Sunday, October 26, 2014

Council Meeting 26 October 2014 12.30pm

[12:31] Tlālōc (winterthyme): ok - I suggest we get started. Firstly thank you all for coming.
[12:31] Nuku Nemeth nods
[12:31] Andrew Harcourt: ears open
[12:32] Tlālōc (winterthyme): If you have a question or observation please type "?" and wait until you are invited to speak before postign your comment - it helps with the flow
[12:32] Demon (demonrebell.whelan): hello everyone waves*
[12:32] Demonrebell Whelan: * waves hello everyone
[12:32] Tlālōc (winterthyme): I will also do my best to log the meeting and publish it on the blog tomorrow or later tonight
[12:33] Tlālōc (winterthyme): So without further ado - Tlaçolteotl - over to you!
[12:33] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant) smiles "thank you Tlālōc
[12:33] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we came together today to repeat some points, where Tlālōc and i observed, that they maybe were not yet implented as we planned to do it..
[12:34] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so, we want tomentionthem again, and wil be open to ideas how to improve
[12:34] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): many RP areas wil burry you with a ton of notecards or websites on arrival...
[12:35] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and while we have a large blog, with many pages, we try to keep the things you need to know to an absolute minimum
[12:35] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): you *can* read a lot, but you *have* to read only two things
[12:35] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): 1st: it is mandatory to wear the HUD - i think this point we got across well, communicated richly, and, i am happy to see, it is also largely accepted
[12:35] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): this one thing, we call a *requirement*
[12:36] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): it is about the only OOC thing that we handle, as, w/o HUD, the rest, our laws, would be futile, obsoloete
[12:36] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the rest, are laws
[12:36] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so let us say we have a law, that people do not use jump extenders that make them jump 50 meters high
[12:36] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): in many sims this would be an OOC violation against the rules
[12:36] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): here, it is not
[12:37] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): here it is a law, to not use them
[12:37] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the difference is, that a law *can* be broken
[12:37] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): hoever, like in RL; if you decide to break the law. you are an outlaw.. that sounds like adventure, but can have serious consequences, like RL too
[12:38] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so, lets say, you use a jump extender and no one sees it...
[12:38] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): great, lucky you
[12:38] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): but if you use a jump extender and it goes noticed, you can be "killed" for that
[12:38] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): kill means, 1h ban
[12:38] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and it is applied by our weapons
[12:38] Nuku Nemeth: ?
[12:38] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): everyone can kill
[12:39] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we have some limits, to make it difficult
[12:39] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): scriptwise
[12:39] Nuku Nemeth: does the 1 hour mean just the sim they where killed on or the whole amazon chain
[12:39] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): but in theory, everyone can kill, and the guards have the power to kill without any effort
[12:39] Nuku Nemeth: ((akksorry))
[12:39] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): please wait Nuku
[12:39] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): :)
[12:39] Tlālōc (winterthyme): Nuku - please wait until called before asking your question to avoid interrupting the flow
[12:39] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so, you see someone using a jump extender...
[12:39] Nuku Nemeth: ((yea i hit enter my mistake
[12:39] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and then you decide to kill this person...
[12:40] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): that would mean you need to place 12 shots at this person, after 3 or so they are down, after 12 they are "dead"
[12:40] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): that, you may have noticed, requires a refill at the ammostore at least
[12:40] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): or you gang up
[12:40] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): what is the consequence if you kill?....
[12:40] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we, Tlālōc and i.. get instantly a message
[12:41] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): like "person A killed person B at this region"
[12:41] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): then, if you are the "killer", you must report it to the mouthpiece of the Gods
[12:41] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): that is the frog at Rio Solimoes
[12:41] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we wil await the report, why you actually killed
[12:41] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if you just kill and do not bother to report, we wil follow it up
[12:41] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): most likely you will follow your victim swiftly and longer time
[12:42] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so, do not abuse that option, it can be seriously painful
[12:42] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and a kill, Nuku, is one region..
[12:42] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): not all regions :)
[12:42] Nuku Nemeth nods
[12:42] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): now.. you see, laws can be broken, and if unnoticed, cool, if noticed, then tehre is a conflict..
[12:42] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): guards don't need to report by the way
[12:42] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): they have our trust
[12:43] Nuku Nemeth: ?
[12:43] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if you see someone violating the law and you do not want to kill you can seek a council member..
[12:43] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): yes, Nuku?
