Saturday, September 27, 2014

Meeting: 26 September 2pm SLT

Here is the transcript of the meeting on the above date:

[14:00] YT Recreant: Hello and thank you for coming.....
[14:00] YT Recreant: Before we start I want to outline a simple rule we go by, so we safe time and keep a clear track of our talks. The rule is: if someone has a question, please do NOT ask.
[14:00] YT Recreant: Instead, make a note in chat, for example “question” or “?”. In case I talk, Winter will collect the names, and if he talks, I will collect them.
[14:00] YT Recreant: When you made your sign, write ahead, but do NOT send it. Then when the time is right, we will call your name and you send the message. That way, we can all finish our thoughts and questions are not asked twice or triple.
[14:01] YT Recreant smiles
[14:01] YT Recreant: now, for today. ...
[14:01] YT Recreant: I want to point out, that I am amazed. Actually, we are amazed, Winter and I.
[14:01] YT Recreant: This is, to my knowledge, the only area in Second Life, where residents can build, unlimited by parcel boundaries, but into the wood. And the growth is organic.
[14:02] YT Recreant: and a voice in my head, aka IM from my partner tells me, i should mention, we record this session and put the transcript on the blog later
[14:02] YT Recreant: We do not subdivide parcels, we allow every build as long as it fits the theme and does not exceed your prim count (or Land Impact).
[14:02] YT Recreant: Hint at this point: if you click your Amazon HUD and select “status” you can see the Land Impact of your items in the region you are at.
[14:02] YT Recreant: The forest changes in an almost natural way and people find spots to live, where we would never have thought of.

[14:03] YT Recreant: Todays meeting is not meant as critics about buildings. It is rather an open discussion about what one can do and what one can avoid.
[14:03] YT Recreant: before we go there into the way how to build stuff, i want to show some things that can demonstrate how viewers affect the experience...
[14:04] YT Recreant: we all have different machines, computers at home, so i made a few screenshots
[14:04] YT Recreant: behind me
[14:04] YT Recreant: is the first
[14:04] YT Recreant: this is the resolution "low" int he viewer..

[14:05] YT Recreant: i stick to the official terms and do not mention the finetune in Firestorm or other viewers, so, this way, we can keep it all general
[14:05] YT Recreant: you can see, i rezzed some prims, and gave them a white surface
[14:05] YT Recreant: what catches instant attention is the "full bright"
[14:05] YT Recreant: ful bright, is meant for shops.. or show effects
[14:06] YT Recreant: it was never meant for residential builds..or hair.. yet.. we see it daily.. yes.. there is ful bright hair (shudders)
[14:06] YT Recreant: i placed a waterfall nearby here.. over there
[14:06] Chrysta (chrystalinia): sorry!
[14:06] YT Recreant: and now i made the water there "full bright"
[14:06] YT Recreant: you see.. the effect is,.. uhm.. well
[14:06] YT Recreant: this will for example look like radioactive water
[14:07] YT Recreant: there are ful bright plants, trees, leafs, waterfalls - and if you have those, please remove the full bright checkbox...
[14:07] YT Recreant: now back to my screenshot..
[14:07] YT Recreant: you see in "low" there are no shadows...
[14:07] YT Recreant: and the watersurface at the back is simply blue...
[14:07] YT Recreant: and some other effects do not occur, for example a glow effect...
[14:08] YT Recreant: nor will one be able to see metallic surfaces
[14:08] YT Recreant: i show this, as many use "low graphic settings" and then, to make a build sometimes still "bearable" - one should every now and then look with "low" at it... to get a feel for those low end machines too
[14:09] YT Recreant: now comes "mid"

[14:09] YT Recreant: you see, the glow is visible, and the water in the background has the amazon green
[14:10] YT Recreant: but these things also always come with that your computer needs more performance...
[14:10] YT Recreant: this "mid" is something where many people stil would say "this is ok, my machine runs fine"
[14:11] YT Recreant: "high" delivers almost all what we want...

