Saturday, May 6, 2017

Fantasy creatures

As the discussion went lively the last weeks, let me recap the view of the administration:
fantasy appearances are allowed, magic powers are not.
We do not encourage fantasy appearance. if we did we would have magic wells, wands, floating sparkly fancy stuff and all that. however, i take a tolerant view on appearance. Because, really. in a way we are all fantasy appearances. My skin RL is not as flawless as the one of my pixelself. So in the first place, those who were all up throwing hissy fits about "look that woman there has pointy ears!" i want to remind of two simple facts: tolerance is key. And the sky is not falling. If their actions are not disturbing your peace then why bother?
However, if fantasy creatures try to dominate the roleplay, e.g. constantly pointing out "but i am a fairy.. " or simply lagging the entire area with "sparkly particle stuff" and an overly bright shiny angel floating appearance  then there is a line crossed. My tolerance also comes to an end when fantasy creatures use magic powers or set up cartoonish characters, just to provoke others. I look at the Amazon like a painting. And if your character stains on the painting i will remove the stain.
Fantasy creatures need to keep in mind: they are a guest in the Amazon River. As much as a "non fantasy" character would be a guest in a fantasy sim. So let me close this with a quote from Sir Max Beehrbom: "Humility is a virtue, and it is a virtue innate in guests."

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