we do it *with you*
[2014/09/29 14:42]  YT Recreant: we are purposely not deciding like "the big evil anonymous landlords"...
[2014/09/29 14:42]  YT Recreant: we want to make this with you
[2014/09/29 14:42]  YT Recreant: and so, it wil be great
[2014/09/29 14:42]  Takoda (lassie): ?
[2014/09/29 14:42]  YT Recreant: Takoda?
[2014/09/29 14:42]  Takoda (lassie): /me groans
[2014/09/29 14:42]  YT Recreant: ha!
[2014/09/29 14:42]  Snuff (amordoq): Yep!
[2014/09/29 14:42]  Takoda (lassie): *chuckles*
[2014/09/29 14:42]  YT Recreant: now,,
[2014/09/29 14:42]  YT Recreant: we come tot he point that makes this evening also important
[2014/09/29 14:43]  YT Recreant: Winter and I are making the technicl stuff...
[2014/09/29 14:43]  YT Recreant: and other than kicking HUD refusers, we only script and build and we are pleased with that level..
[2014/09/29 14:43]  YT Recreant: so we want, to have a point, to talk to..
[2014/09/29 14:43]  YT Recreant: one/two people, who are the channel, leader, head
[2014/09/29 14:44]  YT Recreant: that ALL others of the council know
[2014/09/29 14:44]  YT Recreant: where we adress, and can be sure, that when we talk to A and B..
[2014/09/29 14:44]  YT Recreant: coz, timezones and all, you know how that is
[2014/09/29 14:44]  YT Recreant: so we need council leaders
[2014/09/29 14:44]  YT Recreant: i would like two, from two timezones
[2014/09/29 14:44]  YT Recreant: i suggest voting, and the msot votes is leader A and th second most votes is leader B
[2014/09/29 14:45]  YT Recreant: unless, they are both fromt eh same timezone
[2014/09/29 14:45]  YT Recreant: ah
[2014/09/29 14:45]  YT Recreant: we will see i spose
[2014/09/29 14:45]  YT Recreant: :)
[2014/09/29 14:45]  YT Recreant: now.. let us structure this, i want in the first round names of people who are suggested as leader. you can suggest yourself, or someone else
[2014/09/29 14:45]  YT Recreant: but
[2014/09/29 14:45]  YT Recreant: only supporters please now...
[2014/09/29 14:46]  YT Recreant: so, names now please
[2014/09/29 14:46]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): Sunaru
[2014/09/29 14:46]  LyricalStorm (yvonne.serrari): I suggest Terr
[2014/09/29 14:46]  Jungle Flower (bisa.zuta): sunaru
[2014/09/29 14:46]  JustSylvi: suggest Primo
[2014/09/29 14:46]  YT Recreant: /e writes down
[2014/09/29 14:47]  YT Recreant: ok, we have three names...?
[2014/09/29 14:47]  slut (xx.reyes): ?
[2014/09/29 14:47]  YT Recreant: yes, slut?
[2014/09/29 14:47]  Snuff (amordoq): I suggest ρяїɱӧ
[2014/09/29 14:47]  Sheny Amat: /me votes for anybody that wants to do the job himself ..
[2014/09/29 14:47]  YT Recreant: /me waits for sluts ? :)
[2014/09/29 14:47]  slut (xx.reyes): i was wondering if those that are not able to attend the meeting will have a chance to make nominations before the voting.
[2014/09/29 14:48]  YT Recreant: yes, i have one notecard of someone who was not able to attend
[2014/09/29 14:48]  YT Recreant: she wanted to vote, not to be nominated
[2014/09/29 14:48]  Jungle Flower (bisa.zuta): ?
[2014/09/29 14:48]  slut (xx.reyes): spankies
[2014/09/29 14:48]  Sheny Amat: have a defenite voting in 4 weeks...
[2014/09/29 14:48]  YT Recreant: Bisa?
[2014/09/29 14:48]  Jungle Flower (bisa.zuta): would an online vote work better, we can survive another day without a leader
[2014/09/29 14:48]  Snuff (amordoq): .
[2014/09/29 14:48]  Jungle Flower (bisa.zuta): then everyone gets there say
[2014/09/29 14:49]  YT Recreant: i thought about that, but i have no way to control if only supporters vote
[2014/09/29 14:49]  YT Recreant: so
[2014/09/29 14:49]  YT Recreant: as the council is a key in this build, it is also key for me that those who have some skin in this region, decide
[2014/09/29 14:50]  JustSylvi: ?
[2014/09/29 14:50]  YT Recreant: aka supporters
[2014/09/29 14:50]  YT Recreant: Sylvi?
[2014/09/29 14:50]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): ?
[2014/09/29 14:50]  JustSylvi: does everyone know who is in the council ?
