Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Spirit Update 30 Aug 2017

Spirit update
1. switch green to yellow: no TP but 10 minutes transition time
2. downed: 5 minutes down, 20 minutes force green
3. downed  and healed: 5 minutes down, 10 minutes green
4. no Amazon wide messages any more on down in combat
5. no seeker in radar any more
6. new down anim (thanks Dissi)

Friday, August 25, 2017

General Meeting Friday August 25th 2017


Q. issues with particle emitters in the extreme that drop fps to nothing, bombs, etc.  Push weapons, also.

A. Refrain from using smoke flares etc.  If your machine is slow you can also reduce your rendered particle count. 512 is enough.  Do NOT use push weapons/ammo. Push is enabled only for some of our quests.  If you use push as a weapon you violate Rule #2 - if in doubt, test in the Arena.


Q. cheat to avoid 'falling' damage - can it be addressed?

A. No.  But falling damage may be disabled - watch this space.  High jumping restrictions may also go - as so many cheat there, with too many different ways to mitigate against.


Q. standardise melee weapons via the spirit - 0nly to register hits that comes from no further then 2.6m in rate not faster then 0.6 hit/sec . Anything faster or further should be ignored. Those are medium GM standards that preset in most weapons by known vendors. That will prevent any "self-scripting advantage" for mellee  and blames in cheating.
A. Melee is slowed down already but players still pay attention to their weapon hit reports rather than the Spirit hit reports. Remember: only the hits the Spirit reports are valid - ignore what the weapon hud reports. Talk to Huffy, Na'amah or Harold about weapons - they will check with you and pass information back if the Spirit needs to be tweaked. They will also be grateful for any help!  We will not issue a 'standard Amazon' weapon script (either melee or ranged).


Q. 'universal loose IC laws' that Guards might respond to - e.g Missing persons Report - Is there an IC jail or a process for submitting IC reports?

A.  We do indeed have an IC jail which anyone can use. Generally, roleplay 'tasks' are useful to spark rp and are to be encouraged - this is something tribe/faction leaders should think about.  Come up with good IC scenarios, ideas, tasks and enjoy the roleplay.  The Spirit 'hint' "seeker is xx metres away" will be removed to stop people interrupting rp.  If you need tools (e.g. a 'bounty board' was suggested) feel free to make something suitable and then contact Tantrica/Baron. Support and encourage those who are new to roleplay. The 'NO AFK' rule will never be varied - we want to keep things clean and simple here. Discussion around roleplay (see full transcript).


