Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Quest for Strength

Today we release a new Quest to the Amazon - El Mundo Perdido ("The Lost World") - which gives a very valuable gift!

El Mundo Perdido will grant those who solve the quest a powerful potion.  This potion increases your Strength.  The quest is not easy - you will be beset by all manner of challenges before you can win this valuable prize.

Strength* is a new feature of the Spirit.  If you have Strength and have the misfortune to be attacked, your Strength will absorb any hits you may take before your Health begins to fail.  So the stronger you are, the harder you will be to down in a fight.  Once your Strength is exhausted though, your Health will suffer when you take hits.  You can think of Strength as a sort of 'buffer' that absorbs hits before your Health starts to be eroded.

Enjoy the quest!

Tantrica and Baron

*Your Strength stats will now show when you click your Spirit and ask "Who am I?".  You can see other people's stats by clicking their spirit.

Joe Resident
status: Local, combat ok
Ammo loaded: 39
Nets loaded: 0
Curare Arrows: 0
Health: 20.000000
Strength: 40.000000
6 ft. 6in.  tall, that equals 1.996093 m

Monday, February 11, 2019

About Rules and Metagaming and trolls: an OOC - rant

This is an Out of Character blog entry, addressing various issues that i have seen recently in the Amazon River. OOC is emphasized and i want to point, for some reasons that i will clarify below, that knowledge, gained by this article, is nothing you can mention fluently "In Character", as your Roleplay persona. Seasoned players know what i mean. Beginners may ask the seasoned ones.
I am going over some topics and will start with

Amazon Rules

 As you all know, we have only two rules that we really insist on, which set the frame for our playtime here:
  1. always wear the spirit
  2. do not be  a dickhead
The first rule is taken care of, largely, by scripts. Excessive attempts to violate it would result in the individual being ejected, repeatedly. We actually only have this rule so that, in case someone would find a workaround to escape our scripts we can still point at the rule and say "Not going to fly here".
The second rule is very easy and simple too: whenever you do something, ask yourself whether your behaviour is, when it comes to OOC; mature. If it is immature then revisit it and adjust it.. I will give a few examples of immaturity that i encountered:
  • One resident was once a guard. He decided to step down for personal reasons. Then he saw another player being in a fantasy costume with furry attributes - the mature reaction would have been to either IM that player or to go to the mouthpiece of the Gods and report it there. However, the Ex-guard decided to go into the IM of a staff and pester her then "if he can be that, then i can be a snoopy-cartoon too!" No, you can not, Dickhead
  • Another resident walks around in High-Heels and gets first politely in Roleplay hinted at that High Heels surely look dashing, in a club, in a city, but not so much in a jungle. Her reaction? she ignores all hints, logs out, logs back in two hours later, with high heels. And makes staff by that react again. Repeatedly. Dickhead
There are many more examples that i could list. And trust me, none of them are entertaining for staff. They are tiring. And since we all invest our RL time here, our replies are curt. If you get demoted or jailed or banned then simply for the reason that no one here has the mood to deal with dickheads. We don't want lots of rules here. We don't want to compile and maintain a huge rulebook, because that stifles roleplay. But every time someone behaves like a dickhead and is corrected for that, people take it as a 'new rule'.  There are only two rules (wear the spirit - don't be a dickhead) - check your own behaviour if you feel 'picked on' by staff - because most likely you are being a dickhead.


You have seen someone doing something and then you have told our staff via mouthpiece. Now your expectations may run high. You maybe want to see a public reaction from the sim administration - or anything else. You want your request to be taken care of. And that is natural and understandable. However, sometimes our reaction will not be visible for you. Sometimes you will maybe think we ignored it even. Or that we put different preferences on different players. 
Let me assure you: we do not. We treat everyone equal. We even have an internal reporting tool where we can see when a request/report has been taken care of and by who. (Provided that you keep the official way: mouthpiece. Do not IM staff directly please)
Everyone on staff is working hard and dedicates RL time to keep the jungle fun for you. Honour it by quitting assumptions about possible mistakes we could have made - because, regularly you would not know what we did.

Metagaming and Godmodding

This is a permanent issue, sadly, in all roleplay areas. and it spoils long term roleplay big time. It is more sobering even when you experience it by seasoned players. 
Metagaming is using knowledge that you as pixelpersona would not have. Example: you edit an object in SL, see who owns it, and use that knowledge in your roleplay. No. That does not work. And it does not matter how you clad it or try to disguise it. Learning something with OOC tools will stay OOC knowledge
Godmodding is: setting up something that affects another player by assumng something about that other player which is not true. Example: you have edited an object, learned that "John Doe" placed the object (metagaming) and then declare "OH look! John Doe lost his purse there! then *he* has placed the object here!" <- Godmodding, as John Doe maybe did not even have a purse with him at this time. The correct thing to do here woul dhave been, to IM John Doe BEFOREHAND and ask if that would be ok with him to play it this way.
Do not metagame, do not godmode. You can do better and it is more fun too.

Roleplay limits

Many many Roleplay-areas in SL urge you to name your limits. We did too. But i have to say, this concept is not the best really. Some players have a "lawyer mentality" and want to make it airtight, so they write excessive paragraphs in their profile when which action is good and when not. Some want to be superior and write stuff like "I can penetrate you, but you can not penetrate me" (dickhead btw). Some are overly anxious and just come up with a list of "noooooo". ANd wonder then why no one dares to approach them.
Make your profile inviting. Do not put the emphasis on limits but on LIKES. What do you like? Maybe even: what turns you on? Check "F-List" maybe (ask others what that is).
And yes, we will point out if your profile is not balanced in the sense that i mentioned above: you can not go around, act as a brute on dishing out but act like a snowflake on cashing in. Be hard in taking and giving or be soft in both. This is not a D/s sim or Gor where inequality is part of the concept.

Spirit colours red and pink

People who enjoy ERP (Erotic Roleplay, shagging, bunga bunga) can emphasize this by choosing the above colours. And yes, red has more power in the hunt and chase than pink. and to be brutally honest: i have set it that way because some predators are so clumsy wit their weapons that i have chosen to do so - so that they get the prey easier. Because a hunt with a prey that beats down the predator is actually little fun for both parties. 
As for all bystanders: there are every now and then reports about people gossiping "Have you seen? Jane Doe has a pink dot, that slut!" or "John Doe has  ared dot, that pig!". Don't do that, it will put you right back into dickhead mode. we have left pitchforks and torches behind us for good reasons. if you disagree how others live their SL then do what is the best here: mind your own business

This is my rant for today. Enjoy!


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Amazon Telegraph - News from your Jungle

Your Author: DaGolem

 a visit at the camp of the Xoco

Many mysteries rank around that tribe which is settled at the very north of the Amazon River. Stories about vanishing men and salacious parties. Your intrepid reporter has spared no expense and effort to get his own picture of the conditions in this camp. Find here the transcript of the interview and judge yourself!

