Thursday, June 5, 2014

Exploring: the abandoned mine

The weather was warm and humid as I explored the jungle and I took a break to catch my breath. Glancing around idly I noticed some darker shadows, concealed behind some bushes. A few strokes of my machete revealed the entrance to an abandoned mine.

Close to the entrance some intrepid explorer had left a flashlight - I picked it up and, happily, a few glimmers of light issued forth, pushing back the shadows, so I ventured in to the tunnels.

Goodness, how they twisted and turned - dead ends left right and centre - a veritable maze!  Without the glimmer from the flashlight I might well have spent an age down there.  Soon enough however I emerged at the far end of the complex of tunnels to a broad cave.  It was a quiet spot but clearly had been inhabited for I spotted a comfortable looking rug surrounded by lit torches and - more intriguingly - a set of three magnificent chests.

Without delay I opened the first of the chests - and such a treasure was found within! I will not reveal what I found but I can tell you, dear Reader, it change my outlook considerably!  I hastily opened the second, and then the third chest, reveal further life-changing items.

Truly, the Amazon River never ceases to amaze!

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