Q. Extended Downtime / Healers and Healing

A.  Lengthy set of opinions - which will all be considered (see full transcript)


Q. Locked doors - reducing allowance to 1 per entrance/exit from 1 Sept. Max lockpick time - 3 minutes.

A. General agreement but lengthy discussion - see full transcript.

Full Transcript

[12:01:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sweet as.. before we start let us introduce a new gimmick that the overlord of scriptrulerz created.. that cube there!
[12:01:20] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) preens
[12:01:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): in our discussion you may want to have thoughts or ideas or whatsoever, .. and that is cool, but please do NOT simply talk...
[12:01:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): instead, click the cube and it will register your name...
[12:02:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i will then call your name.. and as soon as you talk (after i told you so) the name will be removed fromthe list
[12:02:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that way, we keep all in order
[12:02:24] Ϯ ɣȔƊȉ Ϯ (yudhishter): Hello
[12:02:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, let me show you... focus on the turquiose (sp?) cube...
[12:02:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i click it now
[12:02:43] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): and her name shows on the list - I click too
[12:02:50] Speaker list: Your request to speak has been noted - please wait to be called.
[12:02:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): woah , magic !!!
[12:03:01] Terrrence: Magic
[12:03:03] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): my name is added and goes when I speak
[12:03:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): tadaa! it actually works!
[12:03:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i am so relieved :D
[12:03:19] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): :p
[12:03:23] Meg Madrigal   'ooooooh'    wonderful  !!!
[12:03:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): /m eunfolds a note and my finger drives along the lines of the notes while my lips spell them words, without sound "soo.....
[12:03:59] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): If you click it in error - or if you click it to ask a question which is answered before you are called to speak - simply say . in local chat and your name will go off the list
[12:04:10] Meg Madrigal: how does it know  if "official" speak versus   spontaneious clappig
[12:04:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it does not :)
[12:04:27] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): if you say anything your name goes off the list
[12:04:27] Meg Madrigal: :)   :)
[12:04:37] Syrissa Broono: ====================
[12:04:39] dissi (disisme.misfit): eve if its not next?
[12:04:42] Meg Madrigal: so we must restrain ourselves
[12:04:44] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): yes
[12:04:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) reads more along the list.. then i clear my throat "sooooo!!
[12:04:48] dissi (disisme.misfit): lovely
[12:04:53] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): pounces on captives, ties hands behind back, finds all weapons and comms and throws far  away into bushes.
[12:04:54] Meg Madrigal: nice  "feature"
[12:04:56] Terrrence: oh dear
[12:04:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): hey, reading this notecard is work.. i need mah focus.. !
[12:05:02] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Order!!!
[12:05:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so we got topix !
[12:05:21] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Let Tantrica speak please or we will be here all night
[12:05:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i will like last time, just pull the eay peasy topics in front, so they can be fixed swiftly...
[12:05:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): #1
[12:05:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): - issues with particle emitters in the extreme that drop fs to nothing, bombs, etc.  Push weapons, also.  ty
[12:06:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rite, it is known that one weak point in SL is the handling of particles, that is, smoke, fog, mist, snow flakes, etc
[12:06:10] ღ Sara ღ (saraemily.ceryos): .
[12:06:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, if someone makes a lot of particles, you can hear your fan in your computer howl up
[12:06:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that means two things:
[12:06:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you have a fancy weapon that has all sorts of bullets and stuff, please refrain from using the "smoke flares" or similar
[12:07:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you are on a weak machine, you can disable or reduce particels in your graphic settingü
[12:07:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): preferences, grafics, and then there is somethign about particle count
[12:07:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): 12 is more than sufficient
[12:07:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): 512, sorry
[12:08:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): standard setting is often 4096, that is ridiolously lots
[12:08:15] ღ Sara ღ (saraemily.ceryos): .
[12:08:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): please do not use push weapons
[12:08:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we have push enabled as otherwise i would have to disable some quests.. and i plan more quests (winter, long evenings)..
[12:08:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): which will rely also on push
[12:09:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you push with weapons, remember, you most likely are going to violate rule #2
[12:09:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you are in doubt, ask via help function (in your spirit) for staff to test with you
[12:09:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): questions? then click *da cube* !
[12:09:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): nao!
[12:09:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Huffy!
[12:09:54] Huffy (huffy12389): There is some complaints of push weapons, when really it is the bullet prims and lag that people are feeling as "push" I notice it lots when being hit with autofire
[12:10:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes. that much is true, that is why i would really suggest, if in doubt, test in arena.
[12:10:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): for the people who are not scripting, a short explaination:
[12:10:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): a bullet is a prim. that moves with high speed.
[12:10:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it is supposed to "die" or to go "not solid" (phantom) on contact with an avatar
[12:11:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): lag can be a reason why this "deatH" or "Phantom" occurs delayed
[12:11:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then the bullet pushes you *a bit*
[12:11:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you fly across the region though it is push, not lag
[12:11:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): John?
[12:12:28] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): i have been experiancing random fall damage when walking i do not know what is causing this but it has killed me several times today being one ...I am wondering if this might be push beinf used?
[12:13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i just noticed John was out of my chatrange. so if he said something he needs to repeat it)
[12:13:33] Huffy (huffy12389): [12:12:27] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): i have been experiancing random fall damage when walking i do not know what is causing this but it has killed me several times today being one ...I am wondering if this might be push beinf used?
[12:13:34] dissi (disisme.misfit): [12:12:28] John Henry Dogget (sycophant Resident): i have been experiancing random fall damage when walking i do not know what is causing this but it has killed me several times today being one ...I am wondering if this might be push beinf used?
[12:14:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes a push can make you stumble and cause fall damage
[12:14:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): please check in your viewer via "Hits and bums" or so.. if there is a name given
[12:14:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): +bumps
[12:14:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): blackwidow?
[12:14:55] BlackWidow (karmalove32): If you're widely known for being combative, why go change to  green? especially after attacking someone, there should be a change, if someone decided to change their condition, they'll stay like that for a week, Aren't greens hud for the noncombatant who does not want anything to do with violence? I've never heard of a noncombatant warrior....To me the green dot is being misused for conveniences
[12:15:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): erm
[12:15:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we are not on *that* topic at the moment
[12:15:18] BlackWidow (karmalove32): uh oh, sorry
[12:15:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): please keep that one for later
[12:15:19] Mad (aliya.sahara) claps..."Oh.'
[12:15:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Zahara?
[12:16:19] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): With the fall I been getting it alot as well lag does cause the fall damage, if someone did use a pusher on you like you siad it be reported on the bump and hits on the viewers
[12:16:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): right.. try to figure if there is a pattern .. and if it shows a person, ask them why they push you. if you figure anotehr pattern, use "Help"
[12:17:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Miyu?
[12:18:42] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): sorry my screen blacked
[12:19:10] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): please pass me over
[12:19:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): best is you all cam on the cube, that gives you lowest lag, no kidding. close up
[12:19:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok
[12:19:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): next one:  - cheat to avoid 'falling' damage - can it be addressed?
[12:19:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): fast answer - no
[12:19:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i am anyway pondering on disabling fall damage..
[12:20:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there is a keyboard shortcut that overrides *every* script and will stop fall damage.. it is on viewer level
[12:20:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so i can't do much there, and to keep it fair, fall damage will most likely go soon
[12:20:33] AmandaAsh: dd32
[12:20:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): same with high jumpers..there are so many ways on jumping an so many really who cheat...
[12:21:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i saw recently a woman, pregnant, full term, in heels, jumping high
[12:21:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i just decided to not pursue any roleplay there :)
[12:21:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): dissi?
[12:21:34] dissi (disisme.misfit): is it difficult to detect fall start point?  perhaps a fall over 10 meters just gives an insta dead.....
[12:22:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is an option dissi, but there eare so many ifs.. for example, they sit in a flying vehicle and descend fast..
[12:22:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or ascend fst
[12:22:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or dive fast.. or use an animal (vehicle too) etc
[12:22:28] dissi (disisme.misfit): velocity isnt a viable trap..right
[12:22:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i had once a cheat detector for people who use sit-cubes to bridge distances...
[12:22:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and it unsat all helicopter pilots on sim borders
[12:22:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so.. not so practical :)
[12:23:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Syd?
[12:23:12] Syd (syd.straaf): another reason to get rid of fall damage is that often fall damage comes when you're dragged across rocks or into a wall while on a leash, and that can happen when you're not down, causing you to go down. This is usually accidental due to the difficulty of maneuvering with a person on a leash
[12:23:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rite. so, yes, fall damage i will look into. i am currentl yupdating a HUD of mine that is not amazon related, that wil keep me busy tomorrow, but then Sunday i do fall damage
[12:24:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now  a message, copied one:one..
[12:24:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): as next topic
[12:24:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): - standardise melee weapons via the spirit - 0nly to register hits that comes from no further then 2.6m in rate not faster then 0.6 hit/sec . Anything faster or further should be ignored. Those are medium GM standards that preset in most weapons by known vendors. That will prevent any "self-scripting advantage" for mellee  and blames in cheating.
[12:24:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i have melee slowed down
[12:25:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but i observed from sme players one thing:
[12:25:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they relate to their GM/combat/weapon HUDs in hit reporting, which do not match the spirit counts
[12:25:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, as  a general refresher, only what the spirit says is valid. what any weapon or weapon HUD says you can ignore, it has no relevance
[12:25:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): let me look into my spirit what the values are, one second
[12:26:07] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): @
[12:26:20] BlackWidow (karmalove32): ( push the blue box)
[12:26:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Gianutto, click los cubos! :) it is nuvellos :D
[12:26:22] dissi (disisme.misfit): (Click the box gianutto))
[12:26:31] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): (( opps ))
[12:26:35] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Gianutto - if you wish speak click the blue box - like the sign behind me says please.
[12:27:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ah.. i don't find it at the moment - however.. i wish to channel this a bit...
[12:27:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): as frankly, 50% of all weapon reports are not really based on facts..
[12:28:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, please.. contact via help Huffy, Na'amah or Harold..
[12:28:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they will check with you and if there is somethign htat needs to be retweaked in the spirit, i will do so.
[12:28:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if you want to volunteer as weapon scripter, or checker, please chekck with either of them too .. they will love support
[12:29:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Gianutto?
[12:29:42] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): means the spirit new updates makes our experience more laggy?, my impression is last days were too laggy and heavy. By the way i insist in one single weapon core inside different shapes or meshes.... and only allow those ones (guns and melees)
[12:30:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there wa sno signifikant spirit update in weeks. only a longer down time (which we will discuss)
[12:30:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the number of scripts did no tchange and the length of scripts neither
[12:30:39] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto) nods
[12:30:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, your lag experience can't be from there.. the "core part" i di dnot understand, can you reword it please?
[12:31:26] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): i mean, one weapon script core, inside different models.. (M16 AK47 etc
[12:31:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i know that many wish for that..
[12:31:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and i know that equall ymany would pack their stuff and go the same day
[12:31:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if i was a weapon fanatic and would own 10 guns..
[12:32:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): some costly as much as 5K
[12:32:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and then suddenly some "Gods" come with "only this weapon"
[12:32:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i would not be amused
[12:32:35] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): one single gun core will finish the complains ever
[12:32:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no. that is the wishful thinking. but the complains don't come because of guns..
[12:33:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they come because if godmodding, white knighting, "comm devices" and all that
[12:33:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and most of all
[12:33:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): all complains in ombat really come because of one single reason:
[12:33:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): "i MUST WIN AT ALL COSTS"
[12:33:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that - is the virus that many combatants are infested with
[12:33:49] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): i mean every battle i get ims about our "superguns" ....... and that messes all our rp
[12:33:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they lost the idea that a combat is ONLY a helper for getting more roleplay
[12:34:14] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): i passed my "supergun" to Huffy and he verified how "super abusive gun is"
[12:34:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, i can hear you
[12:34:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if you down someone with your "supergun" which is "legal" and not abusive at all..
[12:34:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): do you think then this downed person will suddenly be a fair "loser" and RP along?
[12:34:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that would be a first for me
[12:35:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sore losers ar e sore losers
[12:35:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the weapon won't matter
[12:35:26] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): i am agree with you Tantrica
[12:35:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[12:35:30] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): rp is first
[12:35:32] SwinginBalls claps!
[12:35:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Alianna?
[12:35:41] Alianna Buzzard: I have noticed the past few days (maybe due to the lag, that when teleporting with the HUD I see a lot of script errors and get stuck in the middle of a teleport. Someone else has to send me a teleport to get out of that pickle again:). I have a very old and slow computer. It could be that of course. But it is notable that I see a pile of script errors constantly. (past two days). Also the HUD not working anymore. Only after a relog. ( I hope this still falls within the topic of scripts and lag)
[12:36:30] Dℑ Mσиeу Miкe (djmoneymike.mixemup): (.)
[12:37:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you can copy these errors to the hep function. however.. yes, you need to adjust your viewer settings to your computer, so, no eyecandy, low drawdsitance, low avatar rendering costs resolved, etc.
[12:37:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): *help function
[12:37:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): John?
[12:37:23] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): the complaints of lag could be coming from the amount of scripted junk sitting at the corners of the sims that are lost I have seen these junk piles And wonder if there is anyway to manage these?
[12:38:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there are no junk piles.. often it is just your viewer ectig up on you. when an object loads on your viewer, it has to transport a ton of info  tou your viewer. one of thse information is the location
[12:38:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if the info about location gets lost, the viewer rezzed it *for you* at 0,0,0
[12:38:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then you think the corners are crammed
[12:38:38] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): yes
[12:38:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they are not, it is only local on your screen the impression
[12:39:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): like one sees sometiems also people "endless walking" at a simborder or in the sky
