Thursday, April 30, 2015

the upcoming tax concept

to clear up questions that we have been asked about this group note from April 29 in the landowner group:

Roleplay: coins for sqmTo encounter landgrabbing, the Gods will  introduce next week some "tax" - details will be aired next week then. It is important to understand that we talk about ROLEPLAY - we are NOT talking about L$.
However, people who have a large camp (sqm, not prims) will be involved more :)
Stay tuned!

we will explain this thought here a bit more:

first, and important to understand: it is a roleplay tax, not real L$.
We are trying to battle two things with this:
First, we spotted a flood of coins -- we want them back to a reasonable level circulating, so we can develop more RP - so we need a money burner.
Second, we saw some tribes (not all tribes) exceedingly using the sim sqm available

One can now discuss "what is exceeding and what is not" until the cows come home, but that is no fun. So we say:  if you want to live big, you pay taxes big - and since we talk about roleplay money, it will have to be gained by activities at the Amazon - trading. hunting. and many other options.

We are not going to measure each tent or cow or corn field. Rather, some imaginary "Gods" (not Winter and YT) will send out ransom letters and ask for protection money. (again, remember, it is roleplay! It will not be asked for L$ and if you ignore the letters you will not be booted)

The protection money will have to be "paid" to some shrine (yet to come) - and if you do not pay it the Gods will visit you (scripted events will happen)

These steps are done to establish more RP and more fun.

If you have questions, comment here at any time or IM us inworld.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Amazon Council Meeting 3 April 2015 -- chat log

[12:00]  Sam (sunrisesam): Greetings All
[12:00]  Sam (sunrisesam): Shall we begin?
[12:00]  TsunamiSue: sure
[12:00]  Sam (sunrisesam): Greetings Council Members.

First, i'd like to honor the God and Goddess of the Amazon, who in their wisdom created this wonderful place we all share and thank Her Holiness for joining us.
[12:00]  YT Recreant: it is a collaborative effort
[12:01]  YT Recreant: with you all together
[12:01]  Sam (sunrisesam): I would also like to note the absence of two of our leaders Leilah and Jungle Flower. Leilah has been having computer issues and Jungle Flower has been ill but is recovered, good news, but has left the "supporters" group.
[12:01]  Sam (sunrisesam): This is how it works.. I will introduce the agenda item and we will open for discussion. if you wish to speak please put "?" in the chat and when your turn comes you will have the floor. Only those who have the floor should speak. Please respect each other and we will have a smooth and quick meeting.
[12:02]  Sam (sunrisesam): In their absence I have asked meg madrigal to assist. with the meeting. If she should crash i would like a volunteer to take her place.. if i should crash then meg will continue.
[12:02]  TsunamiSue: i did already sam
[12:02]  Sam (sunrisesam): Also please try to keep your remarks brief and to the point.

