Monday, June 23, 2014

Exploring: The Chamber of Music

The weather was warm, humid and sticky, but I trudged up the path to a building I spied through the undergrowth.  It seemed to be an abandoned temple - the roof half-collapsed - but one item caught my eye: a tomb, or sepulchre, and close by three strangely carved stones.

By dint of careful manipulation and much patience I eventually found some manner of secret code and the great sepulchre descended into the ground, revealing a chamber below.  My heart in my mouth, I descended the steps, marvelling that the room below - although a little dusty - had remained untouched by over the years.

As I reached the chamber floor music swelled to fill the space - as if some ghostly orchestra was hidden in the shadows - the music building, and building more to a most wonderful crescendo! Lights flared in the gloom and my heart swelled with a sense of well-being and love to all people. And then I saw it! Hanging in the air in front of me! A gift from the Gods of Love!

Reader, I will let you explore and find this treasure for yourself - but you will be blessed by this gift of love!

Truly, the Amazon River never ceases to amaze!

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