Tuesday, July 12, 2016

HUD news & new food system - July 12

HUD/DOT Update!

- far view hack encountered
- falling from height will damage you now
- easier crocodile hunt with boomerang

Food Update!

We have made a few changes to food as below:-

- food dispensers now drop at fixed places, rather than random spots.
- Supporters can grow their own corn - perhaps for the benefit of their tribe/faction (see below)
- Healers/Shaman can 'tend' growing corn to help it thrive and crop more.
- the old-->new exchange tables will be removed today
- the old fishing rod/ soup pan vendors will be removed today

Growing Corn - Guide

We are pleased to announce that Supporters can now grow their own corn - perhaps for the benefit of their tribe/faction.

Seedlings are available at a cost of 2 coin from the fishing hut in Baia Santa Rosa.

** You must be a Supporter to use this plant. **

Rez the plant and position it where it is to grow, then click it. Once you have planted your plant you must NOT move it. If you do so it will die (i.e. once planted, do not take it back into your inventory and re-rez it).

The plant will grow over a period of 48 (RL) hours. When fully grown the plant requires 6 land impact. Please be sure you have enough free LI on your allowance!

It will crop up to 6 corncobs, depending on how much 'tending' it gets.

A plant can be tended by a Healer/Shaman by being clicked. A plant can be tended nor more than once every 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 6 times while it grows.

When your plant crops you will receive a notification - you can then click your plant to collect the crop. Once your crop has been delivered, the plant will die and you must buy a new one.

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