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Deep In The Amazon Jungle

Just Married

Marrying the one you love is big news, the kind you want to shout from highest of mountains.  Colourful preparations took place for a very important occasion.  Today, the marriage ceremony of Cuba Peace and Antioco Peace took place in the heart of Tapirape tribe's camp, situated far north in Rio Solimoes.  Chieftess Evasanz performed the ceremonial ritual witnessed by all in the joining of their souls.  The presentation of a gifts were that of food, collected by neighbouring tribes, friends and family.  A traditional dance took place shortly after, to which I had just arrived in order to join and shortly left thereafter knowing there were no drinks provided.

evasanz25 Verino: "I would like to say that I am happy to see our partner who has joined today happy and also I want to set an example as the couple that gives more love to all when they are next to them."

evasanz25 Verino: "Tapirape has blessed them by giving food and the c…
Jungle Voices
Exclusive Interview With Priestess Khali De Lioncourt-Tearfall

The mystic moon hung high in the skies, a brilliant orb of white radiance brightening up the darkness. It shone on the land beneath it for I was high in the heart of the Amazon...with Khali.

Aα尺α: "I just wanted to ask you a few questions if I can?", she asked, greeting her with a smile. кђαℓι de Lioncourt -Tearfall: "Of course.  I'll do the best I can." Aα尺α: "Great!  Let's begin...I will start with a few questions that might be on some minds, I hope you can take this seriously and answer to the best of you knowledge and with all seriousness...", she stated as she cleared her throat.
кђαℓι de Lioncourt -Tearfall: "I will.", she responded with a giggle Aα尺α: "So first question is this, as you know, the Amazon provides us with all the necessary sources to sustain life, things like food, natural spring water and herbs...", she stated
кђαℓι de Lioncourt -T…
Deep In The Amazon Jungle

Tribes-The Xoco
The first signs of a new day arose, igniting the autumn colours of the tree tops; the place where I rest my weary head.  The light creating a beautiful canvas, I feel my eyes smile arising a cosiness to my inner core.  My mind wandered to those of the Xoco tribe, turning my gaze to face the warmth of the orange glow and before I knew it, I was on my feet in the heart of their camp.
Khaing soon emerged from the canopy of the arms of the trees as beams of light outlined her feminine curves...she neared closer to me "Welcome Aara."  I asked to know about  the Xoco tribal history.  She seemed to lighten with joy at my interest as more of the Xoco people awoke to the sound of our voices.

"It's one of the oldest tribes in Amazon and our name 'Xoco' actually means 'Little sisters' in Nahualtl, the ancient Aztec language", she began to tell me.  "I can also answer other questions, AaRa.  Our language is sadly …
Deep In The Amazon Jungle

Día de Muertos-Xoco Tribe

Finally but not least, my journey across Amazon River ended where it should have all began....the Xoco Tribe!. known for being one the oldest established Tribe in the whole entire of Amazon Jungle. I have watched this Tribe grow in numbers, their friendliness towards newcomers fills me with a sense of delight. It is to no surprise that i find myself enchanted by their captivated charms, which spirals anyone's heart into a joyous rapture. 
They too have been busy in celebrations, as i arrived right bang into the heart of the camp. Xoco situated far North, where the mountainous waterfall cascade to the deafening roar of the waters.

Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost

Deep In The Amazon Jungle

Día de Muertos-Unity Unites

Each new day I awake, eyes raised to the strong arms of the trees, seeking out a new inspiration that will make me stand in awe. Endlessly my sight searches the vast lands i call home.....this is Amazon! Autumn is here! arriving with slow grace, the flamboyant colours of the fallen leaves from reds to burnt is breathtakingly beautiful. The crisp crunch underfoot of the morning frost, each step awaking my senses to mother earth. There is a calmness that speaks to me in a beauty silent way, as i made my way over to the gardens of Unity.
The sweet scent of the freshly arranged flowers drew me closer, for then! my heart danced with eternal joy at their vibrant display.

Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost
Deep In The Amazon JungleUp Coming Events-Día de Muertos

It's not often you get to actually get to wander the Rain-Forest in peace, without a few encounters along the way. My journey tonight took me across the rivers and vast landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see.
 First stop was Kamayura Tribe that nestles closely to Crocodile swamp in the Northwest, they have been busy at work decorating the entire Tribe for Dia de Muertos. Next stop, Makatarli Tribe, who by far was one of the first that i had noticed in honouring the Day Of The Dead.
 My journey took me far North, Bandit Territory high upon the rocky cliffs.....and the one place you can get a decent drink around here *Grins*...That's if Beast hasn't sipped the last of the supplies.
 And last but not least backtracking over to the towering mountains that sits shadowing the Kamayura Tribe , where another group known as the Raiders are located. I seized the opportunity to take a quick look at their base to respectfu…
Jungle Voices
Exclusive Interview With Huffy
I had the chance to catch up with Huffy, and asked him a few questions about his time in the Amazon so far. Huffy is in a league of is own, and somewhat of a me. A chance to actually talk with him, took place late into the early hours, just as the orange skies finally sunk behind the mountains. He sat across from me, with a red velvet crown upon his head, a fine suit and perched on his lap sat a beautiful female named Mika.

