Wednesday, May 17, 2017

HUD Update May 17

Two new functions are in the HUD:
Dice and Render-Costs.

Dice is a tool that one can use for roleplay. Imagine the following situation: Player A wants to attack Player B. Player B wants to dodge the attack. If you go for not metered roleplay  the situation can soon escalate OOCly as there might be a disagreement whether the attacking or the dodging was successful - that is where Dice come into game. Here is the example how it works:

Player A emotes: /has the knife in the hand and jumps forward, trying to stab Player B in the arm
Player A clicks the spirit, selects "Dice" and the spirit returns a number in local chat, e.g. "4"

Player B now clicks the spirit too, selects Dice, and the spirit returns for example a "2" or a "6". Depending on the outcome, Player B emotes that the hit took place or was dodged.

Using of this tool is voluntarily but can provide much fun!

Render Costs:
this will give a value about the costs your avatar can have on your viewer and viewers around you, to render. Higher values will lag you and other people down.
However, there is one drawback. Thanks to the architecture of LSL (the script language) and SL in general the function is not accurate. Especially after fresh changes (teleport, outfit) it reports values that are very off. That is why the message on screen will encourage you to use the viewer-build-in tool.

I was asked why i offer a tool that is broken. The answer is simple: many people do not even know about render costs. And are, with that, essential part of the lag-problem. Knowing that one can measure ones own impact is the first step in bettering the situation. And as mentioned above, the hint where to get the accurate value is given on the screen too.

Because i firmly believe, that no one wants on purpose be the "Lag monster" but many are just unaware. And this is one attempt to change that. I am open of course to more efficient suggestions. 

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