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Day of the dead

A look at the calendar will tell you which celebration lies ahead. No, it is NOT Halloween - we were asked if we allow Halloween at the Amazon. But in fact, an equally important date falls onto almost the same time:
Day of the dead (wikipedia: - in some religions also "all saints day" or, in Germany for example "Allerheiligen"
This is why the dead bodies are nabbed to the volcano. The Priestesses are preparing things in our event skybox - and YOU, all of you, are encouraged now to decorate until the weekend and then the following days
- your camp
- your body
- the areas

We allow each supporter for the next 14 days 50 prims (LI) extra (if there is space in your region) just for the decoration

Dia de Muertos is celebrated in many countries and in each it looks differently. Focus on Latin America and Mexico for your decoration please. Let your phantasy reign. And by all means: no pumpkins please!

We are looking forward t…

Roleplay class 2016, October

[12:03] Tantrica ღ: now, again, please at any time, always make a ? first, then wait until your name is called [12:03] Tantrica ღ: you can write ahead of course, just don't hjit "enter" [12:03] Tantrica ღ: good, we start.. part of this RP class will cover Roleplay in general [12:03] Tantrica ღ: and so, as we go there, we start with preparation [12:04] Tantrica ღ: your character, who do you want to be [12:04] Tantrica ღ: it is one of the things many people stumble at, they are "suddenly" in a roleplay area and have no clue what is expected from them.. [12:04] Tantrica ღ: and then one can meet for example the charming dancer and gigolo at a kidnap sim, trying to lure in the "victims" with nice words... and receiving rejection as reply... [12:06] Tantrica ღ: or you suddenly meet an astronaut at amazon.... [12:06] Tantrica ღ: or whatever else... [12:06] Tantrica ღ: so, going back to the start.. you want first to be clear about your own self character [12:…