Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hud News Jun 27

Tuesday June 27th 2016
Today we release a number of enhancements for the Amazon. Please read below:-
1. HUD Update.
(i) The HUD/DOT menu will now open with the chat command /1hud as well as by clicking the DOT.
(ii) Food now delivers double the HP value that it did before.
(iii) 'old' food items (i.e non-expiring) will no longer be recognised as food by the HUD/DOT
2. Curare Arrows
Everyone can collect poison seeds from the poison seed shrubs (one Strychnos Toxifera, a small shrub with red fruit is located in each region). Healers will have to transform poison seed to curare arrows ,by using a mortar which is available at the healer shelf. Once the healers have been grinding one poison seed for 5 minutes they receive one curare arrow which they can give to a native. The native can load this curare arrow into the special curare blowgun (which you can pick up also at the fisherman's hut near the trade table in Tapajos) - on most individuals one blow with one curare arrow will take them down.
3. Preserving Food
Anyone can now buy a pickaxe (50 coins from the fisherman's hut near the trade table in Tapajos). This axe can be used to mine salt (and later, to mine other minerals). It is good for 100 uses. When you have successfully mined some salt, you place it on the ground, rez an edible natural food stuff (i.e. not soup, not a spade but rather a fish or meat etc.) and then click the salt. The food item will have its life extended by 20 days. The salt can be used once only.
Remember: you can use the "Radar" button in your HUD/DOT to find Points of Interest. This button will also show you where to find the blow dart giver, the pick axe vendor and the mine rocks.
Still to come...
- Mining other minerals.
- Smoking food items to further extend their life
- Freezing food items to preserve them.

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