 The last agenda item will be "new business" items you wish to discuss should be brought up under new business.
[12:02]  Meg Madrigal: Tsue is back up for chat logs. thank you
[12:03]  Sam (sunrisesam): First item is Rules
[12:03]  Sunaru (sunarucaelus): ?
[12:04]  Sam (sunrisesam): Syd brought up that the rules on the website could b e madd simpler and easier to understand
[12:04]  Draw distance set to: 15m
[12:04]  Draw distance set to: 10m
[12:04]  Sam (sunrisesam): Syd oyu have the floor first
[12:04]  Syd Straaf: thank you
[12:05]  Syd Straaf: Basically I've noticed that the RP rules on the website are scattered among different pages
[12:05]  Syd Straaf: and some are written more like suggestions rather than rules
[12:05]  Syd Straaf: Mando had submitted a proposal a month ago or so
[12:05]  Syd Straaf: some of his ideas are controversial
[12:06]  Syd Straaf: I've noticed that not everyone in here plays by the same rules
[12:06]  Syd Straaf: and it causes issues
[12:06]  Syd Straaf: so what I would like to see is a reasonably comprehensive list
[12:06]  YT Recreant: ?
[12:06]  Syd Straaf: something we can post on the site and distribute
[12:07]  Syd Straaf: sure, YT
[12:07]  Sam (sunrisesam): Goddess
[12:07]  YT Recreant smiles
[12:07]  YT Recreant: the website is like .. organic grown, and indeed unstructured
[12:08]  YT Recreant: one key element and term is important to keep in mind though
[12:08]  YT Recreant: the difference between rules and laws
[12:08]  YT Recreant: there are only very few rules and they are OOC
[12:08]  YT Recreant: the most important is: wear the HUD
[12:08]  Syd Straaf: ?
[12:08]  YT Recreant: that shows, that is something, technical, and this is how to look at rules
[12:08]  YT Recreant: rules are the paltform we live by
[12:09]  YT Recreant: no HUD - you gain an unfair advantage - hence we insist on the rules
[12:09]  YT Recreant: the other stuff, are laws. like "do I have to drop my weapon at Camp XY ?"
[12:09]  YT Recreant: or "can I shoot random photographers who run around and idle "afk" ?
[12:09]  YT Recreant: (yes, you can
[12:10]  Sam (sunrisesam): :)
[12:10]  YT Recreant: laws, are monitored by residents, and we, the sim adminstration, keep out of them
[12:10]  YT Recreant: IMs that we get with "John Doe has shot me while I was busy..."
[12:10]  YT Recreant: go unread into our dustbin. unless we mock them
[12:10]  YT Recreant: so. that is the difference between rules and laws
[12:10]  YT Recreant: that was my 2c to "rules" what they are
[12:11]  Meg Madrigal: back to Syd
[12:11]  Syd Straaf: thank you
[12:11]  Syd Straaf: I guess I am referring to laws, then
[12:12]  Syd Straaf: things like whether or not you can get up and keep fighting after your timer runs out
[12:12]  Syd Straaf: or if you have to name each weapon you take after you down someone
[12:12]  Syd Straaf: lots of things like that
[12:12]  Syd Straaf: people have different ideas as to what's required
[12:13]  Sam (sunrisesam): more discussion?
[12:13]  Syd Straaf: and many skirmishes get interrupted here because people are playing by different standards
[12:13]  Syd Straaf: so I'd just like to see a set of guidelines developed so everyone can be on the same page
[12:13]  Syd Straaf: (chat lag)
[12:14]  Syd Straaf: that's all
[12:14]  Sam (sunrisesam): would you be willing to work on those guidlines?
[12:14]  TsunamiSue: ?
[12:14]  Syd Straaf: I would be happy to
[12:14]  Meg Madrigal: Tsue
[12:15]  TsunamiSue: one big question that keeps coming up over and over is weapon XX legal or XY legal......i say to people use common sense....but i hear peple say to talk to the guards....but the guards may have a different opinions among them of what is legal and what is not...will these laws include some guidance on weapons allowed?
[12:16]  Sam (sunrisesam): I woiuld like to propose Syd head a committee to review the guidlines
[12:16]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): Why iinky syd?
[12:16]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): There are many who would liek tzo ocontribute
[12:16]  Sam (sunrisesam): I suggest a committee of three
[12:17]  Sam (sunrisesam): Syd to chair..
[12:17]  YT Recreant: ?
[12:17]  Sam (sunrisesam): Bri.. here?
[12:17]  Bri Slade (indep.slade): yes
[12:17]  Sam (sunrisesam): Yes Goddess
[12:17]  YT Recreant: please consider one weak point that all *other* (tm) RP regions suffer
[12:18]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): x raises hand x
[12:18]  YT Recreant: the overbearing of guidelines - that anyway go unread...
[12:18]  YT Recreant: if you make a rule like ...
[12:18]  YT Recreant: "you name first all weapons before you take them off"
[12:18]  Syd Straaf: ?
[12:18]  YT Recreant: and now comes John Doe, has not read it, disarmes "simply so" ...
[12:18]  damirk: what is being cooked here?
[12:18]  YT Recreant: then you have the drama
[12:18]  YT Recreant: is that worth it?`my experience shows, it drives people away
[12:18]  YT Recreant: big time
[12:19]  YT Recreant: so be careful what you wish for
[12:19]  Sam (sunrisesam): nods..
[12:19]  Sam (sunrisesam): Syd
[12:19]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): x raises hand x
[12:19]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): ?
[12:19]  Syd Straaf: I don't want to make it more complicated for people
[12:19]  Syd Straaf: but there already is a lot of drama over this
[12:19]  Syd Straaf: I want simple laws that reflect what most people already do here
[12:20]  Syd Straaf: and I'd certainly try to get input from everyone
[12:20]  Sam (sunrisesam): the goal of the committee should be to simplify.. and help communicate to new folks
[12:20]  Meg Madrigal: Epi
[12:20]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): covered
[12:20]  Meg Madrigal: Knarf
[12:21]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): I think we should vote or elect a small group of people covering most roles here to work on a draft for something like rules.. there are many people here who have good suggestions on how things should be.. and I think after this there should be a vote on the changes and a decision based on majorities
[12:21]  Syd Straaf: ?
[12:21]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): I do think this will take several rounds of discussion
[12:21]  Meg Madrigal: Syd
[12:22]  Syd Straaf: I'm not asking to make the laws.. just create a list that we can vote on in the next meeting
[12:22]  Meg Madrigal: or discusss.......
[12:22]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): well.. I have feedback ofor that list too. and so have others.. lets join them
[12:22]  Syd Straaf: yes, Meg
[12:23]  Rellenita: (hope native votes count same raiders ones)
[12:23]  Sam (sunrisesam): .I propose this rules committee of three members Raider, native and neutral.
[12:23]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): (you bet they will)
[12:23]  Aurora Cluny smiles
[12:23]  Meg Madrigal: ((of COURSE ))
[12:24]  Sam (sunrisesam): is it the will of the coucil to approve this committee?
[12:24]  TsunamiSue: yes some guidance would go a long way to prevent some of the incidents that happen here
[12:24]  Sam (sunrisesam): if none... I appoint Syd, meg and if Bri will agree
[12:25]  Amanda Jishnu: ?
[12:25]  Meg Madrigal: amanda
[12:25]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): I would like to ber part of this
[12:25]  Sam (sunrisesam): You are charged with reviewing and bring suggestions back to the Council in one month
[12:25]  Amanda Jishnu: I think the council should vote on who is a member of the three
[12:25]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): I agree Amanda
[12:27]  Syd Straaf: ?
[12:27]  Sam (sunrisesam): I do not.. if we have to put itto a vote it will never happen in a timely mqnnr.. any member wishing to help should work with one of the three committee members..
[12:27]  Meg Madrigal: ... why not all interested Syd
[12:27]  Sam (sunrisesam): this is my opinion
[12:28]  Meg Madrigal: Syd
[12:28]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): I dont agree on that selection.. I dont see certain opinions represented in there
[12:28]  Syd Straaf: the three of us, whoever we are, aren't making the laws
[12:28]  TsunamiSue: ?
[12:28]  Syd Straaf: we're just organizing what everyone else inputs along with what already exists
[12:28]  Meg Madrigal: Tsue
