Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Love out Loud

LoL - Love out Loud

This is a complete OOC statement!

To quote the organization on that website:
“Love Out Loud!” is the motto of re:publica 2017, which aims to focus attention on those people, organisations, and projects which stand up to hate, violence and injustice and bring light to the dark corners of our society. They deserve our attention more than ever."

If one person spreads hate it will infect many around that person. Peers who imitate that behaviour, followers, and, of course, the people who fell victim to a hateful outburst. 

We at the Amazon have installed several levels that should help you to escalate issues. If you have an argument with a person we can support you. With the mouthpiece and with priestesses for example. However, mostly we trust in people being adults and acting mature. And, i have to say, 99% of the Amazon are very mature people. It is really fun to live with you and i think the Amazon River in SL is the best community. At least, for my taste.

However, i want to make it even better. And for me, hateful behaviour in OOC is like a contagious malicious form of cancer. It spreads, first in your mind, then it spills out with your words, and others, feeling hurt, will react sooner or later hateful too.  And i am going to set a full stop. Now. Here.

How will this be done? Simple!

Signs of malicious, hateful behaviour are for example calling people names in IM or in OOC chat. If we learn in an airtight way that people use insults in an OOC conversation we will resort to one or several of the following options:
  • ban from group chat
  • arrest in limbo
  • demote back to explorer
  • ban from the lands
The same goes for threats in OOC. 

So in short: behave in a OOC conversation always in a way that you would always feel comfortable and honourable. If you get the feeling you should not say something - then don't. And if it slipped - apologize. 

Because at the end of the day, we should be thankful for the privilege to spend time in an online 3d environment to meet people of likeminds. And behave accordingly. Adult, mature, and all that. Let us fight the hate. And let us spread love.  

We the loving and gentle ones are the majority. The foul mouths are the few rotten apples!



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