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the upcoming tax concept

to clear up questions that we have been asked about this group note from April 29 in the landowner group:
Roleplay: coins for sqmTo encounter landgrabbing, the Gods will  introduce next week some "tax" - details will be aired next week then. It is important to understand that we talk about ROLEPLAY - we are NOT talking about L$.
However, people who have a large camp (sqm, not prims) will be involved more :)
Stay tuned! we will explain this thought here a bit more:
first, and important to understand: it is a roleplay tax, not real L$.
We are trying to battle two things with this:
First, we spotted a flood of coins -- we want them back to a reasonable level circulating, so we can develop more RP - so we need a money burner.
Second, we saw some tribes (not all tribes) exceedingly using the sim sqm available

One can now discuss "what is exceeding and what is not" until the cows come home, but that is no fun. So we say:  if you want to live big, you pay taxes big - and si…

Amazon Council Meeting 3 April 2015 -- chat log

[12:00]  Sam (sunrisesam): Greetings All
[12:00]  Sam (sunrisesam): Shall we begin?
[12:00]  TsunamiSue: sure
[12:00]  Sam (sunrisesam): Greetings Council Members.

First, i'd like to honor the God and Goddess of the Amazon, who in their wisdom created this wonderful place we all share and thank Her Holiness for joining us.
[12:00]  YT Recreant: it is a collaborative effort
[12:01]  YT Recreant: with you all together
[12:01]  Sam (sunrisesam): I would also like to note the absence of two of our leaders Leilah and Jungle Flower. Leilah has been having computer issues and Jungle Flower has been ill but is recovered, good news, but has left the "supporters" group.
[12:01]  Sam (sunrisesam): This is how it works.. I will introduce the agenda item and we will open for discussion. if you wish to speak please put "?" in the chat and when your turn comes you will have the floor. Only those who have the floor should speak. Please respect each other and we will have a sm…