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Amazon Weapon System Explained

The Amazon Weapon System (AWS) provides the fairest, fastest and coolest weapons system in SL.

Here is a brief summary of the main features:-

You can use *any* weapon that fits the Amazon theme - all shots and hits are all managed by the Amazon Spirit.If you use an "Amazon" weapon your hits will do more damage that a 'standard' weapon.  This is to encourage people to use the Amazon weapons as they do not create lag by rezzing projectiles, and offer a number of additional benefits (see below). The AWS can be switched between ranged and melee mode when you are in mouselook by typing 1 or 2 to select the mode you wish to use. Some viewers may also need you to press 'Enter' first to get the local chat dialogue box in focus.If you are using an Amazon ranged weapon (gun or bow), switching to ranged mode will auto draw your weapon; switching to melee mode will auto-sheath your Amazon ranged weapon.  Similarly, if you wear an Amazon melee weapon (e.g. dagger), when yo…