Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Roleplay helper - touch/die with some target

This is a short post to show how you can prepare surprises for your frenemies in roleplay. Those of you who have permanent rezz rights (supporters) can set up something in the camp of the frenemy that dies on touch. It is important to obey this rule! do not simply rezz something at someplace. Make always sure it can be easily removed (die) with one mouse-click  (touch).

However, sometimes you want a particular person only to be able to remove it. It would be too bad if your setup would be ruined just because a random John Doe clicks on it - and deletes it by that.

So here is the way how you can do that:

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  1. Rezz your object
  2. change to its content tab
  3. Select "New Script"
  4. then copy/paste this into the script editor:
//######### The script starts here, do not copy the rest above into it.
    touch_start(integer total_number)
        //the following line will always be executed when the object is touched
        llSay(0,"the stain smells like the blood is starting to rot fast in the jungle-condition");
        //these lines will only be executed when the object is touched by the person with that UUID - replace the key/UUID here of course with a fitting UUID which you get from the profile of the targeted person
        if (llDetectedKey(0)=="b76126c8-7fd4-4c85-a164-b19e85d8528b")
            llSay(0,"with a lot of scrubbing the stain eventually dissolves");

//######### The script ends here, do not copy the rest below into it.

I highly recommend that you test this first before you try it. Especially if you are new to scripting.

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