Monday, October 24, 2016

Roleplay class 2016, October

[12:03] Tantrica ღ: now, again, please at any time, always make a ? first, then wait until your name is called [12:03] Tantrica ღ: you can write ahead of course, just don't hjit "enter" [12:03] Tantrica ღ: good, we start.. part of this RP class will cover Roleplay in general [12:03] Tantrica ღ: and so, as we go there, we start with preparation [12:04] Tantrica ღ: your character, who do you want to be [12:04] Tantrica ღ: it is one of the things many people stumble at, they are "suddenly" in a roleplay area and have no clue what is expected from them.. [12:04] Tantrica ღ: and then one can meet for example the charming dancer and gigolo at a kidnap sim, trying to lure in the "victims" with nice words... and receiving rejection as reply... [12:06] Tantrica ღ: or you suddenly meet an astronaut at amazon.... [12:06] Tantrica ღ: or whatever else... [12:06] Tantrica ღ: so, going back to the start.. you want first to be clear about your own self character [12:06] Tantrica ღ: who do you want to *roleplay* because this is what it is all about [12:06] Tantrica ღ: no one cares on one hand who and what you are in RL [12:07] Tantrica ღ: but on the other hand if you are for example a timid character iRL, you will most likely not be a successful bossy character in SL [12:07] Tantrica ღ: pick a line, a story, where you can feel, that would fit you [12:07] Tantrica ღ: and then maybe write a bit up about it, in your profile [12:07] Tantrica ღ: profiles are more important than many assume [12:08] Tantrica ღ: they are not there to share your most prominent youtube files :D [12:08] Tantrica ღ: imagine a situation in RL [12:08] Tantrica ღ: if you meet a person RL you have a ton of information before you even say the first word [12:08] Tantrica ღ: you take in their stance... [12:08] Tantrica ღ: their clothes [12:08] Tantrica ღ: their smell maybe, perfume... [12:08] Tantrica ღ: and all these tiny little details [12:08] Tantrica ღ: so you have a picture before you say a word [12:08] Tantrica ღ: in SL we don't have this [12:09] Tantrica ღ: we have AOs, but that is only a poor substitute for body language [12:09] Tantrica ღ: we have no smell/perfume [12:09] Tantrica ღ: and such [12:09] Tantrica ღ: so, there comes your profile into the game [12:09] Tantrica ღ: it helps to portray what kind of person you are in your roleplay [12:09] Tantrica ღ: the key is, to keep it short, to the point [12:10] Tantrica ღ: some love to write a long extensive biography into it, maybe even scattered over three picks because the space is not enough [12:10] Tantrica ღ: however.... [12:10] Tantrica ღ: if you meet someone RL, do you hand out your cv first? [12:10] Tantrica ღ: hardly [12:10] Tantrica ღ: let them discover such details of your character through roleplay [12:10] Tantrica ღ: like you would in RL also reveal bits of your bio also to people who you know [12:11] Tantrica ღ: keep info in your profile what you like [12:11] Tantrica ღ: check mine, i guess it is pick 3 [12:11] Tantrica ღ: you will see, it is short, to the point.. and basically all you need before you meet me [12:11] Tantrica ღ: (and yet, sadly, many don't manage even to read these three sentence, but that is a different story) [12:12] Tantrica ღ: you can of course also place "Limits" in your profile, things you would never do... [12:12] Tantrica ღ: that is, as i observed, in the amazon, quite a fashion [12:12] Tantrica ღ: so many here have limits like [12:12] Tantrica ღ: "no cutting of stuff, no rape... " [12:12] Tantrica ღ: when i read these profiles, i think "oh my God.. this Amazon place? that must be quite the slaughterhouse! [12:13] Tantrica ღ: really... [12:13] Tantrica ღ: many just copy/paste limits from profile a to profile b, because Jane doe has them so Jim doe uses them too [12:13] Tantrica ღ: maybe give it a bit thought where you play [12:13] Tantrica ღ: it is unlikely that you will run into "chain