[12:39:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): same effect
[12:39:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and you click the people and they dissolve
[12:39:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it is a bug in your viewer/isp
[12:39:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): nothing to worry
[12:39:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Swinging?
[12:39:49] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): But I was able to retrive my soups from the position that I had lost due to cant rez item comments
[12:39:58] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): sorry excuse me
[12:40:00] SwinginBalls: I use Firestorm..
[12:40:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is good then for you :)
[12:40:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[12:40:10] SwinginBalls: I saw on Youtube that there is a new viewer
[12:40:22] SwinginBalls: supposed to be easier on old computers
[12:40:32] SwinginBalls: not sure of the name of it - I am on my laptop at RL work..
[12:40:43] SwinginBalls: but you might want to check into it!
[12:40:53] SwinginBalls: It said it was a LOT faster than F/S
[12:41:07] Alianna Buzzard: that is often the salespitch:)
[12:41:22] SwinginBalls: worth a try!
[12:41:25] Alianna Buzzard will try it too if you know the name. Done
[12:41:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the official list of viewers that are allowed to connect to Second Life is here:
[12:42:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and as a general precaution: only download exclusively from the original viewer source. not ever from any other site
[12:42:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok
[12:42:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): another topic which i found genrally nice, but i have no idea how to go about it is this:
[12:43:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): - 'universal loose IC laws' that Guards might respond to - e.g Missing persons Report - Is there an IC jail or a process for submitting IC reports?
[12:43:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the main idea behind is, to spark roleplay tasks
[12:43:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and we have indeed an "IC jail" at the very north East of Rio Tapajos
[12:43:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): which everyone can use
[12:44:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i can only speak from my (honestly limited) experience in the roleplay environment .. as i am not involved in every tribe (no one is)
[12:45:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): som i am right now (many know it) roleplaying at the "realm" .. a "faction" run by Lynxa and Mad.. and what i liked there is. that there were individual tasks given,.. like "find 5 itesm of this and do that with them.."
[12:45:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i think, it is key for faction leaders and their proxies, to think about tasks that can be assigned to their roleplay members
[12:46:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): like "go with two others and hunt down one crocodile, and then organize a ceremony with the meat"
[12:46:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or anything else, really
[12:46:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i saw roleplay attempts that were really funny too
[12:46:35] Mad (aliya.sahara) chuckles.
[12:46:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): pangle/Huffy with WWF, or Syd with a Toll booth..
[12:46:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Spangle*
[12:47:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or these metal mosquitos..
[12:47:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and please everyone who has organized stuf fand i don't name it jow, don't be mad at me :)
[12:47:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): try to set up such stuff, more.. and think about alternatives to "i capture Jane and then i capture John and i want 500 coins and some meat"
[12:48:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): because you can torture people only so ften )
[12:48:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Mad ?
[12:48:43] Mad (aliya.sahara): ok so everyone is allowed to use the IC Jail meaning we can decide to rp as guards and make arrests even if we are not staff guards?
[12:49:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes of course.. you can be a fake guard, or you can be a private security guard.. or whatever :D.
[12:49:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it is all In Character
[12:49:26] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): And - as an aside - the IC jail is in SOlimoes, not Tapajos
[12:49:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): what Baron said, my bad :D
[12:49:39] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): :p
[12:49:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i had once encouraged all seekers to be robbers
[12:49:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it worked
[12:49:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, yes, com eup with stuff
[12:50:07] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): poor harold bout to get moved in on
[12:50:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and always rely on "it is IC"
[12:50:25] Alianna Buzzard: .
[12:50:32] Mad (aliya.sahara) nods, "Lynxa will be taken all of your applications as your new IC chief of police.
[12:50:37] Mad (aliya.sahara) bows. Thank you.
[12:50:41] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa) nods
[12:51:08] Mad (aliya.sahara) grins at Harold.
[12:51:17] Mad (aliya.sahara): done.
[12:51:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Miyu?
[12:52:18] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): In this vein, when you are seeing an active rp, should encourage involvement or at least not interrupt the flow for others.
[12:52:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yah, good point.
[12:52:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i am also going to remove the spirit hints "seeker in 40 meters"
[12:52:58] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): I have seen a lot of rp go south, bc of of confusion or not being aware
[12:53:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so often i am in a play, intense, good, and suddenly someone comes in, totalyl unralted and "i need a seeker, please help me"
[12:53:18] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): It would be fine for IM, ooc, to help the rp remain fluid
[12:53:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so the spirit hints will go as fast as fall damage will and yes Miyu, i agree
[12:53:40] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): I feel that is where some breaks down
[12:53:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and anotehr thing i really dislike, when i see it is...
[12:54:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ((l0l this lag))((imma restart)) ((back))
[12:54:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it makes me pul lmy hair RL
[12:54:14] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): YAAASSSSS
[12:54:19] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): done
[12:55:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, in short if you have a scene, don't be exclusive .. but also, if you are observing an ongoing roleplay .stand by, listen in, then try to find a good entry point and join, if it is not intrusive
[12:55:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Harold?
[12:55:22] Ĥȧɼoレđ ƑƦƟϻǟƝ (harold134): If I recruit some IC-only guards to help me *coughs*kick Lynxa's and Mad's ass*coughs* will it count as I being in a group?
[12:55:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no, you are goo do do that
[12:55:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): +good
[12:55:41] Ĥȧɼoレđ ƑƦƟϻǟƝ (harold134): Thanks *grins at lynxa*
[12:55:50] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa) fingerwaves
[12:56:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) scrunches my nose and nods to Lynxa "i wil be around too"
[12:56:08] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): yesss
[12:56:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles sweetly at Harold
[12:56:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): John?
[12:56:18] Mad (aliya.sahara) laughs.
[12:56:19] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): can i suggest a bounty board at the landing to generate rp especially for single non group related players?
[12:57:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes. i forward this to any gifted mesher and scripter, i am overloaded there.. if you have something and have rezz rights, please.. contact me and we can see what we can do
[12:57:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): contact me after the meeting :)
[12:57:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Alianna ?
[12:58:21] Alianna Buzzard: What makes me pull my hair is when in roleplay many people only do dialog, as if having a normal talk. I can imagine a talk being awesome. Really I do, just not in roleplay terms. If I want a dialog with someone I seek them out in IM, for a good talk. But when in the wondrous world of roleplay.. I like things to be emoted. Words fill our minds. Just think of the old example of just watching two avatars having sex on poseballs without words. How empty does that feel?. I like to vividly imagine how that painted world looks like, without getting over flowery in word-use. The well known para-roleplay is overdone with too much information, kind of denying others to react or even ask about it. What I try to say more is if people could emote a bit more. So far I met great roleplayers and dialog people. It still stills a world on it's own.
[12:58:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i agree. but...
[12:58:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): to be fair...
[12:59:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): very now and then i wander about and check here and there.. and i must say (without bias, really).. that our system with seekers and roleplay check bears fruits
[12:59:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we have more good Rpers in the average than the other regions i dare to claim
[12:59:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yet, we can go a mile still to perfection :)
[13:00:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, yah. emote
[13:00:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) grins at Baron and licks my lips "rite handsome?
[13:00:16] Alianna Buzzard: I have seen a lot of good ones here yes, compared to other roleplay areas. But emoting is just half the fun.
[13:00:22] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): .
[13:00:23] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): innit tho *winks*
[13:00:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rawwr
[13:00:33] Alianna Buzzard: done
[13:00:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Tetsuo?
[13:00:37] Tetsuo Sumoku: It is important to remember as supporters it is important to assist n00bz, to make sure they come back and are not frightened off.  sure, they screwed up your RP, train them, make them an asset.
[13:00:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes good point
[13:00:56] Mad (aliya.sahara) nods.
[13:00:59] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): I agree
[13:01:08] dissi (disisme.misfit) claps that one
[13:01:08] Alianna Buzzard agrees
[13:01:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the one who barged in yesterday in a scene i had was then stripped and had to work as pedicure assistant
[13:01:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): as "punishment"
[13:01:28] SwinginBalls: OOootz!!!
[13:01:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, yah, try to make something out of it
[13:01:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): even if it is sometimes .. some work :)
[13:01:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Milena ?
[13:02:00] Milena (laputa.milena): YES!!!! great idea!   i have people come to me when I am panther. You seeker i need this and that,  i no like spirit say who i am, and many time these no even know what seeker look like. Thank you.! i do look for new people mentor before wisdom cave then help as a seeker, but I expect them to know what i look like, i wear explorer tag to be a little tricky, spirit give this away.
[13:02:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles "i agree, and yes we will do that
[13:02:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): zahara
[13:02:41] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): With these role play fights, when things start to go south for a team and their  loosing the fight many times I hear a OOC yell fights over, should this be allowed or not.  Also if your a yellow dot and capped role play it not give excuses... I not rping because I was in ims, or was afk...etc...
[13:03:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we do not honour at all "afk" or "IM distracted".. the wisdom cave is pretty clear and always was
[13:03:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if people claim that. .rule #2
[13:03:35] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): nods
[13:03:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): straight
[13:03:42] Alianna Buzzard: .
[13:03:49] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): oh there been a few doing it lately
[13:03:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yelling in OOC, rule #2
[13:03:56] dissi (disisme.misfit): to quotwe Tantrica 4 times from the last meeting "RP it out"
[13:04:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes
[13:04:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): to go OOC attackign in genral about a computer game (and this *is* a game)..
[13:04:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rule #2
[13:04:32] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): nods
[13:04:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Lynxa?
[13:04:45] SwinginBalls: ((Swallowing your pride has zero calories))
[13:04:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :D
[13:04:49] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): just wanna say, I love rp, but i try my damnest not to be an elitist. I enjoy emotes and honestly, sometimes it gets a bit deep, so just being in character is nice.. you cant emote all the time.. the key is remaining in character.. Also, for noobs, i love them. i try to give them a nice scare and get them involved so they wanna come back and see what may or may not happen next.. plus their first or near first experience is a rp one. So, please please please dont be an rp elitist, it makes my ass itch. Help people along they way, we were all there once.
[13:05:23] Ethereal Jandali (etherealsoliloquy): amen!
[13:05:34] BlackWidow (karmalove32): agreed!
[13:05:43] SwinginBalls claps!
[13:05:44]  Åиgëℓiς Ðع ℒα ℛudع ωhitmαη (angelicpride): agree
[13:05:46] Mad (aliya.sahara) smiles.
[13:05:56] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): done
[13:08:04] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): It may be that Tantrica has a brief RL interruption, so I wil chair until she returns. Alianna?
[13:08:09] Alianna Buzzard: I do like it the no afk, but there is always the irl factor. Someone at the door irl. or other interruptions. Instead of saying no AFK could there be some given alternatives for the newly people. As in send an IM that they go away from their keyboard. I kinda did miss that with the rules set here. I also try to see it from  newbies point a view and a lot need to get adjusted to their current roleplay field sorta say. Just saying this, because if a roleplay and/or capture is ongoing and people suddenly are not heard from again, this might be why... I am just thinking out loud here, i have seen it happen.
[13:09:22] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): It's a fair point but the reason for the no AFK rule is to cut down on endless OOC claims of 'not fair! I was distracted!' - so it is something new arrivals here wil have to get used to.
[13:09:59] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): They can soon be taught that a simpple "Oh look - a squirrel!" before they run off into the bushes or tp to the LZ is a perfectly acceptable way of dealign with interruptions
[13:10:02] Alianna Buzzard: It is a valid point they have to get used to it, but alternatives could be handy as well.
[13:10:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sorrry, had RL,y es.. and yes, AFK won't be considered .. ever :) we will no tmake alternatives either .. my plan is to keep this simple
[13:10:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and simple means, no exceptions, and onmly two rules
[13:10:31] SwinginBalls: ((I like the no afk - they had afk in the Wild West and it was used too much))
[13:10:33] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) nods
[13:10:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Miyu?
[13:10:42] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Please no side comments :-)
[13:10:52] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): We are over an hour in and still on the 'simple topics' :-)
[13:10:58] Alianna Buzzard: done
[13:11:06] Mad (aliya.sahara): .
[13:11:07] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): I agree it should be rp'ed out, the afk and ooc, but frequently it is used as a device to avoid the cap experience.  People going "afk" for over an hour, or leaving after attack, if you do not have time to do the rp, then you should not attack,
[13:11:12] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): done
[13:12:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): well if you get capped "afk" and don't wake i wil make sure with my leash and standard tools everyone has at hand here, that you frequently drown or i drag you to a really public spot, like the mama allpa mainstore.. or such mean things .i have no mercy with zombies :)
[13:12:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no one should
[13:12:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it is a game
[13:12:40] Maroo (kobayashimaroo): .
[13:12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if they go away from keyboard and wake up in a packed mall - hey, it is fun
[13:12:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) shrugs
[13:12:52] Spangle Xenno: hehe
[13:12:56] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): i meant afk after they have been capped.  I try not to cap afk
[13:13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): away from keyboard when capped is even worse, i would wait 15 minutes and then call for a guard
[13:13:29] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): ok ty
[13:13:39] Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ Lᴀsᴄᴇʟʟᴇs (gothicgaylord) is online.
[13:13:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): (and i wonder why people TP off when they see me going into mouselook :D
[13:13:55] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): ha
[13:13:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Sara?
[13:14:09] ღ Sara ღ (saraemily.ceryos): I always tell people if you need to go AFK you shoud move to a safe area or out of Amazon until you can come back
[13:14:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rite
[13:14:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Milena?
[13:14:44] Milena (laputa.milena): If have to go, can IM person cap you! It no hurt to type; " RL must go afk, BRB"
[13:15:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): true but still i would wait at most 15 minutes :)
[13:15:22] Mad (aliya.sahara): still agree w/ miyu..if u starta a fight finish it
[13:15:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): dissi?
[13:15:27] dissi (disisme.misfit): speaking of "calling for a guard" tehre a standardised set of punishments by offence (sorry, a little off topic)
[13:15:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no.
[13:15:51] Aline de Lioncourt (alinerocks): safe
[13:16:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Alianna?
[13:16:25] Alianna Buzzard: How would you handle a person that has been capped, with a ton of limits, I can work around those, I am creative. But then the moment they have to strip, they have to go for irl, say they will finish the rp later and are never to be seen again.
[13:16:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i saw recently "no stripping".. i boot these people
[13:16:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we are an adult sim
[13:17:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if "being naked" is a limit then this is not the place for them
[13:17:21] dissi (disisme.misfit) chuckles...."like most arent already"
[13:17:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[13:17:28] Alianna Buzzard: I try not to be:)
[13:17:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but it is not your limit :)
[13:17:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Mad?