[12:28]  Sam (sunrisesam): even representation. and work ability
[12:28]  Syd Straaf: people will be included
[12:28]  Syd Straaf: council, supporters, members.. all factions, and those in no faction
[12:29]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught) whispers: ?
[12:29]  Sam (sunrisesam): Knarf
[12:29]  Meg Madrigal: wwe're waiting for Tsue
[12:29]  Aurora Cluny: lol such a vicious way of giving more power to raiders
[12:29]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught) whispers: I dont think this is going the right way.. not happy with how this decision is made.. solrry
[12:29]  Meg Madrigal: Tsue is first
[12:29]  TsunamiSue: i was about to say....they are not making the laws they would have to be addition......Knarf the committee cam be larger then just the 3....but it should not be much more
[12:29]  Rellenita: (suggestion) and a bank of ideas... (mailbox) where everybody can post a note, and later commitee do a selection of interesting ones?
[12:29]  TsunamiSue: with other's input as we go along
[12:30]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught) whispers: where are the tribes in this?
[12:30]  Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): i agree with rellenita
[12:30]  Teddy Paine: ann ideal box at the landing for every one
[12:30]  Teddy Paine: and those to make a decission on them
[12:30]  Sam (sunrisesam): knarf would you serve?
[12:30]  Aurora Cluny: i agree with knarf
[12:30]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught) whispers: Ty.. serve as in what?
[12:31]  TsunamiSue: good suggestion
[12:31]  Teddy Paine: one member from every tribe and group
[12:31]  Sam (sunrisesam): one Syds Committee
[12:31]  Sam (sunrisesam): on
[12:31]  Meg Madrigal: on the Rules/Laws Committeee
[12:31]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): TY.. if serve means work in the group to make the draft suggestion.. def yes
[12:31]  Sam (sunrisesam): thankyou
[12:31]  Amanda Jishnu: ?
[12:31]  Aurora Cluny: lol if committee are tribes or raiders, there's no point on mailbox
[12:31]  Aurora Cluny: better put a bin
[12:32]  Sam (sunrisesam): We should add one more..
[12:32]  Sam (sunrisesam): odd number
[12:32]  Teddy Paine: that way it stays group input and no one can say just one persons la ws or guidelines
[12:32]  Syd Straaf: another native
[12:32]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): x raises hand x
[12:32]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): good one
[12:32]  dio Lytton raise hand
[12:32]  Sam (sunrisesam): Epi
[12:32]  Sam (sunrisesam): we need one more
[12:32]  Amanda Jishnu: Teddy has a good point,, every tribe, or group has a right to have their say
[12:32]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): maybe committee is the wrong name for it ......sounds too powerful? and ..... too many will make the conclusion impossible
[12:33]  Meg Madrigal: please.. wait to be called on
[12:33]  Teddy Paine: well the amason is for everyones rp
[12:33]  YT Recreant: for a sorted discussion, pleas emake sure to give your input when your name is called - to get n the list, make a ? and then wait :)
[12:33]  Syd Straaf: ?
[12:33]  Meg Madrigal: Amanda . have you said what you wanted ?
[12:33]  dio Lytton: ?
[12:34]  Aurora Cluny: ?
[12:34]  Amanda Jishnu: Teddy has a good point,, every tribe, or group has a right to have their say
[12:34]  Amanda Jishnu: thats all I wanted to add
[12:34]  Amanda Jishnu: thank you ㋡
[12:34]  Meg Madrigal: ok, Epi.. you ?
[12:34]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): ?
[12:34]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): well - these are ryules on rp - they should be simple and forwad
[12:34]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): like why so much discussion?
[12:35]  Meg Madrigal: Dio ?
[12:35]  Sam (sunrisesam): ?
[12:35]  Meg Madrigal: Dio is next
[12:35]  dio Lytton: as a nomad, belonging to no one or any tribe, i think the rules should be siple clear and consise to the point
[12:35]  dio Lytton: simple
[12:36]  dio Lytton: thank you :)
[12:36]  Meg Madrigal: :) next Syd
[12:36]  Sam (sunrisesam): I would point out every member of the council will have a say working with this group..They are just reviewing and making things simpler.
[12:36]  Syd Straaf: this isn't about raiders vs natives or faction vs faction..
[12:36]  Sam (sunrisesam): nods
[12:36]  Syd Straaf: this is a bunch of people who all play in the same place
[12:36]  TsunamiSue: ?
[12:36]  Syd Straaf: just trying to be on the same page
[12:36]  Little (crislittlequeen): ?
[12:37]  Sam (sunrisesam): Tsue
[12:37]  Meg Madrigal: Sam was next ?
[12:37]  Terrrence: licks his finger and turns to the next page
[12:37]  TsunamiSue: Knarf since you made the (justified) objection.....i think again to keep things be the 4th to represent the tribes.....having one from every tribe is just going to be...a mess
[12:37]  Aurora Cluny: ?
[12:37]  Meg Madrigal: Sam, you were next ?
[12:37]  Sam (sunrisesam): i spoke
[12:37]  Sam (sunrisesam): ((out of turn))
[12:37]  Meg Madrigal: pokes you .. out of turn !!!
[12:37]  YT Recreant gets the paddle for spanking
[12:37]  TsunamiSue: lol
[12:37]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): ?
[12:38]  Meg Madrigal: Little
[12:38]  Little (crislittlequeen): acho que se o grupo ofr muito grande não será produtivo
[12:38]  crislittlequeen Resident: I think that the very large ofr group is not productive
[12:38]  TsunamiSue: ^^^
[12:38]  Sam (sunrisesam): Tsue
[12:38]  Meg Madrigal: Aurora is next
[12:38]  TsunamiSue: i agree thats what im saying
[12:38]  Sam (sunrisesam): yes
[12:38]  Aurora Cluny: thanks
[12:38]  TsunamiSue: commitee of four.....
[12:39]  Sam (sunrisesam): need one more
[12:39]  dio Lytton: (( my apologies have to log RL calls))
[12:39]  TsunamiSue: just to be in charge...then we all get input before it becomes "law"
[12:39]  Sam (sunrisesam): so far
[12:39]  Aurora Cluny: if raiders have nothing to hide behind ll those "idea"s why isn't the committee composed with neutral people
[12:39]  Meg Madrigal: Auroa is speaking
[12:39]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): ?
[12:39]  Syd Straaf: ?
[12:39]  Meg Madrigal: Epi ....
[12:40]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): maybe it should be turned around - bring up questions to the committee - like can i do ? should i have ? is it ok to ?
[12:40]  Meg Madrigal: Syd
[12:40]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): and then collaborate those questions and answer them
[12:40]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): (( sorry ))
[12:41]  Syd Straaf: natives come to me (and Bri) all the time when they think Raiders have done something wrong because they know both of us will be impartial when we're dealing with possible rule breaking
[12:41]  Syd Straaf: we're not trying to do anything that favors any group
[12:41]  Sam (sunrisesam): We need to wrap up this topic..
[12:41]  Syd Straaf: and Epi, we will take all input from everyone
[12:41]  Syd Straaf: everyone counts
[12:41]  Sam (sunrisesam): So a committee of fou4
[12:42]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): x smiles x
[12:42]  TsunamiSue: nods
[12:42]  Sam (sunrisesam): Syd, meg, bri, and knarf
[12:42]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): TY :)
[12:42]  Meg Madrigal: I'll set up a mailboxll too
[12:42]  Sam (sunrisesam): I am tabling the next agenda item as it was mine.. and will bring it back later
[12:43]  Sam (sunrisesam): Item 3.. Hud Technical issues..
[12:43]  Amanda Jishnu: yes ㋡
[12:43]  YT Recreant: oh, I need to go!
[12:43]  Sam (sunrisesam): T-Sue wanted to speak on that
[12:43]  Amanda Jishnu: WW sorry
[12:43]  YT Recreant: (jk)
[12:43]  TsunamiSue: Thanks Sam, i took the time to write this beforehand to save us all a little time. The main technical issue that I'm seeing has to do with the latest update and the 1 hit auto dismount feature of the last update. I understand and appreciate the reasoning behind it, i know Ive told my own people very specific RP rules when flying...if your downed you need to "crash" and give a chance for RP to transpire. I think this issue should be controlled by education rather than an auto dismount feature. There are some that come here just to wander explore and to fly, not even RP. The hud effectively ends this enjoyable activity.