The chieftess (click to enlarge)

[09:45:16] DaGolem walks up into the camp and looks around, curiously
[09:46:24] Khaing Zar: turns at the sound of twigs cracking underfloor and sees the strange looking man who was making notes at landing a day or two ago.
[09:46:51] DaGolem recognizes the woman as well again and smiles friendly "Hello .. Chieftess it is, yes?
[09:47:30] Khaing Zar: It is, I'm Chieftess Khaing of the Xoco. Can we help you?
[09:48:35] DaGolem makes a small bow as salutation "i am honoured to meet you. i am Golem. Ambassador of the monks and Campaigner.. i am here on a mission as i was asked to write about important people of the Jungle. and the tribe of the xoco with their chieftess is on my list.
[09:48:53] Khaing Zar: nods
[09:49:08] Khaing Zar: Then umm... you're welcome.
[09:49:42] Khaing Zar: We have never met any monks, so it is interesting to meet an ambassador from them.
[09:50:40] DaGolem nods and steps closer, getting a pen and a notebook ready to scribble down "oh, you have not? yes, they keep to themselves mostly and play with the seekers" then starts to take notes "so, Chieftess, how would you describe the xoco? what is special about your tribe, sets you apart from other tribes?
[09:51:34] Khaing Zar: Come and sit with us.
[09:52:00] DaGolem follows "gladly
[09:52:02] Khaing Zar: But why do you wish to know about us?
[09:52:48] DaGolem: because, like i mentioned before, i am here to write anything important about the jungle. now if you would say the xoco are not important then i would apologize and leave.
[09:53:24] Khaing Zar: laughs, "The Xoco are very important!"
[09:53:48] DaGolem nods and scribbles down, mumbling "very important
[09:54:06] Khaing Zar: Well, the tribe has a long history...from escaped slaves taken from various locations in 16th century.
[09:54:49] Khaing Zar: A group of females escaped a Portuguese or Spanish ship in a storm and made mainland in northern Brazil
[09:55:31] DaGolem pays close attention, writes, repeats fragments mumbled "slaves, 16th century.. northern Brazil.. " then looks up "ah yes." and then continues writing as you keep telling the story
[09:55:49] Khaing Zar: There were elements of ancient tribal traditions amongst them
[09:56:22] Khaing Zar: And they have remained intact across 500 years.
[09:56:57] DaGolem nods "500 years ..." flips a new blank page open on the notebook and keeps writing
[09:57:28] DaGolem then looks over the camp and back at the Chieftess "the xoco is a tribe with females only?
[09:57:52] Khaing Zar: We ermm... have our own gods that we worship...
[09:59:03] Khaing Zar: Most of the males drowned in the storm...and because the women were taken as slaves my men, they developed an animosity towards males...and though the tribe has grown, it's remained female
[09:59:53] Khaing Zar: Our chief Goddess is Lua mãe (0r Mama Quilla)
[10:00:19] Lilly (Ooydor) whispers: i have never seen a helmet like that stranger wears
[10:01:14] Khaing Zar: She is a Goddess for females and is of the Moon. But But we also worship her brother, Irmão sol - who is of the Sun (Inti)
[10:01:20] DaGolem jots down "own Gods " and adds "remained female, Mama Quilla" and smiles briefly at the woman who was wondering about his hat -  then chews the pen, thinking, and then looks curious "how do you multiply then? if you are only females?
[10:02:13] Khaing Zar: Ahh. In the 21st century, tribal attitudes have changed towards men.
[10:03:08] Khaing Zar: These days, we do not question the sexual orientation of our sisters and some like men. Though we do not allow sex or flirtation with males in our village
[10:03:59] Khaing Zar: We also capture sisters who are lost or distressed in the jungles. Also natives come to us from ravaged or destroyed tribes.
[10:05:04] DaGolem scribbles, flips to another blank page as two have already been filled, and jots down as the Chieftess talks "sleeping around is allowed... gives home to homeless natives... " and muses "so if one of your tribe members is pregnant they keep the baby - however - what if the baby is male?"
[10:05:35] Khaing Zar: We have a variety of ceremonies for birth blessings, marriages, tribal initiations and the solstice celebrations. Also including the Toré (the long dance), which includes dancing, body painting and singing. The Toré is a communal healing ritual that leaves us with feelings of euphoria and happiness that lasts for days.
[10:06:37] Khaing Zar: We do not keep male children, fortunately they are few. In the early days, they would be sacrificed to Lua Mãe
[10:07:17] Khaing Zar: Now we give them to other tribes or the mother chooses to leave us with her baby
[10:08:17] Khaing Zar: We like to give males to the Tapirape Tribe - it helps their tribe to grow and the mother can visit frequently, as they're just across the river.
[10:08:40] DaGolem nods, writes down and mumbles "Toré , body painting, healing ritual... " and is focussed on taking notes, adding then "male babies were sacrificed" and does not show any reaction to those statements "mothers of male babies are sent away..." and flips the full page over, continues writing "Chieftess, there is a story going around that so called Priestesses kidnap babies  - and make them pray to stones. what do you know about this?
[10:11:13] Khaing Zar: Only that there is clearly trouble between two groups we are a little wary of in Amazon, the priestesses and the seekers. We prefer to remain independent of them, though we have grown friendly with Priestess B'Neh and eleven of us danced at her marriage to Chief Maccus, who is well-known to us.
[10:12:13] Khaing Zar: Three seekers came to several of us, to make accusations the Priestess B'Neh and perhaps others of her sisters were stealing native babies and robbing natives of their gold
[10:12:29] DaGolem writes all that down as well, with no reaction and a neutral face, listening with interest
[10:13:22] Khaing Zar: We decided, together with other tribes to form a  force to discover the truth and to promote indigenous rights against any who would encroach on them.strong political
[10:14:46] Khaing Zar: We are intended to hold a tribal court of enquiry, with representatives of the tribes in the union, Maska, Tapi, Xoco, Tocana Nation, Reni Tribe and the Pacari.
[10:15:54] Khaing Zar: Priestess has reluctantly agreed to attend, her husband is naturally unhappy. But we accuse no-one of anything, merely wish to establish the truth.
[10:17:12] DaGolem nods, mumbles as he writes "promote indigenous rights.. " and then takes note of all the tribes mentioned, "husband naturally unhappy" and looks again curious "now, Chieftess, i have a different question. there is word that the xoco attack men when they enter the camp. is that true? i have so far enjoyed a warm welcome, so i am wondering of that part is a tale
[10:17:20] Khaing Zar: Our union is called: the FPN, or Federação de Populações Nativas - Federation of Native Populations
[10:19:46] Khaing Zar: laughs, "Well, we do not encourage males to visit us, but if they are polite and do not carry weapons, we tolerate them. If they bring gifts such as fruit or meat, well and good. If they are hostile of wave weapons - male or female we will capture them and hold them for questioning.
[10:21:13] Khaing Zar: Exceptions are that we welcome Tapi males as they're our close allies and we allow Merc males to walk through our village, as they're immediate neighbours and we're friendly with their leaders. Also we invite everyone, male or female to our Friday long dances
[10:21:54] DaGolem nods "FPN..  " spells that out then while he writes it down he listens to more from the Chieftess, taking notes, acknowledging those who arrived with a brief nod as his attention is on Khaing and his notebook "So, Friday males are safe here, other days not so?
[10:23:53] Khaing Zar: It depends on male behaviour. Some are like bears seeking honey and may be a nuisance, others are openly hostile. One is a pizza delivery man who says we keep ordering pizzas...excuses to visit us to stare at my sisters
[10:25:06] Khaing Zar: You might have noticed that as the FPN movement grows natives are holding protest demos at different places in Amazon. There was one earlier at landing.
[10:25:25] DaGolem nods and writes down "Pizza" then adds "protests, FPN" and mumbles some more, then looks up again "very interesting. however Chieftess, now i have another question to a different topic. what would you tell a female native who aspired to join your tribe?
[10:26:59] Khaing Zar: nods and smiles at Honey. I think you confronted a priestess?
[10:27:49] Khaing Zar: Hmmm recruitment is an issue our tribal council has discussed recently and we're in the process of revising our rules.
[10:28:23] DaGolem looks at Khaing, drawing then an idle pattern on the page of his notebook as he waits for the answer "i see. but what would you like to see in a native, basic things?
[10:28:28] Khaing Zar: We're a large tribe and we do not at present need more sisters, unless they have very specific skills that we need.
[10:30:15] DaGolem draws more idle patterns "so you wish me to note for our readers that you do not recruit at this point in time, Chieftess?
[10:30:38] Khaing Zar: We ask them why they have an interest in Xoco,
[10:33:09] Khaing Zar: what skills they have to offer and ask them to visit other tribes to learn what is on offer in Amazon. If they return to us , they are given full information about the tribe, are asked to spend time getting to know us. If then my sisters like them, we may admit them as novas (new sisters) if they're native. If not , we may accept then as captives, though we may be gentle with those who may have been previously abused.
[10:33:31] Khaing Zar: We are thinking of halting recruitment altogether for a while
[10:35:43] DaGolem nods and writes "visit other tribes, novas.. sisters... " then looks up and stands "thank you Chieftess, this concludes my interview for today. i learned a lot. May i take a picture of you for our readers?
[10:36:20] Khaing Zar: Of course
[10:36:36] Khaing Zar: I'm just tidying my hair a bit
[10:36:59] DaGolem gets his camera ready and aims with it at the chieftess "ready when you are
[10:37:12] Khaing Zar: OK
[10:38:56] DaGolem takes a snapshot and bows then thank you very much , Chieftess
[10:39:50] Khaing Zar: You are welcome, Golem
[10:39:59] DaGolem smiles "you have a good day, Chieftess, and all of your tribe as well" turns to go
[10:40:07] Lilly: watches as stranger walks away .... funny clothing he wears, huh?
[10:40:08] Khaing Zar: smiles

