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Why some people got force green last night

OOC post
I had hoped i was clear enough about manners, tone, civilized behaviour. Coming to a battle at Rio Solimoes, where participants yell (covering a radius of 100 meter around them with each yell) such nice phrases:
Resident1 shouts: Now he's whining like a little bitch that has a tampon stuck up in his ass Resident2 shouts: aww someone is a little pissed i see, learn how to lose fuck face Resident3 shouts: shut up SHORTDICK! Resident4 shouts: You nothing but a Fag!
lets me doubt whether i was clear enough. To calm them down i took away their ability for more pew pew. Once they reflected on this behaviour they get the permission to shoot back. 
Love for all of you

HUD Update May 17

Two new functions are in the HUD:
Dice and Render-Costs.

Dice is a tool that one can use for roleplay. Imagine the following situation: Player A wants to attack Player B. Player B wants to dodge the attack. If you go for not metered roleplay  the situation can soon escalate OOCly as there might be a disagreement whether the attacking or the dodging was successful - that is where Dice come into game. Here is the example how it works:

Player A emotes: /has the knife in the hand and jumps forward, trying to stab Player B in the arm
Player A clicks the spirit, selects "Dice" and the spirit returns a number in local chat, e.g. "4"

Player B now clicks the spirit too, selects Dice, and the spirit returns for example a "2" or a "6". Depending on the outcome, Player B emotes that the hit took place or was dodged.

Using of this tool is voluntarily but can provide much fun!

Render Costs:
this will give a value about the costs your avatar can have on your …

Roleplay Ban Lists?

Another OOC post :)

Connecting to my last post today i want to address something strange that i observed to sprout here in Amazon too. So called "Roleplay Ban Lists". For those who never saw it, it is this: Resident John Doe had an OOC fight with Jane Doe. And so John never wants to roleplay with Jane any longer. And to make sure that Jane knows, John places that in his profile under "Picks" - like "No Roleplay with the following: Jane Doe, her tribe and all her alts".
Then John rubs his hands and thinks "Mission accomplished".

However, that is not so. The public name and shame has come out of fashion right after we left medieval ages behind. Pillories and such, remember? Ok, in social media like Facebook and Twitter some jerks still prefer to behave that primitive but i would like to think, sincerely, that the people here are above the "Jerry Springer Show" level.
So, dear reader, if you have a "no roleplay ban list" in your…

Love out Loud

LoL - Love out Loud
This is a complete OOC statement!
I hijacked this statement from To quote the organization on that website: “Love Out Loud!” is the motto of re:publica 2017, which aims to focus attention on those people, organisations, and projects which stand up to hate, violence and injustice and bring light to the dark corners of our society. They deserve our attention more than ever."
If one person spreads hate it will infect many around that person. Peers who imitate that behaviour, followers, and, of course, the people who fell victim to a hateful outburst. 
We at the Amazon have installed several levels that should help you to escalate issues. If you have an argument with a person we can support you. With the mouthpiece and with priestesses for example. However, mostly we trust in people being adults and acting mature. And, i have to say, 99% of the Amazon are very mature people. It is really fun to live with you an…

Fantasy creatures

As the discussion went lively the last weeks, let me recap the view of the administration:
fantasy appearances are allowed, magic powers are not.
We do not encourage fantasy appearance. if we did we would have magic wells, wands, floating sparkly fancy stuff and all that. however, i take a tolerant view on appearance. Because, really. in a way we are all fantasy appearances. My skin RL is not as flawless as the one of my pixelself. So in the first place, those who were all up throwing hissy fits about "look that woman there has pointy ears!" i want to remind of two simple facts: tolerance is key. And the sky is not falling. If their actions are not disturbing your peace then why bother?
However, if fantasy creatures try to dominate the roleplay, e.g. constantly pointing out "but i am a fairy.. " or simply lagging the entire area with "sparkly particle stuff" and an overly bright shiny angel floating appearance  then there is a line crossed. My tolerance …