Furthermore Ive spoken to and have experienced first hand how even flying/driving is glitching now due to this auto dismount. For example if i adjust the Collective (down motion in a chopper) or down shift in a vehicle, in pretty much anything i get auto dismounted without even being shot. Figured it may be a viewer issue, gesture, etc but i tried several with the same result.

Again my
[12:43]  TsunamiSue: point is that rules of RP should be set for what happens when somebody is "downed" in a chopper, bird, etc, instead of the hud set to auto dismount us when we fly. It hurts the RP as well as the Casual Flying who'd doing nothing but trying to enjoy the beauty of the jungle. This can be done via education. I think the cons far outweigh the pros to the auto dismount approach and it's causing issues for casual flyers as well.
[12:43]  TsunamiSue: lol YT
[12:43]  Terrrence: Bye YT
[12:43]  Meg Madrigal: finds some duct tape.. applies to goddess
[12:44]  Little (crislittlequeen): omg
[12:44]  YT Recreant: ?
[12:44]  Meg Madrigal: Goddesss
[12:46]  YT Recreant: I am fairly relaxed about that part. we can vote on it, and disable it.. I doubt that education will work, as many people are not even aware in their vehicles that they are shot .- and I also observed an invasion of helicopters of all sorts, we feel more like JFK airport at some days :) but yah, if the majority says "we want to switch off the auto-unsit and trust in common sense....:" I am good
[12:46]  Diana (violetx2): rude
[12:46]  YT Recreant: pardon?
[12:47]  Diana (violetx2): not the goddess
[12:47]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): ?
[12:47]  Sam (sunrisesam): discussion?
[12:47]  YT Recreant: ok - that was my 2c
[12:47]  Meg Madrigal: epi
[12:47]  Syd Straaf: ?
[12:48]  Meg Madrigal: epi.. your turn
[12:48]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): honor program works on most of us - but some arent that honorable - if they get shot they just keep going and going ....
[12:48]  Tay aka Mrs Snarf (taytobear.mcbride): agree
[12:48]  Meg Madrigal: Syd ...
[12:48]  Lucky Laburnum: ?
[12:49]  Syd Straaf: can unsit be switched to when we're downed rather than just hit? That seems reasonable to me
[12:49]  0hNoItsme: ?
[12:49]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): ?
[12:49]  Sam (sunrisesam): Goddess?
[12:49]  YT Recreant: I can't down you in a vehicle. in most - not - only in some, complex topic
[12:50]  YT Recreant: technical - complex
[12:50]  Meg Madrigal: Lucky
[12:50]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): ?
[12:50]  Lucky Laburnum: Can't you have it as an option that the user can turn on or off?
[12:50]  Lucky Laburnum: What would be the implications of that?
[12:51]  Sunaru (sunarucaelus): .Flintstone cars for all natives! (Sorry, couldnt resist)
[12:51]  Meg Madrigal: goddess ?
[12:52]  Meg Madrigal: perhaps collect all the comments
[12:52]  TsunamiSue: ?
[12:52]  Sam (sunrisesam): yes..
[12:52]  Meg Madrigal: ohno .. you're next
[12:52]  Terrrence: ?
[12:52]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): ?
[12:52]  YT Recreant: *
[12:52]  YT Recreant: ?
[12:52]  TsunamiSue: lol
[12:53]  0hNoItsme: i have a suggestion that could counteract much of the lag problem here , which is caused by the serious amounted of scripted objects being used...if possible place those items in mono mode (sleep) when not in use ..ost have that funcyion now
[12:53]  Meg Madrigal: i mean the avi ohno
[12:53]  0hNoItsme: most*
[12:53]  0hNoItsme: laughs at meg
[12:53]  Meg Madrigal: Knarf.....
[12:53]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): I must say.. "flying peacefully around in a helicopter enjoying the jungle"-- sounds a lot like what we are trying to do on the ground.. why should that be promoted and the pilots protected in a way .. and walking around peacefully remains dangerous... I don't mind the unsitting.. as it seems to be only fair.. my vote goes for leave it in the HUD.. sorry
[12:54]  Syd Straaf: ?
[12:54]  Meg Madrigal: epi...
[12:54]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): the previous issue - rp rules - was all about making thing clear since some of us need to have it set in stone to agree - so leaving the flight issue open seems odd
[12:54]  Meg Madrigal: Tsue
[12:55]  TsunamiSue: im not talking about just choppers some just enjoy being up in the air...and i'm also not just talking about the 1 mount dismount...i and others have issuesd with being auto dismounted without being shot.....
[12:55]  TsunamiSue: 1 shot*
[12:55]  Meg Madrigal: Terrrence
[12:56]  Terrrence: I think the unsit is ok, no worse being shot flying a helicopter than being shot up the ass while having sex
[12:56]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): well. issues should be fixed ofc
[12:56]  TsunamiSue: nods...and i think the 2 shot dismount makes sense
[12:56]  TsunamiSue: if its technically feasible
[12:56]  Meg Madrigal: Syd
[12:56]  Syd Straaf: the issue was first brought to my attention by Jade.. one hit to a non-supporter's bird and the bird disappears and the driver and all passengers fall to the ground
[12:57]  Bri Slade (indep.slade): ?
[12:57]  Meg Madrigal: bri...
[12:57]  Bri Slade (indep.slade): Yesterday I jumped into a plane of a downed bandit. I healed him. I later learned a guard accused him of not having a hud on. So that brings up an issue maybe that wasn't thought of.
[12:57]  Terrrence: ?
[12:57]  TsunamiSue: ?
[12:57]  Sam (sunrisesam): do you want to vote?
[12:57]  Meg Madrigal: Terrrence then Sue
[12:58]  Alicia (alyciana): I dont understand what is about
[12:58]  Terrrence: she did jump into a helicopter while flying
[12:58]  Bri Slade (indep.slade): yes
[12:58]  Alicia (alyciana): But i'll vote what you say :)
[12:58]  TsunamiSue: to close this topic how about this,...i can talk to YT about the technical issues i hear about....and the rest vote...send a vote to sam each member....
[12:58]  Terrrence: I shot the bandit
[12:58]  Alicia (alyciana): oops
[12:58]  TsunamiSue: goodess excuse me ! xD
[12:58]  YT Recreant: (my turn?
[12:58]  YT Recreant: (or - not yet?
[12:58]  Meg Madrigal: yes Goddessss, please
[12:58]  YT Recreant: Lucky: if we make it optional, it will be switched off - mandatory is the way to go if we want equal standards - 2 shots unsit is tricky, as unsitting itself is in the rights-management of lsl a bigger cut into "how you control your avatar" - so it is 1 shot - for now - technical issues we can fix -but I want to mention one thing in general about the rules, guidelines and laws
[12:58]  Ezra (graypeterson): (but you didn't shoot the duputy?)
[12:59]  YT Recreant: we stated, wy way back, long ago, with GM and RLV...
[12:59]  YT Recreant: the restults were
[12:59]  YT Recreant: people not using RLV viewers
[12:59]  YT Recreant: people using RLV viewers and relay on "ask"
[12:59]  YT Recreant: people taking off their GMs
[12:59]  YT Recreant: in short:
[12:59]  YT Recreant: people trying to cheat out whenever possible and establishing a two-class system...
[13:00]  YT Recreant: "I am only here to have my fun and youare not gong to be part of it"
[13:00]  YT Recreant: with EXP - that has come to an end
[13:00]  YT Recreant: at least much more than earlier
[13:00]  YT Recreant: if you trust in self-control and laws, and common sense, about the vehicles and their pilots acting "RP-stylish properly" - you will fail
[13:00]  YT Recreant: but you can vote :)
[13:01]  YT Recreant: and I can say "told you so" :)
[13:01]  Syd Straaf: lol
[13:01]  Sam (sunrisesam): :)
[13:01]  Meg Madrigal: :)
[13:01]  Lucky Laburnum: ^_^
[13:01]  Tay aka Mrs Snarf (taytobear.mcbride): nods
[13:01]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): I agree to you YT
[13:01]  Sam (sunrisesam): So Tsue.. you want to write the question and we will make a notecard for the vote
[13:01]  TsunamiSue: sure
[13:02]  Sam (sunrisesam): send it to me or meg
[13:02]  Sam (sunrisesam): Voting will tqke place over the weekend via note card
[13:02]  TsunamiSue: will do
[13:02]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): btw Sam.. did the two of you get Amanda and my nc the other day..
[13:02]  Meg Madrigal: ? perhaps longer vote time.....
[13:02]  Tía (ldyt): ?
[13:02]  Meg Madrigal: yes we did and i gave to Sam
[13:02]  Meg Madrigal: Tia
[13:02]  Tía (ldyt): Many may not be here over the weekend, it is an holiday
[13:02]  Amanda Jishnu: I agree,, we need longer than onw weekend to votw
[13:03]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): true Amanda
[13:03]  Sam (sunrisesam): yes.. and i was hoping you might speak to it in a moment
[13:03]  Sam (sunrisesam): a week?
[13:03]  Sam (sunrisesam): 5 days?
[13:03]  Tay aka Mrs Snarf (taytobear.mcbride): week
[13:03]  Sam (sunrisesam): week
[13:03]  Sam (sunrisesam): moving on
[13:04]  Sam (sunrisesam): Agenda four... Ask the Goddess! This section is a chance for our Goddess to speak on any topic.. and air her views and concerns.. with limited questions to follow
[13:04]  Sam (sunrisesam): Goddess?
[13:04]  YT Recreant: ?
[13:04]  YT Recreant: yah..
[13:04]  YT Recreant: I have prepared a shor tessay especialyl for the newer people here...
[13:04]  YT Recreant: What is that with Goddess and God at the Amazon -