saw massacre" here at the amazon [12:13] Tantrica ღ: so, to summarize: [12:13] Tantrica ღ: make sure what kind of character you want to be [12:14] Tantrica ღ: and equip your profile with the most basic informations [12:14] Tantrica ღ: -s [12:14] Tantrica ღ: you can make different profiles for different places of course, many do that [12:14] Tantrica ღ: or just keep one general info for all RP places [12:15] Tantrica ღ: and, if you have questions, just send a ? - [12:15] Tantrica ღ: after you covered your profile, give some thought to your appearance [12:15] Tantrica ღ: read also, really, my pick 7 - [12:15] Tantrica ღ: yes, i have been called names for that, but really if you wear outdated stuff, you lag yourself down [12:16] Tantrica ღ: so, get your gear in order, properly.. avoid sculpts when possible (i know, some parts are still not available in mesh, but yah, most are) [12:16] Tantrica ღ: and then you can actually start to play, in most areas [12:16] Tantrica ღ: almost [12:16] Tantrica ღ: almost there [12:17] Tantrica ღ: many roleplay areas have an arrival zone.. that can be a skybox, or like here at the amazon, just an open space ... [12:17] Tantrica ღ: that arrival zone has one main purpose... [12:17] Tantrica ღ: that you can accommodate yourself to the region and that you gather information about "No go" things [12:17] Tantrica ღ: we here at amazon have most things covered in scripts [12:18] Tantrica ღ: (brb) [12:18] Tantrica ღ: (back [12:18] Tantrica ღ: so if you ignore our HUD, you won't move far in the regions [12:18] Tantrica ღ: however [12:18] Tantrica ღ: other regions use other methods [12:18] Tantrica ღ: and if you ignore their ways you can get booted [12:19] Tantrica ღ: always keep in mind, you are a guest.. and the region owners are paying a bill and you enjoy their hospitality [12:19] Tantrica ღ: there is no such thing like "a right to be in region X" [12:19] Tantrica ღ: so, trust me, the last thing region admins want to do, is discuss their rules. [12:19] Tantrica ღ: just follow them [12:19] Tantrica ღ: i got ejected in Gor... [12:19] Tantrica ღ: for eating an apple [12:20] Tantrica ღ: "in Gor we have no apples, we have larma" [12:20] Tantrica ღ: so much about strict rules :D [12:20] Tantrica ღ: after you have read the rules, you can then start to play... [12:20] Tantrica ღ: and here comes the basic point .. that most new people confuse [12:20] Tantrica ღ: IC and OOC [12:21] Tantrica ღ: In Character and OUt of Character [12:21] Tantrica ღ: this, i can not stress enough [12:21] Tantrica ღ: and this is the point that deserves your utmost attention [12:21] Tantrica ღ: moderators, admins, priests, seekers, .. are all loaded in regions like this and *ANY* other roleplay region because people are unable to separate IC and OOC [12:21] Tantrica ღ: it is the second biggest cause of drama [12:22] Tantrica ღ: the biggest i will mention later [12:22] Tantrica ღ: however, this topic is *really* important [12:22] Tantrica ღ: OOC means "out of character" [12:22] Tantrica ღ: OOC i sit in front of my computer, wearing a warm sweater and a comfy jogging pants and drink a hot chocolate [12:22] Tantrica ღ: OOC i just type this stuff here [12:23] Tantrica ღ: OOC i am also a scripter and owner of a store here [12:23] Tantrica ღ: if a client made a purchase of my stuff and IMs me about it, they talk to me ... [12:23] Tantrica ღ: the person with the hot chocolate [12:23] Tantrica ღ: if this client then calls me names because they are a bit unhappy i will block them and report them [12:24] Tantrica ღ: because, i am, in real life, someone who does not like to be called "cunt" [12:24] Tantrica ღ: now.. let us switch the scene... [12:24] Tantrica ღ: and i am with my pixel self moving along some kidnap region [12:24] Tantrica ღ: Dark Alley for example [12:25] Tantrica ღ: and in Dark Alley suddenly some tall muscular male shape appears in front of me and holds a pixel knife at my pixel throat