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Xibalba spoke - free food

A voice was heard in the Amazon, wailing in loud lamentation, the natives weeping for their loss of food. So the Xibalba spoke:
"I shall open the gate to the land of plenty! Find food in trunks, spread across the maze. Only for this moon!"

(Instructions: go here: -  use radar - find entrance. harvest food)

Hud Update July 19

as per request from the food meeting: soup gives now 5 HP (which means for most roles, restores to full health - and what is above your max health gets capped)

Error in "Can't find animation" fixed

HUD Update July 13

Sensor for falling is rougher and more forgiving
Anti Gravity (needed for one quest) and "slippery surfaces detection" is back

HUD news & new food system - July 12

HUD/DOT Update!

- far view hack encountered
- falling from height will damage you now
- easier crocodile hunt with boomerang

Food Update!

We have made a few changes to food as below:-

- food dispensers now drop at fixed places, rather than random spots.
- Supporters can grow their own corn - perhaps for the benefit of their tribe/faction (see below)
- Healers/Shaman can 'tend' growing corn to help it thrive and crop more.
- the old-->new exchange tables will be removed today
- the old fishing rod/ soup pan vendors will be removed today

Growing Corn - Guide

We are pleased to announce that Supporters can now grow their own corn - perhaps for the benefit of their tribe/faction.

Seedlings are available at a cost of 2 coin from the fishing hut in Baia Santa Rosa.

** You must be a Supporter to use this plant. **

Rez the plant and position it where it is to grow, then click it. Once you have planted your plant you must NOT move it. If you do so it will die (i.e. once planted, do not take it…

Hud News July 11

Effective immediately:-

Switch your DOT/HUD to green and you will still be able to hunt animals.
Range of weapons controlled to 10 - 96 m. only. Under 10m use melee.

Hud News July 7

A new weapons setting has been introduced - for testing.

- automatic guns can overheat
- if you are downed and healed, you are forced green for five minutes

- if you are shot while seated you get unseated (ty Harold for hinting to this bug)

New Quest July 1st

This is the first of a series of quests we introduce this summer.
Step 1: get a dreamcatcher.

Teamwork encouraged.

Hud News June 30

Today we release the following:-

1. Mining

You can now mine for rough cut diamonds and rough cut emeralds, using the same pickaxe that you use for mining salt. Hunt out the locations! The old mining site at Mama Allpa will be closed down.

2. Preserving Food

You can now buy an Amazon Smoker at the gardening hut in Lago Marimba. You can use the smoker on salted food items to add a further +20 days of shelf life!

3. Animal 'Hunting'
Animals/Wildlife can get meat / intestines from the water buffalo.

Still to come...

- Polishing diamonds and emeralds to give them increased value
- Freezing food items to preserve them.

Hud News Jun 27

Tuesday June 27th 2016
Today we release a number of enhancements for the Amazon. Please read below:-
1. HUD Update.
(i) The HUD/DOT menu will now open with the chat command /1hud as well as by clicking the DOT.
(ii) Food now delivers double the HP value that it did before.
(iii) 'old' food items (i.e non-expiring) will no longer be recognised as food by the HUD/DOT
2. Curare Arrows
Everyone can collect poison seeds from the poison seed shrubs (one Strychnos Toxifera, a small shrub with red fruit is located in each region). Healers will have to transform poison seed to curare arrows ,by using a mortar which is available at the healer shelf. Once the healers have been grinding one poison seed for 5 minutes they receive one curare arrow which they can give to a native. The native can load this curare arrow into the special curare blowgun (which you can pick up also at the fisherman's hut near the trade table in Tapajos) - on most indiv…