Finding out I'm Goddess helped me to overcome my megalomania.
[13:05]  TsunamiSue: lol
[13:05]  Sam (sunrisesam): ((who is playing the music.. please turn it off))
[13:05]  YT Recreant: Now, to be serious: when my partner, Winter, and I played in the Amazon earlier, we were often treated with a respect that our appearance did not account for. For a while he was for example dressed like a lost physician and really, would you see my appearance as intimidating?

I hope not.
[13:05]  YT Recreant: Still, it was like that. We appeared, people backed off. The reason is of course at hand: so many visitors here do not understand the difference between “In Character” and “Out of Character”.
[13:05]  YT Recreant: They assumed that only because we have the power to remove people from here with a click we would use these “superpowers” in a roleplay. Up to the point that actually he and I seldom got any play.
[13:06]  YT Recreant: So, we decided, if we are treated like “superheroes” or something like that, we simply make it a character of us, Icly, that means, in Roleplay.
[13:06]  YT Recreant: And since “Superman” and “Supergirl” do not really fit the theme here, we went for deities of the past.
[13:06]  YT Recreant: To emphasize that we mean this with a wink and not really serious, we picked the Gods of filth, sin and fertility. And for the visual effects we got for us some magic HUD – just because it looks nice, that is all.
[13:06]  YT Recreant: From this, something developed that I should have guessed beforehand – and did not: people keep addressing us as God and Goddess. In Instant messages – or even now when asking me about my products that I sell So I would like at this occasion where I have so many people together, to point out:
[13:07]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): ((music off please)))
[13:07]  xpurrsalotx: fart.. pardon me
[13:07]  YT Recreant: Winter and I do not suffer from a delusion of grandeur. We are pretty normal folks and we do not in any way think we are “better” or something. In Instant Messages it is perfectly fine to call us by our first names.
[13:07]  YT Recreant: In chat (and that is where Roleplay usually should take place), you could call us Goddess and God – but we acknowledge also that there will always be people who are new to roleplay, call us by the names that sway above our heads and do not know much about roles. And – we are totally fine with that.
[13:07]  YT Recreant: We may take you up on it and occasionally shoot you or tie you up – in good fun. And, you are all free to pay back that favour. Any time.
[13:08]  YT Recreant: So much for the deity- titles that may confuse and intimidate especially newer guests, residents and supporters.
[13:08]  YT Recreant: and now, you can ask - with ? first
[13:08]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): /
[13:08]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): ?
[13:08]  YT Recreant: yes Epi :)
[13:09]  εpï ღ (epiphanyoffire): ever so often i come across rumoors that say you have special tribes grups you prefer is that true
[13:09]  YT Recreant: no.
[13:09]  Ezra (graypeterson): ?
[13:09]  YT Recreant: Ezra?
[13:09]  TsunamiSue: ?
[13:09]  Beth (ladybeth123): ?
[13:10]  Ezra (graypeterson): is the circus coming to town? (sorry, couldn't resist :P)
[13:10]  YT Recreant: yes.. soon. !
[13:10]  YT Recreant: :)
[13:10]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): ((yes this is VERY annoying)).. maybe a Guard could handle this lol
[13:11]  YT Recreant: Beth?
[13:11]  YT Recreant: ha!
[13:11]  Tay aka Mrs Snarf (taytobear.mcbride): ((turn off your sound))
[13:11]  Beth (ladybeth123): yes we had been asked to take our fencing down lastnight
[13:12]  Beth (ladybeth123): but it says raiders and bandits are the ones to have this
[13:12]  CalienteRock: wow
[13:12]  TsunamiSue: ?
[13:12]  Beth (ladybeth123): i am just asking why we had to take ours down
[13:12]  YT Recreant: it said "on their locations" when we wrote that rule in the blog - at Glint for Raiders and Mama Allpa for bandits. particularly for the reason as these two were already isntaleld and then suddenly camps all over popped up with fences
[13:13]  YT Recreant: I am more inclicned to have the raiders go fenceless than granting more fences
[13:13]  YT Recreant: we are a jungle, not a garden plot colony
[13:13]  Beth (ladybeth123): nods
[13:13]  Bri Slade (indep.slade): agree
[13:13]  Syd Straaf: ?
[13:13]  Ezra (graypeterson): ((I found the music source))
[13:13]  YT Recreant: Tsunami, I guess is next?
[13:13]  Iala (jwenting) hands Yt a giant pencil sharpener
[13:13]  YT Recreant: :D
[13:13]  Meg Madrigal: yes. Tsue
[13:14]  TsunamiSue: well i did not anticiapite that last remark when i raised my hand....but remember our role is to play the antagonists here....but the reason i raises my hand......can i work with you on at least the technical side of the previous question...about being dismounted without being shot...and also....this is completely off the cuff.....i know this place has been growing so much and prims are becoming a premium...have you ever considered Baia de Amazonas to join the amazon?
[13:15]  YT Recreant: I am as we speak loking for anothe region, I buy them 2nd hand when possible to save install fees...
[13:15]  TsunamiSue: could you save by using that region though?
[13:15]  YT Recreant: the dismount I would say, lets wait out the vote, then we check
[13:15]  TsunamiSue: i dont think its used that much
[13:16]  TsunamiSue: fair enough
[13:16]  YT Recreant: and yes you are the antagonists and I want you to stirr up trouble - and kidnap people and all that stuff
[13:16]  YT Recreant: and no, I wannt surver waves :) these are fudned privately :D
[13:16]  TsunamiSue: haha
[13:16]  TsunamiSue: okay :)
[13:16]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): ?
[13:16]  Meg Madrigal: laughs
[13:16]  Ezra (graypeterson): ?
[13:16]  YT Recreant: I lsot count, Meg, who is next please?
[13:16]  Meg Madrigal: Syd
[13:17]  Syd Straaf: I'll pass.. thanks
[13:17]  Meg Madrigal: Knarf
[13:17]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): tgy
[13:17]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): We see some of the problems / challenges within the Amazon / roleplay and interaction among people here in the unclear definition of how the Gods, Councils and Guards interact and communicate with each other.. e.g., I as a Council have the impression I don't really get any information on whats going on here regarding disciplinary actions fulfilled by the Guards.. and I have the impression the Councils decisions aren't backed by the Gods quite often.. do the Gods see my point and would they be willing to discuss this and work on this with the rest of us if so?
