Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Changes in the Amazon Roles


We are making some changes to the way roles work in the Amazon.  We have been running with the current roles since the Amazon started and we think it's time for a refresh, so we have added some new roles and changed some of the existing ones slightly.

If you come to the Amazon to hang out, explore and enjoy the nature, nothing has changed for you - other than that you are better protected against being accidentally shot than previously.

Changed and New Roles

  • Born in the Amazon becomes Amazon Native
  • Lost in the Amazon becomes Amazon Lost
  • Exploring the Amazon becomes Amazon Explorer
  • Shaman becomes Amazon Healer
  • Amazon Raider becomes Amazon Rogue
  • New role - Amazon Settler
All the roles are explained in detail on this page

What else changes?

  • Everyone is reset to the default role of Amazon Explorer
  • To get one of the other roles you need to visit first the Wisdom Cave then find a Seeker.
  • When you successfully complete the Cave of Wisdom you will get extra "Locations" in your HUD
  • Seekers will now check:
    • Appearance
    • Roleplay
    • that you have passed the test at the Wisdom Cave
    • Additionally. if you want to be a Healer, you need to make a potion - the Seeker will tell you how.
  • There are some minor changes to Health Points and Shots, but these only really apply to the changed role 'Amazon Explorer'.
  • Roles other than Amazon Explorer have some 'extras':
    • The ability to 'set home' using the HUD - with a quick TP there
    • Additional locations for quick TP
    • More shots
  • There is a new 'check' option in the HUD which reports those within range who are wearing the HUD.

Why change?

It's time to refresh things - we have learned a lot about how people like to play here since we opened, and we are changing the roles to give a rounder experience for everyone.
  • We noticed, for example, that we have a lot of Shaman - and we think many of those take that role because they do not like so much to fight.  The Amazon Explorer role gives higher Health Points so may be a better choice for those players.
  • We noticed that we have a lot of non-native natives :-) So we have introduced the role Amazon Settler to accommodate people who want to live here without 'going native'.
  • We noticed that the Raiders had become a 'faction' rather than a role - the Amazon Rogue is a simple 'predator' role for anyone who likes that type of play, either as a lone wolf or as part of a faction like the Bandits or the Corsairs, or many others.
  • We noticed a lot of claims "so and so is not wearing a hud" - mostly these are due to misunderstanding weapon and HUD messages. Now there is a way to check.

What does it mean for me?

First and foremost, your existing role in the Amazon River group will be reset to "Amazon Explorer".  If you want a different role you will need to make sure you meet the criteria, and then approach a Seeker to get 'promoted'.  be sure to check the Amazon Roles page to understand what you need to do to qualify.

You can of course stay as Amazon Explorer and still be a member of a tribe or faction as you are today - the only difference you will notice is in shots and health points.

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