[2014/09/29 14:51]  YT Recreant: you can now name any supporter, and if you have named someone who can't be council i wil tell.. .. we have a list somewhere
[2014/09/29 14:51]  YT Recreant: /me looks at Winter
[2014/09/29 14:51]  YT Recreant: psst, list?
[2014/09/29 14:51]  Winter (winterthyme): /me looks through my paper
[2014/09/29 14:51]  Winter (winterthyme): +s
[2014/09/29 14:51]  JustSylvi: smiles
[2014/09/29 14:51]  YT Recreant: /me whistles a tune
[2014/09/29 14:51]  Snuff (amordoq): ㋡
[2014/09/29 14:51]  Shamca: smile
[2014/09/29 14:51]  YT Recreant: please hold the line, your call is important to us!
[2014/09/29 14:52]  village bike (brianna.aldridge): /me tickles her sisters foot while waiting
[2014/09/29 14:52]  Gwennydoll: ?
[2014/09/29 14:52]  Winter (winterthyme): there are 14 current council members
[2014/09/29 14:52]  ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): /me pinches Leilah and Sylvi while on hold
[2014/09/29 14:52]  Winter (winterthyme): wiktoria. sorbet
[2014/09/29 14:52]  Winter (winterthyme): Sunaru
[2014/09/29 14:52]  Winter (winterthyme): Justanutha
[2014/09/29 14:52]  Winter (winterthyme): Primo
[2014/09/29 14:52]  Winter (winterthyme): Nuku
[2014/09/29 14:52]  Winter (winterthyme): Emilee
[2014/09/29 14:53]  Winter (winterthyme): Krungthep
[2014/09/29 14:53]  Winter (winterthyme): terrence
[2014/09/29 14:53]  Winter (winterthyme): Justsylvi
[2014/09/29 14:53]  Winter (winterthyme): Mantis
[2014/09/29 14:53]  Winter (winterthyme): Rock
[2014/09/29 14:53]  Winter (winterthyme): Aqua Delphin
[2014/09/29 14:53]  Winter (winterthyme): and Jungle Flower (Bisa)
[2014/09/29 14:53]  YT Recreant: thank you :)
[2014/09/29 14:53]  YT Recreant: and Gwenny ?
[2014/09/29 14:53]  Gwennydoll: Can't the supporters just IM you with their vote?
[2014/09/29 14:54]  YT Recreant: sure they can. maybe a good idea...
[2014/09/29 14:54]  YT Recreant: so, let me summarize..
[2014/09/29 14:54]  YT Recreant: Sunaru, Terr and PRimo are nominated...
[2014/09/29 14:54]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): ?
[2014/09/29 14:54]  YT Recreant: Leilah?
[2014/09/29 14:55]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): I just realised that Sunaru won't take the job because of health issues
[2014/09/29 14:55]  Jungle Flower (bisa.zuta): ?
[2014/09/29 14:55]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): so I want to redraw my vote
[2014/09/29 14:55]  YT Recreant: ok, then it is Terr and Primo..
[2014/09/29 14:55]  YT Recreant: which wold make voting obsolete :D
[2014/09/29 14:55]  YT Recreant: Bisa?
[2014/09/29 14:55]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): instead of that I would like to vote for myself
[2014/09/29 14:55]  Jungle Flower (bisa.zuta): I concur and withdraw too - nominate Leilah
[2014/09/29 14:56]  YT Recreant: ah, we keep up the thrill ! :D
[2014/09/29 14:56]  YT Recreant: then its three
[2014/09/29 14:56]  YT Recreant: /drumrollls!
[2014/09/29 14:56]  Winter (winterthyme): /me grins and jots the names down
[2014/09/29 14:56]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): and there are more council members here
[2014/09/29 14:56]  YT Recreant: yes..
[2014/09/29 14:56]  YT Recreant: so, any nominations now?
[2014/09/29 14:56]  YT Recreant: not votes
[2014/09/29 14:56]  YT Recreant: nominations
[2014/09/29 14:56]  YT Recreant: we have three
[2014/09/29 14:56]  YT Recreant: Terr, Primo, Leilah
[2014/09/29 14:57]  YT Recreant: ok
[2014/09/29 14:57]  YT Recreant: then we do like Gwenny suggested
[2014/09/29 14:57]  YT Recreant: this goes up to the blog
[2014/09/29 14:57]  ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): ?
[2014/09/29 14:57]  YT Recreant: and the supoprters, all supporters, can vote...
[2014/09/29 14:57]  YT Recreant: within 24h
[2014/09/29 14:57]  YT Recreant: Primo?
[2014/09/29 14:58]  ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): I liked the idea of the online vote too
[2014/09/29 14:58]  ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): Couldnt the link be posted to the supporter group, as only they should have access?