[13:18]  YT Recreant: we are unaware, honestly about that impression and I am sorry if we appear uncaring .- however we will not involve us in "law" decisiosn - really, almost any IM about a RP dispute goes unread - as it would only stir up new drama if we side with someone - we only interfere when someone is griefing, or using a eweapon like that bow the other day that shot 100 bulets per second or somesuch
[13:18]  YT Recreant: we are at any time open to be talked to
[13:19]  YT Recreant: by IM or in chat
[13:19]  YT Recreant: and...
[13:19]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): ok ty
[13:19]  YT Recreant: as for council and guards...
[13:19]  YT Recreant: I can only repeat what I said somewhere inthe blog or n the last meetings..
[13:19]  YT Recreant: look at it like RL...
[13:19]  YT Recreant: your guards are there like police officers..
[13:19]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): you dont apüpear uncaring. thats a miusunderstanding
[13:19]  YT Recreant: and your council are lilke politicians and jduges...
[13:19]  YT Recreant: so...
[13:19]  YT Recreant: there are corrupt officers
[13:20]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): I will gladly take this to an IM at a later time. THX :)
[13:20]  YT Recreant: dishonest politicians (I hav eheard)
[13:20]  YT Recreant: and so on
[13:20]  YT Recreant: this is all IC
[13:20]  Amanda Jishnu: ?
[13:20]  YT Recreant: it is very important to keep in mind that the foremost task is to keep this running ICly
[13:20]  яσσsσ (rooso): ?
[13:20]  Ezra (graypeterson): ???
[13:20]  YT Recreant: the guards help us, the sim admins, also with the option to OOC ban, as yes, it is too big for us to keep allan eye on, that is then different
[13:20]  slut (xx.reyes): and guards; being the wonderful government employees that they are tend to sleep a lot :)
[13:20]  YT Recreant: or not :D
[13:20]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): the example is ogood weitzh the corrupt policeman however
[13:21]  YT Recreant: but usually the guards can follow the law
[13:21]  YT Recreant: :)
[13:21]  YT Recreant: have I covered your questions knarf?
[13:21]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): my pint is MOST policemen are not corrupt I hope. so we should try to enforcc the laws first before we focuis on the exceptioons.. my point
[13:21]  YT Recreant: :)
[13:22]  Meg Madrigal: Ezra, then Amanda, then Rooso
[13:22]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): so I would prefer if we try to stick to the rules in the first place.. before we let all the exceptions take over
[13:22]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): but thank you YT
[13:22]  YT Recreant: ok :)
[13:22]  YT Recreant smiles
[13:22]  YT Recreant: Ezra?
[13:23]  YT Recreant: Ezra seems.. to be asleep
[13:23]  Femke Peccable: lol
[13:23]  YT Recreant: Amanda?
[13:23]  Amanda Jishnu: I think if any Guard or Council member is proved to be corrupt they should have their power taken away from them, not permanatly, but at least for a while
[13:23]  Meg Madrigal: ((please type your comments beforehand and be ready to post, saves time))
[13:24]  YT Recreant: if a guard abuses OOC powers to ban, the Gods wil interfere - for the rest. the role changes within the systtem, seekrs can do that, with the council decision
[13:24]  Ezra (graypeterson): one, is everyone aware of the exsistance of a shotgun that fires two shots at once, making it able to down someone with one click, and two I had a thought, is it possible to add fall damage from a certain distance? (say 50)
[13:24]  Ezra (graypeterson): ((sorry, bad lag))
[13:24]  YT Recreant: Ah hai Ezra :)
[13:24]  Amanda Jishnu: thank you YT
[13:24]  YT Recreant: you're welcome Amana
[13:25]  Amanda Jishnu: ㋡
[13:25]  YT Recreant: as for the weapon - yah, there will always be such, but if it deductstwo in your bullet storage it is fine ....
[13:25]  YT Recreant: keep in mind:
[13:25]  YT Recreant: ONLY what the HUD says, counts.. never what your weaon says or other "meters" or "shields"
[13:25]  Tay aka Mrs Snarf (taytobear.mcbride): ?
[13:25]  YT Recreant: as for the fail distance.. I wil write it to the list and think about it
[13:26]  Iala (jwenting): ?
[13:26]  YT Recreant: ok, Ezra?
[13:26]  Ezra (graypeterson): the actual distance would need to be tweaked, but thank you
[13:26]  YT Recreant: please IM me after the meeting with more details :) or now, and I read it later
[13:26]  YT Recreant: who was next?
[13:27]  яσσsσ (rooso): me?
[13:27]  Meg Madrigal: roooso
[13:27]  яσσsσ (rooso): this is totally off subject a moment but i would like to ask, could there be a way for a fair trail when people get reported for things, and not be just ban right away there is always 2 sides to a story and its unfair to not have your side put across, and just kicked out with out a word. people should be innocent till proven guilty as in real, like u say we should take it as real should have a trail at least.
[13:28]  0hNoItsme: wow..for once im in agreeance with rooso xD ))
[13:28]  YT Recreant: mhm - the point is.. we do not ban for IC disputes - we ban if someone disturbes the peace majorly - and we do not ban swiiftly - I get each day, no kidding - between 1 to 5 "ban requests" all on the level "he or she played unfair"
[13:29]  YT Recreant: however, we can monitor..
[13:29]  YT Recreant: a lot.. like script usage
[13:29]  YT Recreant: shot bulets in time X
[13:29]  YT Recreant: we are wworkign on more details
[13:29]  YT Recreant: and the most reliable is...
[13:29]  YT Recreant: 5 IMs popping up "Mister X did somethign evil"
[13:29]  YT Recreant: I don't neeed to ask Mister X then
[13:29]  YT Recreant: Mister X can explain to me from the off then why this impression could have ever come up
[13:30]  YT Recreant: from 1 to 5 per day..
[13:30]  YT Recreant: you see the quata
[13:30]  YT Recreant: which is between 7 to 35 a week
[13:30]  YT Recreant: I ban maybe 1
[13:30]  YT Recreant: I think that is.. balanced - and many get a 2nd chance, right Rooso?
[13:30]  Ezra (graypeterson): (hire a full time judge?)
[13:30]  YT Recreant: I want to add tho
[13:31]  YT Recreant: so many people write "I am here for fun" - guess what, me too...
[13:31]  Erikk Xeltentat grins remembering the judge
