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Council Meeting January 17, 2016

[13:00] Edge (edgeofreason): Meeting Rules.
If you wish to speak post "?" in local chat.  Type your question/comment ahead but DO NOT post it until invited to speak.  This helps maintain a flow.  Please keep your comments brief and to the point - it is frustrating to wait 5 minutes for someone to type "yes I agree - that happened to me one time when I was ... blah blah blah" :-)
The meeting will be recorded and reposted on the Amazon Blog - by remaining at the meeting you consent to your comments being shared.
Please sit down within 20m of Edge and Tantrica, or you will not be heard; either use groundsit or one of the yellows balls provided. Please do not wander around.  If you need to leave, use your Amazon HUD to tp away - please do not interrupt the meeting with a series of 'farewells'.
Please turn off all tummy talkers, bird or pet attachments and anything else that might spam local chat. Drop your draw distance to 96m or lower.
Thanks! [13:01] Edge (edgeofr…