Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why some people got force green last night

OOC post
I had hoped i was clear enough about manners, tone, civilized behaviour. Coming to a battle at Rio Solimoes, where participants yell (covering a radius of 100 meter around them with each yell) such nice phrases:
Resident1 shouts: Now he's whining like a little bitch that has a tampon stuck up in his ass
Resident2 shouts: aww someone is a little pissed i see, learn how to lose fuck face
Resident3 shouts: shut up SHORTDICK!
Resident4 shouts: You nothing but a Fag!

lets me doubt whether i was clear enough. To calm them down i took away their ability for more pew pew. Once they reflected on this behaviour they get the permission to shoot back. 

Love for all of you


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