and tells me [12:25] Tantrica ღ: in local chat [12:25] Tantrica ღ: "strip, you cunt!" [12:25] Tantrica ღ: well, that is then "In Character" [12:25] Tantrica ღ: i have chosen, by visiting the place, to expose my pixel self to scenes like that [12:25] Tantrica ღ: and the predator likewise [12:26] Tantrica ღ: so, that is for the roleplay, perfectly fine [12:26] Tantrica ღ: and in all roleplay regions there is the unspoken rule: [12:26] Tantrica ღ: local chat is In Character [12:26] Tantrica ღ: Instant Message is Out of Character [12:26] Tantrica ღ: many people here IM me like... [12:27] Tantrica ღ: "Goddess.. there is a cave in Rio Grande, that needs fixing" [12:27] Tantrica ღ: i don't correct that anymore each time it happens [12:27] Tantrica ღ: but in IM i am not a goddess, i am just Tantrica (i prefer that over YT) [12:27] Tantrica ღ: i am *of course* not a deity in RL [12:28] Tantrica ღ: and i do not feast on the illusion that i would be one [12:28] Tantrica ღ: in local chat, people call me that, and it is "ok".. it is my role [12:28] Tantrica ღ: *role [12:28] Tantrica ღ: it is, in fact as much an extreme name calling as the first one of the dark alley example.... [12:28] Tantrica ღ: something you don't call out casually [12:29] Tantrica ღ: just one example overly negative, the other overly positive [12:29] Tantrica ღ: now, what do we beart with a lot in AMazon as admins? [12:29] Tantrica ღ: this situation: [12:29] Tantrica ღ: John sees Jane and thinks Jane is sexy [12:29] Tantrica ღ: John thinks Jane wears a yellow dot, so she can be hunted [12:29] Tantrica ღ: John plans to shoot Jane, and then start a roleplay like tieing her up and then go from there [12:30] Tantrica ღ: John shoots -ä Jane goes down [12:30] Tantrica ღ: John IM flares up, Jane IMing him [12:30] Tantrica ღ: "you bastard ,taking me down without roleplay who do you think you are..... [12:30] Tantrica ღ: John goes, frustrated [12:30] Tantrica ღ: this is one very popular scene [12:30] Tantrica ღ: sadly [12:31] Tantrica ღ: we have also occasionally some fantasy creatures running around· bigfoot for example [12:31] Tantrica ღ: they are announced always beforehand [12:31] Tantrica ღ: they are game to be hunted [12:31] Tantrica ღ: they tease others by taking them down and running off... [12:31] Tantrica ღ: and are then chased by IM [12:31] Tantrica ღ: "idiot, can't you read the rules, fucker!" [12:31] Tantrica ღ: i am not making this up, sadly [12:31] Tantrica ღ: people [12:32] Tantrica ღ: people need to learn the difference bet ween IC and OOC and to lighten up [12:32] Tantrica ღ: and if John takes Jane down, maybe Jane looks first at what roleplay spins off [12:32] Tantrica ღ: before going to instant insults [12:32] Tantrica ღ: many are also on a really short fuse [12:32] Tantrica ღ: and go down the road of insults fast [12:32] Tantrica ღ: that again calls then the moderators or priests [12:33] Tantrica ღ: so, that was a bit on OOC and iC [12:33] Tantrica ღ: and the second biggest cause of drama [12:33] Tantrica ღ: learn the difference [12:33] Tantrica ღ: chat is IC [12:33] Tantrica ღ: and we now go to how to start a scene IC [12:33] Tantrica ღ: if you are IC, live the figure, the person, the character you are [12:33] Tantrica ღ: that is not always easy [12:33] Tantrica ღ: that can take sometime [12:34] Tantrica ღ: honestly, i needed to grow into my role here as "Goddess" [12:34] Strychnos Toxifera: Rio Tapajos fruiting [12:34] Tantrica ღ: so, move a bit around as whoever you have chosen to be [12:34] Tantrica ღ: Indiana Jones? [12:34] Tantrica ღ: or Winentou? [12:34] Tantrica ღ: (a native character of a european western) [12:35] Tantrica ღ: and if you then see someone, do not approach them with [12:35] Tantrica ღ: "hello (displayname)" [12:35] Tantrica ღ: because roleplay is a lot also "Make believe" [12:35] Tantrica ღ: behave as if you really were in a real situation [12:35] Tantrica ღ: and in a real situation people