[14:11] YT Recreant: almost
[14:11] YT Recreant: what "high" does not deliver are realtime shadows
[14:11] YT Recreant: realtime reflections
[14:11] YT Recreant: and depth in textures
[14:11] YT Recreant: yet, many people start to moan that on "high" their computer lacks performance
[14:11] YT Recreant: often that comes with "it is a new machine, and it is still slow"
[14:12] YT Recreant: we will come to that in a moment, what one can do if it feels laggy, and how to identify the source
[14:12] YT Recreant: this is ultra.. you see a shadow in the valley...

[14:12] YT Recreant: and.. yah, full bright is still "ugly"
[14:12] YT Recreant: so
[14:13] YT Recreant: now we come to the "how can i fix my performance"
[14:13] YT Recreant: i found an article in a blog, roundaobut 4 years ago
[14:13] YT Recreant: i followed its isntructions
[14:13] YT Recreant: and when i did that, my framerate (speed of my graphics) doubled
[14:13] YT Recreant: i have the link, somewher,e let me dig
[14:14] YT Recreant: the blog entry is only valid for NVidia cards...
[14:14] YT Recreant: and the idea behind is, simplified:
[14:14] YT Recreant: SL can not handle your card as good as NVidia can
[14:14] YT Recreant: so push the work to the card, not inside the viewer
[14:14] YT Recreant: here is how:
[14:14] YT Recreant:
[14:14] YT Recreant: the article is a bit dated from the screenshots but if you read carefulyl and compare to what you have now, you will experience a performance gain
[14:15] YT Recreant: the next thing i want from you is to press CTRL SHIFT 1
[14:16] YT Recreant: once you ddi that, you see a window "statistics bar"
[14:16] YT Recreant: that window has chapters.. you click the headers, and the chapters open and close
[14:16] YT Recreant: i want that you see "Basic FPS" and "Simulator"
[14:16] YT Recreant: i made a screenshot, with a yellow and green frame here

[14:16] YT Recreant: i want that you see on the screen what i framed here in colors
[14:16] YT Recreant: i will wait a few seconds so that you can find it
[14:17] YT Recreant waits a few secs more...
[14:17] YT Recreant: good
[14:17] YT Recreant: we start with Basic FPS
[14:18] YT Recreant: that value is how fast YOU are
[14:18] YT Recreant: in the screenshot i have there 29.1, that is fluent. that is not "WOW Boah" but it is fluent and does not give a "jelly" feeling
[14:18] YT Recreant: if you have less than 20, you will see it "laggy", but mind you, it is not the region, that is you
[14:19] YT Recreant: possibly wrong graphic settings
[14:19] YT Recreant: try lower then
[14:19] YT Recreant: the green area, is how fast the region runs
[14:19] YT Recreant: the sampel shows it at 45 FPS for the Sim and for physics
[14:19] YT Recreant: it can't be faster than 45
[14:19] YT Recreant: if its below 40 it feels jelly
[14:20] YT Recreant: it can vary, but we intervene regularly when it stays below 40 for a longer time...
[14:20] YT Recreant: however, please, do not IM us when we are in the regions with "it went just down.. oh, its up again, oh, its down...
[14:20] YT Recreant: we monitor it closely when we are around, we have the stats window almost always open anyway
[14:21] YT Recreant: questions to stats and graphic cards?
[14:21] YT Recreant: ok :)
[14:21] YT Recreant: now, i prepared all this talk, that we have an equal level...
[14:22] YT Recreant: because if i want to talk about optimizing a region, the viewers that participate in this, need to be optimized themselves...
[14:22] YT Recreant: hence that brief introduction
[14:22] YT Recreant: now, let us do a test
[14:22] YT Recreant: i have had a panel rezzed behind me.. please adjsut your cam on the now empty spot
[14:22] YT Recreant: i wil lrezuz there somethign again in a moment
[14:22] YT Recreant: observe the textures on both cubes

[14:23] YT Recreant: i *hope* you had the effect that onetexture was loaded sharp fast, the other a bit slowe
[14:23] YT Recreant: maybe 1 sec slower or so
[14:23] YT Recreant: unfortuuntly i can not repeat this test with he same cubes, as your viewers memorize what they saw
[14:24] YT Recreant: so, that is just a one time effect, for this ...
