At the Amazon (IC Guide)

You find yourself in the Amazon Rainforest - the mighty river runs slowly through the eight regions.  Close to where you arrive you can see a boat - perhaps you should explore on the river? There are also paths - a set of steps leads North to the jungle, and to the South, where the jungle seems less dense, is another pathway.

As you explore the Gods of the Amazon grace you with hints about places of significance - the hidden caverns, the underground chambers, the Temples and so on, where they will, if you are worthy, bless you with rare and special gifts.

As you walk away from the arrival point you notice that a gift from the Gods has already arrived - a dot floats above your head that when touched provides you with special powers that function only when you are in the Amazon.  If you are new to the jungle, you should make a visit to the Wisdom Cave, where mysteries are explained.  You can get there swiftly by touching the dot above your head ((Select Teleports - Wisdom Cave)).

All is peaceful and quiet - save for the sound of the insects and the birds and animals. But the jungle is not a safe place - you need to keep your wits about you.  Some of the animals are dangerous - snakes can bite - scorpions can sting - crocodiles and piranhas infest the waters!

And there are natives - some are friendly, others less so: caution and respect are the order of the day in your dealings with them.  Keep your eye out too for bandits, raiders and other ne'er-do-wells - they may see you as a target, and they are not above pursuing explorers as well as those local to the Amazon.

Everyone in the jungle is vulnerable ((unless you have set yoru condition to non-combatant using the HUD)), and perhaps you feel more secure when you find the bow - a gift from the Gods at the Hunter's Tomb - or maybe you have brought your own weapon for safety.  Take careful note though, your supply of effective ammunition is limited, so use your shots carefully.

As you explore the jungle more and meet more people here you begin to understand that there is a real society here, people with different roles and responsibilities - different tribes and groups.  You ponder about joining a tribe or faction, or perhaps you want to be a Guard, or a Shaman, or maybe you become so "at one" with the jungle that you want to live your life here as part of the Wildlife.  It may even be that you decide to settle here - to build your own settlement, perhaps start a tribe or other group. All of these things are possible!

You pay attention to the customs here and eventually realise that any change in your status is decreed by the Gods. To discover if the Gods favour you as a 'Local' rather than an 'Explorer' you need to find one of the "Seekers" - they can confer favours on you if the Gods so wish it.  Always naked and female, they invariably wear a slingshot.

Of course, you can simply wander and enjoy the scenery - relax in one of the many spots provided, either alone or with someone special to you. In the Amazon River, life is good!

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