have no names floating above their head [12:35] Tantrica ღ: so, what do you do first if you meet someone? right, you introduce [12:35] Tantrica ღ: "hello, my name is ..." [12:36] Tantrica ღ: really that simple [12:36] Tantrica ღ: you can refine that, no doubt [12:36] Tantrica ღ: and be more wordy [12:36] Tantrica ღ: but this is only to show you the basics [12:36] Tantrica ღ: do not simply use information that you would not have if this was real [12:36] Tantrica ღ: like, the displayname [12:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: or like "oh, i see there eis a seeker 600 metres away, three sims over there" [12:37] Tantrica ღ: or like "oh, i see there eis a seeker 600 metres away, three sims over there" [12:37] Tantrica ღ: that is totally OOC, and has no place in an IC roleplay [12:37] Tantrica ღ: also, speaking of it, moaning like [12:37] Tantrica ღ: "oh, i updated my windows 10 to windows 111 and my new whatsoever card is now lagging" [12:37] Tantrica ღ: has also nooooo place in an IC situation [12:37] Tantrica ღ: and bores everyone around you :) [12:38] Tantrica ღ: IC, in character, in chat, deals with what you have in front of you [12:38] Tantrica ღ: here, for example, a jungle with people and some of these people you don't know their name yet [12:38] Tantrica ღ: try it :) [12:38] Tantrica ღ: this is the magic of roleplay [12:38] Tantrica ღ: and i have to say, after so many years [12:39] Tantrica ღ: there are many who are frustrated on rolepla,y and give up, they want to "use voice" or "lts play in IM" or are coming with questions like "what are you doing RL right now" [12:39] Tantrica ღ: and you know what *all* óf these questions show? [12:39] Tantrica ღ: they fail to immerse [12:39] Tantrica ღ: they are not roleplaying really [12:39] Tantrica ღ: once you are immersed then you don't even feel the need to ask for th eRL of other people [12:40] Tantrica ღ: you take them at face value, literally [12:40] Tantrica ღ: if you have not experienced yet that, try harder, you will be rewarded, promise [12:40] Tantrica ღ: now, a bit more about IC; a detail that is important [12:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: that is "emoting" [12:40] Tantrica ღ: that is "emoting" [12:41] Tantrica ღ: let me give you three lines as example: [12:41] Tantrica ღ: "hello" [12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles cheerfully "hello" [12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) looks at you with anger in the eyes "Hello" [12:41] Tantrica ღ: you see, three times i just said hello [12:41] Tantrica ღ: but each time you got a different impression how i meant it [12:41] Tantrica ღ: that is an "emote" [12:42] Tantrica ღ: one way how to do an emote is by putting /me at the beginninhg of the line [12:42] Tantrica ღ: so /me smiles .... turns tu [12:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles [12:42] Tantrica ღ: you can apply that also freely inside a sentence.. like [12:42] Tantrica ღ: hello /turning to you i glare at you and my hands form fists/ how are you, bastard? [12:42] Tantrica ღ: or [12:43] Tantrica ღ: hello /smiling at you, i lean against you, my hand caressing your arm/ how have you been, you bastard? [12:43] Tantrica ღ: twice the same words [12:43] Tantrica ღ: yet a different message [12:43] Tantrica ღ: emoting is like the salt in your soup [12:43] Tantrica ღ: no emote? dull [12:44] Tantrica ღ: alright, are there no questions or remarks whatsoever so far? [12:44] Rain de Lioncourt (jonessss): ? [12:44] Tantrica ღ: shoot, Rain [12:44] Rain de Lioncourt (jonessss): it helps if you have an idea what you wanna do when you cap someone , don't cap some one for the sake of it and try take it from there [12:45] Tantrica ღ: yes, good point.. and leading to my next topic [12:45] Tantrica ღ: of course, always helpful is, if you have a rough idea about how you go about a roleplay with someone [12:46] Tantrica ღ: we come to the meter vs emoting