[2014/09/29 14:58]  YT Recreant: the online vote tools are so pprimitive, they do not even check double vote
[2014/09/29 14:58]  ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): aahhh ok
[2014/09/29 14:58]  Winter (winterthyme): A suggestion...
[2014/09/29 14:59]  ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): IM vote is fine then
[2014/09/29 14:59]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): ?
[2014/09/29 14:59]  YT Recreant: i would suggest, IM Winter and me.. .or we can also nominate someone else, as "notary public"
[2014/09/29 14:59]  YT Recreant: Leilah?
[2014/09/29 14:59]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): was about to suggest the IM vote
[2014/09/29 14:59]  YT Recreant: ok
[2014/09/29 14:59]  Winter (winterthyme): ?
[2014/09/29 14:59]  YT Recreant: yes, my lovely well hu.. err. husband?
[2014/09/29 14:59]  Winter (winterthyme): /me grins
[2014/09/29 15:00]  Winter (winterthyme): I wonder if we should refine the approach slightly in the interests of transparency - 24 hours for additional nominations and then 24 hours for IM votes?
[2014/09/29 15:00]  YT Recreant: ok
[2014/09/29 15:00]  YT Recreant: so then we do that
[2014/09/29 15:00]  YT Recreant: 24 h more for nominations
[2014/09/29 15:00]  YT Recreant: starting 3 PM NOW
[2014/09/29 15:01]  YT Recreant: and then another 24h voting
[2014/09/29 15:01]  YT Recreant: the nominations are on the blog
[2014/09/29 15:01]  YT Recreant: the IMs then will be collected
[2014/09/29 15:01]  YT Recreant: /me smiles
[2014/09/29 15:01]  YT Recreant: wonderful
[2014/09/29 15:01]  YT Recreant: nominate please via IM also to Winter and or me
[2014/09/29 15:01]  YT Recreant: now, do you have aaaaaaaany questions?
[2014/09/29 15:01]  Magidon: ?
[2014/09/29 15:02]  Takoda (lassie): ?
[2014/09/29 15:02]  YT Recreant: Magidon?
[2014/09/29 15:02]  Magidon: NOt a question, a comment... Thank you so much for creating this beautiful place!
[2014/09/29 15:02]  YT Recreant: /me smiles and bows "thank you too.. for enjyoing it ehre... all builds are "just sitting nicely" without vissitors
[2014/09/29 15:03]  YT Recreant: and Takoda?
[2014/09/29 15:03]  Takoda (lassie): is there any word on the celestials?
[2014/09/29 15:03]  Winter (winterthyme): /me grins
[2014/09/29 15:03]  YT Recreant: err.. wot?
[2014/09/29 15:03]  YT Recreant: :P
[2014/09/29 15:03]  YT Recreant: i todl you its in my inventory
[2014/09/29 15:03]  Takoda (lassie): ?
[2014/09/29 15:03]  YT Recreant: yes? :)
[2014/09/29 15:03]  Takoda (lassie): /me groans
[2014/09/29 15:03]  YT Recreant: ha! :P
[2014/09/29 15:04]  YT Recreant: great .. then we, Winter and I, thank you for your attention and time
[2014/09/29 15:04]  Takoda (lassie): ?
[2014/09/29 15:04]  YT Recreant: /me grins "it is over,, the public hour, Takoda :P
[2014/09/29 15:04]  Snuff (amordoq): ♫~~♫~~APPLAUSE~~♫~~♫
[2014/09/29 15:04]  Shamca: we thank you and winter for time spent
[2014/09/29 15:05]  Asia Soy: yes we really appreciate it
[2014/09/29 15:05]  Terrrence: Thank you YT and Winter
[2014/09/29 15:05]  Sheny Amat: /me claps
[2014/09/29 15:05]  Winter (winterthyme): /me tips my non existent hat and smiles wide
[2014/09/29 15:05]  YT Recreant: /me smiles too, but widaaaah
[2014/09/29 15:05]  Shamca: were the cookies
[2014/09/29 15:05]  Leilah (itsuki.zsun): thank you both, this will be a unique experiment in sl
[2014/09/29 15:06]  YT Recreant: innit :)
[2014/09/29 15:06]  Chrysta (chrystalinia): is enjoying watching the process*
[2014/09/29 15:06]  NearMe: Sheny Amat is <20 - IM denied
[2014/09/29 15:06]  YT Recreant: /me grins "me too, it is fun.. indeed
[2014/09/29 15:07]  slut (xx.reyes): most of the time :)
[2014/09/29 15:07]  YT Recreant: you al have a beautiful day, and night and all, please excuse me, i need some mintues RL ..

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