[12:43] Nuku Nemeth: how long does someone have to report a 'kill'
[12:43] Nuku Nemeth: like how long till it is followed up on
[12:43] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we apply common sense, and our messages have timetamps just in case we are both asleep...
[12:44] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and we expect it within the next 15-30 minutes
[12:44] Nuku Nemeth nods
[12:44] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i want to be clear to those trigger fingers listening...
[12:44] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): it is really a bad ideea to try to kill on the assumption Tlālōc and i are asleep
[12:44] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we can follow up the next day as well, and we will
[12:44] Tlālōc (winterthyme) nods
[12:45] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): downign someone is perfectly fine..
[12:45] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we are only talking about kiling
[12:45] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): now the next thing...
[12:45] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we said, we want to handle *everythign* ICly...
[12:45] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): on one meeting came the idea, to make a "quick call for guards"...
[12:45] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): nope, not going to happen.. guards are not moderators
[12:46] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and that would be exactly what it is abused for..
[12:46] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i see already now every now and then people trying to talk to the "seekers" in the assumption they are OOC staff
[12:46] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): nope, they are not
[12:46] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we have no OC staff
[12:46] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): *OOC
[12:46] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and if you make Tlālōc or me act OOC, force us to do so, its not going to end well
[12:47] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): as we use OOC only for really serious thigns like ban
[12:47] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so, try to settle all disputes you have ICly
[12:47] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): (of course you can tlakt to us OOCly about things like.. there is a tree misplaced, or, can you landscape this and that)
[12:47] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): (we will NOT moderate tho, ever
[12:48] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i want to give an example..
[12:48] Markus Graymark is online.
[12:48] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and i want to mention before i give this example what really good RP is
[12:48] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): really ood RP is like a really good book
[12:48] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): when you read a reallly good book, you are sharing the emotions with the characteres int he book
[12:48] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): you laugh
[12:48] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): you cry
[12:48] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): you fear
[12:48] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): etc
[12:48] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): however, once you close the book, you are back to normal
[12:48] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): RP is the same
[12:49] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): when done good, you can feel anry, or happy, aroused, or sad..
[12:49] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the entiry palette of emotions
[12:49] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): but once you switch off the computer, you should be back to normal
[12:49] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so..
[12:49] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): here the example, some heard about it, i will only tell a very condensed version
[12:49] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Tlālōc and i have been approached ICly for resolving a dispute
[12:50] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we turned it down once
[12:50] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and as they did not leave it at that, and returned, we gave them a task
[12:50] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the task was, to have Tlālōc 's child, baby...
[12:50] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): it was IC
[12:50] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and one can settle this all IC in countless ways
[12:50] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): like.. getting pregnant.. or bring another tribute to the "Gods" or whatever
[12:51] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): one RP partner really undersood that, and was then also (in IM) happy for the RP
[12:51] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the other RP partenr freaked out
[12:51] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): a lot
[12:51] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): OOCly
[12:51] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and this is the point
[12:51] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): then RP is not going to end well, ever
[12:51] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if you allow your OOC emotions to blend in
[12:51] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if this happens to you(and it happens to all of us,also me)..
[12:51] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i recommend really:
[12:51] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): log out, take a walk on fresh air, return after 1 hour or one day
[12:52] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): that was one example
[12:52] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): nothe example is.. i see sometimes people racing the river with crazy boats
[12:52] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): vehicles you would see on the open sea, not in a muddy jungle river..
[12:53] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i get a bow and arrow and shoot the driver till they are unconcious, theyn they race against somethign, a crocodile nabs them, the boat gets returned, problem slved
[12:53] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): all ICly
[12:53] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): no need to get into their IM and tellthem "you can't yadayda"
[12:53] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): that causes just bad feelings :)
[12:53] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): who makes the law...
[12:53] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): that is the council
[12:53] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if the council decides tomorrow all women have to dye their hair green...
[12:53] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): then that is so
[12:54] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and all women who then have not grene hair are outlaws
[12:54] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and, Tlālōc and i are NOT council, purposely
[12:54] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we do not want to show off in any way our "estatemanager pwoers"
[12:54] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): *you* run this, inworld
[12:54] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we are just part of the backdrop
[12:55] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if you see someone runnign around playing pew pew all the time, kill them
[12:55] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): you can shoot them first and ask later
[12:55] Andrew Harcourt: :))
[12:55] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): do not call moderators
[12:55] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we have none
[12:55] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): not going to happen
[12:55] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Tlālōc and i step in if someone drops griefer tools
[12:55] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): nasty stuff
[12:55] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): that is in itself OOC
[12:55] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): then..