now.. and then to the biggest source of trouble here and in any other similar region [12:46] Tantrica ღ: emoting is, as i said, most important [12:46] Tantrica ღ: however, only use emoting for *your* actions [12:46] Tantrica ღ: i want to give a BAD example [12:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) draws a knife and stabs Na'amah, slicing her up [12:47] Tantrica ღ: this is a bad example because, it leaves no room for Na'amah to react [12:47] Tantrica ღ: better is [12:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) draws a knife and tries to stab Na'amah [12:47] Na'amah (arevva) dodges [12:47] Tantrica ღ: then she can decide in HER emote how to react [12:47] Tantrica ღ: like, she dodged [12:47] Tantrica ღ: if you emote already the outcome of your action you will most likely only earn - drama [12:47] Tantrica ღ: as no one wants to be a doll [12:48] Tantrica ღ: or, in sexual roleplay... [12:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) caresses Na'amah and feels her nipples instantly erect [12:48] Tantrica ღ: who am i to tell her how her body has to react? [12:48] Tantrica ღ: bad style [12:49] Tantrica ღ: actions that you do on others, always try to word them in a way that you leave others the option to decide how to react [12:49] Tantrica ღ: otherwise the others might just ask themselves why they are here [12:49] Na'amah (arevva): ? [12:49] Tantrica ღ: yes? [12:50] Na'amah (arevva): This kinda goes along with it, in leaving things open ended. You might have an idea on how your roleplay wants to go, but even in RL interruptions can happen, people join the scene, rescues happen, and it might not go in the direction you intended. [12:50] Tantrica ღ: right. be flexible [12:50] Tantrica ღ: also, do not godmode (Gods exempted :D ) [12:50] Tantrica ღ: an example.. [12:50] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): :p [12:51] Tantrica ღ: if you would decide to kidnap Na'amah, she is naked [12:51] Tantrica ღ: she is not armed [12:51] Tantrica ღ: she is not overly muscular [12:51] Na'amah (arevva) sulks [12:51] Tantrica ღ: now there are people who can not lose [12:51] Tantrica ღ: so, if Na'amah would be one of them (she is not!).. [12:51] Tantrica ღ: and there would be a heavily armed hunter, taking her down... [12:52] Tantrica ღ: suddenly she could for example invent "oh, yah, my grandma was a kung fu fighter and taught me every trick to eget out of this particular situation" [12:52] Tantrica ღ: bad RP [12:52] Tantrica ღ: stay realistic [12:52] Tantrica ღ: how likely is it that this particular naked weak person would be a versed martial arts fighter? [12:53] Tantrica ღ: unlikely [12:53] Tantrica ღ: and if *you* are that, well, write it at least ahead in your profile [12:53] Tantrica ღ: so people can be aware [12:53] Tantrica ღ: i also, for example use here in Amazon , never my "God powers" if i am attacked [12:53] Tantrica ღ: the reason is simple [12:53] Tantrica ღ: it can be a new person, unexperienced here, and i have not written it in my profile that i am a deity [12:54] Tantrica ღ: so, what lame response would that be from me if i get downed and they want to roleplay and i orbit them? [12:54] Tantrica ღ: keep this in mind: [12:54] Tantrica ღ: most people, even the evil predators want to make you a precious gift: [12:54] Tantrica ღ: their Time [12:54] Tantrica ღ: to play with you [12:54] Tantrica ღ: so don't spoil it? [12:55] Tantrica ღ: another emoting "trick" i was asked to mention is "thinking" [12:55] Tantrica ღ: like [12:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) looks at Baron and thinks he is sexy [12:55] Tantrica ღ: how is he supposed to reply? [12:55] Tantrica ღ: he can not read my mind? [12:55] Tantrica ღ: so, don't "think loud" [12:55] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason) looks back, "What are you thinking?" [12:55] Tantrica ღ: :D [12:55] Tantrica ღ: there is one exception [12:55] Tantrica ღ: you have a