[13:31]  YT Recreant: if I wake up to complaints about your behaviour before I had my first coffeee
[13:31]  YT Recreant: chances are you will share that "fuN" with me
[13:31]  Sam (sunrisesam): :)
[13:31]  YT Recreant: is that covered, Rooso?
[13:31]  Iala (jwenting): ?
[13:31]  яσσsσ (rooso): i understand that u must be over run by it, but i feel at times there is a good reason for things and im sure people would like to have there chance to explain but yes 2nd chances are given.
[13:32]  YT Recreant: :)
[13:32]  яσσsσ (rooso): and i thank you for that
[13:32]  YT Recreant: next please, Meg?
[13:32]  Meg Madrigal: Tay
[13:32]  Tay aka Mrs Snarf (taytobear.mcbride): Just want to pick up on a point that you made Yt, yes a seeker can take away the guards power, when the gods say but only by a decission made by the council and not an individual councilor
[13:32]  YT Recreant: right
[13:32]  YT Recreant: god point
[13:32]  YT Recreant: good
[13:32]  YT Recreant: well.. however.....
[13:32]  YT Recreant: again keep in mind, can be RL....
[13:33]  YT Recreant: if the seeker is bribed by one council member....
[13:33]  YT Recreant: things can happen :)
[13:33]  Sam (sunrisesam): :0
[13:33]  Tay aka Mrs Snarf (taytobear.mcbride): they better get up early to bride the ghost
[13:33]  YT Recreant grins
[13:33]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): yes. but that should have major consequences if it is uncovered. and not promoted I think
[13:33]  Syd Straaf: what if they just stay up really late, Tay?
[13:33]  YT Recreant: sure Knarf. I only say . and that is just realistic...
[13:33]  YT Recreant: the seeker relies on a script - and we, the adminst oo
[13:34]  YT Recreant: scritps can alwas be worked around
[13:34]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): :)
[13:34]  YT Recreant: and if discovre, consequences follow
[13:34]  YT Recreant: if not - like in RL - then not
[13:34]  YT Recreant: Meg?
[13:34]  Meg Madrigal: Iala....
[13:34]  Iala (jwenting): fall distance can be a problem, sometimes in laggy places sitting or stranding up can get you kicked very high in the sky for a moment, the meter would detect that as falling when coming down
[13:34]  Iala (jwenting): that's all :)
[13:34]  YT Recreant: we have no falling detection yet - I can add that - shal i? :D
[13:35]  Iala (jwenting): just a consideration when and if including it
[13:35]  TsunamiSue: ugh
[13:35]  TsunamiSue: lol
[13:35]  Terrrence: haha
[13:35]  YT Recreant grins
[13:35]  YT Recreant: nxt, Meg?
[13:35]  Meg Madrigal: wonders what happens when I jump off cliffs
[13:35]  Meg Madrigal: list is done
[13:35]  Sam (sunrisesam): or rides the croc
[13:35]  Iala (jwenting): or the snake
[13:35]  Lucky Laburnum: or jump into water
[13:35]  Sam (sunrisesam): Thank You Goddess!
[13:36]  Terrrence: you fall
[13:36]  YT Recreant: wow, cool :) that was fast :)
[13:36]  YT Recreant: anytime
[13:36]  Meg Madrigal: and wonderful. thank you :)
[13:36]  Sunaru (sunarucaelus): <---Ridden croc in RL, not that bad in cold weather.
[13:36]  YT Recreant smiles and bows
[13:36]  Sam (sunrisesam): next item.. i am proposing we hold these meetings on a regular basis
[13:36]  Sam (sunrisesam): monthly?
[13:36]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): sure we def should
[13:36]  TsunamiSue: agreed....went way to long this time
[13:36]  Sam (sunrisesam): discussion
[13:36]  Tay aka Mrs Snarf (taytobear.mcbride): yes i agree monthly
[13:37]  TsunamiSue: monthly
[13:37]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): ?
[13:37]  Bri Slade (indep.slade): monthly yes
[13:37]  Terrrence: ?
[13:37]  Iala (jwenting): different camp each time?
[13:37]  Syd Straaf: monthly
[13:37]  Meg Madrigal: Karf
[13:37]  Syd Straaf: less laggy camp
[13:37]  Amanda Jishnu: this was the first meeting I've been able to come to,, I hope at leat some will be at times when I can attend
[13:37]  Meg Madrigal: knarf has the "floor" :)
[13:37]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): We think the meetings should both respect the fact that Council members are from the US and from Europe (or maybe even from other time zones) and not just from the US as well as the fact that not everybody is available in SL over the weekends.
[13:37]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): The idea would be having alternating meetings on weekends / week days.. plus.. US / Europe time zones.
[13:37]  Sam (sunrisesam): thank you knarf
[13:37]  Sunaru (sunarucaelus): Only skybox MIGHT be less lag
[13:37]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): and yes monthly is fine
[13:37]  Syd Straaf: ?
[13:38]  Meg Madrigal: Syd
[13:38]  Syd Straaf: What Knarf said
[13:38]  Sam (sunrisesam): suggest a schedule knarf?
[13:38]  Meg Madrigal: rolls eyes
[13:38]  Teddy Paine: have a sim restart more offten and before meetings
[13:38]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): ok.. offline.. wil be happy to.. do we need 3 more members?
[13:38]  Sam (sunrisesam): send me a note card
[13:38]  Little (crislittlequeen): Temos America do Sul aqui também
[13:38]  crislittlequeen Resident: We have South America here too
[13:38]  Little (crislittlequeen): hahahaha
[13:38]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): :)
[13:38]  Iala (jwenting): schedule sim restart for 20 muinutes after meetingt starts. Ensures meeting ends quickly ㋡
[13:39]  Teddy Paine: I'll be a member if you need me
[13:39]  Tay aka Mrs Snarf (taytobear.mcbride): I will help if you need help also
[13:39]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): for the protocol: will work on a draft schedule with Teddy and who else want top be par of this and send the results to Sam within 22 weeks
[13:39]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): + Tay
[13:39]  Sam (sunrisesam): Last item.. new business.. in order to save time please send me a note card unless youwant to discuss something now
[13:40]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): 2 weeks*
[13:40]  Sam (sunrisesam): anything?
[13:40]  Sam (sunrisesam): To review..
[13:41]  Sam (sunrisesam): Syds committee will work on rieview.. and report back.
[13:41]  Sam (sunrisesam): We will vote on the sit-down issue with a one week open vote.. Tsue will help drqft the language
[13:42]  Teddy Paine: wait do I need to be invited to councel?
[13:42]  Amazon River HUD V0.97a beta whispers:
A tight loop is wrapped around your right wrist...
one can possibly leash you there now