[14:24] YT Recreant: the point is...
[14:24] YT Recreant: one texure here ahs 1024x10224 as resolution
[14:24] YT Recreant: 1024*1024
[14:24] YT Recreant: and the other has 512*512
[14:24] YT Recreant: 512 loaded faster
[14:24] YT Recreant: this is important for all of you who texture things themselves
[14:25] YT Recreant: if you buy texture packs or if you upload texture packs, make them 512 at most
[14:25] YT Recreant: you do not need 1024 really unless for very very detailed stuff
[14:25] YT Recreant: i made my skin for example 1024.. yes.. we are all a bit narcissistic here :)
[14:25] YT Recreant: but i went through each tree and plant that iw as able to modify and reduced the texture when i was able to
[14:26] YT Recreant: the result is, most people can move along here without much lag
[14:26] YT Recreant: plus... the next key is...
[14:26] YT Recreant: i try to vary the textures by rotating them, or coloring them....
[14:27] YT Recreant: so the rocks have all over the same base texture and it is stretched or twisted or some such.. the effect is, it looks a bit different but the viewer does not ned to reload it
[14:27] YT Recreant: so, if you texture yourself, think how many textures you want to use yourself..
[14:27] YT Recreant: and how much variety you need there, with really new textures to show
[14:28] YT Recreant: i understand that texturing stuff is not everyone s busienss...
[14:28] YT Recreant: and i do respect if people say "i want to live here, play here, and not work here...
[14:28] YT Recreant: then no problem IM Winter or me, if you have questions about your builds
[14:28] YT Recreant: we can come and help and fix
[14:28] YT Recreant: you do not need to do that if you do not want :)
[14:28] YT Recreant: ok..
[14:29] YT Recreant: as long as no one asks i go along...
[14:29] YT Recreant: the next point is masking, alpha masking..
the leafs and branches...
[14:29] YT Recreant: older trees and bushes use a simple trick often...
[14:30] YT Recreant: they take a flat prim...
[14:30] YT Recreant: then they turn the prim several times
[14:30] YT Recreant: and from that optical illusion, the item looks "deep"
[14:30] YT Recreant: or
[14:30] YT Recreant: is supposed to look deep
[14:30] YT Recreant: in fact, they look, if one looks c closer.. like star-shaped flat prims witha texture
[14:31] YT Recreant: many old trees look good, if the entire garden is the same design...
[14:31] YT Recreant: here,... they may look a bit flat... so, check your trees and eventually .. IM us - we can also help there
[14:32] YT Recreant: alright, with little questions we get through fast...
[14:32] YT Recreant: i got IMs
[14:32] YT Recreant: during the last two weeks
[14:32] YT Recreant: we spoke with many of the "chiefs" already, and the appearance got a lot better
[14:33] YT Recreant: so, in general, the topic of IMs was...
[14:33] YT Recreant: "Items not fitting he amazon" - like, flat screen TV panels in the trees...
[14:33] YT Recreant: then "furniture from before stone age, where poseballs are permarezzed on top" - that was novel in 2004, i guess
[14:34] YT Recreant: we wil even fix that for you if you have such a furniture, but really most often, there is a better alternative in mesh already on the market
[14:34] YT Recreant: floating text
[14:34] YT Recreant: we have had poseballs with "sit" floating permarezzed.. we have had many "this is tribe A, rules, click here" floating text" and we still see it here and there...
[14:34] YT Recreant: we try to avoid that..
[14:35] YT Recreant: i can give you scripts that work like our "sun sign stones"...
[14:35] Nuku Nemeth: ?
[14:35] YT Recreant: where the item notices someone walking nearby and then emits a text "hi, this is...." and the script has a memory, so it keeps the last 200 people in "mind" and does not babble each time
[14:35] Takoda (lassie): are those collision or sensor?