totally clueless rp partner [12:56] Tantrica ღ: then you can try too decently nudge them [12:56] Tantrica ღ: like [12:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) looks at him and hopes he would not find the blindfold under the table" [12:56] Tantrica ღ: of course he should find it.... [12:56] Tantrica ღ: and this way you can soft and gentle, in exceptions, try to push a wee bit [12:57] Tantrica ღ: keywords are "soft, gentle, exceptions" [12:57] Tantrica ღ: now.. we come to the combat RP ,metered [12:57] Tantrica ღ: going back to emote it was [12:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) tries to stab Nam [12:57] Tantrica ღ: nam dodges [12:57] Tantrica ღ: with a meter, this is now taken out of the hands of the players, itno a script [12:58] Tantrica ღ: and while we have now invested three years of work into the meter here, yes, there are ways to .. cheat? [12:58] Tantrica ღ: and what can i say? [12:58] Tantrica ღ: people love to cheat [12:58] Tantrica ღ: cheats are traded here like the wisdom of the elders [12:58] Tantrica ღ: people who know man cheats seem to have higher merits in their clan like a badge [12:58] Tantrica ღ: i am relaxed about it [12:58] Tantrica ღ: but it shows one thing and that thing is... [12:59] Tantrica ღ: the biggest source of frama [12:59] Tantrica ღ: ever [12:59] Tantrica ღ: *drama, even [12:59] Tantrica ღ: so, here it comes, the biggest source of drama [12:59] Tantrica ღ: "i MUST WIN!!!!" [12:59] Tantrica ღ: so often really it goes like [12:59] Tantrica ღ: "he shot me but it was totally unfair because.... [12:59] Tantrica ღ: "she shot me but she did not roleplay the emotes in this and that order [13:00] Tantrica ღ: and an endless row of the same old [13:00] Tantrica ღ: the other side are people who only shoot, thik "steal off three coins is RP" and then shoot the next [13:00] Tantrica ღ: even though it looks different it is the same psychology [13:00] Tantrica ღ: "i must win!" [13:00] Tantrica ღ: "i shot down 5 people today and got 10 coins!" [13:00] Tantrica ღ: or the other hand [13:01] Tantrica ღ: "Jim shot me down, ah wait this bastard i have ten knives hidden on my body, i will stab him!" [13:01] Tantrica ღ: people [13:01] Tantrica ღ: relax [13:01] Tantrica ღ: really [13:01] Tantrica ღ: for me, there is nothing nicer than being captured [13:01] Tantrica ღ: really [13:01] Tantrica ღ: i have an open RLV relay.. [13:01] Tantrica ღ: i have often , not always my health to 7 HP [13:01] Tantrica ღ: and you know why i love to be captured? [13:02] Tantrica ღ: someone shows, they want to roleplay with me [13:02] Tantrica ღ: they want to spend time [13:02] Tantrica ღ: they want to have fun, with me, and by that me fun too [13:02] Tantrica ღ: keep that in mind [13:02] Tantrica ღ: the worst thing that can happen to you when you get captured is: [13:02] Tantrica ღ: you get roleplay [13:02] Tantrica ღ: what a punishment :) [13:02] Brais (brais.xaris): ? [13:03] Tantrica ღ: and if your aggressor is maybe not sooo fit in RPing ,and emoting, be gentle [13:03] Tantrica ღ: we all started once [13:03] Tantrica ღ: Brais? [13:03] Brais (brais.xaris): the worst thing is to get boooring roleplay! [13:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles [13:03] Tantrica ღ: yes, of course, boring RP can be bad too... [13:03] Tantrica ღ: and yes, i got also a fair share of boring RPers [13:03] Tantrica ღ: but [13:04] Tantrica ღ: many are "boring" because they are insecure or don't know what to do [13:04] Vee (veesha.verwood): ? [13:04] Tantrica ღ: sometimes i help them then in IM and guide a bit [13:04] Tantrica ღ: and each time i do, they love it [13:04] Tantrica ღ: and i get better RP [13:04] Tantrica ღ: Vee? [13:04] Vee (veesha.verwood): you best add what is boring in your profile as i know for sure there are billions of perspectives all over.. right? [13:05] Tantrica ღ: boring is always in the eye of the beholder... [13:05] Tantrica ღ: and also it