[12:56] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): before i continue, are there ?
[12:56] Tlālōc (winterthyme) looks around to see if anyone has a question
[12:56] Poppy Flower (karima.moonites): no thanks
[12:56] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): ok...
[12:56] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): next point was..
[12:57] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): villages/tribes with their own ruiles...
[12:57] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the law is done by the council... and guarded by the guards...
[12:57] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): only the council makes them...
[12:57] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if a village wants own laws - they are free to do so, but that has no meaning to the guards, and these villages would need to establish their own forces to that
[12:57] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so in short: the effort would not be worth it
[12:58] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): rather, try to discuss as chief/chieftess the matter with the council and fine a solution that applies regionwide
[12:58] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if you make village rules, and they are broken - tough luck for you
[12:58] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): RP bans...
[12:58] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): (that RP ban was the intro to the other RP that derailed then...
[12:59] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): someone issued a RP ban like "we are no longer going to play with...
[12:59] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): nope, not going to happen here
[12:59] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we are not one of those sims
[12:59] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i have been godmodded here already myself..
[12:59] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i grit my teeth and work through it and avoidthe person in the future as good as i can
[12:59] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if i fail in avoiding it, its life
[13:00] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i can't claim to try to stay IC all the time and when whine and wiggle out when its inconvenient
[13:00] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so, if i find a bad RP partner, it wil end, it willpass, i stay IC if possible and maybe even try to better the RP ontheir side with hitns or so
[13:00] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): but RP bans - no - and willnto be accepted here
[13:01] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): away from keyboard and be right back the same..
[13:01] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if i am away from keyboard and get capped - bad luck
[13:01] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): however...
[13:01] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if i am really long time away from keyboard and someone caps me and has fun to alk to a zombie, pfff ok?
[13:01] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): not my loss
[13:01] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i understand that some of what i say might sound novel or strange
[13:02] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): especially to those who come from "immerse RP world" with "100 exceptions and rules"
[13:02] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): trust me, its not, you wil slip into it fast
[13:02] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): last poitn i have on my agenda was "Gods"
[13:02] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Tlālōc and i tried first "normal" roles
[13:02] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): my partner was a botanist..
[13:03] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i was a seeker
[13:03] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): however, people visiting us were then approaching us in kneeling, in bowing, in praising...
[13:03] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and we lived in a baboo hut
[13:03] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): nothing really provoked or warranted it
[13:03] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): they stil did
[13:03] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and not one, btu many
[13:03] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so we came to the conclusion that if we are seen as kind of Gods, we take it a bit ironic,..
[13:04] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Tlālōc is the God of feritlity, Tlaçolteotl the God of filth - they both existed...
[13:04] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and then if people still feel like kneeling to us, its at least IC and more authentic than kneeling to a botanist
[13:04] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we do not use weapons...
[13:05] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Gods and all, rite? :)
[13:05] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we have acquired two show-off magic HUDs.. yes..
[13:05] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): here is by the way one God mode that came to my mind...
[13:05] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): just recently...
[13:05] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i was captuerd, i played along., i used one small particle effect from my HUD, my kidnapper kew i am a "God"...
[13:05] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): *knew
[13:06] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the effect had nothing on the change of the RP, it was just a bit magic..
[13:06] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the response from my captur (a human) was "oh i am a wizard too".
[13:06] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): suddenly
[13:06] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): out of the blue
[13:06] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): :)
[13:06] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): made me groan and i used another magic tricka nd dissolved
[13:06] ShylaLady: :)
[13:06] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so.. godmodding happens
[13:06] village bike (brianna.aldridge): ㋡
[13:06] Nuku Nemeth giggles
[13:06] Andrew Harcourt: :)
[13:07] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): its part of it, we are not perfect i amnot, because iwish i would be a God, but iam not of course :)
[13:07] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): anyway
[13:07] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): what i wanted to say is...
[13:07] village bike (brianna.aldridge) whispers "a very smexy god if you ask me."
[13:07] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): pelase, do not use the magic now because we both do. with Tlālōc and me it is IC.. and if everyone owould do it, we could rename this here into enchanted forest
[13:08] Andrew Harcourt: :)
[13:08] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Tlālōc and i don't show off too much with it, you can capture us, we won't turn you into a piece of cglowing ashes
[13:08] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): yes.. that was it so far..