[13:17:57] Mad (aliya.sahara): sorry..just wanted to throw in that when there is an ooc issue between players...i understand that it is meant to be reported to priestesses first...not guards if possilbe. it is to try and resolve between players. Sometimes even contacted leadrs of a faciton will help. i.e lynxa and zahara
[13:18:12] Mad (aliya.sahara): we should not be aiming to get someone jailed and banned w/o taking those measures imo
[13:18:23] BlackWidow (karmalove32): yes!
[13:18:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes good point. and it got better really.
[13:18:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we are, i think, at a point where our community has as a whole matured. people who disturb the peace get educated by the people around them here
[13:18:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i only seldom have to take care of #2
[13:19:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and that i quite like
[13:19:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, yes, .. if you have an OOC issue, address first the faction leader of your faction
[13:19:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and ask them to takl to the faction leader of the other faction.. or even just ask them about their view
[13:19:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): also keep in mind...
[13:19:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you are member of faction XY...
[13:20:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and you are the first always yelling "unfair" and call for guards..
[13:20:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it reflects also on your faction where you are member with
[13:20:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and not in a good way
[13:20:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, think twice please, it is easy to whine ,it is much more rewarding tho to make friends by trying to mend fences and fix misunderstandings
[13:20:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Tetsuo?
[13:20:57] Tetsuo Sumoku: I don't even read limits anymore, if you have a limit, you will have to RP it.
[13:21:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yah i try to go by that too .. just when i do things like.. the other day /coughs/ i read first
[13:21:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Miyu?
[13:22:37] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): it was answered ty
[13:22:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok
[13:22:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Aiden?
[13:23:05] Aiden (inhabitant1): To Mad's point on Priestses vs Guards, using the Help Button goes to all Leaders if the details a re knonen in the call for Help, the correct role can respond
[13:23:23] Aiden (inhabitant1): pardon typos :)
[13:23:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): true. but it always makes things official
[13:23:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and maybe factions want to settle it amongst themselves
[13:24:08] Aiden (inhabitant1): oh yes, after the Factions have if possible
[13:24:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[13:24:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): this. /checks the watch/ was the list of fast topics
[13:24:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) coughs
[13:24:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sooo
[13:24:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now we come to the other list..
[13:25:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): well, basically it is really dominated by *one* topic.. and then two others
[13:25:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the main topic where we got the most feedback about is...
[13:25:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): /drumrolls
[13:25:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the downtime
[13:25:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and .. the voices to the downtime were:
[13:25:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): 1. yah, fits them right, exactly the ideal time
[13:25:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): 2. oh my, way too long, i can go and watch youporn
[13:25:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): aerrm youtube!
[13:26:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and 3. oh i want more downtim,e 15 minutes is too short
[13:26:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: so you see my dilemma :)
[13:26:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so you see my dilemma ?
[13:26:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles
[13:26:31] dissi (disisme.misfit): 1) sounds like a good medium
[13:26:32] Bruce Tearfall: no
[13:26:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there were also suggestions
[13:26:43] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): PLEASe no side comments - click the cube to talk!
[13:26:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the suggestions ranged from "healer time ..
[13:27:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): like "hey, let them be down 5 minutes and then x minutes green and no healing
[13:27:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or "down, then heal, but only to x HP
[13:27:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and many many other variations
[13:27:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and i see on the cube ,, that the list fills :) so,
[13:27:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): my purpose today is, to get a feel about what you actualyl want, and i will see Sunday to amend the spirit to that
[13:28:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we won't find a decision today i am afriad, but i will catch the mood and work it in as good as i can
[13:28:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Harold, you are first
[13:28:17] Ĥȧɼoレđ ƑƦƟϻǟƝ (harold134): I would prefer if it was 5 min like before and no change to healers. Can take a vote here? I think most will agree
[13:28:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we can't vote here without everyone being absent feeling left out, and the topic is too emotional :)
[13:28:46] Ĥȧɼoレđ ƑƦƟϻǟƝ (harold134): ok
[13:28:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Zahara?
[13:29:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): (and everyone in the list, please write ahead and just send when it is oyur turn=
[13:30:23] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): With the down time, even if 5 minutes shorter, but with the healers you down someone one poof they back up 30 seconds, maybe healing time should be 2 minutes when healers are healing then that gives other people a chance... See how alot groups are just filing their ranks with healers.  Which nothing wrong with that but.  Hard keep people down to cap them this way
[13:31:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, a valid point, actually there was also some complaints as topic about healers just beign healers fr the sake of it with no RP behind. we will have a staff meetign next week and revaluate also the healer role, indeed as a whole
[13:31:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Marie?
[13:31:37] Marie (isahar.asadar): honestly I think 15 min laying on the ground.. not able to do anything ... is too much, maybe there is a way to be up faster but then like forced to green for 15 min to not run in back straight into a battle .. if that must be !  I think it was good as it was before and agree to Harold.  And yes what Z said is also a good point,  healing is good .. but they should not be able to jump up after 2 seconds and fight again
[13:31:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[13:31:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): John?
[13:32:01] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): I have stepped up my healing in response to the down time and I have also tried to teach others in healing properly still working out kinks but I am trying to help provide more quality healers perhaps a healing school in the future If possible which will be neutral.
[13:32:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i like that idea
[13:32:22] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): but adding more time to healers in combat would be a death sentance
[13:32:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): swinging?
[13:32:43] SwinginBalls: I say, make it above all, realistic! If you get bitten or shot, it hurts! 5 mins is nothing! Eatting food should not be enough! I would love to see healers apply bandages and salves, which they would need to gather and make from the jungle.. and they must EMOTE the healing process too! 15 minutes opens the door for roleplay! (WOW! What a concept!)  5 minutes and you're up again, running around shooting?  NOT REALISTIC! I need time to wear my bloody body and whimper and cry and writhe in pain!
[13:33:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): a good point. also i saw recently this, just as a thought:
[13:33:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i down someone...
[13:33:19] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): agree
[13:33:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and the downed person is like a zombie, 15 minutes
[13:33:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): whoever said you can't RP when being down?
[13:33:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i found htat a bit annoying (but kept that to myself)
[13:33:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if i down someone and i am in one on one, i expect the downed person to play along.
[13:34:03] SwinginBalls: I miss RPing being downed.. being dragged is.. boring
[13:34:06] Karama (stefanomattino): sling
[13:34:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and not to sit in silence
[13:34:13] elysiva is online.
[13:34:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Lynxa?
[13:34:22] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): I personally like the 15 minute downtime, you arent dead, nor do you have to be unconscious, you can be injured badly but aware. imo, when you are downed you should be injured, hurt something.. 5 minutes is an unreal time for you to bounce back up and begin to fight again, unless of course a field medic/healer heals you. I get 15 mins may feel long, so how about a trade.. you get downed in battle, you are down on the ground for 5 mins, thats how much time a healer has to get. after such time, you are again up but are tped back to the landing, so you have to make you way back to the fight in order to join back in.
[13:34:28] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): (wrong clicking)
[13:34:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :) good idea too
[13:35:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Alianna
[13:36:14] Ϯ ɣȔƊȉ Ϯ (yudhishter): huds
[13:36:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ((and please, if you did not do it, write ahead when you are on the list, and send it when it is your turn))
[13:36:31] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): ((and try to keep it concise :p))
[13:37:03] Alianna Buzzard: In the short time that I have been healer now, it is hard sometimes to find the location where the person is located that is downed. Often when you finally do get there, they have recovered and are not in need of healing rp because they have food to heal themselves. This makes it hard for healers. In that respect I understand the 15 minute downtime, even if it was done so healers could get there 1. in time and 2. be able to roleplay it fully. Otherwise it becomes a wham bam thank you mam thing. Understandable during combat they wish to continue their fight, and some fight even further while being down.
[13:37:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes. valid points
[13:37:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Sara?
[13:37:35] ღ Sara ღ (saraemily.ceryos): I think 15 minutes of total down time seems long as well, maybe 5 minutes down, and 10 as green. Healers can take their chances healing someone in combat, but healing fixes downed but not green, also if someone doesn't get a healer that food only takes them back up to a max health of their usual health - 1 for every time they have been downed until they see a healer. and a healer can cure 1 point of this lost health in a 2 minute session.
[13:37:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[13:38:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Tetsuo ?
[13:38:02] Tetsuo Sumoku: suggestion,  downtime = (caps/day * time) so, more you are capped, the longer it lasts.  Standard healer rules. And an option to load a different healing animation would be nice...  My healer is a real bitch and would like animations that reflect that.
[13:38:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ha!
[13:38:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): like. doggy style?
[13:38:26] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) smirks
[13:38:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) grins
[13:38:34] Tetsuo Sumoku: like boot on the throat.
[13:38:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): oh! :D
[13:38:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Milena?
[13:38:45] Milena (laputa.milena): Yes 15 min on ground too mush, but also no enough time for healer to get to you or when arive you are 15 sec to heal, then make no sense to heal you. Some sensible time should be found, and perhaps healer that in opposite side of Amazon should no try to respond.As far as no make changes to healer as Harold propose, I think change is very needed. Down time directly affect healer so.. This just my thought. When I come to Amazon, I knew I like 2 things, Seeker and Healer. Both because talk to people and help, both because more easy to be friendly. Then there were healers that belong to a tribe, those were most, but there also healers of no tribe. Both healers need find same test, but one focus on healing "natural" accident, the other more fallen soldier support. The role play for "natural accident" is mush reduced, (longer drown, dangerous animals)  I think just faint and fall with tiny time drown left. This combine with extra health point for healer has turn "healer" into super-melee warrior with healing
[13:38:45] Milena (laputa.milena):  powers. I very happy I am seeker now because I would be very unhappy trying to be healer now. I just think natural danger should come back and healer have same health point as all humans. I think this would reduce the superman population and maybe bring back some people that just like to heal.
[13:39:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): good, and i take it, also restrict healer notification to same sim?
[13:39:47] Milena (laputa.milena): YES!
[13:39:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok .thank you :)
[13:39:51] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): no
[13:40:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that was Milena's idea :)  i don't value or judge them yet, i only collect
[13:40:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Darcy?
[13:40:24] Darcy Chey-Paine (darcy.india): i personally i prefered the 15 mins  kinda of smooth things out and time to breathe and rp was lot less agro and offence happening. healers have time to rp there without next one getting up an an kicking your head in,
Only thing was saw lots more people go green while some few stay yellow, then when some thing kicks of the green goes change runs back so maybe 15 between changeing from green to yellow.
[13:40:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, that was mentioned a lot too.. a longer wait time from green to yellow, worth considering
[13:41:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): dissi?
[13:41:02] dissi (disisme.misfit): just because someone likes to pew pew or shag, over roleplay, doesnt give them the right to deny those with more intellectual ideals the right to roleplay.  independant healers are almost totally denied the opportunity to do exactly what they chose the role for..heal..with a 5 minute timer, even for a drowning / fainting.  the 15 minute timer avails them the opportunity to help these explorers that keep tripping over snakes and falling off cliffs and being bitten by crocodiles.  monpolising the opportunity to heal to the pew pews is just wrong.  and the person who just had a 12 foot crocodile chew their freaking legs off..or took 12 bullets to the torso...shouldnt be in a fit state to do anything combat related activities for 2 days...which would STILL be a miracle cure...compromise..15 minutes is a lottery win for the pews
[13:41:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is also some iintersting arguments, yes :) by the way we *could* make force green after downed for some days even.. just saying...
[13:42:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Emilio?
[13:42:09] Emilio (chris877): My questions: 1) is what is really expected/allowed to be done by a downed person, and more specifically about what they can RP - previously my understanding was a downed person cannot do anything as they are unconscious and many people frowned upon people talking when downed - but with 15 min down time without healing it means 15 min no RP for downed person which just makes whole experience massively boring. 2) Also I heave seen people downed and cheating and up after 1 min, even with previous theoretical 5 min downtime. 3) Healers actually never help - I have been downed many times in last half a year when playing as a person not related to any group and I have not seen even once a healer coming to help.
[13:43:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that varies a lot, how healers help mos toften about the time of the day. how they are online.. i doubt they have personal preferences .. other than "Only my faction".. I don't know to be honest...
[13:43:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and
[13:43:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): what is expected..
[13:43:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): like what Lynxa said
[13:43:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you can roleplay that you have pain
[13:43:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that you are immoboilized
[13:43:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that you can curse or whine or beg or writhe..
[13:43:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): all these...
[13:43:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): what makes people frown is this:
[13:43:57] ϻαͼͼυş (marcus.zenoria): .
[13:44:11] SwinginBalls: ((Down me - I will show ya))
[13:44:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i Rped a few days ago a wild beast, i jumped on someone and ripped off his shoulder and ate that meat..
[13:44:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and got
[13:44:20] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): ((No side comments PLEASE))
[13:44:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): "oh  youare a naughty one..
[13:44:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ...
[13:44:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that .. makes me cringe :)
[13:44:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): people RL here ask me then if i am ok, when i moan loud RL
[13:45:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, yes, when yo uare downed, play the victim, the hrut one, the pained one.. whatever
[13:45:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Aiden?
[13:45:30] Aiden (inhabitant1): Agree with Lynxa, Frankly, I like the new times, it gives healers time to actually respond and ROLE PLAY it,. If too long maybe 10 minutes, lengthening the heal process to a minute or a bit longer would be good for the same reason ...Healers should be down for the same period of time... I do not like setting limits to the number of people a healer can heal in a battle/day.. but you will never please 100 % of the people. Keep if simple.
[13:45:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): simple is always good
[13:45:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Syrissa ?
[13:46:02] Syrissa Broono: .
Back to the 5 min timer. 
Since when does a Healer get to rp healing when they've got this huge bullseye on them and everyone is shooting them? You barely have time to do the actual healing without being downed for it.
The 15 min down time has caused many to become healers for the wrong reasons..higher hp or to have many healers in battle. and now people are complaining that groups have to  many healers .I  like some of the suggestions though.
[13:47:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): good.. i am sure we will work something out :) (i am equally sure some wil lhate it and some love it :) )) but, yes, the idea is that you all also see ho wthe other sthink - and vice versa
[13:47:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Starz?
[13:47:14] Starz Tearfall (starz.dreamscape): I agree with Harold on the down time (5 mins). Plus often in battles we can be downed multiple times, by mistake and therefore are constantly down. That is no fun. Also random healers tp'ing in to heal, just because they saw it via their spirit is annoying, they should only be there if called for in rp.