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Maccus's ERP Class

Here is a full transcript of the class on Erotic Role Play Maccus gave. I urge you to read, digest and enjoy - a very useful session! Thanks Maccus!

[2019/02/07 12:01:27]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Before we start, a disclaimer... Tonight you will here some sexual and 'rude' words
[2019/02/07 12:01:41]  Silvia (silvan.mertel): from you? nooo
[2019/02/07 12:01:53]  Lilly (ooydor): coughs
[2019/02/07 12:01:54]  Carline Thistle Studley Moon (flowertower): /me giggles
[2019/02/07 12:02:24]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir): For those outside the ring, please sit on a chair or on the ground inside the ring, so you are in chat range.
[2019/02/07 12:02:56]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I know some us will find moments to giggles, but since there are so many, please can you not emote or make side comments in local. Please touch the blue balls, I mean blue box to make a comment or question and then wait for me to call you in
[2019/02/07 12:04:01]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir): Aisha, please come sit inside the ring or in a chair. This makes sure you can hear everyone.
[2019/02/07 12:04:51]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Also... this isn't about me telling you I know more or less than you. It is meant to try and help some avoid some pretty normal mistakes. And to give you some ideas. I hope that we will all leave knowing a little more, and wanting to try something different
[2019/02/07 12:05:03]  Jey (jeremy.reynaud): hi honey
[2019/02/07 12:05:06]  Ąiѕɧα (zaishaz): Hello, *waves* and I wanted to stay quiet  . thank I can hear all :)
[2019/02/07 12:05:13]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir): /me smiled, nodding.
[2019/02/07 12:06:12]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): ERP, which is EROTIC ROLE PLAY, or sex
[2019/02/07 12:06:23]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Is really just another form of RP
[2019/02/07 12:06:48]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Because we do it with those we love, it has a bit of a name for being 'special'
[2019/02/07 12:07:16]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): But, it is roleplay. And follows a lot of the same guidelines and etiquette of RP
[2019/02/07 12:07:41]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Some rules we ignore a little, but in general it is the same
[2019/02/07 12:08:00]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Beiong 'good' at Sex RP, depends on several things
[2019/02/07 12:08:19]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): First is always, as in all RP, your chemistry with your RP Partner
[2019/02/07 12:08:35]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Second is your technique
[2019/02/07 12:08:46]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): how you emote, how you can draw a picture
[2019/02/07 12:09:13]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): At the Amazon we tend to have three different types of ERP
[2019/02/07 12:09:31]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): We have what we would call Romatic
[2019/02/07 12:10:02]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): We have the CARP form. Someone is captured.... Maybe they have sex to 'pay ' for their release
[2019/02/07 12:10:23]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): And we have the harder, dorced, or Rape RP
[2019/02/07 12:10:29]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): forced*
[2019/02/07 12:10:45]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Three pretty different forms of ERP
[2019/02/07 12:11:24]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): It frustrates some of us, that people are slow to try the CARP ERP, because they have partners
[2019/02/07 12:11:40]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Oh, my wife will be jealous
[2019/02/07 12:11:47]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): My husband will kill me
[2019/02/07 12:12:09]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): What you decide to so is up to YOU. I'm not going to push you one way or another
[2019/02/07 12:12:22]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): But, I would suggest that you at least try it
[2019/02/07 12:12:43]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Hand on heart, as someone who has been in a partnership, first time feels a bit.. um... weird
[2019/02/07 12:13:15]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): But it is a very different form of thing. Sex with your partner has a romantic 'loving' side to it, other ERP does not
[2019/02/07 12:13:33]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So, first message is talk with your partner and maybe give it a try
[2019/02/07 12:14:00]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I'll touch on the colour system we have here....
[2019/02/07 12:14:20]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): White, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple ALL HAVE SEX!
[12:14:44]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Colour makes no difference to it in general
[12:15:30]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): The colors red and purple were introduced to allow some of us to 'advertise' that we are interested in, or willing to have a more sexual type of RP
[12:16:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I'm red, Tantrica is purple, does it mean i'm going to rape her? No, it does not, the RP is driven by both people. Sure, Rape or forced is a possibility, we ask you do not have limits against these if you are going to be one of these colours. But it does NOT mean it has to go in that direction
[12:17:33]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): BUT...... As a Red player, I'm not going to RP or down Tantrica and romance her
[12:17:48]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): It is hunter prey ERP
[12:18:23]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): It implies a CARP aspect, normally a capture and a pretty non-romantic form of sexual RP
[12:18:56]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So... if you are REd, please resist to comment on her beautiful eyes and buy her chocolates!
[12:19:05]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Carline?
[12:19:47] Carline Thistle Studley Moon (flowertower): When I began there were only two colors:  Yellow and White.  Since I do not normally have a lot of free time here in the Amazon can you please explain exactly what each of the colors means?
[12:20:35] Carline Thistle Studley Moon (flowertower): Particular since I have not even seen Red until I was in the Arena?'
[12:20:45] Anna Renfew left chat range.
[12:20:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) coughswisdomcavecoughs
[12:21:00] Karin (karinsegundo) left chat range.
[12:21:12] Ϯ Tawmanya Ϯ (tawmanya): i am red
[12:21:14] Kayra the Imp (kayra.rae): #greentagforthewin
[12:21:18] aponi (jojo.westerlow) coughshejustexplainedredandpurplecoughs
[12:21:58]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) nods "I will briefly sure, but it really isn't for here. White is a player who hasn't done the Wisdom Cave or is on the 'safe' zone on the landing. Green is either peaceful, or aggressive roleplay which is unmetered, like using dice. Yellow is Aggressive, Red is ahunter who chases and has sexual RP with a purple. Full detials are in the Guarani Camp at CURVE
[12:21:59] Carline Thistle Studley Moon (flowertower): he stated that "the colors red and purple were introduced to allow some of us to 'advertise'", but did not specify what each one specificlly meant.
[12:22:15]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Carline, if you can ask your question, and then wait it would help please
[12:22:36] Carline Thistle Studley Moon (flowertower): Thank you.
[12:22:41]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): And please, can everyone, not make cross comments, use the box
[12:23:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So then let's talk about sex and god moding...
[12:23:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): In ERP, we tend to relax the rules on power play a little, BUT it also depends how well you know your partner
[12:24:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): For example, I might *Leans and kisses B'Neh*
[12:24:52]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Strictly speaking, it's power play. I can't *Swing his fist and punches Baron on the nose*
[12:25:25]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I can't make a move and decide if it hits and the damage. But when we have ERP, to a small degree we blur that
[12:25:44]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): BUT.... It depends who you are with. A new partner, you will be more cautious
[12:25:52]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): BUTTTTTTTTµTT
[12:25:56] Midnite (midnitewitch) left chat range.
[12:26:04]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): DO NOT make the classic mistakes
[12:26:17]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): This is a dance in words between you and your RP partner
[12:26:24]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I move, wshe moves, I move
[12:26:34]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): A classic example.......
[12:26:36] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte) entered chat range (15.16 m).
[12:26:44] !CONNECT! basic couples animator ready.
[12:27:24]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Kisses her lips, runs his finger down over her breast, her nipple goes hard, his hand moves lower, his fingers touch her pussy and it swells and gets wet
[12:27:39]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): OR.......
[12:28:09]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) She kisses him, reaches down, grasps his cock and strokes it until it gets hard
[12:28:38]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): You cannot decide what state another persons body is inb
[12:28:44]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So I could.....
[12:29:00]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Kisses her lips and then runs his finger down to swirl around her nipple
[12:29:24]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Now, my RP partner would respond
[12:29:30]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): It is a dance
[12:29:47]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): You move, he/she moves
[12:29:51]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): etc
[12:30:14]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Guy who go straight for the pussy tend not to get second dates
[12:30:52]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Who know, the girl might slap my face and tell me not to touch her breast
[12:31:09]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Good ERP is about painting pictures
[12:31:30]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Now, what I'm about to say, will (B'Neh warned me) might upset some of you
[12:31:59]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): DO NOT NOT NOT NOT LET POSEBALLS LIMIIT YOU ERP
[12:32:14]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Sure use poseballs, it gives you great eyecandy
[12:32:38]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): But don't restrict yourself with them, don't let it stop your imagination
[12:33:02]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): The Mama Allpa has a great poser, but even that doesn't do everything I might like to do
[12:33:26]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I use my imagination, then try and find a pose that is CLOSE to what I want
[12:33:40]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Some of us have ERP without poses
[12:34:17] ღ Laeti Ąշυɾa τђσɾɳe ღ (laetilasss) left chat range.
[12:34:23]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So, I might grab a captive ans shake her by the arm, she might try and strike me, an I grab her arm, holding it above her head
[12:34:47]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So I have her arm above her head, I push my body aghainst her pinning her against the wall
[12:35:10]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): My other hand might slide under her lloin
[12:35:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Try and find a pose for that
[12:35:44]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So emote your imagination, then find a pose that is 'close' to what you see in your head
