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General Meeting July 27 2017 - Summary and Transcript


1.  Spam from objects - reduce or give option for 'silent' mode.
2.  Bring back Spears as well as Rods
3.  Visual spam - boards and signs etc within 20m of a TP point will be silently returned.  Think about an 'info hub' - generally reduce the number of 'signs' where they do not feed a roleplay opportunity.
4.  Amazon Food Vendors (Traders) - restrict to the owner's camp area.
5.  Super Jumpers / Use of tiny avatars in battle / Speedy Swimmers / Invisible Parachutes - all conflict with Rule #2 - Don't be a dickhead.  Offenders will be sent to limbo with no 'benefit of the doubt'.

Shooting / RP (general discussion)

agreed that RP either before or after is essential - repeat offenders -> limbo for re-education.  This is a roleplay sim - any shooting is part of roleplay.  Do not attack people who are obviously busy/cuddling/shagging. Avoid imposing your rp on others. Roleplay, roleplay, roleplay!  Do not constantly 'call for a guard&#…