Weapons FAQ

What meter are you using?


What weapons can I use?

You can use any weapon you like - all shots and hits are managed by the Amazon Spirit. The spirit switches automatically to melee mode when you are within 2.5m of your target. Melee does not use shots, but inflicts lower damage. Ranged weapons can fire up to 96m, but not over sim borders. A melee hit cost 1.0 HP, a ranged shot 1.6 HP.

Can I use weapon X from maker Y?
Yes. All shots and hits are managed by the Amazon Spirit. To try - take a spar partner to the Arena and test for yourself.

What is it with the limitation of shots?
Each time when you shoot and hit a target you lose a shot. If you have reached your limit the shots will not be recognized by the system any more. That means, technically, your bullets or arrows still fly, but they do not do any damage any more. Your HUD/Meter will inform you about this.

What do the HUD messages mean?
Read this article to understand how to differentiate between messages from your weapon's hud and the Amazon HUD: weapons messages explained

How do I get arrows and bullets?
The arrows and bullets used at the Amazon River can be made, or bought using the Amazon coins - a roleplay 'currency'.

You can obtain Amazon coins by collecting items and trading them at the trading table in Rio Tapajos.  Amazon coins have no relation to Linden Dollars (L$) - they are there simply to enhance and enrich roleplay.  You cannot buy Amazon arrows or bullets on marketplace - nor should you ever pay for Amazon bullets or arrows using Linden Dollars (L$).  The only 'currency' in use at the Amazon is the 'in character' Amazon coins.

You can make arrows or bullets for free using the workbench provided, unless the Earth Bank has disabled them.

What rules apply?
One only: do not be a dickhead. It is no fun for example to shoot at people who are obviously not roleplaying (e.g. bloggers who take photos). Also refrain from shooting at people who already roleplay with each other (e.g. they cuddle, dance, etc).  If in doubt, we ask you to err on the side of caution and to not shoot.

What if i break this rule?

You start with a limited number shots - ammunition stores allow you to refill when these are used, on a first come, first served basis. The damage you can do on purpose is therefore rather limited. If you still try and the Guards or the Council gets informed, you will have to face results. These can be, for example: loss of all shots (zero per day), limited or forever. Loss of access to the regions, limited or forever. Immature behaviour is heavily frowned upon here, so, do not be a dickhead.


  1. How does your shots system work if the weapon used is not at range? Like using an axe or knife or staff or something?

  2. come to the arena and find out yourself


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