[14:35] YT Recreant: sensor, we can also use collision..
[14:35] YT Recreant: either
[14:35] YT Recreant: Nuku?
[14:37] YT Recreant: but while she types.. i want to repeat: i love how this grew.. and this meeting is mainly a "let us check our direction" so we all keep the same path
[14:38] YT Recreant: this meeting is sponsored by the Paw Me.. a barefoot tribe in the Amazon Forest.. one of the first Paw Me members is slut...
[14:39] YT Recreant plays a commercial jingle
[14:39] Winter (winterthyme) grins
[14:39] YT Recreant: which is by the way true, indeed, we made a tribe "Paw Me" before we made the Amazon
[14:39] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): I thought she belonged to the SpankMe tribe
[14:39] slut (xx.reyes): the pawmenians are a very ancient tupi tribe
[14:39] YT Recreant: rite that too, she shifts :D
[14:39] Nuku Nemeth: thigh is with the sun stones and wispers like that, is that, well they speak every time a av passes no matter if they have passed and gotten that info before, for one some people get anoyed by this as to them they see it as spam to them in there chats, so my question is, is there a script you may have that mearly offers the person a notecard when they enter a camp, so that if the person has seen the info before, they can just simply hit decline * takes the water and slips winter a cookie*
[14:40] slut (xx.reyes): all of my ancestor sluts ensured that i am well connected to most every tribe in the jungle.. plus a few alien civilizations as well
[14:40] Nuku Nemeth: and i was just told... you covered this... akkkk forgive me
[14:40] YT Recreant: i will add a script in the resources box.. that you can feed with a config notecard...
[14:41] YT Recreant: you can set in the script...
[14:41] Nuku Nemeth nods
[14:41] YT Recreant: "sensor speed".. "sensor range", and "action"
[14:41] YT Recreant: i will put out a new ressoruces box monday
[14:41] YT Recreant: then you can put it in the camps and use as you see fit
[14:41] YT Recreant: i will keep it in a way, that people who have no idea about scripts, can use it
[14:42] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): ?
[14:42] YT Recreant: shoot, Primo
[14:43] JustSylvi: can do that :)
[14:43] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): Since the new sim was added, and the Bird quest has been moved, I have noticed the script for the quest still to be somewhere near the entrance to our camp, can this be removed or moved since the bird quest has been moved as well.
[14:43] YT Recreant: ah, that was an oversight of me :) it wil be fixed later today
[14:43] YT Recreant: thank you
[14:44] Rock (xoxrocky1945xox): ?
[14:44] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): No problem or rush
[14:44] YT Recreant: yes, Rock? :)
[14:45] Rock (xoxrocky1945xox): Ill make this simple. Being the pew pew fighting hass been dropped dramatically ..What reason is there for even having combat at times?
[14:45] YT Recreant smiles "i can address this after the building topic, let me go first to my last builder topic then, ok?
[14:46] Rock (xoxrocky1945xox): ok
[14:46] YT Recreant: last topic - variety
[14:46] YT Recreant: *everyone* who travels a bit in SL has seen this cab
[14:47] YT Recreant: it is well known and stands around in any grunge/urban dirt corner
[14:47] YT Recreant: it ahs countless mods
[14:47] YT Recreant: and yet is always the same
[14:47] Nuku Nemeth screams in fear and hides behind primo
[14:47] YT Recreant: the metro cab, from arcadia asylum
[14:47] YT Recreant: nowadays known as Aly
[14:47] YT Recreant: the stuff is not bad.. i use it at times for my projects too
[14:48] YT Recreant: we had tho, last week.. a deja vu... like...
[14:48] YT Recreant: we cross Glint to Rio Grande and see Aly huts
[14:48] YT Recreant: then we enter Rio Solimoes and see?