[12:36:06]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Sex, in SL is more emotes, than words
[12:36:21]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): A bit like RL, few of us talk all the way through sex RL
[12:36:26]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Tan?
[12:36:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Commercial hint: i made Animare exactly for that, so you can make poses on the fly, (no joke, i made it when i wanted to Roleplay a certain pose and change it in the roleplay :P )
[12:37:06]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Is that available Tan?
[12:37:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, of course, free demo also at the animare mainstore  in CatAdore (25,110,22)
[12:37:46]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Ok,cool thank you!
[12:37:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): thank you too
[12:38:07]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So, paint a picture with your mind and emote it
[12:38:36]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): And if you can add some detials, it will make that picture even better
[12:38:50]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): : Kisses her neck and squeezes her breasr
[12:39:00]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): is ok.....
[12:39:06]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): How about...
[12:39:59]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Runs his tongue over the soft skin of her neck, peppering it with kisses as his fingers stroke her breast, cupping it and squeezing as his thumb rolls over her nipple
[12:40:10]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Baron?
[12:40:39] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): On the emoting thing - it's often helpful for your partner to add some 'spoken words' too. I have found that it can be helpful in building the tension. For example: <<as his fingers stroke her breast, cupping it and squeezing as his thumb rolls over her nipple"What pretty tits...I bet lots of people stare at you and make comments..." >>
[12:41:25]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Grins as he jots that down "VEry true and yes, I'm not suggesting you don't talk, just that use emotes to describe also
[12:41:37] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): fo sho :-)
[12:41:45]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): What is pretty bad it something like.....
[12:42:07]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): grabs her breast "oh yes baby, fuck yes, nice tits"
[12:42:51]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Words are sexy, descriptions add a lot
[12:42:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Tan?
[12:43:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Also, something for both sides.. write what you like in your profile.. and.. on the other hand, *read* profiles.. i find so so often, profiles only have "limits" - but thik also of the person who wants to have fun time with oyu, how should they know, amongst a gazillion of opitons, what *you* like? so, do not be drab and just write "my limits are..." be creative.. and ofer something to start on, things you get off on, do not be shy
[12:44:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): YEs, and if you add a link to your FList profile it gives people a really good idea of your likes and kinks.
[12:45:24]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Aoshi?
[12:45:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you can check my profile for an example
[12:45:39] Aoshi Watanabe: i don't think it's good to write such things in the limits
[12:45:50] Aoshi Watanabe: that break the RP
[12:46:01]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): OK, we aren't talking limits, we are talking LIKES
[12:46:08] Aoshi Watanabe: yes
[12:46:27] Aoshi Watanabe: i'm talking about LIKES in Limits
[12:46:27]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I read profiles before I RP, especially ERP
[12:46:42]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I want to know what makes a woman 'tick'
[12:46:53] Aoshi Watanabe: so discover in rp no ?
[12:47:12]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): If Tan doesn't mind, I will use her as an example
[12:47:15] Aoshi Watanabe: or that turn into quickies ...
[12:47:36]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): If I was about to ERP with Tan, I'd have read her profile
[12:48:25]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): And I'd know that to truly float her boat, giving her chocolates, flowers and asking would she like to fuck me was not the best approach
[12:48:47]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Cause her PRofile tells me things that help my ERP
[12:49:06]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Some things are hard to know in ERP Aoshi
[12:49:15]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): You go up to a girl to RP sex
[12:49:39]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): you going to push her against a wall and tell her you are going to take her, or are you going to give her roses?
[12:49:57]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I'd rather know how I can make my RP partner happy
[12:50:10]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Tawny?
[12:50:25] aponi (jojo.westerlow): push me against the wall because I'll hit you with the roses for giving them to me
[12:50:30] Ϯ Tawmanya Ϯ (tawmanya): How i can add link to my profile?
[12:50:56]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): YOu just paste it from the address bar in the browser, or simply type it in
[12:51:14]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Tan?
[12:51:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Aoshi, you have no idea how tiring it is when the xth guy  comes and thinks it is cool to do something that i find totally boring. "discover in RP" fails pretty much lots really, and if you think it is not good to give clues in the profile, then you are just wrong. you will almost 100% safely run against  a wall in the attempt to get me laid and we both will part with a slightly frustrated feeling, because you did not achieve your goal and i feel like time wasted
[12:51:44] Ϯ Tawmanya Ϯ (tawmanya): Thanks Marcus!
[12:52:34]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I will go back to something I said earlier.... RP is about two or more people dancing with words. I want to RP with Tan, I want to have fun, but I also want HER to have fun. If she isn't happy, my RP won't be fun. The more I can know about her, before I go into RP with her, the better
[12:53:00]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I hate women that come up tome and offer sex.
[12:53:02]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): HATE IT
[12:53:35]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So, what is better?They come and offer me sex and get told to piss off, or they read my profile and change their approash?
[12:53:51]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Aoshi?
[12:54:03] Aoshi Watanabe: learning by experiences is my way
[12:54:07] Aoshi Watanabe: but i see
[12:54:32]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I get that, but sometimes inside information is way better! Tan hits really fucking hard!
[12:55:19]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So, when you roleplay sex, keep your ERP in keeping with the RP situation
[12:55:29]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): For example....
[12:55:41]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I chase and down Aponi and drag her into the bushes
[12:56:03]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): There is only one thing she is going to do with a bunch of roses
[12:56:12]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): And it won't be pretty
[12:56:35] aponi (jojo.westerlow) writes "dislikes roses" in profile
[12:56:45]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So, I down her, my ERP is going to be one of maybe coercing her for sex to be released, or just taking it
[12:57:05]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I will have already read her limits
[12:57:22]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I would know if forced or rape was her limit
[12:57:48]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): if it wasn't her thing, i'd go towards something else. BUT....... BUTTTT...
[12:57:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): This is Aponi and I RPing
[12:58:04]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): SHE will also guide it
[12:58:14]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): and I will listen to her reactions
[12:58:24]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I may not follow them
[12:58:30]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): but I will listen
[12:58:36]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Baron?
[12:58:37] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): TaKe Me JeSuS
[12:58:38] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Aoshi - I assume, like everyone, you check people's limits before you RP with them. This is really just the same sort fo thing - it's about understanding what the person you play with is prepared to entertain. In general RP you would observe a limit of 'no mutilation' - why would you not equally observe a 'like' of 'assertive approach for sexy times'?
[12:58:45] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): (( omg sorry))
[12:59:04]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) SNORTS "Later Widow!"
[12:59:12] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): (( laughs))
[12:59:19]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): You want to reply Aoshji?
[12:59:37] Aoshi Watanabe: not really wanted to see the like even if that can help
[12:59:49] Aoshi Watanabe: i prefer discover
[13:00:00] Aoshi Watanabe: but i'm a romantic so *raises eyebrows*
[13:00:39]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): It is your chice to do that, but I think especially with ERP you will loose out. If you are with a partner, then sure, discover at leasure, but if I'm going to jump Baron and have butt sex with him, I'm going to read his profile fist
[13:00:54]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): FIRST*
[13:00:56] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): fist?
[13:00:59] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): :p
[13:01:00]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): FIRST, not FIST
[13:01:14]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) chokes laughing
[13:01:36]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Sorry can't type! Tan?
[13:01:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Aoshi, again: you are not a mind reader, you will not be able to find out in RP straight away what i like.. and i woul dnot even dare to claim such for me, that i would know what you like. if you refuse to gain information abou tthe LIKES of your RP partner then i find that ignorant . i strongly encourage you to revisit that point of view "i prefer discover" sounds to me snore-boring, but then again so sounds to me "i am a romantic". which i stated for example in my profile. For me the "romantic" guys are those who make me fall aslseep, or browse the internet while they rut off .. and that is why i wrote it in my profile, what i prefer, to save YOUR time - and when you then say you find that not so good.. then.. yah..
[13:02:20]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) nods and crosses Tan off his Christmas list for soft centres
[13:02:26]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Jaz?
[13:02:55] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte): thank you ..my question is If your RP victim/partner stated that she did not tolerate rape in her profile would a man still be able to state his intention to rape her? ..and if so what would your advice be to her?
[13:03:52]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): If you have no rape in your limits, I can tell you I'm going to rape you yes. BUT, I cannot rape you. It's the difference between a threat and an action
[13:04:17] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte): ok thank you for that explanation
[13:04:42]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I have kids, I've threatened to kill them many times over, but strangely have never killed them.... yet!