[13:08] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): questions?
[13:08] Nuku Nemeth: ?
[13:08] ShylaLady: i have none :)
[13:08] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Nuku first :)
[13:09] Nuku Nemeth: so gods can be downed like normal players? or is that a big secret lol, just curious
[13:09] OhNoItsJustanuthaEn (0hnoitsme): listens intently for the response..
[13:10] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we can be downed.. and i have to be honest :) Tlālōc and i play with he amazon HUD of course as we script along with it, and sometimes we forget the role we take on to check..
[13:10] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so we have some days the power of a shaman, next day the power of council
[13:10] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we never use it here anyway, but it can take some days longer to down us than on others
[13:10] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): ok?
[13:10] Nuku Nemeth nods and smiles "ooo keeping it random"
[13:10] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): rite :)
[13:10] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Shyla?
[13:10] Tlālōc (winterthyme) grins
[13:11] Tlālōc (winterthyme): I don't think Shyla had a question
[13:11] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): ah "none"
[13:11] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): yes
[13:11] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): my ears
[13:11] ShylaLady: i had no questions im happy with what u said :)
[13:11] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant) coughs
[13:11] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant) smiles
[13:11] Tlālōc (winterthyme) grins
[13:11] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): oook
[13:11] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): anyone?
[13:11] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): .
[13:12] OhNoItsJustanuthaEn (0hnoitsme): i was led to believe you do not participate in capture Rp if for example ..i captured ..let's say you Yt ..would that Rp commense?
[13:12] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): it would, yes. i made for myself the agreement as long as i am restraiend i don't use spells to get out of it...
[13:12] Tlālōc (winterthyme): That applies to me too
[13:13] OhNoItsJustanuthaEn (0hnoitsme): smiles..thankyou
[13:13] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): you're welcome :)
[13:13] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): did you have things that i forgot, Tlālōc ?
[13:14] Tlālōc (winterthyme): I don't think so - just a reminder that the Requirements and Laws of the Council are on the Blog. And when new ones are added it will be mentioned in "Important News and Updates" also on the Blog
[13:14] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): yes. and the HUD points to the website too
[13:14] Nuku Nemeth: ?
[13:14] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): yes?
[13:16] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): ah and when we have nukus question i want to tell another story..
[13:16] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): but go ahead Nuku, first please..
[13:16] Nuku Nemeth: is it possible if counsel is in agreement, would a sign reminding people there is a website at the landing using some of there prims be allowed?
[13:17] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we can trigger the sensor that IMs people on arrivel with a pop up also
[13:17] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so they get a "we have laws, read them!"
[13:17] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): or instead
[13:17] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and if they click, they go to the website
[13:17] Tlālōc (winterthyme) makes a note
[13:18] Nuku Nemeth: that could work nicely i think, cause.. some do not read the local when they arive, maybe something poping up on there screen will do well, they gotta look at it to click it away lol
[13:18] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): ok :)
[13:18] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we will
[13:19] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): now....
[13:19] Nuku Nemeth: ^.^ thank you
[13:19] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the sory i wanted to tell is..
[13:19] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): you're welcome :)
[13:19] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we agreed, that we want to settle all IC...
[13:19] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): laws are made by council
[13:19] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and guarded by guards
[13:19] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): council memebrs are then like politicians
[13:19] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): guards like police
[13:20] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and here was the plot.. that never happened due to other circuumstances..
[13:20] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): however, if it had happened *i* would have been fine with it:
[13:20] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): a council memebr got damaged by a resident..
[13:20] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): like shooting, conflict. whatever really
[13:20] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): would you, iRL; walk up to an influencal politician and damage them?
[13:20] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): you would rather not, as they have more influence then the "normal resident"
[13:20] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): same here...
[13:21] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if a council memebr really gets annoyed..
[13:21] OhNoItsJustanuthaEn (0hnoitsme): assainate attempts
[13:21] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and then they turn to a guard and say "hey guard, look, that John Doe, is dead.. kill him on sight" and the guard does it...
[13:21] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): well?
[13:21] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): its all IC
[13:21] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): power corrupts
[13:21] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): what i mean is..