Aα尺α: "Thank you for taking some time with me today, this publication will be broadcast across all of the Amazon River for all rogues and natives to read!" *giggles*

Aα尺α: smiles across to Huffy, "Now then, word has it that you have been in this jungle for years, you must have seen and done some exciting things in your time in such a dangerous place, tell us...maybe one or two of your most fondest memories here?"

Huffy chewing on the end of a cigar, "Let's get this show on the ro…

HOT NEWS!! Tunnel System Discovered!

Archaeologists working in the Amazon Jungle today announced a miraculous new discovery - a system of tunnels that link every familiar spot in the Amazon!

You will see the tunnel entrances dotted around spots you are already surely familiar with - walk into the cave or tunnel and you will find yourself at the heart of the network of tunnels.

Simply find the one you want - ancient tribes have helpfully inscribed the destination in the rocks - and walk through it to the spot you wish to visit.

OOC Note: This network of tunnels supplements the spirit based Teleports and links to the same spots. However, using the 'magic' of the Spirit Teleport will henceforth cost you 0.5 health points - whilst walking via the tunnels is free!  The choice is yours!
if you are at 6 HP or less the Teleport-option will not be offered in the spirit menu because paying the 0.5 HP Teleport fee would make you unconscious.

OOC post about leashes and other roleplay helpers

every toy that is scripted in SL, be it the spirit, the Mama Allpa HUD or even a vehicle - regardless what it is... is always a roleplay-helper - nothing more.
Regularly the question comes up if one can do this or that.. here a small collection on questions that I see a lot. In Amazon, in D/s groups, in roleplay groups.... generally:
"I am leashed - can i break the leash?"
"I am in a cage- can i TP out?
"I am locked in an RLV collar - can i run away and leave the ownership?"
Even if these answers seem to concern different issues, they all are about the same: how much do we want scripted gadgets to influence our roleplay?

So, the answer to all the above questions is: Yes, you can. Technically.

However, you always need to take into account the effect that it has on your roleplay-partners. If you are leashed in a "capture roleplay"-situation and you break the leash it is off-putting for your captors. It does not matter how brilliantly you emote your …
Deep In The Amazon Jungle
"A New Life, It's a Girl!"
Late last night saw the arrival of a new baby girl, Nadia Alvez at 8lbs 2 ozs and measuring 21 inches long to mother Rain Alvez and proud father Andy Alvez.  She was born at 7:37pm on the 14th day of October with the help of Midwife Jᴏᴊᴏ Rʜᴀᴘsᴏᴅʏ-Kʀᴜᴢ̌ɪᴄ.  Assisting in the birthing was Ɗɼ. Ĥȧɼoレđ ƑƦƟϻǟƝ, but according to Andy.....he mostly danced.  *coughs shuffling her scraps of paper*  Also present was Skye Rʜᴀᴘsᴏᴅʏ-ɹoıslǝɔxǝ Within and  Ĵαẕ вøṉεʐ Čόόρέŕşţόήέ'.

I had the pleasure of witnessing the first stages of labor and that it is NOT as fun, when the newborn wants out...*shudders*  The birth took place in the jungle hospital located at crocodile swamp named "AR Medical Services".  I also had the pleasure of saving my ears from Rain's loud vocal cords, heading off as help arrived in the form of JoJo and Harold...that woman sure can scream!

As Harold performed a Tribal Birthing dance and offered dr…
Deep In The Amazon JungleUp Coming Events-Día de Muertos We've all heard about the Day Of The Dead but what is it exactly?
I have ventured deep into the Amazon Rain-forest, and already witnessed some that are preparing for the celebrations to come.

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is an annual event a celebration of life and death. A day to mourn the dead respectfully keeping them alive in memory and spirit-during the event Día de los Muertos is is said they temporally return back down to earth.

The centerpiece of the celebration is an altar, they are placed to welcome spirits back to the realm of the living. As such, offerings are placed down such as food, drink- Surely they would work up an appetitetravelling from the spirit world. A candle for each departed member of the family placed down surrounded by flower petals that are scattered from Alter to Grave-site. These petals, usually marigolds, will gently guide wandering spirits back to their place of rest.