[13:47:15] Elphida Damour (elphida): may healing take time, say a person get healed gradually? the healer will need to touch the  spirit a few times with delay between each time to heal a person, it will also "force" healing role play and not just "touch" the heal button.  so there will be "fixed time" for someone when no healer area about, and if there is, it will take time to heal,  without a fixed timer
[13:47:16] Elphida Damour (elphida): oops
[13:48:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the random TP in is indeed a concern, that Milena also adressed
[13:48:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the healing taking time is also a good approach
[13:48:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes
[13:48:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Spangle?
[13:48:19] Spangle Xenno: thankyou Ma'am,, i mentioned  at the frog last week, about extending healer protection time (maybe 10 mins) so it kind of simulates injury and still has the effect of stopping  fighters running right back into a fight again right away (that was the whole point of the 15 min timer i believe) also, healers should  ask before giving help and must rp/emote their actions more, it bugs me when that is left out
[13:48:28] Elphida Damour (elphida): sorry hit the "enter" by mistake
[13:48:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): (np)
[13:49:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes. i think in the staff meeting we will flelsh out more details about what we want from a healer
[13:49:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): like.. roleplay
[13:49:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Ethereal?
[13:49:26] Ethereal Jandali (etherealsoliloquy): Emilio pretty much stated my point.
[13:49:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[13:49:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Creidelky?
[13:49:40] Spangle Xenno: nods thankyou, i must log, great meeting, thanks for your efforts again tantrica and baron
[13:49:40] Creideiky: 5 min healer can only help after down time....if need be extended can be by RP, in full battles once you down you down and cant get up until agreed by both new here so forgive any lapses in knowledge just tougth about adding my two bits
[13:49:47] Ethereal Jandali (etherealsoliloquy): down 15 minutes ... can we at least rp while down that long?
[13:49:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes Eth
[13:50:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and thank you Crei :)
[13:50:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Miyu please
[13:50:08] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): Agrees with Lynxa on that enhanced dynamic, would be like going to field hospital.  It is nice to see healers more involved in the rp, this way, maybe compromise time.    I notice that healers are not moving downed out of battle and put themselves in fire, perhaps bind and move them away.  yes healers should ask!  Also are healers allowed to charge for healing?
[13:51:03] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Tantrica has brief RL so I will continue to chair. Good points Miyu - thank you.
[13:51:21] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): I see no reason why Healers shouldn't ask for some manner of reward as part of rp.
[13:51:24] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Mad?
[13:51:31] Mad (aliya.sahara): I think 15 min downtime is reasonable for combat death. I also agree with the idea of limiting how quickly one can switch from green to yellow. Prevent revenge killing by 1 day force green after being downed may be nice. Or maybe atleast 1 hour.  Also, maybe adjust non combat incident down time (i.e. quests) to make it shorter
[13:52:13] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Ok - thank you - again some interesting ideas, which will will for sure mull over. Marie?
[13:52:29] Marie (isahar.asadar): It is also annoying to lay 15 down on the ground.. get dragged like a sack through the whole jungle .. your Captor has to stop on each sim cross because the lose the leash while crossing, you can't even help them when you are down . .. if you are up you can run with them, so you stuck on doors.. in meshes.. .and have to ..... wait! .. besides i often get to hear.. *don't talk you are down!* then i whimpers and moan in pain, hold my head .. and TP to the landing after being downed might only  confuses your enemies or  comrades if they are searching you and poof you are gone.. in a big battle it can be that they need a bit time to reach you .... and for a lot of people here is pew pew not only that, this is actually part of the RP .. to plan ambushes, or rescues in RP .. it is way more then only fighting .. and well think of .. what if nobody comes .. then you lay there 15 min .. maybe you can add a Healer button  to call one if you are down and none is coming along ..  instead of tell every healer that 
[13:52:29] Marie (isahar.asadar):  someone is down ... often they come and do not even ask and jump on the downed and ruin a RP like that .. and I would like to have the Selfbind back :P .. really handy after you crashed .so they do not need to down you again only to get the leash back
[13:53:10] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Clarification - who 'jumps on the downed and ruins the rp' - a healer?
[13:53:54] Marie (isahar.asadar): yes
[13:54:01] dissi (disisme.misfit): shoot them.
[13:54:03] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Ok - thanks. Noted. Meg?
[13:54:09] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): No side comments please.
[13:54:09] Meg Madrigal: interesting that the focus is (once again)  on weapons-combat situations
downtime occurs in other settings, not just combat or "hit" attacks   it would be a shame to design downtime to address  "problems"  occurring in just one.   so perhaps solutions OTHER than downtime  for those weapons-specific issues     since most of my downtimes has been from drowning,  or  starving,  15 minutes alone lying flat on my back is not the most interesting rp situation   (although I do talk to myself)   most of this discussion seems to assume the presence of others  to rp with during the downtime    this is not my experience.
[13:54:13] Syrissa Broono: Not all healers does that
[13:54:20] elysiva is offline.
[13:54:39] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): No side comments please :-)
[13:54:47] Meg Madrigal: done
[13:55:17] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): And yes Meg - that's a fair point - we will certainly have a look at distinguishing those who are 'shot' and those who are downed for other reasons.  Stormy?
[13:57:21] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): ((As a reminder - please type ahead when you are on the list and then click Enter when your name is called, to save time))
[13:59:03] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Stormy - hold your comment and I will come back to you ok?
[13:59:07] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Harold?
[13:59:10] Ĥȧɼoレđ ƑƦƟϻǟƝ (harold134): Most of the people asking for changes to healers are not healers and everyones got a different suggestion. I think we should ask healers. I think the majority of healers don't object to the current way it is now.
[13:59:31] ﻜtormy (rae.chiwanga): sorry didnt see my name, i am having issues
[13:59:57] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): That's a fair point Harold and we will bear that in mind in the further discussions - but it's also true to say that the role of the Healer impacts the roleplay for everyone.
[14:00:10] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): No worries Stormy - if you have a comment again, just click the cube
[14:00:13] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Syd?
[14:00:17] Ĥȧɼoレđ ƑƦƟϻǟƝ (harold134): true, impacts them the most though
[14:00:21] Syd (syd.straaf): Personally, I think 15 minutes is a bit too long in part because even in a fight you're often left by yourself for the bulk of that time.. getting TPed to the landing would mess up the ability to cap, same with being turned green.. maybe not down or sent anywhere, but a special color dot that prevents you from fighting but restricts you in other ways.  Why is 5 minutes too short for a healer to rp bandaging someone up? Also, the healers being notified when someone goes down thing kind of confuses me.. are they allowed to tell the rest of their group that a comrade was downed, allowing the group to launch a legitimate rescue? Finally, a big yes please to bringing back the self bind.
[14:01:37] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Ok :-) Noted. The idea of an 'interim' condition is an interesting one, that we will for sure think about - and 'healer notifications' is for sure on the list too!
[14:01:42] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Terial?
[14:01:44] Terlal  (terlal): Sorry, I just wanted  to say I agree very much with Milena about people using healer status to make themselves into super melee warriors rather than because they have any real interest in healing, in my opinion some healers take that role to abuse the extra hp - that's not aimed at most just a few
[14:01:58] Terlal  (terlal): done
[14:02:15] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): It's a point we will certainly consider - thank you.  Dawn?
[14:02:18] Dawn (dawningsmist): I dont like to stop what I doing to run to heal someone that is already ok when I get there, covering all Amazon does seem unrealistic, and what Milina said about other RP for healers , animals and such is cool.  Im a healer but hardly have a chance to act as one, as 99% of people downed are in a fight, I dont belong to any group, but still thought there was a place for healers outside of a battle. Sorry that the message is a bit dated, Aslo disagree with harold, if you ask only Healers what to do then what then you only have their opinion on how it affects the rest of the people. (Im a healer by the way) Its a bit like askining a prosecuted person to be his own jury. theme lag!
[14:03:41] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Thanks Terlal - I think that's a theme that is emerging - somethign like 'roleplay healers' vs. 'fighty healers' - but we shall certainly discuss that :-)
[14:03:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that was Dawn :P
[14:04:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Black?
[14:04:17] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) flexes my cramped fingers and takes a glup of gin "See? I am a physical and mental wreck! Sorry Dawn!"
[14:04:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) grins
[14:04:27]  Åиgëℓiς Ðع ℒα ℛudع ωhitmαη (angelicpride): she had to go i have her question will wait my turn
[14:04:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :) John ?
[14:04:40] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): Again I feel a proper healing school with experienced healers teaching proper healing techniques would be very useful to answer many questions comments and such that have been made that would be the biggest change I would suggest having all healers go through it new and old because I have seen new and old making mistakes not knowing what they are capable of or even where to find the tools we do have Myself included much of what I have learned has been the hard way
[14:05:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): good thought, can you please address the mentors John? they have already an extensive pack of resources and this idea just would fit in wodnerful there, indeed!
[14:07:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they have even a tribe.. a "training tribe" of sorts.. and i think this would be a good addition. Qwirky or Aiden, i think have set up there a lot already. but the other mentros are aware too
[14:07:20] Maroo (kobayashimaroo): we are working on that a bit now
[14:07:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yay ! please keep me pdated and i wil help if needed where i can
[14:07:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Lynxa?
[14:07:57] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): i kinda like whoever suggested the down 5 mins down and 10 minutes up but green dot.  Thats enough time for a healer to drag the person away and rp a healing.. And, lawd, do not try to heal on the battlefield.. thats totally unrealistic, be strategic, sneak/slide in, bind them, drag the body away. if you try to heal on an active battlefield youve earned that bullet in the ass.. Also, that 5Y/10G setting should stop the crying about being bored and down for 15 minutes. Healers are roleplayers also and all different. Most want to be helpful, but they shouldnt be at someones beck and call.. like, boo hoo, they didnt come help me! if you piss one off, he or she has every right to step over your writhing carcass and continue their journey through the jungle.
[14:08:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) grins
[14:08:34] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): :p
[14:08:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Milena ?
[14:08:48] Milena (laputa.milena): The jump down and heal is a matter of education, learn to ask first. I am guilty of try to rescue someone that did no want to be rescue! LOL Frustrating both sides! Ask first.
[14:08:49] spirit: You called the Gods of LOL? HERE IS SOME ROFL SPICED WITH SOME GTSY !!! Have a teddy!
[14:08:57] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): ts ts ts
[14:09:01] Milena (laputa.milena): And thats true dont piss them off
[14:09:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) grins
[14:09:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): innit!
[14:09:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): aaand Kira ?
[14:09:13] Kɪʀᴀ Xᴘ   キラ  (naughtgelic.kira): Im a healer and i like the 15 mins, gets healers mobilized and bigger role, time to find the victim and see if they are needed, and RP the situation, the healing time should be longer so you have time to emote while on the victim..the amount of healers has turned up, allowed or making the becoming a healer could be harder. Also healing when youre down should be disabled, that can cause issues. But also the drowning and animal downing notices should be specified so the healers know its safe to go and heal them. and not run into an ambush. Force green after down for more than one hour or something kills all RP for the whole day, i have several combats a day and would die of boredom with one day forced green. I agree on the no healing without permission, no meddling into RP.
[14:10:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok so i take so far as a tendency.. 5Y10G and summon a healer via own initiative, no tas general note..
[14:10:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Syrissa?
[14:10:35] Syrissa Broono: .
Not all Healers are the same and we or I  want the rp.  I became a Healer cause i don't want to torture.  I like helping people. I had a experienced Healer that guided me for a short time before she left.   I would like to see some insects back that does damage so we can again rp with others that are not always fighting.  Poison ivy or such . Amazon is full of deadly flora as well as insects. AS for as being tp'd in, i've never had to be tp'd in.. When you become a Healer i was told ot learn how to get around the Amazon and now i know all footpaths and can get to a location faster then some flies.. I beat Starz and Bruce home one day.  When you become a healer you need ot learn and hone your skills as well as melee cause shooting poisoned darts ain't gonna save your bacon one day. I never intruded on a rp either ..always seen what was going on first and asked.
[14:11:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): good points, and yes. we hardly change the paths in amazon for that very reason
[14:11:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so you can be familiar and make your own best ways
[14:11:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): dissi?
[14:11:45] dissi (disisme.misfit): just to throw something in there that will be about as popular as a fart in an elevator.... remove melee combat capability for healers and make them non combatants.  you dont need to defend, if you are not a threat.....and you are, indeed, pulling your weight for your faction / tribe, simpy by being a healer.  ( I dont agree with this, personally, but it IS an option for brainstorming).....then a reduction in downtime for the unimaginative RPers would be possible
[14:12:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i personally find "Packed" healers anyway disturbing, it is like red cross helpers with ak47
[14:12:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Ali?
[14:12:56] Alianna Buzzard: I hear comments such as "5 minutes healing should be enough right?"It isn't . You also have to get there. Also hooking on on the part of suggestion a special color dot for when being shot (not fall, attacked by animal etc etc). And those who are that color can not open fire until they get healed. So the faster they find a healer, the faster they are up and running again. Provided they can not shoot right away after they magically stand up again. I think here lays the fine line between *healing* and *aiding during battle*. with aiding a person would only be unconscious, and can resume battle after that, perhaps if downed again, they could get that special color as in not being able to fight unless they got an official mickey mouse bandage kinda thing. But we are here for roleplay first, battle second. I understand the downtime is long, but you can roleplay your way around it with regaining consciousness and not being able to move or barely that is. It would also be nice if in Roleplay people would shout for
[14:12:56] Alianna Buzzard:  help from a healer, instead of us reading it from a radar. by the time we get there they are gone with the wind. So thumbs up for special color I say as a result of bullets etc. Other casualties could turn green while they arrange for medical aid. Also Syrissa thumbs up for more medical roleplay such as amnesia, insect bites, other types of wound, Those sound great and not just for.. 5 minutes.. (days,. yes days perhaps weeks if plot twists happen:))
[14:13:32] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): .
[14:13:53] Huffy (huffy12389): .
[14:13:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[14:13:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): maccus?
[14:14:04] ϻαͼͼυş (marcus.zenoria): I think that in fairness, loosing tribes will always want healers to heal, and winning tribes will want them off the field of battle, so think it's something that will never be agreed. Personally I think the extra downtime is great as it gives both the downed and the healer 15 minutes of RP. I totally understand the issue with quickie healing and I think the idea of a more gradual healing is a great one. John made a hugely valid point about training of healers to a more even RP standard. Not that I'm saying that just the healers would benefit from extra RP training. Like everything we have some great RP'rs and some not so great. Finally the fighting healers. It's real simple to me. If healers can attack and fight, then that makes them targets. If they fight then to me extra health or a shield is unfair. You either have non-fighting healers who have protection, or you have fighting healers without it.
[14:14:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[14:14:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Angelic?
[14:14:48]  Åиgëℓiς Ðع ℒα ℛudع ωhitmαη (angelicpride): As far as the haalers if we could use the tp's that are sent too we could all be more effective in helping, evern if they are only for the sim we are on, I also feel there is nor real calrity about healers going to battle or saving their team person, as we get the notcie, i belive there needs to be set clear understanding, And healers will still be attacked just because of the tribe or faction they are in..thye should not be left with no defense 
If you're widely known for being combative, why go change to  green? especially after attacking someone, there should be a change, if someone decided to change their condition, they should stay like that for a week, Aren't green huds for the noncombatant who does not want anything to do with violence? I've never heard of a noncombatant warrior....To me the green dot is being misused for convenience
[14:14:54] Speaker list: Your request to speak has been noted - please wait to be called.
[14:15:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[14:15:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Emilio?
[14:15:30] Emilio (chris877): How you can 'summon a healer via own initiative' when downed ? Group chat ?  Shouting in local ? Direct IM ? Any of these people will complain that they took my communication devices and I have no way of calling for help etc. I also agree with 5Y10G as it prevents repeated downing when someone is leashed which is total BS.
[14:16:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the summon would be via Spirit, generating a message like "Emilio is down and would welcome a healer"..  yes, a bit OOC, but giving the good feeling that there is roleplay ongoing and that there is a healer wanted
[14:17:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): how the healer RPs that they found it .. is of course depending on the healer RP skills
[14:17:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if the healer RPs "oh i got your Spirit message" then th enext call should be a seeker for putting that healer back to explorer
