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Now you can enjoy the Amazon River in SL in two flavours:

You do not want to participate in any combat
you will not be able to hunt animals
you can not be shot by other residents

You want the full flavour,
Capture Roleplay is an option for you
you want to hunt also animals

Your condition will be visible as dot above your head.

To change your condition, click your HUD; then the most right button, select "Condition"

Now, the fineprint:
I am aware that there is a small path left to exploit attacks from green dots to yellow dots under very special circumstances (read: not generally). We have not fixed this yet. To do this exploit you would have to be purposely green dotted and attack then yellow dots. This does not make you a hacker or a genius, but a griefer. And it will be handled as that (region ban).
I am about to fix this but three reasons made me release this version anyway already:
1. the feedback of this change was very much like "we want this, and we …


As the blessings are not working out like planned, they are put on hold.  That means, within the ranks all have the same health and ammo level again.

The blessings that took place until today are still registered in the database and once the council decided what to do with them we will reactivate them. So if you have been blessed already, it is not forgotten. You just wont have any advantage from it at the moment.

Poisonous Spiders at Rio Grande!

Beware, if they bite you!

Fortunately HEALERS can now get an anti venom - and hold it in store, to help you. Healers who want to get ahold of this anti-venom need to go to the mouthpiece of the Gods.