((predators: click the right wrist of the prey for a menu))
[13:42]  TsunamiSue: nods
[13:42]  Terrrence: haha
[13:42]  Meg Madrigal: Teddy.. find a seeker....
[13:42]  Sam (sunrisesam): Meetings we be held regularly.. Knarf will work with Sam to develop a schedule
[13:42]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): yepp
[13:42]  Sam (sunrisesam): Any other business?
[13:42]  Teddy Paine: well maybe I should be invited first
[13:42]  Sam (sunrisesam): next meeting will be announced in leader chat
[13:42]  YT Recreant: onl supporters can be council members
[13:42]  Meg Madrigal: and notice...
[13:43]  Teddy Paine: I suport the amazon
[13:43]  Amazon River HUD V0.97a beta whispers:
A tight loop is wrapped around your right wrist...
one can possibly leash you there now

((predators: click the right wrist of the prey for a menu))
[13:43]  Terrrence: only council members are supose to speak at meetings
[13:43]  TsunamiSue: good meeting Sam, thanks
[13:43]  GℜÌɱƲﻜ (grimus1): ea
[13:43]  Syd Straaf: thanks Sam
[13:43]  Teddy Paine: ok shhhhhhhh
[13:43]  Syd Straaf: thanks YT
[13:43]  Sam (sunrisesam): THANK MEG
[13:43]  Little (crislittlequeen): ty all
[13:43]  YT Recreant: Teddy, a supporter - has apanel :)
[13:44]  Syd Straaf: thanks Meg
[13:44]  Sam (sunrisesam): OOOPS.. CAMPS
[13:44]  YT Recreant: and, my pleasure, thank yout oo, all of you
[13:44]  Knarf Jishnu (knarf.robonaught): yes Teddy I do knwo
[13:44]  Sam (sunrisesam): LOCK

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