[13:05:04]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So, keep your sexual roleplay in keeping with the RP situation
[13:05:16]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I will give a tip to you
[13:05:33]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Purples are pretty much not looking for roses
[13:06:04]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): and in most CARP capture situations, romantic sex is really not in keeping with the situation
[13:06:14]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Lauren?
[13:06:14] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte): im showing my newness here but i ahve not idea what that means..purples?
[13:06:45] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte): never mind..will hand to Lauren
[13:06:54] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): Stating that purples are not looking for roses, to me that depends all on the role play, my purple status does not mean i prefer CARP , it means that i accept it as an option.
[13:07:29]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) nods "ok fair point, but as a red, looking for capture roleplay, i'm really not bringing roses"
[13:08:07] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): that is you as a red, but if you bring me a rose i RP it, and i may not like it, but then i Rp that
[13:08:21]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Jaz, to answer your question. We have the colours Red and Purple. Red is a sexual hunter, purple is someone who would like to be sexual prey
[13:09:07]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I'd also like to point something out. In true roleplay, your roleplay partner will 'listen' to how you RP it
[13:09:24]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): They don't necessarily have to act on it, they can ignore it
[13:09:54]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): But, I have spoken to a couple of Purples, who specifically wanted a more forced or rape RP, they complained they weren't getting it
[13:10:11]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So I RP'd with them
[13:10:33]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): As part of the capture, they started begging for mercy, offering to buy their way out
[13:10:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): In both cases, the Red had taken the money, not the sex
[13:11:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) groans
[13:11:11]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): SO... remember, you also lead the roleplay
[13:11:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): For example.....
[13:11:29]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I down you and drag you to my cave
[13:11:29] ღ Ƭгιѕtαη  Ƭeatime  ღ  (tristan.teatime) entered chat range (15.09 m).
[13:11:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): If you specificically want rape or forced ERP, DO NOT try and buy your way out
[13:12:00]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): instead, try this......
[13:12:41]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Glares at him and spits forcefully in Maccus's face. "You fucking prick, I'm going to kill you" Tried to kick him and scratch his eyes out
[13:13:02]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): That tells me you really don't want me to go gentle
[13:13:10]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Now, I do NOT have to be rough
[13:13:25]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I could cut you free and say "oh my i'm scared"
[13:13:54]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I can still choose another path, but if I wan see my cap wants to go that route, I would try and go that way
[13:14:11]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I want to enjoy my RP, I want her to enjoy the RP
[13:14:12]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Tan?
[13:14:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): WHat i notice often with lame predators is, that they have no clue. so here is how you have to go about it as predator: 1. have a plan! and 2.  i repeat: have a plan!. 3. then stick to the plan!  - like, yu want to kidnap a prey and have your way with the prey? make sure you have a place, a location, and then if the prey "offers money" or "will do anything" laugh into the prey's face and *stick* to your plan. also, of course, BEFORE you cap your prey, read the profile of the prey, so that you know what the prey likes - aand whether it matches your likes - and then.. go for your plan!
[13:15:30]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): YEs, a true predator TAKES, they are alphas, they don't look for permission, they don't look to make the woman happy, they take what they need
[13:16:02]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): If you truly don't want that form of ERP, stay yellow
[13:16:11]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Eve?
[13:17:15] Eve Fintan (viviana.ruby): I'm sorry but I think it is important to stress here that there is a issue with reds who have a no ass rape limit because they make that mistake and assume they don't need to make sure the other is enjoying the ERP. no matter what spirit color you are you do need to be concerned what the other player enjoys the RP. otherwise a pink may come shove somehting up your red ass later.
[13:19:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I'm not going into that specific issue as this isn't the time for it. BUT.. if you are red, remember, you could loose. As a red, if I loose, I expect to get as much as I would have given
[13:19:49]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So don't go out and hunt someone to cap and rape if you aren't willing to have the RP go the other way
[13:20:15]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Cause trust me, you try and rape a girl and she gets the upper hand, she ain't got no roses either
[13:20:50]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So as in all things with RP limits be fair, don't expect another person to let you do to them what you aren't willing to happen to you
[13:21:00]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Lauren?
[13:21:05] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): Just elaborating what the Chief just mentioned before, in my situation it was actually the other way around. I was captured by a red, my character comes from a rich family so i did offer him coin. Not to bail out of the CARP situation, but just to make my character believable. Which rich girl would not try that option in real life. It backfired on me and i was a little disappointed that my captor in the end accepted the coin. I had hoped he would have refused and had laughed at the offer and become even rougher. Sadly i walked free, with a few less lousy coin in my inventory. So be carefull offering ransom if you dont want it accepted. I was worth only 500 coins :-(
[13:21:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i would have cut off his dick
[13:21:59]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Well, that is your choice, but I have to say, as a red, capping you, I would have made you eat the coin
[13:22:18] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): its what i hoped in a way
[13:22:56]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Well, it isn't really what purple is about. Red/Purple do expect  sexual alement, it is the reason it was introduced
[13:23:06]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): element*
[13:23:14]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): OK, wo back to SEXXXXXXX
[13:23:45]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I thought we might have a couple of you give us a demo or two
[13:24:02] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): oh that I bet
[13:24:08] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): (( sorry))
[13:24:23]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): so, have a think about it.... Before that, I thought I might see if we can show you a truly bad ERP
[13:24:54]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Bare with us, this od off the cuff
[13:25:03]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): od off*
[13:25:08]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): is*
[13:25:11]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): holly hell
[13:25:54]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Clears his throat
[13:26:06]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) cleared hers as well
[13:27:06]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) looked at the man, thinking how very scary he looks. Stepping back from him, wondering if he wanted to rape me.
[13:27:14]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) stares at the girls big tits and thinks how he wants to fuck her "nice tits, fuck?"
[13:27:35]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir): Maccus you are a rude man! Slapped his face.
[13:28:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) kisses her and pushes his tongue in her mouth playing with hers as she eagerly welcomes him in her mouth. Fingers tug her nipples making them hard
[13:28:50]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir): Stomped on his foot, drawing blood with the heel of her shoe. Pulling away from him, calling for help.
[13:29:45]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) "I know U want me bitch" fingers pushes his hand between her legs and feels she is wet, he pushes his cock inside her and starts to fuck her like only an amazing lover can
[13:30:59]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir): WTF Marcus! Struggles, thinking he's going to ruin my pretty dress!
[13:31:26]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) His HUGE THICK cock explodes inside her, stretching her as his cum fills her, goes in her womb and makes her pregnant "Oh yeah, so good U R Gr8t
[13:31:50]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir): Bursts out laughing
[13:31:57]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Grins and leans to kiss her hand "Why thank you Priestess"
[13:32:04]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) laughed, bowing.
[13:32:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): OK, so anyone want to list how ma,ny RP rules we stomped over?
[13:32:45] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): i found the mistake, the Priestess is not wearing shoes :P
[13:32:53]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) laughed
[13:32:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) SNORTS
[13:33:00]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir): Well done!
[13:33:08]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Jaz?
[13:33:09] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): You missed one favourite "Wot day r u on on Mama Alpha babe?" :-)
[13:33:13] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): for the resst it was pretty bad
[13:33:22]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): BARON!
[13:33:26]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) laughed again.
[13:33:28] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): gr8t is without a t
[13:33:37]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): ah, you spotted it!
[13:33:49] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): sry
[13:33:51]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): SAdly, I have seen a RP like that from a man here
[13:34:24]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): He didn't listen to his RP partner, and pretty well did that
[13:34:26]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): JAz?
[13:35:31] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte): is that a bad rp as you said  you would try to do one? ..sounds pretty good to me but then what would i know and i am not sure what was bad about it apart from abreviations etc
[13:36:03]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Well, LEt me try and cover it.....
[13:36:19] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte): i would appreciate that
[13:36:28]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I totally ignored B'NEhs emotes. I manged to push my cock in her when she was running away.
[13:36:52]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I power played, said she was wet, that is for her to tell me
[13:37:03]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I eomted a thought
[13:37:27]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): My emotes were full of my own importance, not against the rules, but pretty ewww