[14:48] YT Recreant: riight
[14:48] YT Recreant: :) you get me
[14:48] YT Recreant: so.. please.. even tho they are affordable (0 zero zilch L$)
[14:49] YT Recreant: if you want them please at least retexture them
[14:49] YT Recreant: that was my topic about variety.. i reuse prefabs a lot.. in fact the pathway along the entire regions is from Alex Bader, used often in SL...
[14:49] YT Recreant: the difference is, i applied only a different texture
[14:50] YT Recreant: questions to that?
[14:51] YT Recreant: good, Rock asked about combat...
[14:51] Rock (xoxrocky1945xox): yea
[14:51] YT Recreant: so.. well, here is the catch..
[14:52] YT Recreant: the new Amazon HUD *has* a meter inside.. but for me, that is only a part of the HUD.. i, myself, am more interested in scripting the quests, the locations, the HUD istelf, the EXP technics etc...
[14:52] YT Recreant: then..
[14:52] YT Recreant: we have a lot of people who really want to come here to just take pictures
[14:53] YT Recreant: and at the same time we have some, who want combat...
[14:53] YT Recreant: those who want combat, were pushign it further each weekend...
[14:53] YT Recreant: so that in the end we had already manpads (shoudler rocket launchers) vs cruise missiles (i am not makign this up) and launcehd by people who had their "Gorean Meter" on "AFK"
[14:54] YT Recreant: that, had to stop
[14:54] YT Recreant: so, we support CaRP. i myself love Carp, i met slut at Carp... etc
[14:54] slut (xx.reyes): yay!!!
[14:54] YT Recreant: in the public chat tho, i also pooint out, that our ressources are not revolving only around weapons and combat and hits registered
[14:55] YT Recreant: i will work on that the metert works more efficient
[14:55] Emilee Edenflower: ?
[14:55] YT Recreant: tomorrow on the council meeting we wil talk about ammo storage
[14:55] YT Recreant: and we will refine the points, health system and whatnot
[14:56] YT Recreant: but we should not send out the message each day "the Amazon HUD is a combat meter"
[14:56] YT Recreant: that will drive away all those who do not want combat
[14:56] YT Recreant: and it is infact not true, it is *not only* a combat meter
[14:56] YT Recreant: it is much mroe
[14:56] YT Recreant: tthere was a ?
[14:56] Chrysta (chrystalinia): relieved look*
[14:56] Winter (winterthyme): Emilee
[14:56] Emilee Edenflower: is there any plan to make the new hud tell you *who* shot you? or is it like this for the realism side of things?
[14:57] Rock (xoxrocky1945xox) my main point is pretty much say a tribe has differances an want to fight it out. with low shot rates. its sorta impossable
[14:57] Rock (xoxrocky1945xox): thats all im saying
[14:57] YT Recreant: we could to that, the "who shot me"
[14:57] YT Recreant: we will let the council decide that, i am relaxed about that
[14:57] YT Recreant: i can discuss to put storage of ammo inside a tribes camp
[14:57] YT Recreant: i will *no* raise the number of arrows you can carry
[14:58] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): /
[14:58] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): ?
[14:58] YT Recreant: because then i could skip my work as well on the realism and go back to GM which is a very unreallistic meter
[14:58] YT Recreant: Emi still as follow up, then Primo
[14:58] Emilee Edenflower: i only say it because there are potshots taken still but if you cant see the person, it's kinda hard to turn it into a RP scenario if you dont know who - OR to report if they're griefing
[14:59] YT Recreant: i will thik about it, and then we talk about it tomorrow on the council more.. i can as well also have eeach "downing" reported to a local station .. any
[14:59] YT Recreant: Primo?
[14:59] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): Mine is a two part
[15:00] YT Recreant: they cost double :)
[15:00] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): first if you put ammo drops in tribal camps, can it be set to tribe only?
[15:00] Rock (xoxrocky1945xox): thats a two for one right?
[15:00] YT Recreant: :)
[15:00] YT Recreant: i have several ideas about Ammo...
[15:00] YT Recreant: one is for example...