[14:17:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rite on the spot :)
[14:17:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and downing a leashed person.. yah. can be tough..
[14:17:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) coughs
[14:18:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): errm.. Jay ?
[14:18:04] Jay Dee (jeremey.davies): how about a KILL/OFF BATTLE option to sent a downed person to the landing and make him green for 1 hour? could be something to test out?
[14:18:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, one can test it but, many had the thjought that it will disrupt the battle
[14:18:37] dissi (disisme.misfit): that negates all catpure RP
[14:18:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): indeed
[14:18:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Dawn ?
[14:19:00] Dawn (dawningsmist): I agree with  Syrissa Broono:, need wider RP for healers, not just battle. Im not sure about that self calling the healer thing, whats the difference in that and telling people in your tribe to come and save you you are downed?
[14:19:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, also true
[14:19:53] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Maybe we could make it a more generic message like "Shots fired in Rio Solimoes"...
[14:20:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or so
[14:20:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes
[14:20:05] Healers Shelf Ants: brighidzen granted ANT antivenom
[14:20:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Milena?
[14:20:34] Milena (laputa.milena): Dissi did fart!  I think healers power should be reduced to normal person yes, but no sub normal. Love you Dissi! But what you have for breakfast?! Ufff!
[14:20:40] dissi (disisme.misfit): (Crap took my own name off)
[14:20:59] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): ((That'll teach you to make side comments :p))
[14:21:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Miyu?
[14:21:18] Speaker list: Your request to speak has been noted - please wait to be called.
[14:21:50] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): Green is a tool, many fighters have other rp roles that have nothing to do with combat.  Green for a week is not conducive to tribe management role that some of us are in, like your cooks and foragers, multi faceted rp, force green does not suit this at all.  It is a control to force fighters to only fight.  People are complex and have many reasons for being here.  That is too general, and the only other proper fix would be to increase time of condition change which would help negate the dickheads that use the condition for advantage.  maybe take 15 minutes to change condition.  Otherwise green is a choice and gameplay should not be forced bc someone did not get opp to shoot you while hunting chickens
[14:22:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[14:22:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Terlal?
[14:22:39] Terlal  (terlal): Miyu said it really Just to Angelic's point about being green and non-combatant for a week, I use green when I am about to leave so I dont have to leave a cap, usually for the last hour of my day here and when I need to cook or gather in peace.
[14:22:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): nice :)
[14:23:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Swinging?
[14:23:13] SwinginBalls: When someone is injured, the clock ticking down... most people go to their inventory for food and eat to bring up their HP.. but sorry.. I feel that is unrealistic. Fruit can be transported, a limited amount... but soups? How did the injured carry it? Heat it? Soup is not really a cure all. I wish food carried was controlled by the HUD and limited - cause I don't know anyone who could carry 80 soups, 20 appples, 50 chickens 50 meats etc    I love the ideas mentioned by Syrissa.. poison oak, poison ivy, more natural ways of getting injured, and if they could move around - be random, not like the snakes that never move.  In the Wild West, they used a "Telegraph" style emote in group chat like "Bank robbery in Dodge City"
[14:23:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[14:23:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): John?
[14:24:05] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): I am a battle healer and much of my rp has been generated to not only healing but taking a certain tribe area even temple into my charge IMy character also mixes both the native aspect and the modern aspect so I also mix the healing aspects in my rp but as a respected member of certain communities for my aid even though independent and disrespected for my role as being a nasty so and so who would sell his mother  these are all aspects of one person the views of different people and to each a evolving character to limit rp to just this type or that type then i would feel limited in my ability to play with the different factions the way i do sometimes Good sometimes bad
[14:24:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): makes sense
[14:24:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Harold?
[14:24:36] Ĥȧɼoレđ ƑƦƟϻǟƝ (harold134): I have to go but I wanted to say one more thing. This is not related to this topic but I was wondering if the buffalo is not fixed yet, if you could fix it so my animal friends can eat that. See you guys later! I'll be back in a few hours.
[14:24:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): bai :)
[14:24:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): dissi?
[14:25:08] dissi (disisme.misfit): I would jsut like to throw this suggestion out tehre again....2 distinctly seperate roles.  The combat medic that can heal fast and dirty to a given HP....and the rear echelon wally doctors that can do a full healing.  shamans and healers alike need to be seperated into role specific are one..or the other....combat medic does a bandaid and triage....rear echelon (hospital?) do a full heal.  no time limit or count limit on bandaids...but they must visit a hospital doctor at some stage for full HP the time deferred condition change too btw
[14:25:09] Ĥȧɼoレđ ƑƦƟϻǟƝ (harold134): bye :)
[14:25:47] Elphida Damour (elphida) is offline.
[14:25:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): hm hm .. ok.. two healer roles.. also a view..
[14:25:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Baron, handsome dude?
[14:26:02] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Stormy had technical issues and asked me to post on her behalf: ﻜtormy (rae.chiwanga): I like the idea of of forced green after downed. Instead of being downed, a person should be a different color for about an hour. When that color they should be injured. Not green bc green should not rp, but a different color means they can rp but just cant fight or be attacked. Plus not actually being down will help some people lose the must win at all cost attitude  Healers still have to heal a person from injured so that they can be yellow again
[14:26:19] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) waggles my eyebrows
[14:26:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok
[14:26:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Syd?
[14:26:38] Syd (syd.straaf): Is there any way to differentiate going down by combat vs other ways? That way healers would know to stay out of the way if they're not part of one of the involved groups involved in the fighting, and they wouldn't have to worry about "getting there" cutting into their rp time, plus the people in the fight wouldn't have to adjust for healers that aren't involved in the battle... meanwhile non-combat downings could take longer and give healers plenty of time to show up and rp... As far as switching dot colors, I can certainly understand people who are typically yellow wanting to be green for a while or vice versa, but there should be a delay so that people can't go around safe and then switch from green to yellow the moment their group is attacked.
[14:27:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there is a message saying "downed by combat" and "downed by lack of food" and "drowned". yes.
[14:27:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they are in place already
[14:27:28] Syd (syd.straaf): then why is getting there ever an issue in a fight?
[14:27:37] Syd (syd.straaf): either you're there or you're not
[14:27:37] dissi (disisme.misfit): its new
[14:27:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): I don't know  to be honest :)
[14:27:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): well i brought it back when i made 15 minutes
[14:27:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): same update
[14:28:11] dissi (disisme.misfit): I think peeps are still acclimatizing
[14:28:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that can be :) it is also the second of two sentences
[14:28:35] Gateway to Amazon: Max12345630 Resident used the EXP gate at Dark Alley
[14:28:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): maybe some only read so far
[14:28:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Stormy?
[14:28:51] ﻜtormy (rae.chiwanga): I like the idea of of forced green after downed. Instead of being downed, a person should be a different color for about an hour. When that color they should be injured. Not green bc green should not rp, but a different color means they can rp but just cant fight or be attacked. Plus not actually being down will help some people lose the must win at all cost attitude  Healers still have to heal a person from injured so that they can be yellow again
[14:28:52] dissi (disisme.misfit): what?  we have to READ?
[14:28:59] ﻜtormy (rae.chiwanga): oh
[14:29:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[14:29:11] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): :p
[14:29:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Lynxa ?
[14:29:14] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): Green is not meant to be home base in a game of hide-and-seek, used when you wanna walk the safe path, yet be an active combatant otherwise. If you are a warrior, live that life, dont punk out.. if you have to leave an rp because of rl, people understand this, just let them know. I hate when its misused. And i agree with Syd, random healers shouldnt be interrupting the battle field, not saying that if you have a friend there you wanna sneak in and help, its not okay.. but know that you are now a combatant in that war.
[14:29:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): mhm
[14:29:41]  Åиgëℓiς Ðع ℒα ℛudع ωhitmαη (angelicpride): or maybe a different color when downed in battle to mean the same as the green
[14:29:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): punk out.. i like how much English i learn here :)
[14:30:03] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): haha
[14:30:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Miyu?
[14:31:03] Syrissa Broono: .
[14:31:10] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): if not allowed to use green as a tool then it invites ooc
[14:31:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): mhm
[14:31:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is a point
[14:31:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Mad?
[14:31:42] Mad (aliya.sahara): I agree with the idea of healers getting some training in basic rp just like explorers may receive in the mentoring process when needed.  I do not agree that they should be forced green or trained to RP as saints. Some healers want to face danger as well.  Taking that away would make it boring for them.  And people should be mindful that healers have extra hp but no ammo. evens the playing field.
[14:31:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rite
[14:32:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): also..
[14:32:07] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): i agree
[14:32:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): never assume
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[14:32:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i heard all kinds of assumptions, since ever.. in this RP area and in every RP area...
[14:32:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): here i heard for example..
[14:32:43] ...ღ Kαtɨع Wɨlmot ღ...  (katethetamed): .
[14:32:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): seekers are not allowed to be captured
[14:32:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or
[14:32:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): healers have to be good and can't be evil
[14:32:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): tc
[14:33:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): all wrong
[14:33:00] dissi (disisme.misfit): gags
[14:33:06] Mad (aliya.sahara): same for seekers!
[14:33:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): right!
[14:33:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): seekers can actually be real bad asses.. who smoke and drink and slut around
[14:33:33] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) looks shocked
[14:33:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): well. not me!
[14:33:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Marie?
[14:33:42] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): laughs
[14:33:42] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): phew!
[14:33:43] Marie (isahar.asadar): I disagree to Dissi .. I was a Paramedic and did both .. in battle i dragged the people out of the dangerzone and helped them up.. that went way quicker as the actually later coming RP after the battle when the people was coming with there wounds to put them back together .. I also disagree that a healer should not be able to defend .. you get always attacked as healer ..and mostly as first .. i knew how it was as i only could use my fist hud and no weapon at all .. at least a melee weapon you should be allowed to have as healer... BUT.. people that abuse that role only for the HP and not doing any of a healing RP at all should be set back to normal player .. and I sometimes really wish back that Option Jay mentioned before that when i have someone capped that i can decide via the HUD to send them to the Landing and go green for 15 min or 30 .. not too long .. about the green - yellow switch .. feels good if you can not do that as often you want once a day, as I saw how they got abused
[14:33:47] dissi (disisme.misfit): like....nvm
[14:34:45] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): ok - useful input.. Tantrica is again called away briefly.. Emilio?
[14:34:48] Emilio (chris877): What is the way to prevent role abuse from seekers when they got attacked ?
[14:35:12] dissi (disisme.misfit): that redhead over there
[14:35:28] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Well that would be through roleplay.. And I don;t know what you mean by role 'abuse'...
[14:35:35] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): No side comments please.
[14:35:48] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Jay?
[14:35:50] Jay Dee (jeremey.davies): why not use a timer on the hp recovering? like first 30min only 50% HP? and after 1 hour your recover full HP? maybe hard to script?
[14:36:24] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): We will for sure look at a number of options - perhaps something like that might be one of them :-)
[14:36:28] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Kira?
[14:36:36] Kɪʀᴀ Xᴘ   キラ  (naughtgelic.kira): the 5HP extra is not that much, if you cant get the extra 3-h hits in and complain about losing because of 5HP is just silly...We cant use ranged, so its just fair we have time to run straight to the bullets
[14:36:50] Kɪʀᴀ Xᴘ   キラ  (naughtgelic.kira): 3-4*
[14:37:14] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Mhm - that's also true. Katie?
[14:37:19] ...ღ Kαtɨع Wɨlmot ღ...  (katethetamed): i do think the green to yellow delay should be longer, like 2 hours, but not so extreme as to be a week. 15 minute down i actually love. and as for the point swingin brought up, i dont think the soup number needs regulation since we're so strong as to carry 500 ammo easily. healing needs to be harder because if you run into two snipers with 30 combat healers backing them up while shooting darts the battles go on forever.
[14:38:00] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) grins "Fair comment... "
[14:38:24] Melissa (missygulf): raises hand
[14:38:40] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): One thing we have to be aware of is the amount of time available to people to play here - for some a couple of hours can be their whole 'daily allowance' - so we need to take that into account
[14:38:44] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Milena?
[14:38:51] Milena (laputa.milena): What he mean role abuse? Seeker have no special power, unless he mean demotion, and demotion without good reason mean crucified seeker.  If anyone see a seeker demoting without very good reason please report. We are there to help, no abuse. Sometime we play bad guy, this mostly to see how you RP.
[14:39:06] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): .
[14:39:18] Emilio (chris877): Yes that is what I mean Milena
[14:39:47] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Yep - I fully agree Milena. As Tantrica said earlier seekers can play 'badasses' just as much as anyone else.
[14:40:14] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Tetsuo?
[14:40:15] Tetsuo Sumoku: I have personally had a seeker chained in my lab and did unspeakable things to them.  They RP pretty well.  And my healer is not "good".  Just good at her job.  RP is the key here..
[14:40:40] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): I could not agree more - it's all about the roleplay :-)
[14:40:47] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Syrissa?
[14:41:17] Syrissa Broono: to Katie: 30 combat healers?  if I even go to a place there's 30 healers i'm leaving..i'm not needed , i'm not going to fight to have a chance to heal anyone. If you take away my hp or melee abilities , i'm not going to come into a full blown battle and heal anyone!  Not unless they got LOTS fo coins to pay me to get my happy ass out of  capture, cause i'm surely gonna be captured
[14:41:40] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) grins
[14:41:57] Syrissa Broono: well if its Harold..maybe
[14:41:57] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Melissa?
[14:42:51] Melissa (missygulf): I miss a lot, but would like to say that I think becoming a healer should be harder and that there should be a set amount to actually heal to keep your healing status so people aren't jsut becoming healers for the extra amount and etc.
[14:43:55] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): I think that's a fair comment - and we have talked about some ideas there already - like John's 'healer training' idea. We will certainly think about what our options are when we have the staff meeting to consider this.
[14:43:58] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): EMilio?
[14:44:01] Emilio (chris877): Can someone actually give a reasonable explanation why healers have 35 HP ? Saying they have no ammo is really not true as they can use ranged boomerang which is even better as it has infinite number of shots. And they have darts. Otherwise, I will be a healer too.
[14:45:18] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Simple - because it was discussed - at huuuuge length - at a previous meeting and asked for. But - as always - we monitor things, check things and, if needed, make changes to adjust things if they get out of balance. Which is why we have spent the last 90 minutes talking about healers :-)
[14:45:32] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Kira?
[14:45:44] Kɪʀᴀ Xᴘ   キラ  (naughtgelic.kira): Taking away the ability to combat from a healer would make me want a demotion and go back to Local. I would have nothing to do here. And like i said earlier, the becoming a healer quest should be more difficult, if the amout of healers is an issue. And Emilio have you tried to use a boomerang in a battle? And ist not 35, its 25hp
[14:46:28] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): .
[14:46:55] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Point noted - and be assured that we will be very careful about any changes we make to the healer role. We know that a lot of people enjoy that particular role.
[14:47:01] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): dissi?
[14:47:03] dissi (disisme.misfit): the problem with setting a throttle on how many a healer heals, to keep their status, is biased towards combat groups.  independants may never get the opportunity to see that many injured.
[14:48:01] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): No-one has decided to 'set a throttle' - and you make a good point that there is a difference between a 'combat healer' and a 'shaman'.  We will certainly consider that before we make any changes.
[14:48:06] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Tetsuo?
[14:48:07] Tetsuo Sumoku: Too easy to get around a healing requirement.  And healers do more than heal.  My healer will not enter a battle zone. But has an awesome dance for blessing plants.
[14:48:21] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) laughs