depends a lot of where you are. and how you are there [13:05] Tantrica ღ: for example.. [13:05] Tantrica ღ: being a yellow dot here in amazon means, you are game... [13:05] Tantrica ღ: you go full frontal [13:06] Tantrica ღ: and being shot then leaves little room to wiggle out [13:06] Tantrica ღ: being a green dot, then means, you want to roleplay a lot more, no meters taking the decision from you [13:06] Tantrica ღ: the tastes are different, and roleplay that i find entertaining others find dull [13:06] Tantrica ღ: and vice versa [13:07] Tantrica ღ: or when i "roleplay" in explicit XXX areas, like so "wham bam thank you Ma'am" i can not expect long storylines... [13:07] Tantrica ღ: and when i am here, i can expect them [13:07] Tantrica ღ: so, boring - can be a wide range of meanings [13:07] Tantrica ღ: also, just because i have been confronted with this last night... [13:08] Tantrica ღ: last night was this situation: [13:08] Tantrica ღ: A shoots down B [13:08] Tantrica ღ: A leashes B with little RP [13:08] Tantrica ღ: B " hey A, i have you muted, i don't see you even, i will not roleplay with you" [13:08] Tantrica ღ: A goes to the mouthpiece and claims that B refuses to roleplay [13:09] Tantrica ღ: i investigate and learn that A is one of those "i go around shoot you down, take your coins and go [13:09] Tantrica ღ: so here my words to A and B [13:09] Tantrica ღ: A: if you keep up bring roleplay and use others only as target practice, you can as well go to the arena. we have there some zombie dolls, you can shoot them up all you want [13:09] Tantrica ღ: *boring rp [13:10] Tantrica ღ: B: invest your time and help A to be better instead of blocking him [13:10] Tantrica ღ: i am pretty sure A and B will read this, the grapevine in the amazon works amazingly well [13:10] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): :p [13:10] Asha Wombosi (gr33nv1rus): ? [13:10] Tantrica ღ: asha? [13:10] Asha Wombosi (gr33nv1rus): what about if I am not comfy with the way the rp wents, when something happens that I do not want, must I stay and play it to the end, or can I IM and say I want to leave ? [13:10] Tantrica ღ: good point [13:11] Tantrica ღ: i would first nudge in IM, like "please not this way.... [13:11] Tantrica ღ: if the IM gets ignored, sometimes it can happen without malice, they are just too carried away... [13:11] Tantrica ღ: send it in double brackets in chat [13:11] Tantrica ღ: like [13:11] Tantrica ღ: ((please stop this action )) [13:11] Tantrica ღ: and if it still gets ignored, tell them you leave now and go [13:12] Tantrica ღ: more questions? [13:12] Asha Wombosi (gr33nv1rus): ? [13:12] Na'amah (arevva): ? [13:12] Tantrica ღ: Asha [13:13] Asha Wombosi (gr33nv1rus): what about ppl that shot you from far and does not come to play with you ? [13:13] Tantrica ღ: go to the mouthpiece and report it. we might not take instant action but the mouthpiece here is for us a way to keep some history [13:13] Tantrica ღ: if then "John" gets reported a few times for this, he will meet us [13:14] Tantrica ღ: Nam? [13:14] Na'amah (arevva): You explained “God-modding", and touched on 'Powerplaying" with the examples given with the swinging a knife instead of just stabbing, can you touch and explain metagaming? [13:15] Tantrica ღ: ah i always suck at these terms, can you give an example? [13:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) makes bubbles meanwhile [13:16] Na'amah (arevva): Basically mea gaming is using information you don't know to control a situation, such as their profile has that they are from such and such place, and you already know about it before they have knowledge of it [13:16] Na'amah (arevva): meta* [13:16] Tantrica ღ: ah yes, that is actually already like "Hello John" on the very first encounter… [13:16] Tantrica ღ: and then carrying on "hey, i know you dislike this and that" (as it is written in the profile [13:16] Tantrica ღ: indeed [13:17] Na'amah (arevva): Or