Soon everyone wi…
Deep In The Amazon Jungle
Landscape and Wildlife
It delicately charmed with beauty, a breathtaking landscape gently mannered. Flat and low-lying sandy shores that hug line its longest and most majestic rivers, prospectively populous by its fruitful trees, shrubs and wildlife. It downpours rain in some parts, but without this life could not be sustained. Enjoy the Amazon for its majestic mountains, impressive towering trees that grow from every angle.
Navigate the waterways by boat, you are likely to see tropical birds, river snakes, energetic and enormous crocodiles. Travel on foot to see much more wildlife up-close, formidable jaguars, monkeys and not forgetting frail light-hearted colourful butterflies.
But explore you must! be adventurous...and step into the undergrowth....but! beware not to step on a snake.

Just try to find two trees of the same species within a few minutes in the Rain-forest, you will just keep walking across different species a term called biodiversi…
Deep In The Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Rain-forest has always have a lot to offer. Diversity, beauty, creative inspiration! Sustainable life, dense vegetation, and a place we can make and call home.  I am going to work my way through the jungle on a solo expedition to see what kind of amazing stories i can discover using it as my muse. What kind of plants and animals will you find? Are there any dangers? Who is who? Tribes and groups? Marriages and Births?
    And who was it.....that stole my batch of cherries? Was it that Grumpy Chief Maccus that i adore so much?

Contact me if you have any interesting stories, in-world, in role-play. Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost 

Public noticeboard @ Tapajos

A new public noticeboard has been placed at Rio Tapajos.  Anyone can use it.  Simply click an empty panel and follow the instructions to CTRL-drag a texture and a notecard onto the empty panel.  The texture will be applied to the panel and the notecard will be given to anyone who subsequently clicks the panel.  texture and NC must be COPY/TRANS.

The panel will remain 'active' for 3 days, and will then be reset.

Spirit Colours - Changes

We are making some changes to the meanings of the Spirit colours.

These changes were discussed at the recent Leaders meeting and we think they will bring more flexibility and the opportunity for improved roleplay in the Amazon.


WHITE - safe zone *and* pre-Wisdom Cave new arrivals.GREEN - no metered combat (i.e. using shots/hits from the spirit) but can use roleplay/dice for 'confrontation'.YELLOW - metered combat (i.e. confrontations resolved using shots/hits via the spirit)RED/PINK - metered combat, especially of a sexual nature (unchanged from now)What does this mean in practice?

If you are new to the Amazon, you spirit will remain white until you pass the Wisdom Cave. This means people will be aware that you are still learning how things work here, and will be able to make allowances. You cannot be shot and you cannot shoot other people.

If you choose to wear a green spirit you cannot be shot and you cannot shoot other people.

However you can now choose …

Height and Camera

We have now included in your stats a height meter. - and since viewers report sizes in different variants (alternative facts anyone?) we decided to go for an algorithm that will reflect your size according to the normal size for prims. so if you are 2m and a prim is 2m, it should be about the same, more or less.
Overly tall people (>2m) will have to eat more often as they would burn more calories, naturally.

If you need help to adjust your avatar here are two (not so new but excellently written) guides:
the first goes about your shape and how to make a realistic one:

the second, and also very important one, explains how to set your SL camera for a *much* better experience:

Voting on appearance

The poll result reads 25h after starting the poll:
145 votes for "no fantasy traits"
148 votes for "mild fantasy traits"
19 votes for "full on fantasy traits"

It mirrors by that the mood that i anyway captured already amongst the residents: many ran some fantasy appearance - and many of those also did so secretly ("Is Tantrica around? No? Phew! Let me wear my pointy ears!")

I recognize of course also that 46.4% voted "no fantasy traits" but i would like to encourage those 145 voters to take a closer look at their own SL.

As i wrote already earlier in Amazon Chat - it is tricky in  a world like Second Life to draw a line on "100% realism". Starting it very simple: most of us don't have that perfect Barbie- or Ken body that our pixel-selves in SL have. So, is already the sixpack of John Doe fantasy? Or the triple-D-cup of Jane Doe? I saw just today in the jungle someone voting "No fantasy traits" while wearing s…

2018 - the year of better roleplay

Amazon River is one if the best roleplay regions in Second Life - yet, there is no need to rest on our laurels . We decided to start this year the initiative to better roleplay - for everyone. We will start with roleplay classes and we have more things up the sleeve to provide a full concept on that.

More things that we offer to better your roleplay:

Mentors who explain the necessary OOC conditions for our regions and who help you also to optimize your avatar for the Second Life of today (e.g.: drop your ugly sculpts!)

Seekers who help and support you on your roleplay IC path to get it started

A big community of active roleplayers - as every play needs RP partners

and, last but not least: YOU. To succeed with the plan to make 2018 the year of better roleplay, YOU are vital in that plan. Your motivation, your participation and your dedication.

Keep in mind: roleplay is not watching a TV show. Roleplay requires all people involved to be active, awake and willing to enjoy a good time.