[14:48:27] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Everyone likes a good dance :p
[14:48:37] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Maroo?
[14:48:41] Maroo (kobayashimaroo): perhaps fold two healer types and training together, start as non-combat healer, progress to combat healer if the first part goes well.
[14:49:30] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Maybe - although my instinct tells me that there is not necessarily a 'progression' there - I think many healers are very happy not to be involved in fighty healing.
[14:49:36] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Stormy?
[14:49:41] ﻜtormy (rae.chiwanga): i agree with Kira, but I would like it to be know, that not all healers like to only heal, some healers want to heal a fallen comrade in battle. I dont see any issues with a combat healer. a bit more health is the only decent thing about not having ranged attacks. If you can not fight, do not fight, just heal, nothing wrong with that. Training is fine, but we should not be limited in the RP
[14:50:41] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): No-one wants to limit RP for anyone - I am sure of that. We just want to be sure that the arrangements for healers/healign work well and add to the fun of the Amazon, rather than being a source of potential upset.
[14:50:45] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Katie?
[14:50:47] ...ღ Kαtɨع Wɨlmot ღ...  (katethetamed): when a couple people shoot another bunch of people, there comes a point you have to go forward and cap them within melee distance, then a horde of healers show up from nowhere and melee you before you can get a grab, then there's no point. and once their battle is won, poof, all go off green to do their stuff. no way to retaliate. that's why healer greenhoppers are a problem.
[14:51:14] Mad (aliya.sahara) nods.
[14:51:24] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): agreed
[14:52:03] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Mhm - a couple of people have made the point about condition-switching already. That is for sure something we will take a look at.  I don't think it is limited to Healers though - from what I saw earlier others pull that stunt too.
[14:52:06] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Darcy?
[14:52:29] ﻜtormy (rae.chiwanga): yep
[14:52:31] ﻜtormy (rae.chiwanga): laughs
[14:52:42] Darcy Chey-Paine (darcy.india): healers do not have 35 hp it is 24 plus we do not have range weapons and the amazon boomerang is the only boomerang that does damge for healers and is not as fast as LR, so i have to work hard not to get shot at before my amazon boomerang get to defend me from anyone  i already shot to pices before it comes back so it no easy task.
[14:52:58] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) nods
[14:54:02] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Fair comment - and a lot of thought went into the 'settings' for Healers when they were last updated. It does feel as if the time is ripe to take a further look though. One of the great things about the Amazon is that it is a very 'active' community - stuff changes all the time - so we sometimes need to adjust to take accoutn of that.
[14:54:06] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Melissa?
[14:54:16] Melissa (missygulf): there are plenty of people to heal who aren't in groups and fighting... I see them everyday so non-combat healers and non group healers can heal all they want there, so shouldn't be an issue
[14:54:58] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): I thinks that's true, yes - especially when 'bitey creatures' and/or 'stingy plants' are re-introduced :-)
[14:55:04] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Zahara?
[14:55:15] Melissa (missygulf): so my point is that shouldn't be an issue or reason healers aren't ehaling
[14:55:29] Mad (aliya.sahara): .
[14:55:55] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): I have seen some these healers for fight groups stay green until a fight on then they run get yellows, once fights over surprise surprise they back to green.  Meaning people can not get back at them, only time they go yellow mainly is when a fight on.  And I have been loot at sim lines  and sometimes a non fighter healer come help me... that or i stare at clouds for the next ten minutes hahahahahah
[14:56:21] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): lost
[14:56:26] T ღ K (tinal96) is online.
[14:56:41] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Yep - that point has been made a couple of times by people - and condition-swapping is certainly something we will take a long hard look at :-)
[14:56:44] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Milena?
[14:56:48] Milena (laputa.milena): Can also go back to no just giving healers same HP, but also have them lose A LITTLE HP when they heal, this as well as adding more types of RP for healers. People could show appreciation for healing by voluntary gift to healer, mango, cherries etc.  After awhile stingy people get heal less! :p
[14:57:06] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) grins
[14:57:42] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): That's something we will look at, yes - I am not saying we *will* do it - but it has been raised by a number of people that healign should carry a 'cost'
[14:57:44] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Ki?
[14:57:47] Ki (kilei.oh): why do healers have to be combatant? or want to be combatant?  maybe they should be like green and not take bullets or melee... and then they could do their jobs without any risk of loss of life?  and as to being green... i dont want to be combatant..but i still want to rp so why i have to be capped to be rp'd with?
[14:57:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles and checks the watch "Please, after the current list no new entries to this topic.. my night ends in 6h
[14:58:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): as i just said.. no new entries no more.. Tetsuo is last
[14:58:46] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): A fair point Ki - I will hand back to Tantrica to wrap up when the last questions have been put
[14:58:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then we move to other topics
[14:58:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yd
[14:58:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Syd, too
[14:59:04] Syd (syd.straaf): I just want to point out that people can RP that they're sick or injured and need a healer. It doesn't always have to happen through hud combat or bitey creatures. When I was first here there was a big rp about a virus spreading through the jungle and natives were showing up sick for weeks.
[14:59:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): true
[14:59:16] Mad (aliya.sahara) applauds.
[14:59:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Marie?
[14:59:26] Marie (isahar.asadar): I do not really see why people that are used to fight , go green to cook or gather food or hunt or fish .. why not live with the thrill that you can get attacked everywhere ? If i am a peaceful person ..okay.. go green.. but people that likes to fight should stay yellow .. we did not have that before and it was always thrilling to go to the trade table or to the blue house ..never knowing what will happen ... and as i think was that green dot not made for people that do not want to fight at all ? I mean what can bad happen to you .. you get some RP ? ( okay one point i admit .. cooking and got shot is annoying as you lose your stuff ) at Ki .. a lot of healers like to play paramedics
[14:59:34] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): For sure - and for clarity that was nothignt o do with me. It turned out it was just a rash :p
[14:59:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[15:00:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Tetsuo?
[15:00:08] Tetsuo Sumoku: just a question, currently, can a green heal a yellow?  Maybe should not be ably to, green only heals non-combat, yellow heals everyone.
[15:00:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): green goes yellow on healing yellow
[15:00:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): (i hope at elast the spirit still does that :)
[15:00:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok THE LAST TWO; then i will ignore ..
[15:00:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Dawn?
[15:00:57] Dawn (dawningsmist): I am MOSTLY non combatant healer, but i feel choice to fight or no fight is mine, but at the same time, I dont see why i need the extra HP.  I am nearly always yellow, thats my own choice, even if I am not picking fights.
[15:01:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[15:01:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Terlal?
[15:01:56] Terlal  (terlal): In relation to going green dot, last night I was green dot and cooking in our den when someone lockpicked the door and started shooting me, they apologised when they sawI was green and thats fine, but the point was, I was cooking peacefully and aqbout to go and cook dinner in RL, green dot does have its place
[15:02:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[15:02:53] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): you are normally yellow, yes? most would assume you are yellow, you cant be upset when they dont realize you change back and forth.
[15:02:56] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): ((sorry))
[15:03:01] Terlal  (terlal): Also I will fight but see myself as a hunter not a warrior
[15:03:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sooo .. yah, rest assured, Baron has this all copied and we will read through this and make something out of it :)
[15:03:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): thank you ! :)
[15:03:33] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): copied?
[15:03:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): err, you did,yes? :P
[15:03:39] Huffy (huffy12389): Can i put one small thing in?
[15:03:40] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): I thought *you* were doing that?
[15:03:43] Meg Madrigal laughs
[15:03:44] dissi (disisme.misfit): that was excellent
[15:03:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ha!
[15:04:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Huffy.. your small thing? really?
[15:04:07] Huffy (huffy12389): >.<
[15:04:10] Huffy (huffy12389): Listen pussy..
[15:04:14] Huffy (huffy12389): j/k
[15:04:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes cunt?
[15:04:16] Huffy (huffy12389): I was gone for a bit so one thing I wanted to suggest as i didn't see it brought up as i looked through everything. But can we have the removal of the animation and blood effects from being hit. With bigger fights happening, bullets with scripts flying, the temp rez objects to ward off the full auto guns etc , the fights seems to be going back to when I first came with all of the advancements we've made since then. The old hud could only get 3 people max fighting before you'd see delayed hits, feel like your walking in sludge to move around, and I think that comes from the temp rez things that are happening during battles putting strain on the sims. Some of the guns people use when they hit avatars they already have blood spatter, or noises of bullets hitting flesh etc
[15:04:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :P
[15:04:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you hate me...
[15:04:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i knew it
[15:04:58] Huffy (huffy12389): I do not..
[15:04:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i will think about it
[15:05:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :P
[15:05:02] Huffy (huffy12389): I luuuuurv you
[15:05:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yaya
[15:05:05] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): You have upset her now. Brute!
[15:05:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): next topic
[15:05:21] Huffy (huffy12389): Fine take my shaft away!, you already took my ball!
[15:05:30] Huffy (huffy12389): I'll be a walking ken doll!
[15:05:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): locked doors, we will reduce the number of allowed doors inn buildings to one (1) per exit/entrance
[15:05:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and the lock pick time to max 3 minutes
[15:06:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there was actually only one supporter complaining about it.. officially to the mouthpiece
[15:06:11] Emilio (chris877) remembers Lionhearts bunker
[15:06:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): as "i don't want times imposed on *my* doors"
[15:06:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): your feedback please?
[15:07:23] Huffy (huffy12389): Ask lionhearts last night, me and dani held our own against 4 of em with no locked doors to my gym.
[15:07:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Dawn?
[15:07:36] Dawn (dawningsmist): (Left over from previous) Quickly, I mostly green when im in for a quickie and dont want to interact with anyone due to time restraints. So green can be a courtesy to others as well, a tool as any other, depends how you use it.
[15:07:38] Dawn (dawningsmist): Sorry
[15:07:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok
[15:07:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Katie?
[15:07:53] ...ღ Kαtɨع Wɨlmot ღ...  (katethetamed): how many times can a person block the lockpick? a lockpick can go on for 15 minutes when the person inside is intentionally annoying everyone.
[15:08:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if someone sits on the inside and keeps interrupting the lockpick i would lose interest.. and leave.. and avoid any further RP
[15:08:34] dissi (disisme.misfit): rule 2
[15:08:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes
[15:08:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and while i say i don't condone public "RP ban lists" because that is really petty to abuse the profile as a pilory...
[15:09:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i never said you have to roleplay with everyone.. i sure avoid people..
[15:09:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i just never tell them, because, why?
[15:09:32] dissi (disisme.misfit): dont talk to them at all?
[15:09:46] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): to avoid drama
[15:09:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yah, and well, if it so happens and we run into eahch other and they convince me i was wrong..
[15:10:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then no harm is done
[15:10:08] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): No side comments please :-) We are here now for > 3 hours :p
[15:10:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, no hard feelings, i just leave when it gets dumb
[15:10:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Lynxa?
[15:10:36] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): i totally agree with this one door rule. Sooo many doors, its ridiculously unrealistic. I mean, really the end result is the same, it will just take longer. and getting out of those bases, short of a tp, omg, its sooo painful. so you are blocked going in and out.
[15:10:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rite
[15:11:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Gianutto?
[15:11:09] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): 1)) Lionhearts are agree to the one single pickable door per exit and the 3 minutes.  2)) A active person can indeed stop lockpick... is in your hands Tantrica to allow it or not according the roleplay game we all want here.  3)) Is annoying when a downed person start to fix doors or stop lockpics... but that is part od another tale and is guards business
[15:11:43] ღ Sara ღ (saraemily.ceryos): .
[15:11:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ah Gianutto, if i would interfere and make a rule like "if your door is lockpicked you can not stop it.. or stop it only twice.." we would have more than two rules
[15:11:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): this aitn going to happen
[15:12:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if the person behind the door prevents me from opening it, the signal given to me is "go away, i hate you, i don't want to roleplay with you
[15:12:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so why should i bother?
[15:12:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i go
[15:12:25] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): doors allows stop lockpic 3 times and that is working to this point
[15:12:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, but if they really use that, my time is too precious to be wasted at some stupid lockpick script :)
[15:13:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i come her eto roleplay
[15:13:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): not to watch timers
[15:13:27] Second Life: zahara Foxdale gave you 1 Liter Beer.
[15:13:31] Gateway to Amazon: Monika Piranha used the EXP gate at Dark Alley
[15:13:45] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): ok. just the doors scripts are not the problem here... the problem is who use them
[15:14:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes
[15:14:05] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): just downed person cant even touch the door
[15:14:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): like with weapons and everything, some can roleplay, some can't
[15:14:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): such gadgets reveal thos ewho can't
[15:14:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Tetsuo?
[15:14:27] Tetsuo Sumoku: Fully ok with a realistic number of lockable doors and a reasonable lock pick time. Beyond that it is just rule #2
[15:14:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rite
[15:14:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Syd?
[15:14:41] Syd (syd.straaf): I love the idea of one locked door per entrance/exit and I'd be happy reducing the lock pick time down to just 1 minute. I get you want to keep people from storming in unexpectedly, but beyond that it's just slowing down the rp.
[15:14:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): mhm
[15:14:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Mad?
[15:15:19] Mad (aliya.sahara): oh just agree w/ 1 door rule
[15:15:23] Mad (aliya.sahara): .
[15:15:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sweet
[15:15:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Meg?
[15:15:37] Meg Madrigal: 3 min is soooo long to raid Raiders' special ice cream frig,   i get very nervous  wondering who's coming up the trail.    i like  1 min for  nimble fingered pickers  :)  agrees with Tantrica,  less time watching times, the better  agrees w/ Syd
[15:15:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :D
[15:15:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Gianutto?
[15:16:10] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): Floor holes or windows next to doors are silly... wish all those holes be erased
[15:16:25] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): we have some and im up to remove them
[15:16:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok :)
[15:16:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): John?
[15:16:51] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): I am sorry this may have been answered but is that per room or per building or per base or per door frame? just to clarify
[15:17:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): per exit and entrance
[15:17:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): not from "corridor to kitchen"
[15:17:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): only entrance and exit
[15:17:18] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): main entrance and exit
[15:17:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes
[15:17:31] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto) correct
[15:17:41] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): ok so no safe rooms or hold outs?
[15:17:47] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): No.
[15:17:53] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): thank you
[15:17:53] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Just on the main entrance/exit
[15:17:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no safe rooms, no hold outs no stashes, no corona bases... no nothing
[15:18:06] Mad (aliya.sahara): ;P
[15:18:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): dissi?
[15:18:09] dissi (disisme.misfit): how long does it take police or a miltiary unit to open a locked door?  1 second?  a minute would / should be plenty.  they arent waiting for those inside to get ready!
[15:18:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[15:18:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): also true, yes
[15:18:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Sara?
[15:18:27] ღ Sara ღ (saraemily.ceryos): I don't think it matters how many doors oe how long the lock pick times are. If someone puts up a door it means they want to keep that area private for whatever reason. and outside of invading that person's place people should not be going around just lockpicking doors
