Building Guidelines

Please read these guidelines and requirements carefully for a trouble-free time :-)
  • If we find items that are full bright, or sculpted, or ugly, we will return them.
  • Decorate your space and do not under-occupy. Space is a rare resource - make it look nice and use it fully!
    • If you occupy a space - cave or otherwise - please decorate it, don't leave it essentially 'bare'. If we find spots that are occupied with just a few items as 'markers' we will clear them and reclaim the space for others who want to make more effort. We want to see your spots well done and nicely decorated. just a bed and a torch will not cut it
    • You will receive a message from Bagheera, the catbot, if we think your space is under-occupied or insufficiently decorated.  You will then have 2 days to remedy the issue or explain to the mouthpiece. Don't panic - we are generally overly lenient, but we have recently seen a couple of under-occupied and under-decorated places.
We understand that this may be inconvenient sometimes but our goal is to keep the reputation of the Amazon being the best jungle in SL. And we are sure, you want the same.

  1. Fit the theme. The theme is the Amazon of today. In the Amazon River area please stick to that theme - avoid using material that would not be readily available in the jungle, or not easily transported there. That includes 'standard' teleport pads.
  2. Be considerate of region resources. The Homestead regions should have at least 100 prims permanently available- Otherwise, vehicles entering will cause havoc. Do not build in a region when it has, including your items, fewer than 100 prims available.
  3. Do not use full bright items. If you are not sure whether your item is full bright or not, rezz it, then turn your local light setting to midnight. If your item is then still bright, it is full bright. in that case, disable the full bright switch in the texture tab. If your item is no mod, we are sorry, you can not use it here in full bright. Talk to the creator then.
  4. Do not fence every single tent of yours. We are in a rainforest, not in a garden plot colony. If you want to mark an area, be more creative than simply fences. Use some rocks, or bushes. and let it appear natural. We will not allow fences anywhere in the Amazon except the Raider Camp.  Do not block paths, rivers, or access to others' camps, and be considerate of the amount of land you lay claim to - land is a precious resource - do not under-occupy.
  5. Decorate your space - a simple bed and a torch does not cut it - use imagination and flair and make it look FAB!
  6. Do not use sculpted items. While we are aware that many, especially large things, come still only as sculpt on the marketplace, there is really no need at all anymore to place trees, houses or cars in sculpt. Sculpted prims slow down your local viewer - and with that all viewers of people that are passing by your camp. Also, a lot of sculpted items look simply dated today. Use mesh instead.  If you have something in sculpt and you have no funds to place a mesh counterpart instead of it, talk to us. We will buy it then on our account and rezz it where your sculpted item was.

    This is how you can spot a sculpted item: Edit it, go to the object tab - and if you see there a colorful texture, it is scultped. Replace it with mesh.  You can also check for sculpts if you use the Firestorm Viewer: CTRL ALT Q to toggle the "Developer menu" - then Developer - Render Metadata - Sculpt.  If you see white numbers: you are wearing/placing laggy sculpts. 
  7. Make use of the Amazon texture pack, which you can get from Tantrica (YT.Recreant) or the Land Group for free. It holds some terrain and rock textures. Texture your stuff with it so it blends in better.
  8. Skyboxes - can be used only for 'caves' and only when set up in the approved manner. Any other skybox, or improperly set up skybox, will be returned without notice.  A 'cave' skybox may only be used in conjunction with a camp at ground level, and may only be accessed using an approved 'experience' telepad.  Please note that your 'cave' must be in the same region as your ground level camp and must be at a height of at least 2,000 metres. All skybox caves must be properly boxed so they appear as 'boxes' when viewed externally. Detailed instructions are provided below. Only Experience Telepads may be used - no other teleporters are permitted.
  9. Maximum of one pick-lockable door per Exit/Entry -  from 1 September 2017 we will allow only one door (which must be 'pickable' ) per Entry/Exit to your habitation. An Entry/Exit is where your cave/tent/house/building connects to the surroundings - lockable doors between two rooms or corridors within your habitation are not allowed.  The time to pick the lock on any such door shall not exceed 3 minutes.  Curtains on huts/tents may not be KoolDoors - it makes no sense.
  10. Avoid perma-rezzed vehicles - helicopters in particular take up a lot of Land Impact and are very often sculpt. By all means rez them to fly from point to point, but please don't leave them perma-rezzed as 'decoration' - same goes for other 'large' vehicles (unless of course you are living in one).
  11. Do not abuse your perma-rezz rights to litter other people's camps with 'fires' or 'blocking prims' or other such stuff - especially when their camp is unoccupied and there is no accompanying roleplay to back it up. Use 'self-extinguish' items that die on click, if you must rez such things at all - but DO NOT perma rezz stuff that cannot be removed. It is just annoying.
  12.  Land is a precious resource - be considerate of the amount of land you take for your 'camp'.  Keep to a single location for your main camp.  Those who land-grab will find their items returned if their use of land resources is excessive.
Setting up a cave skybox.
  • Ensure your ground level camp is no more than 80m above sea level.
  • Take a landmark of your ground camp location. Name that landmark "My Camp - Ground"
  • Rez a cube, sit on it, push your cube to the desired height for your cave (at least 2,000m).
  • Ensure that your cave will not block any quests or admin items which are rezzed in the skies.
  • Rez a platform for your cave, complete your cave build, box your build.
  • Take a landmark of your sky-boxed camp. Name that landmark "My Camp - Sky"
  • Rez a copy of the Experience Telepad and place it appropriately in your cave. Place the landmark "My Camp - Ground" into that experience Telepad in your skybox in its inventory.
  • Walk into the telepad - you will be teleported to your ground level camp.
  • Rez a second copy of the telepad and place it appropriately. Edit it and place the landmark "My Camp - Sky" into its inventory.
  • Walk into the telepad and you will be teleported to your cave.
  • Note:  cave skyboxes count against your allowance just as any other rezzed item does.

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