Saturday, December 9, 2017

Amazon Weapon System Explained

The Amazon Weapon System (AWS) provides the fairest, fastest and coolest weapons system in SL.

Here is a brief summary of the main features:-

  1. You can use *any* weapon that fits the Amazon theme - all shots and hits are all managed by the Amazon Spirit.
  2. If you use an "Amazon" weapon your hits will do more damage that a 'standard' weapon.  This is to encourage people to use the Amazon weapons as they do not create lag by rezzing projectiles, and offer a number of additional benefits (see below).
  3.  The AWS can be switched between ranged and melee mode when you are in mouselook by typing 1 or 2 to select the mode you wish to use. Some viewers may also need you to press 'Enter' first to get the local chat dialogue box in focus.
  4. If you are using an Amazon ranged weapon (gun or bow), switching to ranged mode will auto draw your weapon; switching to melee mode will auto-sheath your Amazon ranged weapon.  Similarly, if you wear an Amazon melee weapon (e.g. dagger), when you switch to melee mode it will auto-draw, and auto-sheath when you switch to ranged. This feature applies only to Amazon weapons - 'standard' weapons should be sheathed/drawn in the manner proscribed by their designers.  As with any weapon, please ensure you have at least 2 free attachment points when using the Amazon weapons.
  5. Melee works in the range 0 - 2.5m.  Ranged works from 2.5 - 96m.  If you are in ranged mode and hit someone less than 2.5m from you, the shot will not be registered.  Similarly, if you are in melee mode and hit someone who is more than 2.5m from you, the hit will not be registered.
  6. If you are downed and attempt to hit someone, your shot will be ineffective.
  7. If you have 0 ammo and hit someone with a ranged shot, your hit will be ineffective.
  8. If you are a 'green' spirit and hit someone with a ranged or melee shot, your hit will be ineffective.
  9. It is technically possible for you to have no weapon drawn and still fire 'ranged' shots - this is a shortcoming that cannot be addressed through scripts, so is classified as 'bad roleplay'.  Always ensure you have a weapon drawn when you engage in ranged fighting (i.e. not melee fighting).
  10. A standard weapon is damaged rated 1.6 HP (ranged) and 1 HP (melee). An "Amazon" weapon is rated 2 HP (ranged) 1.5 HP (melee).


Q.  Why did you change the way weapons work?
A.  A small number of people built their own weapons, or tweaked existing weapons, to gain an unfair advantage, so they would always win in a fight. We didn't think that was fair.

Q.  Why do Amazon ranged weapons score more damage than non-Amazon weapons?
A.  Amazon weapons don't rez projectiles, so they reduce lag when there is a fight.  We reward people who help keep lag to a minimum by giving them a bit more firepower :-)

Q.  There is sometimes a delay before my crosshair recognises my Amazon weapon - why?
A.  We do some validation checks in the script, so there can be a tiny delay  - in the worst case scenario, your first shot may only score 1.6HP instead of 2HP - blame the laws of physics :p

Q.  Why would I use the Amazon weapons rather than my own?
A.  They are 'lightweight' mesh, look good, and interact with the spirit to give you auto-draw and sheath.  They reduce lag for you and those around you.

Q.  Can I still use my own weapons?
A.   Yes. However, bear in mind that projectile weapons will cause lag for you and those around you, so the damage they do will not be as high as Amazon weapons.  You will also not benefit from auto-draw and auto-sheath that you get with Amazon weapons.

Q.  What Amazon weapons are available?
A.  The following weapons are currently available (free of charge from quests):
  • Amazon Bow (range) [/1 draw/sheath bow ]
  • Amazon Gun  (range) [/1 draw/sheath gun]
  • Amazon Assault Gun (range) [/1 draw/sheath gun]
  • Amazon Colt (range) [/1 draw/sheath gun]
  • [Shot]Gun RC SH v1 (range) [/1 draw/sheath gun]
  • Amazon Dagger (melee) [/1 draw/sheath dagger]
  • Amazon Simple Axe (melee) [/1 draw/sheath axe]
  • Amazon Knife (melee)  [/1 draw/sheath knife]
  • Amazon Demonic Axe (melee)  [/1 draw/sheath axe]
  • Amazon Boomerang x3 (range/no ammo/slow shots) [/1 draw/sheath boomerang]
  • Fist fight (melee) [built in to the spirit if no weapon used]

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