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Council Meeting 26 October 2014 12.30pm

[12:31] Tlālōc (winterthyme): ok - I suggest we get started. Firstly thank you all for coming.
[12:31] Nuku Nemeth nods
[12:31] Andrew Harcourt: ears open
[12:32] Tlālōc (winterthyme): If you have a question or observation please type "?" and wait until you are invited to speak before postign your comment - it helps with the flow
[12:32] Demon (demonrebell.whelan): hello everyone waves*
[12:32] Demonrebell Whelan: * waves hello everyone
[12:32] Tlālōc (winterthyme): I will also do my best to log the meeting and publish it on the blog tomorrow or later tonight
[12:33] Tlālōc (winterthyme): So without further ado - Tlaçolteotl - over to you!
[12:33] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant) smiles "thank you Tlālōc
[12:33] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): we came together today to repeat some points, where Tlālōc and i observed, that they maybe were not yet implented as we planned to do it..
[12:34] Tlaçolteotl (yt.recreant): so, we want tomentionthem again, and wil be open to ideas how to imp…