[13:21] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): quite the "safe rails and tracks" of moderation and rules
[13:21] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): let it flow
[13:22] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): an aalogy is the build style in the amazon
[13:22] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we do not tell anybody where to place their tent
[13:22] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we have no "sub parcels"
[13:22] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): it grows organically
[13:22] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we do not tell anybody to raise or to not raise a tribe
[13:22] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): it simply happens
[13:22] Mokel Inglewood: ?
[13:23] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if then council members diecide to devlop for themselves a corrupt character..
[13:23] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we have corrrupt politicians RL too (i have heard, I don't know of course)
[13:23] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so
[13:23] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): its just logic to have this here as well
[13:23] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Mokel?
[13:23] Mokel Inglewood: do supporters in that aspect have preference to "normal" players ?
[13:24] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): indirect, as a council member can only be recruited from supporters - simply for the reason that the council is modeling the landscape in laws, heavily
[13:24] Mokel Inglewood: -d +t
[13:24] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and so, it is only fair to et those on who have some skin in here
[13:24] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): "n on supporters do not have permanent rezz rights, for a simple different reason...
[13:24] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if i would open rezz to all, we would soon have a chaotic sandbox
[13:24] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): one can't keep that clean
[13:25] Nuku Nemeth: true that
[13:25] Mokel Inglewood: ok
[13:25] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we alrady now have cleaned for example.. "AO HUDs" buried in t he beach from suporters :)
[13:25] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): imagine this now with all people perma rezz right on
[13:25] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): :)
[13:25] Andrew Harcourt: no way :)
[13:26] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): ?
[13:26] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Primo?
[13:26] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): Would killing a crazy person, be viewed as a mercy killing?......grins
[13:26] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant) smiles "you can always justifiy the killing in any way that oyu like to the mouthpiece..
[13:26] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and..
[13:26] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): pro tip..
[13:27] Nuku Nemeth listens well
[13:27] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): as i said, we trust them hunters...
[13:27] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if you give them the order to kill and they do.. they do not need to reason it
[13:27] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the game goes always two sides...
[13:27] Tlālōc (winterthyme): guards, not hunters*
[13:27] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): yes, sorry guards
[13:27] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so, let us lok at this from guards view
[13:28] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i am a guard... as example...
[13:28] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and soemone asks me "can you kill John Doe for me?"
[13:28] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i can now decide.. who is asking me this..
[13:28] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i can obey blindly..
[13:28] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): or i can say "why?"
[13:28] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i can be corrupt?
[13:28] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): or i can shoot down the one who approached me for the attempt to bend the law
[13:29] Razab Jackson: ?
[13:29] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so, yes, a council member can be killed by a guard if the guard thinks in his/her own value system this is the right thign to do
[13:29] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): it is like RL.. and a police officer shooting a politician happened too there
[13:29] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): yes, Razab?
[13:29] Razab Jackson: What are the OOC consequences of being Killed?
[13:30] Razab Jackson: what does it do to the person killed
[13:30] Razab Jackson: ?
[13:30] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): once someone is dead they get immediately by the script in the HUD 1h region ban - on that particular region, not on all fours...
[13:30] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): then we get a message also
[13:30] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if the killing happened by a "not guard" we wait for the reason
[13:30] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if there is no reason, the Gods will follow it up
[13:31] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): if there is a reason, we will decide individually
[13:31] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): and a Guard has not to deliver a reason, but if i see in my log Razab suddenly killing 50 people ...
[13:31] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we will investigate too of course :)
[13:31] Tlālōc (winterthyme) grins
[13:32] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): more questions?
[13:32] Razab Jackson: thanks
[13:32] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): :)
[13:32] Aloysius Washington (stern.vlodovic): ?
[13:32] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): Aloysius :)
[13:32] Aloysius Washington (stern.vlodovic): Can guards be dismissed by council?
[13:33] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): yes, sure, like sheriffs in local towns in some coutnries, they are hired and fired
[13:33] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): the council can make laws for that too by the way
[13:35] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): more questions? :)
[13:36] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): good, then i thank you all for your attention. keep in mind, RP is like a book, never drag it to OOC :) if you do, take a walk RL
[13:36] Nuku Nemeth: i cannot think of any
[13:36] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): i wish you all a beautiful rest of the day
[13:36] Terrrence: Thank you
[13:36] Aloysius Washington (stern.vlodovic): Thank you
[13:36] Tlālōc (winterthyme): Thank you all for coming - and thank you for investign your time here and helping make the Amazon such a wonderful place.
[13:36] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): what Tlālōc said ! :)

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