Monday, March 18, 2019

Deep In The Amazon Jungle

Crude Oil-Case Closed

The court quickly poured in with a river of bodies, it wasn't long before all you could witness was a sea of heads bobbing back and forth to a claim seat. Just being in there made me claustrophobic, it smelt of centuries of fear, it was after-all used as our fighting ground. I wondered if the case being held was put there on purpose to scare the defendants, but Void! Monster Of The Jungle, laid-back in what appeared to be a comfortable lounger. I can promise you that what followed, was one lengthy battle as both sides argued their case.

The accused brought forward, his representative stood-by ready to deliver a statement on his behalf. Void had the expertise of a female known as Persephone Bolero, while Chieftess Khaing of the Oxco Tribe stood to represent the Federation of Natives. 

Chieftess Khaing up-roared the entire courtroom as she announced to everyone she had six witness's. I would of course name all the witnesses that were called by Chieftess Khaing, but! it was embarrassing enough i had slipped off my chair in a carousel of thoughts as i came close to drifting off several times. However! i wasn't the only one, Harold Froman was asleep the whole time, until he was called to the bench by Chieftess Khaing.
Ling Lei along with Eve Fintan was the only two witness's brought to the bench by the defendant.

We heard of the legal case against Void in a dispute against opposing parties, we heard the witness evidence, and we heard the defence protest their innocence, all that was left was to await justice.

Baron La Croix: "We have heard here today a sorry tale of greed, exploitation and neglect. No-one in this room is innocent - except me and my pet Seeker here, of course.. oh and my faceless guards. That is the crux of this matter. Who owns the soil - who owns the plants - who owns the beasts - who owns the very air we breathe and the soft rain that falls upon us and replenishes the might River?

Baron continued:" Khaing would argue that the Federation of Pretty Native girls, or whatever they are called, own it.  But who has authorised this Federation - with its suspiciously foreign sounding name, eh? No-one! That is not so! The land is owned by no-one! It is a gift to us all, nurtured by the care of the Monks - its people tended by the Seekers, by the Guards, by the Priestesses! So if the land is owned by no-one, then it follows that this Federation of Pretty Natives is attempt's to steal something that belongs to us all, by laying claim to it! We heard from Chris - who admitted his slipshod work and lazy approach to construction is responsible for the pollution".

The courtroom bustled with outraged shouts, one young native male continued to bellow above the noise 
Pannie shouted: "THE AMAZON FOR THE AMAZONIAN'S! ,DEATH TO THE RAIDERS!", Quickly i heard her voice raise to a level higher as Tantrica looked over at Pannie smiling "Dude, zip it or i will zip you".

Baron La Croix: "The next who speaks out of turn shall feel the wrath of my Seeker - or failing that the wrath of my Faceless Guards! There are no innocent parties here! The jungle has been despoiled - in part through unhappy accidents, in part through a desire to provide additional facilities that will bring pleasure to all those who live here....especially the men.

And then finally came the judgement we all had been waiting for....for hours! Blinks

Baron La Croix : "The punishment shall be to clean the jungle up - refresh the swamp and return it to cleanliness - dismantle the oil rig and melt it down so it can be made into cooking pots for the needy! Court is adjourned! Dismissed! " His words final.

 Aα尺α " Where justice is denied, where pollution is enforced and ignorance prevails, where one person or an organised group conspire for their own means, and damage the world we live, neither that person or their property is safe from the eyes of a higher power".

Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Deep In The Amazon Jungle

Crude Oil, Crude People.

The first signs of a new day is normally the calling of the birds nestling high in the canopy of the trees, and yet it was.....silent!
 I awoke wheezing from the particles that invaded my lungs, the pollution wrapped itself around my body like a second skin stinging my eyes as they streamed with endless tears. I squinted hard, in what i can only describe as a thick chemical smog that seem to be rising from the swamps below. Struggling to my feet i descending down to ground level, but nothing could not have prepared me for what i was about to see.

Our natural world has been subjected with poisonous toxins, the surface of the swamp water was thick in a  layer of this chemical soup. The crocodiles even with their thick skin and well-armoured bodies straddled from side to side in a frantic motion. Our largest freshwater predators appear to have grown in numbers, moving with surprising speeds as they surface from the waters angered! our most dangerous reptile.
It towered high! an ugly mechanical drilling machine that has interrupted, what was a beautiful stretch of white sands. Who is responsible for this oil rig? Has anyone been seen constructing this junk? Who will profit from this?

My next few days i began my search through the Amazon Jungle, talking with Native Tribal members about our  land devastation. Rumours and speculations are running high, fingers point towards several local groups that are well known in acts of corruption. Denial of any knowledge of the oil rig or it's owner has been voiced by various Leaders of these groups, and yet the flag of the Bandits stands rooted in the shores at the foot of this machine.

I have personally witnessed new developments occurring throughout the jungle, those of newly erected buildings at the Raiders base.
 Several communication towers are now located at Las Ninas, Volcano and Catadore. The towers seen with a picture of Void-Monster Of The Jungle, with several naked females? As the days passed....those pictures were later covered over, who did this? I am not sure.
Aircraft delivering materials for construction work in Catadore, buildings have been done along with a lavish pool.
The handling of coin being passed from hand to hand in large amounts, witnessed within the underground tunnels, names cannot be released yet.
And most importantly Void!, seen wearing an expensive clean crisp white suit in Las Ninas was witnessed flying high at the cell tower.   

The federation of Natives are joined in a hunt for any clues across the jungle, and determined to find answers.

What is the worth of a tree?, a rain forest? or the life that dwells within it? does the person responsible comprehend the meaning of priceless or do they see their worthless act in a bid for power and greed?. We cannot stand by and let our beloved land be coveted, every inch claimed. Greatly desired to those who harm our native soil for their own profit.

If your life is worth more than coin, then it always will be and those of you that think they can not change what is happening, then i will show you a civilisation that will stand together in a fight for justice.
With so much attention firmly focused on the destruction of our native soil, and the oil rig it has risen to a higher level. The monks has spoken......a case will be heard!

Your Friendly Jungle Reporter Aara Iceghost


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