Requirements & Laws

Understand the difference between Requirements and Laws!

A Requirement is purely OOC and everyone needs to comply.
A Law is created by Amazon residents - not the administration. You can follow laws or not. However, breaking a law can have consequences. Do it on your own risk.
If you are caught breaking the law the punishment will be done by residents.


We have only one OOC requirement which is MANDATORY for those who visit the Amazon River:-
  1. Accept the Amazon River Experience Key and wear the Amazon River HUD while you are here. 
    If you remove the HUD and try to cheat out of situations, this will be handled OOCly and answered with a ban.
Unlike many roleplay locations we do not have pages and pages of rules. We keep the list short and try to keep things "real". Unless it amounts to griefing/trolling/other unacceptable behaviour, law breaking is handled in character and can result in "death" (i.e. banning).

Laws are enforced by the Guards on behalf of the Amazon Community.

Use common sense! If you break the Law and are discovered you will be punished! Just like RL you can chose to break the law - but if you are discovered you can and will be punished (in character).
  1. Do not use magic For example:- do not use “jump extenders”, or shields or push-orbs or other “griefer-type” weapons. Do not use particle “weapons”, magic huds or inappropriate weapons (e.g. nuclear missiles) or vehicles. You may use low-level magic that has no impact on other players - for example, crystal balls, healing, tarot-cards etc. Keep it real!

  1. Be respectful. For example:- Do not interrupt, abuse or insult others and do not get angry with each other - talk issues through like grown-ups. Do not ignore instructions from Guards or Leaders. Do not grief or troll others. Do not be a dickhead!

  2. Play out capture roleplay For example: if you are downed in a fight, wait until the capture roleplay is finished - do not jump up and start fighting again as soon as the timer hits zero.
  3. Roleplay healing/binding/disarming etc. For example: in a capture you should be sure to roleplay what happens, not simply rely on the meter:- "I kneel over the prone figure and use my Shaman powers to swiftly heal the wounds" or "I tie a rope around the captive's wrist and attach a chain as a leash" or "I kick the captive's weapons out of reach" etc.


Breaking the Law will result in IC punishment if you are caught.  Punishments will be administered by the Guards or Leaders.  Punishment may vary from loss of privileges to confinement to banishment to IC "death" - which is what we call an OOC ban here.  Be warned!

Note: the Leaders reserve the right to administer OOC punishment for those who disrupt the roleplay here.

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