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A new way to discover

The Amazon River in SL is home to an almost extinct indigenous tribe and hosts a large variety of plants and animals. And you are the explorer!

Share your findings, we have installed for you now two points where you can spread what you found and learn as community:

At the Zoologists camp and at the Ethnographers camp. Where these are?

You are the Explorer, remember?

A map for your convenience is at the boat docks!

((I am very excited how this community-research turns out))

The Magic Translator

The sun stone says:
The indigenous people of this world speak in their own tongue
But the Gods have given you the chance to get a translator

Look for the elephants and you will learn to understand the natives!

Welcome to the Amazon River in SL

Having opened the area just a couple of days ago, i am well surprised by the very positive feedback.  This blog will give updates about the area, in an irregular interval, as the need arises. For now, as i have been asked several times, find our "What can one do here" page in this blog