[15:01] YT Recreant: a boat that drives up the river scripted. and you can rob it
[15:01] YT Recreant: one is, a heli flying across the jungle, dropping packs, randomly.. like "air supply"
[15:01] YT Recreant: one is, you colelct stuff, and make ammo..
[15:01] Asia Soy: ohhh sounds fun
[15:01] Emilee Edenflower: maybe all of those?
[15:02] Emilee Edenflower: variety spice of life and all
[15:02] Emilee Edenflower: :)
[15:02] grrrrrl: hello
[15:02] slut (xx.reyes): i like that last one :)
[15:02] YT Recreant: if its a box inside the camp.. and then "magically only clickable by tribe" it is .. uhm.. not convincing for me :)
[15:02] YT Recreant: if i were a raider...
[15:02] YT Recreant: and then i would be able to fight my way to that box..
[15:02] YT Recreant: and then it would be a "OOC - only clickable by..."
[15:02] YT Recreant: i would go home
[15:02] YT Recreant: that is no fun :)
[15:03] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): Second as i wont be able to be here tomorrow, I do agree on the shot limit, but as you say you want realism, I feel I must ask why so low on the amount, a hunter would not go out with only 5 arrows, but maybe 10 and a warrior attacking a tribe in a raid would carry more but I dont suggest unlimited ammo, by any means
[15:03] Emilee Edenflower: could be locked? have "lockpicking" or something scripted in for non tribe
[15:03] Emilee Edenflower shushes now :$
[15:03] YT Recreant smiles
[15:04] YT Recreant: i like the feedback and ideas, do not get me wrong.. the fact that you suggest thigns, shows, that you are interested and are with us.. so, that is great...
[15:04] Nuku Nemeth: ^ x2 like allowing locked doors with a lockpicking minigame *sushes as well and hides*
[15:04] YT Recreant: the number of shots, i would say we suggest to the council meeting.. and on that note let me ask...
[15:05] YT Recreant: who else is NOT able to attend tomorrow? if the majority is not, we can also reschedule
[15:05] Emilee Edenflower: i probably cant as ithink it falls in the evening for me
[15:05] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): The time frame for me it starts too late, that is the time I must be at work tomorrow in RL
[15:05] village bike (brianna.aldridge): I will not be able to attend
[15:06] Winter (winterthyme): I am doubtful too - weekends are tricky
[15:06] Rock (xoxrocky1945xox): I am not sure if i can make it or not. its gonna depend on time
[15:06] Nuku Nemeth: there is a slight chance i may not but i am going to try hard
[15:07] YT Recreant: very we-eell.. so.. is monday better?
[15:07] YT Recreant: same time?
[15:07] Winter (winterthyme): Yes
[15:07] Helen (helen.shilling): ?
[15:07] Rock (xoxrocky1945xox): what is the time for it?
[15:07] JustSylvi: 2pm
[15:07] YT Recreant: 2 PM SLT
[15:08] Emilee Edenflower: i think thats about 8pm GMT... so still unlikely for me :(
[15:08] YT Recreant: its 10 PM GMT
[15:08] Terrrence: Thats 10pm GMT
[15:08] Emilee Edenflower: even worse then
[15:08] Jared Way (nickyfood): 23:00 cet
[15:09] ρяїɱӧ ɱїʂʈωòóɖ (primo.mistwood): Monday would be better for me for sure for 2pm again at the latest SL time, but I'll hav eto save it for later I need to run to work RL now, paths to all
[15:09] YT Recreant: ok i will offer tomorrow two times on a vote tool and the one that gets more votes is it
[15:09] village bike (brianna.aldridge)'s head shakes "I will ask slut what happened. Monday is not possible for that time."
[15:09] YT Recreant: bye Primo...
[15:09] YT Recreant: and we have two qusetions
[15:09] Nuku Nemeth hugs primo tightly before he poofs
[15:09] YT Recreant: who was first?
[15:09] Winter (winterthyme): Takoda
[15:09] YT Recreant: ok, Shoot, Takoda
[15:09] Takoda (lassie): can anyone go or is it council only and is there a list of council members?