yelling through to people under thick cave walls, being able to see what's going on outside and interacting with it [13:17] Tantrica ღ: yes, also super annoying [13:17] Tantrica ღ: my favorite topic [13:17] Tantrica ღ: thank you for bringing that one up [13:17] Tantrica ღ: so, here we go: [13:17] Tantrica ღ: imagine: [13:17] Tantrica ღ: John wants to be a sniper [13:18] Tantrica ღ: John seeks a position 50 meters away from you [13:18] Tantrica ღ: and shoots you from there [13:18] Tantrica ღ: John has the intention to come to you [13:18] Tantrica ღ: but instantly, being still 50 meter away, your wonderful "hit report HUD" tells you "you have been hit by an object from John" [13:18] Tantrica ღ: that already makes me groan big time [13:18] Tantrica ღ: but it gets worse [13:18] Tantrica ღ: then John gets Imed "hey, you are 50 meters away ! you shot me! [13:19] Tantrica ღ: that is metagaming par excellence [13:19] Tantrica ღ: or... [13:19] Tantrica ღ: imagine this situation, all ICly [13:19] Tantrica ღ: John visits the married Jane in her tent [13:19] Tantrica ღ: and peter wants to roleplay eavesdropping, outside the tent [13:19] Tantrica ღ: in RL, john and Jane would not see peter [13:20] Tantrica ღ: but hey, it is SL, rite? so John cams happily across all 8 regions while banging jane and telling her how hot she is... [13:20] Tantrica ღ: and Jane Ims Peter "what are you doing outside the tent? [13:20] Tantrica ღ: makes me just groan too :) [13:20] Tantrica ღ: these are metagame things too, yes [13:20] Şτεƥђу Şευεη (stephan1evamp): ? [13:20] Tantrica ღ: thank you Nam [13:20] Tantrica ღ: more questions or hints? [13:20] Tantrica ღ: ah Stephy :) [13:21] Şτεƥђу Şευεη (stephan1evamp): sometimes, for good rp, you have to play ignorant of some things [13:21] Tantrica ღ: yes! absolutely [13:21] Şτεƥђу Şευεη (stephan1evamp): pretending not to know stuff you do [13:21] Tantrica ღ: yes [13:21] Tantrica ღ: the only reason really why i am a "goddess" here is... [13:22] Tantrica ღ: because we have a daily fair influx of new arrivals, who do not know IC and OOC... [13:22] Tantrica ღ: who see i am the owner... [13:22] Tantrica ღ: who *think* i will use my OOC powers like ban and eject on a whim... [13:22] Tantrica ღ: and in roleplay [13:22] Tantrica ღ: and then connect "has more powers than the average user here, so must be a superpower" [13:22] Tantrica ღ: really [13:22] Tantrica ღ: i was running around as "Lost" role, naked, dirty, unarmed, low HP... [13:23] Tantrica ღ: and people came and kneeled "oh great one" [13:23] Tantrica ღ: and yanno, after 50 of those, i gave up [13:23] Tantrica ღ: and just RPed the "great one" [13:23] Tantrica ღ: but it is exactly what stephy said [13:23] Syd (syd.straaf): ? [13:23] Tantrica ღ: if people would just be ignorant of OOC facts, RP would be easier [13:23] Tantrica ღ: Syd? [13:24] Syd (syd.straaf): to be fair, people can't know that you're a Lost today instead of the Goddess without looking at your tag.. which is metagaming [13:24] Tantrica ღ: yes, but i was before you came to the amazon just a lost [13:24] Tantrica ღ: that is some years ago [13:24] Tantrica ღ: and yet, they all looked at me like a superpower [13:24] Syd (syd.straaf): ah, ok [13:24] Tantrica ღ: so i gave up on that :) [13:25] Tantrica ღ: more questions? [13:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles "wonderful.. [13:25] Tantrica ღ: then i hope it was helpful... [13:25] Tantrica ღ: and i thank you all for your time [13:25] Tantrica ღ: and wish you much fun [13:26] Baron La Croix (edgeofreason): Thank you Tantrica for an informative and helpful session [13:26] Asha Wombosi (gr33nv1rus): thank you [13:26] LichtLiebe: Thank you so much was very helpful for me° [13:26] Tantrica ღ: mah pleasure:D [13:26] Kuo-Toa (koutoa): thank you very much Tantrica [13:26] Acro (acrodania): *smiles* Thank you [13:26] Syd (syd.straaf): thanks, Tantrica

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