[13:37:48] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte): ahh and she welcomed your kiss but then stomped on your foot..its that what you meant by not paying attention to her emotes?
[13:37:50]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Remeber, RP is a dance, she moves, I see her move, I move to match
[13:38:36]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Even if I'm raping a woman, if she manages to hit me with a branch and get up, I need to react to that, I can't just keep merrily thrusting
[13:38:53]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Well.. I could, but it's going to hurt....
[13:38:58] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte): ok thanks for explaining..im new but slowly getting the gist
[13:39:14]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): All good, it's why we are here
[13:39:41]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So, would any two people like to give us an example of 'good' romantic ERP?
[13:39:56]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Just a few minutes of the passion is good
[13:39:57] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32) raises her hand
[13:40:05]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): BWidow sure
[13:40:06] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte): and thank you ..i must leave to my rl bed now since it is 5.38am ..stayed up for this lesson
[13:40:09] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): this was an RP i did for jewel
[13:40:10]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): and?
[13:40:29]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): see you JAz
[13:40:34] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): My skin is medium brown, kissed with a hint of caramel mixed with the earth's elements.. My lover's skin  is quite fair with a peach-like tint that mixes in well with her alabaster coating. The contrasts of our skin tones complimented us well each time we cuddled lovingly by the crackling bond fire as we stared off aimlessly into the night's sky. My long dark tresses collided and intertwined with her blond strands.  We had always enjoyed conversing about astronomy, even though I hadn't a clue what she was talking about, but the way she explained to me would've made me want to sit and listen to her voice for eternity.  At night as my  secret lover drifted off into a sound slumber, I sat there quietly submerged in the green foliage admiring her ethereal beauty from afar. Even her snoring was audibly captivating , making my eardrums blissfully vibrate. As i watched on, i could feel my mind, body and soul collaborating into its own entity, leaving my body just to be in her presence. Yes my feeling towards my
[13:40:34] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32):  sleeping beauty was astronomical. She was my raider queen,,,, Jewel she is known by...
[13:40:36] Jaz (jasmin.lacourte): bye all
[13:40:39]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): YWho will you do it with Widow?
[13:41:14] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32) bucks hers eye " Do it?!" O_O
[13:41:48]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir): (( Bye Jaz ))
[13:42:35]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) grins at her, well that was the hope, but that is great. Very descriptive, paints lovely picture.
[13:42:45] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): thanks
[13:43:00]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Anyone else like to try?
[13:43:28]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): two people would be great
[13:43:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): don't be shy! :)
[13:44:02]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir): Yay!
[13:44:12] Eve Fintan (viviana.ruby): If I had not just spent 4 hr prior...
[13:44:12]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): This time maybe we try a non-romantic, CARP type ERP?
[13:44:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) leans against a tree and looks over the river
[13:45:28] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) sneaks out of the bushes, only the faintest rustle making my presence know. I stand over you - hands framing you so it is hard for you to escape "Well well - what have we here?" My gaze roams over you, lingering on the swell of your tits, barely covered by the fur jacket "What a pity to hide those..."
[13:46:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) gasps, caught off guard by the sudden presence and then looks up at you, in a mix of being intimidated but also a bit angry "wotcha staring at? mind your own business, dude, and leave me alone!" ((it is important also, what i want to add here, that you give your partner time to type))
[13:46:40] Ϯ Tawmanya Ϯ (tawmanya): sorry i need go
[13:46:48] Ϯ Tawmanya Ϯ (tawmanya): thanks Marcus
[13:46:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): ((tc))
[13:47:52] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) slides a hand under your jacket, my pouch already bulging as my hardening cock stretches the thin leather. I cup a tit, thumb circling your nipple, flicking to and fro "Oh I rather think you *are* my business.... Nice tits... well done..." My free hand tugs at the jacket as I try to bare you
[13:51:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) struggles, trying to brush your hand away, that tugs at my jacket .. and the other hand that teases my tit.. i strugge some more and try to turn away.. to escape.. and look around, panicking a bit already "GO.. or  will scream for help.....!" ((mind: you can in such positions also use the *dice* feature of the spirit, to determine the outcome.. wil he be able to tear off my jacket or not? if you want to use dice, both select dice from the menu, and the higher number wins.. if he wins, my jacket comes off, if i win it stays...))
[13:51:26] spirit : ((OOC Note: Tantrica ღ throws a dice. the value is 1. The higher wins, on tie both parties dice again. You can dice via your spirit - Dice))
[13:51:38] spirit : ((OOC Note: Baron La Croix throws a dice. the value is 5. The higher wins, on tie both parties dice again. You can dice via your spirit - Dice))
[13:51:39]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): ((you are fucked Tan))
[13:51:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): (( :P ))
[13:51:50] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): ((boom!))
[13:53:20] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) tugs yoru jacket free and stares at yoru tits, my tongue sliding wetly over my lips. I press against you, so my cock nudges and pushes against you then lower my head, mubling as my lips lock around your nipple "Ah - it's a sin to keep these covered - everyone should be able to see them, always..." Then my lips close and start to work and pull, drool sliding down your tit
[13:54:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) groans as you start to suck at my nipple .. i stare at first at the vest that is now puddled on the floor.. try to push you away, which is futile as you are much stronger, and then feel already your lips latched on "You.. bastard!!!" ((dice is nothing you *have* to do.. you can entirely go with the flow, be more reluctant or less reluctant, and dice are only an additional option, some love it, some don't ))
[13:55:13] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) smiles and tips my hat to Maccus "Sufficient?"
[13:55:28] Eve Fintan (viviana.ruby): NO keep going!
[13:55:36] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Pervert!
[13:55:38]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) laughed
[13:55:39] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): :p
[13:55:43]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Awesome!
[13:55:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) grins
[13:55:51] Eve Fintan (viviana.ruby): XD
[13:55:57]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) applauded!
[13:56:02]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Thank you both for making me feel like a damned beginner!
[13:56:05] Whispers Lullabys (whisperslullabys): learning over here..thanks
[13:56:10] Eve Fintan (viviana.ruby): ^
[13:56:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ah you flirt!
[13:56:21]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): SO, any questions?
[13:56:24] Eve Fintan (viviana.ruby): Great balance of force and seduction!
[13:56:30] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32) shifts her eyes and tugs at her blouse, hiding her hardened nipples
[13:56:43] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): yes, was very...ehem...... arousing
[13:56:56]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) squirms in his seat, adjusting his hand over his groin
[13:57:06]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Baron?
[13:58:20] Mistress Essie (esse.bellman) stands, hastily nodding to show that she appreciated the lesson, then leaves.
[13:58:53]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): While we wait on questions, if anyone else would like to have a go please let me know
[13:59:08] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): There's one matter I'd like to raise. It's in respect of 'add ons' that yoru partner might wear - either a collar, or an excellent Stripper, available from edgeofreason enterprises *coughs*.  To my mind the presence of such tools can be a great aid to roleplay, but they need to be handled with some care. No-one wants to god-mod, but in my humble opinion the presence of a Stripper would allow me, for example, to 'lean in and pull off the fur jacket, staring at yoru exposed tits'
[14:00:09]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) nods "Agreed, they can certainly add a lot"
[14:00:24]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Just not one that talks pretty please!
[14:00:31]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Tan?
[14:00:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Baron, you need to add the SL URL if you want to advertize: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stripper-V2-works-with-mesh-bodiesattachments/11728994 (laughs) - seriously, i use it myself and love it. try it if you are  aprey, but that was not what i wanted to say.. i want to add that you please avoid by all means to emote reactions for your partner, unless the partner has already described it. so, Baron should not write "looks at her nipples and sees them already stiffen in attention" - unless i wrote something just before him like "stares at him and can barely hide her arousal as her nips poke already against the vest, visibly"
[14:01:13] Eve Fintan (viviana.ruby): YOu can turn chat off on that and also can set it only to specific users
[14:01:39] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): I think i have that stripper, valerie had sowed me a while back
[14:01:44] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): showed
[14:02:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) nods in agreement "Yes, emoting your partners body state is a huge no no and to be avoided, it's crappy RP"
[14:02:30] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): well far be it from me to say how good it is - but I find it does add somethign to ERP. And if you don't *wat* to be stipped, then simply don't wear it (Other such tools are also available)
[14:03:02]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Thanks Baron, well worth checking it out. Any other questions or comments?
[14:03:23] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): nope
[14:03:46]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Anyone else like to share an idea or thought? Any more voluteers?
[14:04:17]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) smiled, looking around, "C'mon don't be shy..."
[14:04:20] Speaker list V2: Your request to speak has been noted - please wait to be called. When you speak your name will vanish from the queue
[14:04:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): One of the key things, with ERP and any RP is to listen to your partners emotes. Don't go on with what you 'want' and ignore how the other person is reacting
[14:05:04]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): BAron?
[14:05:39] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Just one other observation. In ERP (especially) it can be quite powerful to vary the length of your posts. A long descriptive post can be followed by somethign short and, ah, 'direct' - to my mind at least, such variation can echo the sex act itself in the way you talk