[15:19:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the thing is.. if you are inside and green or inside and shagging .. or the lockpicker is green.. then there is rule #2 and your door should be/stay closed
[15:19:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you are inside yellow, and just cuddle or cook or stuff
[15:19:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you are game to burglars
[15:19:48] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): wiow thanks
[15:19:49] dissi (disisme.misfit): or people joining in...woot
[15:19:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yesh!
[15:19:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Katie?
[15:19:59] ...ღ Kαtɨع Wɨlmot ღ...  (katethetamed): sara, the lockpick isn't about nerfing private houses. it's major bases for the major groups. i don't just go around poking into enya's or widow's beach houses for no reason.
[15:20:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and *i* live in an open cave with no doors whatsoever :D
[15:20:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Lynxa?
[15:20:40] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): im all about invading space. i dont often steal, but if you have something i want and your inside yellow, imma come take it.. just um. sayin
[15:21:12] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): No further questions please after Syrissa - we all have our beds to go to :-)
[15:21:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): rite, that is what RP is about :) some even set up stuff that one can actually steal. but one can also rp it
[15:21:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Meg?
[15:21:33] Meg Madrigal: ow would lockpicker know if any inside, unless there are sounds
[15:21:52] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): exactly
[15:21:56] Meg Madrigal: just saying   rp that this is private time     shagging moans, etc
[15:21:57] Syrissa Broono: .
[15:22:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): true, i just mean, we all cam .. and check .. i woul dnot barge into a shagging scene.. i woul dnot bother with peopl einside all green..
[15:22:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is OOC though
[15:22:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ICly we can't know
[15:22:36] Meg Madrigal: don't assume  lockpicker is trying to violate #2
[15:22:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): mhm
[15:22:50] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): .
[15:22:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Sara?
[15:22:52] ღ Sara ღ (saraemily.ceryos): would it be accaptable to use a door with say a 4 digit code to inter rather then a click button and pick the lock.. it would probably not take 3 minutes to enter every possible 4 digit code
[15:23:22] ...ღ Kαtɨع Wɨlmot ღ...  (katethetamed): 10^4=10 thousand.
[15:23:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i don't think i like that idea.. the kool doors, much as i dislike them.. are pretty much standard here
[15:23:38] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): agreed
[15:23:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so this or something really similar
[15:23:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): really similar as in "Lock pick in the same time with the same chances
[15:24:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ideal would be a door that does not give away an OOC blurb who lockpicekd it
[15:24:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i found that rally unprofessional
[15:24:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Emilio?
[15:24:33] Emilio (chris877): Should main entrance always be pickable or are not pickable versions allowed too ? Should all cages be pickable too , if any inside ? Is torturing someone considering shagging (not to be interrupted) or chit-chat (interruptible) ?
[15:24:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): shagging is the process of intercourse, sex, fucking
[15:24:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): bunga bunga
[15:24:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): turture is not that
[15:25:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): cages .. i woul dexpect here in amazon.. which is not a "lock me all up RLV prison storage whatsoever" that locked up peeople are just that: locked up people
[15:25:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): tht they have the IC grasp to stay in a cage
[15:25:44] Mad (aliya.sahara): waht if its bunga mixed eith torture?
[15:25:50] Mad (aliya.sahara) giggles.
[15:25:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) grins at Mad
[15:25:59] Mad (aliya.sahara): seriously some people liek that
[15:26:11] dissi (disisme.misfit): MAd speaks from experience
[15:26:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Non pickable doors get returned when staff sees them, without comment
[15:26:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that was always a rule about "Not pickable"
[15:26:48] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): right - locked doors which cannot be picked are not allowed and will be returned
[15:26:49] Tetsuo Sumoku: .
[15:26:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Jay?
[15:26:54] Jay Dee (jeremey.davies): how about a lockpickable chest with coins in each big camp? at least thiefs will have something to do?
[15:27:30] Amazon Experience giver V4.9L: Illegal weapon found on  - ̗̀  яavєи   ̖́-  (jacquelinexoxo)
[15:27:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you set up lockpickable "quests" and as such i would consider a chest . .that has a prize rite as reward in it.. fine with me
[15:28:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, like, i enter your cave, see a chest, can lockpick it and get *instantly* something from it? fine
[15:28:17] Amazon Experience giver V4.9L: Illegal weapon found on  - ̗̀  яavєи   ̖́-  (jacquelinexoxo)
[15:28:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Marie?
[15:28:36] Marie (isahar.asadar): about the ooc information, i used to have a camera and if i wanted to do some RP with the lockpicker i emoted that i saw it on the cam after coming back .. but to use that OOC information without any good RP should not happen, I agree totally to only 1 door and max of 3 min.  and at least a small emote of the lockpick... at Jay .. that is a funny idea and could give a lot of RP .. like Corsairs rob the Raiders ..etc.
[15:29:06] Amazon Experience giver V4.9L: Illegal weapon found on  - ̗̀  яavєи   ̖́-  (jacquelinexoxo)
[15:29:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles "i did say my piece about cameras and such devices at the end of the world, where electricity ddoes not come per fingertip.. but .. yah,,
[15:29:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i won't also go and tell eveyone how to roleplay, there eis always an artistic license
[15:30:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): John?
[15:30:04] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Please people - no further questions after Gianutto's.
[15:30:13] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): After Emilio's then...
[15:30:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): oh i missed disse, but John first now,m dissi next
[15:30:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): +dissi
[15:30:28] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): what about lever action door? like on PFC and Fanatik cages?
[15:30:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no
[15:30:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): (that was fast)
[15:30:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): dissi?
[15:31:14] dissi (disisme.misfit): you want me to work up a pickable and repairable door that doesnt blurb who dun it..and cant be buggered with once the lockpicking has started?
[15:31:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): oh if you woul do that? cool!. on a side note,. if you script stuff . .that is jungle related, or mesh up stuff.. you can sel lit for L$ at the mama allp amall, below there, we have an amazon market
[15:32:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): supporters can get a booth there for no cost
[15:32:19] dissi (disisme.misfit): I would only do stuff for free for ehre....
[15:32:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): thank you !:)
[15:32:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Tetsuo ?
[15:32:33] Tetsuo Sumoku: Torture is RP, and you should probably ask if uncertain.  Anytime you are interjecting yourself into another RP, if there is a question, ask..  And keep your fingers off my terrawatt power supply.
[15:32:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ha!
[15:32:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Gianutto
[15:32:50] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): just to stay clear : ::    1.- only one pickable door per exits ...... 2.- three minutes for lockpick ...... 3.- Ground holes or windows next or below doors must be removed ...... 4.- Lockpicks can be stopped 3 times max?   (amazing words from dissi)
[15:33:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the #3 you wished to be there.. that is no official rule
[15:33:22] Gianutto Jandali (gianutto): yeah indeed.... coz is silly
[15:33:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the #4 i never said it is a rule
[15:33:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, 1 and 2 is the setting we wish for kool doors.. or self scripted doors
[15:33:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Emilio?
[15:33:57] Emilio (chris877): If pure torture is not shagging (and can be interrupted), should we then consider people with no rape (hetero) on equal footing with people who do not like to be stripped (means to be booted from here), as this places them in unfavorable advantage ?
[15:34:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i am not sure if you are trying to tip toe lilnes or somesuch, it is 0:34 in my place.
[15:34:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but for the sake of it:
[15:35:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): stripping is a different kettle than rape
[15:35:07] Emilio (chris877): no, it is genuine question, my RPs were interrupted many times which is annoying
[15:35:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and people have limits tín their profile
[15:35:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if i see "i don't want sex" i can respect it
[15:35:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there can be a ton of valid reasons, like minors in RL around or RL spouses
[15:35:48] Emilio (chris877): I do as well, but in this case torture should also be 'not to be interrupted'
[15:35:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but if i am in a Roleplay- Adult- region and see "i don't want to be naked" then i boot them
[15:36:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): torture.. if you torture my friend and i come along..
[15:36:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i wil lsurely lockpick the door?
[15:36:34] Emilio (chris877): what if I shag your friend ?
[15:36:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if it is rape, i lockpick the door if it is no ti ask to join  :)
[15:36:48] Terlal  (terlal): You say people cant have "no rape" but then you yourself have "No gay rape" double standard
[15:36:56] ...ღ Kαtɨع Wɨlmot ღ...  (katethetamed): ^this
[15:37:19] Emilio (chris877): look at this from the point of view of someone else interrupting RP
[15:37:33] Emilio (chris877): you can intterupt torture, but not shagging
[15:37:42] Emilio (chris877): and both are deep intense RPs
[15:38:26] Marie (isahar.asadar): i think with shagging is meant.. on free will and not a rape ?
[15:38:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): right
[15:38:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): xactly
[15:38:36] Ethereal Jandali (etherealsoliloquy): I think it is a big mistake to say rape and sex are to be treated the same.
[15:38:39] Emilio (chris877): shagging is shagging, does nor define will
[15:38:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there are many ways man and woman (or man and man or woman and woman) can get together, *mutually*
[15:38:55] Maroo (kobayashimaroo): mutually consential is the key here?
[15:39:02] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Let us not get into philosophy - especially when we are talkign about doors
[15:39:03] Meg Madrigal: as  any  rp can be   ....         wondering  if we're drawing distinction between   ic shagging and ooc ?
[15:39:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok, lets define this:
[15:39:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): shagging is not rape
[15:39:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i never used it in this context and i am frankly surprised that it is now tried to be seen this way
[15:39:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): .
[15:40:00] Emilio (chris877): how can you assess the difference from outseide ?
[15:40:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you see a roleplay ongoing..
[15:40:15] dissi (disisme.misfit): when the person inside shouts "piss off we are shagging"
[15:40:21] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): :-)
[15:40:32] Emilio (chris877): yeah, after they got downed, sure
[15:40:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no one will ever forbid you to ask politley in IM one or both aprties "can i join? "can i rescue?"
[15:40:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i do that if in doubt
[15:40:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i call that common sense
[15:40:52] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): innit
[15:40:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if i see someone of "my" tribe being tortured, i don't ask
[15:41:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i go in
[15:41:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): what else is the reason why i am in that tribe?
[15:41:33] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): I got question with that tantrica
[15:41:34] dissi (disisme.misfit): what if ts nice soft cowhide whip butt flogging?
[15:41:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) looks cross eyed
[15:41:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): oook
[15:41:57] John Henry Dogget (sycophant): laughs thats shagging
[15:41:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Zahara?
[15:42:02] dissi (disisme.misfit): hahah
[15:42:05] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): <.<
[15:42:07] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): When I been capped peopel come rescue me I get the captors going off in my ims you called them coms taken and such
[15:42:13] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Can we please draw this to a close *VERY* soon? We have been here nearly 4 hours!
[15:42:18] Marie (isahar.asadar): i ask them before in IM if they want to get rescued or have that rp . .that is calling respect the RP, some ppl like to play that out and not want to be rescued at all
[15:42:27] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): just ask, easy peasy, done
[15:42:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there is that, Zahara. yes
[15:42:34] Arianna Birdsong nods agrees with marie there
[15:42:39] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): bows
[15:42:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i have it so so so often seen. that i am in a one-on-one RP with someone from  a faction and boom, the tribe is around
[15:43:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then i get "we have comms"
[15:43:11] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): So if allowed to save someone being torutred then there should be complaining form others
[15:43:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): with "being aware" imean...
[15:43:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i am in the same rgion, preferably even very near the area
[15:43:35] dissi (disisme.misfit): where are they getting tyhe everlast batteries from?
[15:43:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so that i could humanly be aware
[15:43:45] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): if someone calls a tribe or faction using a device, it should be emoted in local. i mean, you cant mind send it. so it would be spoken out loud even if its into a headset
[15:43:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if i am not, then i don't go
[15:43:46] SwinginBalls: I call that Metagaming
[15:43:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): what lynxa said
[15:43:59] Arianna Birdsong: try birds for messages ?
[15:44:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): people, really...
[15:44:08] Tetsuo Sumoku bows to the attendees , slaps Amanda on the ass "Time to go, I need to torture certain of your body parts.."
[15:44:15] Meg Madrigal: isn't this about rule2  .   not  aggressively inserting oneself into rp .   as Tantrica said,  polite im first...
[15:44:18] dissi (disisme.misfit): birds were grown out of even on gor 6 years ago
[15:44:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we can now try to nail down every single action but maybe those who roleplay aroudn capture use common sense
[15:44:29] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): right
[15:44:30] Arianna Birdsong: its just an idea dissi
[15:44:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i promise you, you spoil the fun if you use messenger bird,s comm,s farts or whatever to contact oyur people
[15:44:38] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): It is all about common sense and keeping it real
[15:44:51] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): nods
[15:45:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if my roleplay partner is not able to play that he/she lost
[15:45:04] dissi (disisme.misfit): ooh..smoke fart signals....I have a gorilla for that...
[15:45:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and has messenger birds
[15:45:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): guess what
[15:45:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i go
[15:45:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and has coms
[15:45:15] Emilio (chris877): 15:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if i see someone of "my" tribe being tortured, i don't ask
[15:45:23] SwinginBalls: hehe
[15:45:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes EMilio
[15:45:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): EE
[15:45:26] Emilio (chris877): you need to abide to your own rules too
[15:45:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): SEE
[15:45:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): /m esighs
[15:45:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you .. need to read all what i wrote
[15:45:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you start to annoy me
[15:45:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and OOCly so
[15:45:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sto pthat now
[15:45:53] dissi (disisme.misfit): empahsis on "see"
[15:46:06] Arianna Birdsong lifts a finger "is it possible to get a log from the meeting?"
[15:46:10] Syd (syd.straaf): you're violating rule 2, Emilio
[15:46:27] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Yes - I will post a full transcript on the blog
[15:46:29] Ki (kilei.oh): pleasant dreams
[15:46:33] Arianna Birdsong: thank you
[15:46:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i am not discussing with you till the end of the day because of you being upset from soenthig that happened to you a couple of days ago!
[15:46:37] aponι (jojo.westerlow) raises hand for a comment
[15:46:41] Maroo (kobayashimaroo): thank you Baron
[15:46:52] dissi (disisme.misfit): leaders meeting noon wed?
[15:47:02] Emilio (chris877): I am not upset, I am trying to clarify my understanding, please do not comment OOC
[15:47:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i have all said what is there eto be said.
[15:47:42] dissi (disisme.misfit): ready digit?
[15:47:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): anmd i will zip it now
[15:47:48] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa) stands and stretches
[15:48:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): thank you all ofr coming
[15:48:04] SwinginBalls: Ooootz!
[15:48:04] LуиXα CõиgяєjÕ JαмєsÕи (lynxa): thank you
[15:48:10] Diedra Quartz: Thank you
[15:48:14] Terlal  (terlal): Thank you Tantrica
[15:48:15] Ki (kilei.oh): thank you
[15:48:16] Miyu 'Beestinger' (brandgaine): ty
[15:48:17] Syd (syd.straaf): thank you for the meeting, Tantrica and Baron
[15:48:19] Maroo (kobayashimaroo): thank you both, thank you everyone
[15:48:19] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): yes was a great meeting
[15:48:23] Meg Madrigal: thanks for your time  tantrica  and thanks for great blue box,  Baron !!!!!!!!!
[15:48:24] Zahara Wildcat Chey (zahara.foxdale): see you all laters
[15:48:25] SwinginBalls rubs his tummy.. showing his human it is time for RL dinner
[15:48:32] ...ღ Kαtɨع Wɨlmot ღ...  (katethetamed): smiles
[15:48:36] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Yes - thanks everyone - and thanks to Tantrica for dealign with such a long meeting so nicely :-)

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