Thursday, April 30, 2015

the upcoming tax concept

to clear up questions that we have been asked about this group note from April 29 in the landowner group:

Roleplay: coins for sqmTo encounter landgrabbing, the Gods will  introduce next week some "tax" - details will be aired next week then. It is important to understand that we talk about ROLEPLAY - we are NOT talking about L$.
However, people who have a large camp (sqm, not prims) will be involved more :)
Stay tuned!

we will explain this thought here a bit more:

first, and important to understand: it is a roleplay tax, not real L$.
We are trying to battle two things with this:
First, we spotted a flood of coins -- we want them back to a reasonable level circulating, so we can develop more RP - so we need a money burner.
Second, we saw some tribes (not all tribes) exceedingly using the sim sqm available

One can now discuss "what is exceeding and what is not" until the cows come home, but that is no fun. So we say:  if you want to live big, you pay taxes big - and since we talk about roleplay money, it will have to be gained by activities at the Amazon - trading. hunting. and many other options.

We are not going to measure each tent or cow or corn field. Rather, some imaginary "Gods" (not Winter and YT) will send out ransom letters and ask for protection money. (again, remember, it is roleplay! It will not be asked for L$ and if you ignore the letters you will not be booted)

The protection money will have to be "paid" to some shrine (yet to come) - and if you do not pay it the Gods will visit you (scripted events will happen)

These steps are done to establish more RP and more fun.

If you have questions, comment here at any time or IM us inworld.

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