[15:10] YT Recreant: anyone can attend. the council is a new thing, as far as i know, within SL too, and will address even OOC stuff via IC tools...
[15:10] YT Recreant: attending can everyone
[15:11] YT Recreant: i will tell details tomorrow.. and since council needs land rights to work, like ban, eject, perma rezz.. only supporters can be in the council..
[15:11] YT Recreant: but we have no secrets everyone can join and listen
[15:11] YT Recreant: Helen ?
[15:11] Helen (helen.shilling): my question was the same....
[15:11] Helen (helen.shilling): Will this next one be an open meeting like this one is?
[15:11] Helen (helen.shilling): :-)
[15:11] YT Recreant: yes :)
[15:12] Takoda (lassie): ?
[15:12] YT Recreant: yes?
[15:12] YT Recreant: any ? left?
[15:12] Winter (winterthyme): Takoda
[15:12] Takoda (lassie): is this an IC coucil gathering or an OOC thing?
[15:13] YT Recreant: Council will be always mixed.. in a way.. let us look at a recent example...
[15:13] YT Recreant: someone walks up to an amazon visitor and calls her names, uncalled for, with no RP involved.. in other words, behaves like a dick...
[15:14] YT Recreant: council will work out rules for such, and ask guards to act upon these rules.. this way, the consequence for bad behaviiour is not a "ban by the anonymous sim owner"...
[15:14] YT Recreant: but it is something that arrives as a response from the residents of this island
[15:14] YT Recreant: IC
[15:14] YT Recreant: and the culprit learns, that it is frowned upon by everyone here, not only by the owner
[15:15] Emilee Edenflower: so.. IC decisions for sometimes OOC actions?
[15:15] YT Recreant: if applicable, yes.. it won't fly of course if someone arrives here and rezzes heavy griefer tools...
[15:15] YT Recreant: those, i will kick myself swiftly when around
[15:15] YT Recreant: but it wil work for a lot of things
[15:16] YT Recreant: it will actually work also for every case which would in other RP areas "call a mod" or so
[15:16] YT Recreant: i will demonstrate some tomorrow :)
[15:16] YT Recreant: or
[15:16] YT Recreant: not tomorrow
[15:16] YT Recreant: but when we meet
[15:16] YT Recreant: more ? :)
[15:17] YT Recreant: i am happy for your attention and time
[15:17] YT Recreant: thank you
[15:17] YT Recreant: you all have a beautiful day or evening
[15:17] Phil (ascri): thanks yt
[15:17] grrrrrl: i do not see anyone who represents riders, this is a meeting of natives and friends, and as such it is very biased and one-sided. thanks
[15:17] Asia Soy: thank you YT for creating such an amazing world
[15:17] Winter (winterthyme): Likewise - thanks everyone for your attention and your feedback and comments. Have fun!
[15:17] Helen (helen.shilling): thank you
[15:17] JustSylvi: thank you for your time as well
[15:17] YT Recreant smiles and bows
[15:17] Terrrence: Thank you both
[15:18] Snuff (amordoq): ♫~~♫~~APPLAUSE~~♫~~♫
[15:18] Winter (winterthyme): grrrl - the meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend and was publicised to all through group notioces and the blog
[15:18] Nuku Nemeth: its for everone grrrrrl, not one sided
[15:18] Asia Soy: yes thank you both, Winter too ^^
[15:18] Nuku Nemeth: oh.. she left already.. ah well
[15:19] YT Recreant: she wants a spanking :)
[15:19] YT Recreant: :)
[15:19] slut (xx.reyes) frowns.. "me?
[15:19] YT Recreant: no, grrrrl
[15:19] Rock (xoxrocky1945xox) lol ill snipe her later an take care of that spanking
[15:19] Asia Soy: yes, she is a rascal.... i know grrrrrl well
[15:19] slut (xx.reyes): ahh,, ok
[15:19] Winter (winterthyme): I declare the meeting closed!! *grins*

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