Friday, September 28, 2018

Public noticeboard @ Tapajos

A new public noticeboard has been placed at Rio Tapajos.  Anyone can use it.  Simply click an empty panel and follow the instructions to CTRL-drag a texture and a notecard onto the empty panel.  The texture will be applied to the panel and the notecard will be given to anyone who subsequently clicks the panel.  texture and NC must be COPY/TRANS.

The panel will remain 'active' for 3 days, and will then be reset.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Spirit Colours - Changes

We are making some changes to the meanings of the Spirit colours.

These changes were discussed at the recent Leaders meeting and we think they will bring more flexibility and the opportunity for improved roleplay in the Amazon.


  • WHITE - safe zone *and* pre-Wisdom Cave new arrivals.
  • GREEN - no metered combat (i.e. using shots/hits from the spirit) but can use roleplay/dice for 'confrontation'.
  • YELLOW - metered combat (i.e. confrontations resolved using shots/hits via the spirit)
  • RED/PINK - metered combat, especially of a sexual nature (unchanged from now)
What does this mean in practice?

If you are new to the Amazon, you spirit will remain white until you pass the Wisdom Cave. This means people will be aware that you are still learning how things work here, and will be able to make allowances. You cannot be shot and you cannot shoot other people.

If you choose to wear a green spirit you cannot be shot and you cannot shoot other people.

However you can now choose to engage in combative situations which are resolved either through roleplay or by using the Amazon Dice which form part of the spirit.

You can also continue to be a non-combatant - please make sure your profile includes a clear and obvious statement "NO COMBAT/AGGRESSIVE RP" if you don't want any confrontational play.

If you wear green and engage in confrontational play - such a lock-picking,  stealing, teasing etc - you *must* be prepared to roleplay through the consequences of your actions, using Amazon Dice if wanted.

Playing 'combative green' without the appropriate roleplay will be regarded as a breach of Rule #2 (Don't be a dickhead) and will result in punishment.

If you wear yellow you can shoot and be shot (by other yellows, reds, and pinks).  This is unchanged from how it works today.

However, you now have the opportunity to engage in combative/confrontational roleplay with greens who are open to confrontational play - relying solely on roleplay (perhaps augmented by using Amazon Dice to help decide an outcome) rather than shooting/downing using weapons.

Exactly the same as those who wear yellow, except you advertise a preference from more sexually oriented capture/roleplay.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Height and Camera

We have now included in your stats a height meter. - and since viewers report sizes in different variants (alternative facts anyone?) we decided to go for an algorithm that will reflect your size according to the normal size for prims. so if you are 2m and a prim is 2m, it should be about the same, more or less.
Overly tall people (>2m) will have to eat more often as they would burn more calories, naturally.

If you need help to adjust your avatar here are two (not so new but excellently written) guides:
the first goes about your shape and how to make a realistic one:

the second, and also very important one, explains how to set your SL camera for a *much* better experience:

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