[14:06:21]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Yes, personally, I tend to use shorter posts to punctuate more frantic, passionate actions
[14:06:51]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Also it's worth mentioning the language you use
[14:07:01]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Try and add variety
[14:07:12]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Licks her nipple
[14:07:20]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Squeezes her nipple
[14:07:26]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Sucks her nipple
[14:07:30]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): gets old fast
[14:07:48]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So try and use different words for the same things
[14:08:28]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Cock, prick, manhood, organ, member....
[14:08:46]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Try and challenge yourselves to find different ways of saying things
[14:08:55]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Fucks her hard
[14:08:58]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) fucks her soft
[14:09:04]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) fucks her upsdiedown
[14:09:06] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32) shifted her sight from maccus to Eve as a lascivious smirk had formed on her glossed lips as she continued to stare, admiringly at the blond and fair skinned beauty from a safe distance
[14:09:12]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Thrusts hard insude her
[14:09:26]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) pushes his thickness into her sopping sheath
[14:09:40]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Slams against her
[14:10:05]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Try and make it always origianl
[14:10:07]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Tan?
[14:11:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): also, again: be clear what you LIKE.. some for example like abusive or lewd language.. if you do.. be open about it.. or get an F_List (example, again, in my profile) where you can point out that you like it.. then it gives your RP partner also more flexibility.... while some stick to, penis, lover, vagina, breast, nipple.. others go to cunt, cock, teat, tits, and far "worse" words..
[14:12:06]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Yeah, comfort with language very important, the 'C' word being a show stopper for some and fine with others
[14:13:26]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Well I have learned a lot tonight, I hope some of you have also, if it's only not to bring Roses to Tan or Aponi
[14:13:36]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Lauren?
[14:14:00] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): i have a question for Tan, in your experience is the F list actually read? i find people hardly read profiles.
[14:14:20]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I read it, first thing I looked at when I read her profile
[14:14:26]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): But Tan?
[14:15:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes. some people read it..
[14:15:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): not many.. but the good ones do
[14:15:47]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I think this leads back to something that always amazes me
[14:15:50] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): so precentage wise, same as profile readers then i guess?
[14:15:57] Boluss: I  read them all the time  and its hard cuz it says my  limits mirror yours
[14:16:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Boluss: the f-list does not say that, and that was the question actually...
[14:16:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and Lauren...
[14:16:31]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): People don't seem to want to work WITH their RP partner
[14:16:31] Boluss: nods
[14:17:28]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I read profiles for an incite to the person I am going to RP with. If they are happy, then my RP is better for me also
[14:17:31] Karin (karinsegundo) entered chat range (15.11 m).
[14:17:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i can tell often after 2-5 sentences whether a RP partner has read my profile.. because if it is either a guy who wants to romance me.. or a submissive trying to hit on me, they clearly have not read it :) but the good ones, they hit the mark often with their first sentence already.. after they have been in my proximity fora  few minutes, probably reading hte profile and F_list.. and with them, i have the greatest fun really
[14:18:08] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): Thank you Tan and i agree, i am convinced, i make one. I cant blame people for not reading my F list if i dont have one.
[14:18:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[14:18:49]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Well, you can also point people there
[14:19:07]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): But to me, if someone really wants to RP with you, they will look at your profile
[14:19:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): ESCPECIALLY to me ERP
[14:19:29]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I want to know what makes them tick
[14:19:52]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): If someone hates being tied up, I'll try for something they like
[14:20:13]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): you will get a better and longer RP normally
[14:20:21]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Tan?
[14:21:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): also, and this goes to the single guys especially: do not hope for undying love, partnership or a relation of any sorts. this is not matchmaking.com. most of the roleplayers come here to enjoy a nice pastime, sometimes of the very adult sorts, with no strings attached. please DO NOT hope for anything more than that, like partnership, kids, picket fence etc. - that is annoying :) and.. also: do not let yourself drive away if a potential person you are looking up at their profile is partnered - this is not RL - here, having lovers, side affairs, one night stands, is perfectly fine and accepted by many people who are in a relationship.
[14:21:52]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): HERE HERE
[14:21:55] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): What???? You mean.. you mean... you go with other guys?!?!?!
[14:22:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): oops!
[14:22:08]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) snorts
[14:22:16] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): :p
[14:22:20] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): agreed Tan
[14:22:22] ღ Ƭгιѕtαη  Ƭeatime  ღ  (tristan.teatime): laughs
[14:23:28]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): So, any other comments?
[14:24:02] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): if you want better RP , start close, with yourself. its why i am here and I think most of us
[14:24:03]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I would really encourage you to try looking at ERP as not something restricted to you and a partner
[14:25:04]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I get it isn't for everyone, but ERP as part of Carp, is something I enjoy, and it is very much separate from my romantic relationship.
[14:25:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Tan?
[14:25:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i want to add, for those guys who now actually think "Hey, let us read that F-List.." : please also do not be intimidated by the list. You do not have to perform *all* what is in there.. it often really suffices if you find *ONE* thing in there that you like and use it as starter or theme in  your planned ERP. it is rather like a ist of possible options where you can pick from
[14:25:39]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) SNORTS "They'd die!"
[14:26:00]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Of exhaustion
[14:26:06]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): or dehydration
[14:26:08] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): nods , i have a crack at it Tan. If i need help, can i IM you?
[14:26:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sure
[14:26:23] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): thank you
[14:26:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[14:26:28] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): I just bought the stripper BTW, i wear mostly stripable clothing, but at times the clothing i do like is not stripable. Seems a good product and good toy to have to enhance RP. I cant ask for better RP if i dont do everything possible myself first
[14:26:35] Nahoga (maryellenpleasant): first I hae to look some of them up
[14:26:35]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): It isn't so difficult LAuren
[14:27:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) pokes Baron "now you treat me, you just got rich!"
[14:27:05] Nahoga (maryellenpleasant): I think I might have bought it, but ended up just going naked
[14:27:06] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) grins
[14:27:13] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): oops sorry Baron
[14:27:19]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): https://www.f-list.net/c/marcus zenoria
[14:27:23] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): i IM you next time when i make you rich
[14:27:32]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Damn, sorry, wrong link, but that is the site
[14:27:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) laughs
[14:27:40] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) grins
[14:27:49] Eve Fintan (viviana.ruby) snickers
[14:28:06]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Thank you Baron and Tan for taking such an active part in today
[14:28:16] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): shakes her head "the chief, confused at times. Old age?"
[14:28:18]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): And thanks to B4Neh for putting up with my perfect RP
[14:28:44]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): I'm permanently confused
[14:28:50] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Happy to help - and thank you maccus for an excellent class.
[14:29:08] Eve Fintan (viviana.ruby) claps.
[14:29:13]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Anytime, I like talking sex
[14:29:13] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): lucky you got a smart woman by your side then hey
[14:29:29]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Ah, she's ok.....
[14:29:33]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Runs like feck
[14:29:43] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): Thank you Chief, for hosting this again, and i learned again.
[14:29:52] simar (simar.python): Thank you!
[14:29:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) claps "thank you Maccus and B'Neh !
[14:30:03] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): thanks all
[14:30:04] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Bravo!
[14:30:13] T ღ K (tinal96) is offline.
[14:30:19]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) Smiles "Now Tan and BAron, when you going to finish that RP?"
[14:30:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rawwwr
[14:30:29] Eve Fintan (viviana.ruby) left chat range.
[14:30:33]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) laughed, "Thank you Baron and Tantrica, Black Widow and Maccus! And everyone for joining us!"
[14:30:36] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) grins
[14:30:52] Aoshi Watanabe: thanks for this class
[14:30:53]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): YEs, sporry, Blackwidow, thank you alspo
[14:31:08] Ⴆʅαƈƙ ɯιԃσɯ (karmalove32): welcome
[14:31:16]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria) points the Priestess "my built in memory"
[14:31:22] Lauren Taylor (laurenstr8): applause for the first volunteer indeed
[14:31:29]  ζ B'Neh 乙єησгια ξ  (benet.reinoir) chuckled
[14:31:36] Whispers Lullabys (whisperslullabys): yes thank you I now have a great idea of how to play
[14:31:43]  ζ Maccus 乙єησгια ξ (marcus.zenoria): Now go forth and ... shag!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Amazon Telegraph - News from your Jungle

