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Voting on appearance

The poll result reads 25h after starting the poll:
145 votes for "no fantasy traits"
148 votes for "mild fantasy traits"
19 votes for "full on fantasy traits"

It mirrors by that the mood that i anyway captured already amongst the residents: many ran some fantasy appearance - and many of those also did so secretly ("Is Tantrica around? No? Phew! Let me wear my pointy ears!")

I recognize of course also that 46.4% voted "no fantasy traits" but i would like to encourage those 145 voters to take a closer look at their own SL.

As i wrote already earlier in Amazon Chat - it is tricky in  a world like Second Life to draw a line on "100% realism". Starting it very simple: most of us don't have that perfect Barbie- or Ken body that our pixel-selves in SL have. So, is already the sixpack of John Doe fantasy? Or the triple-D-cup of Jane Doe? I saw just today in the jungle someone voting "No fantasy traits" while wearing s…

2018 - the year of better roleplay

Amazon River is one if the best roleplay regions in Second Life - yet, there is no need to rest on our laurels . We decided to start this year the initiative to better roleplay - for everyone. We will start with roleplay classes and we have more things up the sleeve to provide a full concept on that.

More things that we offer to better your roleplay:

Mentors who explain the necessary OOC conditions for our regions and who help you also to optimize your avatar for the Second Life of today (e.g.: drop your ugly sculpts!)

Seekers who help and support you on your roleplay IC path to get it started

A big community of active roleplayers - as every play needs RP partners

and, last but not least: YOU. To succeed with the plan to make 2018 the year of better roleplay, YOU are vital in that plan. Your motivation, your participation and your dedication.

Keep in mind: roleplay is not watching a TV show. Roleplay requires all people involved to be active, awake and willing to enjoy a good time.