Your Author: DaGolem

Introducing Melissa, the Healer
Melissa with weed - click to enlarge
Being tasked to interview locals of the Amazon River yours truly stumbled through the thick bushes and found a bar with many people. Some were drunk, some were stoned and some were both. One of those present introduced herself as Melissa and so I took the chance at hand and interviewed her right away.
DaGolem takes out a pen and a paper and starts to scribble "so, Melissa is your name, yes? who trained you in the art of healing?Melissa nods "yes, Melissa is my name, I wasn't trained but Mad blessed me after I finished a task that’s she asked of me and then I learned everything else on my own"
DaGolem scribbles and nods "Mad. i see. and Mad is a healer? or a Priestess? where did she get her experience?
Melissa shrugs "she is naked and wears a slingshot, but I don't dare call her by what she is, that is a no no... she was a healer yes, but she just sent me on a task, I completed it, and then came back to her with what she wanted and she prayed to the spirits and they blessed me with healing ways"
DaGolem turns to Melissa again "very good. she is naked and with slingshot. a monks pet then. i see. now, Melissa, a smart woman such as you are, when you see young people in the woods, who want to become a healer like you one day - what is your most important message to them?
Melissa turns her attention back to the man trying to concentrate with everything going on. She listens to his question and brings her fingers on her right hand up to her lips and pulls on the bottom lip while she thinks "I think my most important message to them would be that they belong to the jungle and that they should return the favour and keep the jungle healthy. We are only as good as the earth is and healers are a big part of keeping the jungle pure" She sighs not knowing if she answered the question as well as she wanted since she had smoked some weed earlier

Natives combine worship and criminal justice

By Bolero News Services Photos by Namida Giulia AMAZON -- Three accused criminals were executed Sunday after a hasty trial, which w...